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Hi Everyone – Time for this week’s video store updates.

You asked for it and we’ve finally got it for you – HBO is now available on the video store! Now you can download True Blood Seasons 1 and 2, as well as episodes from your favorite shows including Entourage, Sopranos, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and many more. Be sure to also check out the launch of Marvel this week with great episodes of Iron Man Extremis, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Heroes.

Another exciting offer to hit the video store is the Prince of Persia Movie Ticket Offer. Buy select Disney films including Pirates of the Caribbean and Chronicles of Narnia titles, Remember the Titans, and Pearl Harbor through 6/25, and receive a voucher for a free movie ticket to see Prince of Persia in theaters (an up to $12 value).

Then once you’ve locked in that killer deal, enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend with incredible savings from our Deal of the Week, under New Releases and Featured Collections, offering discounts of up to 50% on episodes of WWII in HD, Doug, Hey Arnold and films Orange County, The Babe, Darkman, and Top Gun.

Also under Featured Collections, check out ‘in the QUBE’ — a fast-paced glimpse into global events, entertainment and activities vital to contemporary youth culture and lifestyle offering the latest on movies, music, video games.

Finally, under New Releases this week, you’ll find entertaining new blockbusters Dear John and The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen. Check out the chilling trailer below before you head to the video store.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  • I real hope you get more History Channel shows like Pawn Stars. And about the Travel channel?

  • seen the movie on movies links man someone needs to shut that site down

  • We also asked for the video store in Canada but you haven’t given us that yet.

    Still shocked that Australia got the video store before Canada did when Canada’s market is larger.

  • the ps3 browser is sucking. youtube wont search for videos on the standard youtube. and youtubeXL keeps telling me to sign in to view videos even though i am already signed in. can you guys give us a better version of a web browser and a better flash player? pretty bad when i click on youtube on the ps3 homepage and it dont even work right. sorry i didnt know where to post this at. ty

  • Please let us view our purchased content over Remote-Play.

  • artform-fazeone

    Senior Manager Grace Chen… this is yet, another wicked update… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • The Road.
    Looks cool.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Need subtitle option for all movies and tv shows and ability to buy/gift whole tv seasons.

  • I’m sure it’s a combination of Sony and the Television Studios causing the problem, but $1.99 – 2.99 per show is outrageous. There is obviously a market out there, but I can’t help but feel that there is a larger one that doesn’t download these videos because of the price barrier.

    All consoles need to try to make better deals with the Studios and bring down the cost of these downloads. Rental prices are fine. Movie prices are usually fine. The television shows are the overpriced problem. There’s no way I’m paying that for HBO shows I can get elsewhere for a LOT less.

  • Canada.

  • loadz of vidz, wow! XD

  • I expect Video Store in Canada at E3. Confirm or deny?

  • All signs are pointing to an E3 or slightly before E3 announcement of the Canadian Video Store.

    The release is apparently “Summer” which means somewhere between June 21st-Sept 21st assuming another delay didn’t happen.

    I’m very dissappointed in the fact it seems nobody is willing to accept responsability for the unacceptable length of time this is taking.

    Sony has lost soooo much money and pissed off so many canadian PS3 owners in the process.

  • Yeah its pretty sad its taken this long for Canadian gamers to get what they have been asking for since the launch of the US video store. As far as I know, we should have anything that the americans have, and now Austrailia and the UK already have video stores and we still have nothing…

    COME ON!

  • That’s great, too bad I can’t watch videos though.

  • I LOVE True Blood so thank you so much for finally getting HBO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • These updates would mean something if there wasn’t copy protection making all the videos you sell completely worthless in the future.

  • Video Store for Canada please.

  • I’d really love to download South Park Season 5 Episode 3. Anyone else feel the same way???

  • Being someone in Canada, your offerings mean nothing to me.
    Get you act together, Sony.

  • I’m just going to leave this here: Canada!

  • Please release the Video/Comic PS Store in Canada!

  • “You asked for it and we’ve finally got it for you”

  • HBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  • my first post

  • When you mentioned those good ol’ shows like Doug and Hey Arnold, Cat and Dog came in mind. Cat and Dog in HD on my PS3? Uber-cool.

  • @13…Yep…after 6 months of silence from Grace I moved on to iTunes in Canada a year back. I hate Apple with a passion but they put a product in place with none of the issues Sony seems to have.


    The most often requested thing on this Blog is Bring it to Canada, I dont ever remember anyone asking for HBO. Just tell us Yes or No. So I can either keep buying or stop buy BR movies…

  • When will the TNA Impact! from 5/27 hit the store? My dvr didn’t record it and I want to buy it from PSN, so I can see it..

  • I agree with kolobear, TV shows are priced too high (I buy shows often, but the price stings). It really is odd that movie pricing is about right but the TV show pricing is wrong.

    What I really would like is the ability to buy the ENTIRE SEASON of a TV show for a reasonable price. A season pass rental option or something could even possibly be cool there..

  • Once again the Canadian public gets screwed. Weather it’s by our own lawmakers, corporate America, or some other form of govt bull. It’s like we are stuck in some sort of limbo. Tied closely enough with the US to lose our own identity, and different enough to be left out of anything that would be benefit the general public. I get so annoyed when I’m asked to choose country of origin and either Canada is not listed at all or it simply says North America. Hell sometimes they list 3rd world countries. How many PS3s are purchased in those places. Can someone tell the big boys at Sony “Hey up here look up we’re right here. We’ve got money and we want to spend it.”


    We’ve been asking for a better web browser and a flat rate for unlimited video viewing but you guys aren’t listening to that. Why not? Also the episodes are way to expensive especially in order to watch and use them we have to have this propriety system and can not use them by other means. The dvd collection is the only way to go or watch some of these online after viewing ads or something. Come on Sony. Let us think reasonably for the customer too.

  • wow i cannot believe that the canadiens are being screwed so continually by sony. i have friends up in canada, and you people at sony just keep saying that you know better or are handing the pathetic company line as usual.stop screwing everybody over the way you love to. you keep on screwing over north america in general as it is and grace i am personally sick and tired of you because you obviously do not know how to deal with the public, and YOU NEED TO BE FIRED! if you cannot treat all people the same when it comes to your gaming system, which is what a ps3 is, then why not just get it off the market until you people can actually start treating people as people not just dollar signs!

  • Let’s Go Canada, let’s Go !!

  • I can’t downloade movies, and series in my playstation store, when are all this coming to europe!?

  • We need the video store in DENMARK!?.. :O

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