New Promotions for PSP this June!

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Hi everyone! Today is an exciting day for both the PSP-3000 and PSPgo systems. Starting today, June 1, we’re now offering some new initiatives that offer HUGE value for you across the PSP platform.

First, we’re excited to introduce a new $9.99 “Favorites” software line. Featuring a healthy variety of your favorite titles, this new value line will reconnect you with some of your old favorites or introduce you to titles you haven’t played before. Initial Favorites games will include:

We’ve also partnered with your favorite game publishers to include titles such as Justice League Heroes (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Manhunt 2 (Rockstar Games), Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection (Crave Entertainment), Silent Hill: Origins (Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.), Sims 2 (Electronic Arts), The Warriors (Rockstar Games) and so many more.

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Want to get your hands on some of the best PSP titles of all time? We’re proud to announce the induction of four new games into the PSP “Greatest Hits” collection:

If you don’t own these fantastic titles, be sure to pick them up now for only $19.99!


Wait, the fun doesn’t stop there… If you purchase a PSPgo system from today through March 31, 2011, you will receive an e-mail with a PlayStation Network voucher to download three games absolutely free! With premiere titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, the PSPgo “Digital Game Pack” offers you an $80 value while giving you access to a great variety of our biggest games to get you started gaming on-the-go. What better way to get started with an all digital, full-scale, console-quality handheld gaming experience?

If you’re still looking for more, the PSP has got you covered. With a robust lineup of titles to choose from, you can always find the kind of game you’re looking to play. With newly released and upcoming titles such as God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Hot Shots Tennis, Invizimals, KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER, and ModNation Racers, PSP continues to bring you unparalleled gaming experiences only possible on the PSP platform.

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  • This is turning out to be a great deal, but they need to make a new PSP; not continue with this PSP Go. PSP Go sucks.

  • Woo hoo, more price drops! I hope Kingdom Hearts comes to the PS Store, it HAS to

  • What about people who stupidly bought a PSPGo at launch? What do I get?

    Jack-all. That’s what I get.

  • Hmmm…. Time to pick up some new PSP games :)

  • Awesome Thank you Sony, I thought you guys forgot about the PSP!!

  • PSP Go is such a colossal turd. There’s no reason it should be priced HIGHER than a more efficient and feature oriented PSP-3000…it just doesn’t make sense.

    Not to mention digital distribution sucks. There’s no resale value in downloadable games, and rarely are their sales or deals for them. I hope disc-based media is here to stay for a long time.

  • If you purchase a PSPgo system from today through March 31, 2011, you will receive an e-mail with a PlayStation Network voucher to download three games absolutely free!

    ……… A little late are we????

  • oh wow. ima just….. take a trip to best buy ?


  • sorry cant read… :)

  • Does this mean that the PSP2 is not coming out?

  • So will these prices hit the PSN store today. I am getting my 1st PSP next week The Big Boss Edition for Peace Walker and a couple of those games are on my list of games to get.

  • I’m an early adopter for the PSP Go and, while I would have liked this when I purchased my system, this gives those looking to make the jump to the Go a good deal to do so. Very nice!

  • Any chance you guys could pressure Square into making Kingdom Hearts downloadable (the upcoming PSP one)—they talked about not doing it–but I have a GO (I don’t care what other peeps think—I love being able to carry 1 unit around that’s tiny and not having to worry about easy-to-break UMD’s)—other than that cool can’t wait for your E3 presser!

  • thats a great deal.

  • So once again the people who bought a PSPgo at launch get screwed. Good job Sony.

  • Honestly the PSP Go is a huge failure. SONY doesn’t support the product with digital release the same day the physical release is available for purchase in stores. Still lack 95% of PSP games for the PSP go.

  • Are “Greatest Hits” titles available for download for the same price?

  • Hmm..Isn’t Europe getting like 10 free games?

    PSP is dead. Give up already.

    Birth by Sleep will be the last title I buy for my psp.

