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People who are reading this (see also: visitors of PlayStation.Blog),

Hexyz Force

Hexyz Force is making its way onto a retailer’s shelf near you (and is already available via PlayStation Network for you folks who are on-the-Go… see what I did there?). To celebrate, we’re posting this post onto the place where things are posted on PlayStation.Blog.

We’d like to take one last opportunity to alert you to what is undoubtedly one of the biggest, most substantial RPGs yet to hit the lovable PSP system. Why so meaty? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that you can play the game’s satisfying, drama-filled narrative (complete with political intrigue, betrayal, magic, and such things) as one of TWO different characters: Levant, an elite knight with a disdain for non-humans, or Cecila, a young cleric with potent dormant magical abilities.

Hexyzforce Walkthrough

Each protagonist has a unique backstory and perspective on the world of Berge (that’s where everything goes down). More importantly, they each basically experience a completely different game (20-25+ hours of game, mind you), meaning that folks who play through as both characters will get a rich, two-sided adventure with 50+ hours of amazing roleplaying goodness (it’s kind of why we’ve been calling it a 2-in-1 RPG epic). Is that a PSP in your pocket or did the last paragraph just excite you?

Famed developer Sting (makers of Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union, and Knights in the Nightmare), introduces their most accessible and enjoyable combat engine yet, delivering fast-paced, smooth battles with easy to navigate menus and gorgeous attack animations. A risk/reward-style “Hexyz Charge” aspect means that proper planning and knowing when to take calculated risks can mean the difference between triumphing over your puny enemies or your parents hearing you cry out in frustration from the upstairs bathroom.

Errr—I mean—

Hexyzforce Walkthrough

And then we arrive at the visuals. Now, there have been plenty of gorgeous games to hit PSP system, and in our opinion, Hexyz is right up there. Stunning full 3D visuals, complete with cinematic event scenes, make for a sumptuous feast for the RPG-lover’s eyes. To further sweeten the deal, over 20 minutes of anime cutscenes make for a completely immersive experience.

So, we’ve told you all this, and we even threw some screenshots in, but really, we reckon you’d rather see it for yourselves. So allow us to debut our Hexyz Force Walkthrough Video, right here on PlayStation.Blog, which will take you through just about all of the above (minus all the awkwardness) and let you see for yourself how Hexyz Force is poised to go down as one of the best PSP RPGs of the year!

Look for Hexyz Force to land on shelves this week, or pick it up now via PlayStation Network. For more info on Hexyz Force, visit the official game website.

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