  • Europeans get 10 games free with a psp go purchase, we get 3…..lame. The go should have been slotted in under the psp 3000, and sold for $100 from the start. It would not have been such a huge disappointment.

  • Can you guys just drop the PSP and just start the PSP2 already? We get it, you lost. We all learned from your mistakes, now improve upon them. *cough* 2 joy sticks *cough*

  • Great news, i’ll get a few games from that favorites catalogue. About the PSP Go when does that promo starts? today? I have a friend who got it two weeks ago…i guess she is going to facepalm.

  • I dont understand why it was so hard for sony to give people who bought the PSPGo at launch game vouchers just like sony did in Europe. Now this happens

  • I love my PSP GO, i can take it more often because of it small size! but Sony should make developers make games like for the DS, Pick up and go play for 10-15 minutes. not games like GOW which is still great game, but its a hustle, if i wanna play games that long, i’ll play the PS3

    • Kristin Neirinckx

      I’m happy to hear you love your PSPgo :) We do have a whole mini’s line of games available on the PlayStation Network. They are smaller, pick up and play games like Tetris. I think they are a good option for you!

  • I just hope at least the PSOne Classics get better. Most of those games aren’t even classics, they’re just old PSOne games. It’s like calling BioDome classic…no it’s not classic, it’s just an old bad movie.

  • Europe gets 10 and we get 3… ugh no comments.
    And also, I got a PSPGo less than a month ago and I’m not getting anything. Dammit! I should sue somebody for this. If I was in EU, I would still get the 10, yeah 10!! free games.

  • I thought Locoroco 2 and Patapon already got dropped to $8?

    Also way to screw over early adopters. I paid $249 for a PSP Go Oct 1st and all I got was a Rock Band Demo voucher.

    Also Europe gets 10 free games. They totally upstaged you. The price of the system is about the same before the VAT right now if you compare and

  • Rumor: PSP2 Making E3 Appearance
    That could explain the price drop!!!

    Guys, there is usually a catch to those free games with purchase. Its based on age. For example, lbp wont be yours if you’re over 18!!! You dont get to chose your games…. Happened to me before. Customer service is the worst..

  • The PSP started out great, but the support for the platform has dwindled over the last few years. I just sold my original PSP-1001 last week and don’t plan on picking up a newer model. I’m holding out for the next-gen PSP.

  • Oh and how about changing your “download has to be the same price as retail” policy?

    $40 for a downloadable PSP game is WAY WAY to much. Heck, $30 is too much. You really need to change the pricing stratagy on Both the hardware and software and pronto.

  • What about those of us that get the PSPgo earlier? I got mine for Christmas.

    No love for us then?

  • LOL wait till they start giving away 10 games like in Europe. From what I understand they aren’t moving any units there either over this.

    The old saying of “you couldn’t pay me to take one” seems to certainly apply here.

  • Well this tells me a few things

    Loco Roco 2 and patapon 2 are actually going up in price from it’s psn sale of 8 dollars

    My hard copy of Gran Turismo is now pretty much worthless dispite being less than 7 months old as well as anyone who picked up lbp psp

    and we’re stuck with the psp go for at least another 10 months. Which 10 months is a rather strange time for a deal to happen. I’m thinking either price drop or new model comes out then.

  • Haaaaahahahahaha, the PSP Go!! One of the biggest jokes of the decade. The lack of support and software for the PSP alone was funny enough. Like another said above, just quit these systems and move on to the PSP2. Offer a trade-in for 3000 and Go to the PSP2, and we can all forget about the failed PSP format.

    Secondly, please discontinue the PS2. The 10 year cycle is up, and a lot of us would like to see more focus on the PS3. Kill it already and bring on the age of HD remakes.

  • Please bring us a new PSP, i dont want a PSPGo

  • Good prices. But I am not getting a PSP GO, it’s a bad deal.

  • LocoRoco 2 Permanent Price Drop (now $7.99, original price $19.99)
    Patapon 2 Permanent Price Drop (now $7.99, original price $14.99)

    Sweet Price increases! Thanks Sony! Way to encourage people to buy downloadable PSP games!

  • PSP GO owner here , love it!!! i have Buzz Quiz World , Little Big Planet , Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Resistance Retribution , Gran Turismo , Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 , Locoroco 2 , Patapon 2 , Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe , Ratchet and Clank Size Matters , Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow in other words i have 95% of the games you guys are offering , my comment purpose is to give you guys some ideas in case the rumored psp2 is true please add :
    PSN integration ( ability to send/ received messages from our psn friends , ability to play with our psn friends online ) i own a lot of psp games that support infrastructure and very few of them have a party system
    Trophies ( if you want to sell a lot more software then this needs to happen )
    2 analog sticks
    more amazing games

  • arnoldmcguire335

    Regarding the Price drop on some games… I wonder if unsold UMD versions of the ones getting 9.99 SRP will apply to the UMD versions in retailers too?

  • Hey Sony…Instead of trying to promote, the PSP Go, why not just trash it and admit it was a failure.

    1. It costs more than the PSP-3000 (both to manufacture and retail price).

    2. It lacks a UMD drive. So games put up on PSN are compatible. A lot of games have yet (or never will) make it on the PSN.

    3. The PSP-3000 can play UMDs and play digital download titles.

    I realize there’s that internal 16 GB, MicroMemory, BlueTooth, etc…but I don’t need 16 GBs. As of now, I’ve used about 2 GB on my Sony 4 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark II. I don’t download stuff on PSN for the PSP (only my PS3), and I don’t care much for BlueTooth.

    Instead, why not do a PSP-4000?

    1. Matte-finish (match slim PS3)
    2. Use a UMD drive (an updated one if possible; make it less noisy)
    3. Apply a screen protective coating on the unit itself.
    4. Update the buttons (maybe add color to the triangle, square, X and O buttons to match the Dual Shock 3.
    5. Add bluetooth if you want
    6. update the Wi-Fi unit
    7. Put in like 5 GB internal storage
    8. make it compatible with Memory Stick Pro Duo and MicroMemory
    9. improve the processor if possible

  • when they make playstation home accessible from psp , i’ll CONSIDER buying the tiny , overpriced piece of crap .

  • Sell it at under the $169.99 MSRP. Do that (or most of it), and I’d consider getting another PSP. The only and only PSP I have is the 3000 and it’s running fine and I’ve had it for less than a year (almost though).

  • Just another kick in the face to early adapter.

    What this is basically telling people is that why bother support something when if they wait a couple months to a year when a bundle will come out thus making you guys waste and lose money, but hey whatever makes you sleep at night.

    And that’s kinda sad seeing as how this might make people get a go despite not being able to play great games both past and future like as you advertise “Kingdom hearts”.

  • this is awesome. I already own a PSP 3000 which I purchased the day my son was born, December 29th 2009 lol. I might have to pick up a PSP Go now just to get the 3 free games!! :)

  • Agreed… PSP GO, kinda sucks. The old version was so much better. They just needed to increase the titles, not change the system. I love my 3000, and have literally steered people away from the GO.

  • I would love to buy a Go, but there’s just too many UMDs I already have, and to many good ones coming out. Plus when PSN goes down, ( and it will eventually ) there go your games.

    Digital distribution is not ownership of a game, and I like to own my games.

  • PSPNo

  • I agree with krae_man with the “digital the same as retail price” policy…if the price goes down in retail it should reflect on the PS Store price. I seriously like playing my PSPgo, I play it all the time, but I always get a reminder that I’m getting hosed on the content and the prices.

  • nice incentive. I still regret my go purchase. A local gamecrazy has theirs down 20% as a closure sale. may wait for them to go 40% or 50%, pick one up and get the games. Sell my old one. BTW Sony what is with your horrible QC department? every psp I’ve ever bought has had dead pixels. it’s a joke and really makes angry whenever I buy a new piece of hardware.

  • LAME! I just purchased a PSPgo March 18, I wish I was informed about this a little sooner. :(

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