ModNation Racers PSP: Behind-the-Scenes launch video

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Hi everyone! At long last, ModNation Racers is available now for the PSP! Thanks to those who have been following my blog posts the past few months as we’ve been working hard to bring you a great game loaded with features. We’ve talked at length about the over-the-top kart racing action, as well as the revolutionary Creation Studio tools that let you design Mods, Karts, and Tracks on the fly before you Share them with the world! Critics are starting to chime in too with great things to say, and we’re happy all our efforts are paying off.

ModNation Racers PSP: UMD retail ModNation Racers: PSN Store

What we haven’t talked about yet is price. You can get all of this amazing content for a low price of $29.99, whether you prefer to buy it on UMD or digitally through the PlayStation Store. With over 25 tracks, a PSP-version exclusive Last Kart Standing Mode, and virtually endless user-generated content, this really is an incredible purchase for the long summer days.

Speaking of long days…just how hard have we been working? Well I kind of touched on that in my previous post, when I mentioned a Behind-the-Scenes video that was coming. It’s here now to watch, and watching it myself I am reminded of all the fun we had making ModNation Racers as well as all that hard work. Throughout the video you’ll see some of our daily meetings, trips to QA, and nearly every person focused on making the game all that it is today!

From day 20 down to the final hours before we shipped, from funny moments to the serious make-or-break decisions that have to be made on the fly, everything is chronicled in this video. You will see the design decisions, bug reviews, programmers and artists working side-by-side and some of the levity that breaks the tension of a team at 4am.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this first installment of the video, above. And alas, now I can finally see you on the track!

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  • Behind the scenes is an auto-win… :)

  • definitely worth the $29.99. bought the download last night. my favorite psp game ever!



  • Why is this $30 on PSN. You really REALLY need to stop the “downloads have to be the same price as retail” policy.

    Second, Games like Modnation Racers that are on both PS3 and PSP at the same time should come with a download code for the PSP version. Even if its in a special edition for $10 more.

    Expecting people who want both to pay full price for both is dumb. This would work especially well with games like MLB The Show allowing you to continue seasons on the go without having to spend $100.

  • Nicely done. Well put together, and very informative for those who aren’t aware of how much effort it takes to complete a game. I’ll link over from

  • We really appreciate all the work you put into this game, I hope it was worth it for you guys!

  • This game is way too hard for the PS3 version. The trophies and difficulty rival that of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift…in fact, I would say this platinum might be harder because of the Create XP trophies.

    I was hoping this game would be care free and easy (with some challenging aspects) like LBP. And I’m surprised many things werent fixed from the beta, like the horrible loading times (the worst Ive seen on any recent game), and only having one camera view.

  • Super entertaining. And the next vid should be even more entertaining :D

  • I love these types of videos please make more of these for every major game.

    Also I will probably pick up both versions of this game.

  • I enjoyed watching this, as I want to be a programmer in the industry myself. When do you guys catch up on sleep? How did these programmers get their start to becoming such efficient bug-smashers? When did you guys get the build working again? When you say it’s good to be focused on bug-fixing, what other things would they normally be focusing on? Will there be a part 2?

    This video got me really excited but also worried me. Like if I have a bad day and don’t get the 5 bugs fixed I’d get fired. Does that stuff happen? It just feels like a lot of this stuff is just luck.

    Again, great video. Thanks!

  • I have a question, is there any difference between the UMD version and the download version? Does the UMD includes something extra? Like a voucher for example? Thanks for the video, really nice!

  • soon modnation will be on the xbox like all of sonys games so sony
    does not have all the good stuff if xbox has all the good stuff to
    y dont sony get halo, super mario,and gears of war if nintendo and xbox has a lot of sonys games

  • PSP, meh…

  • Can we talk about the PS3 version for a sec…..I am loving it but there are some issues!!

    Career Mode: Please tweak for of the AI, and the requirement to unlock stuff!! The game seems like it cheats a little!!

    Region: Unlock it so everyone in the world can race each other

    On-Line: XP Races seem to be broke!! It takes forever to get people in a race lobby, and when it does happen, there is no more than 5 per race, please fix it!!

    Other than that I love this game, and will plan to get the PSP version down the road!!

  • This was good video – watched it in full. I’d like to see more of these!

  • Someone please listen to krae_man


    I agree 100% with absolutely EVERYTHING this person said. Loading times are beyond tedious and it takes forever to find people for online races it seems.

    But I do absolutely love the game and wouldn’t mind picking up the PSP version sometime down the road.

  • That was really cool. I wanna see some more behind the scenes from other games too.

  • i have the download version for my psp go and i love the game , having lots of fun playing it but theres 1 thing i really wish sony add to the rumored psp2 or to the current psps is the whole psn integration , i really wish i could invite or join my psn friends games , lots of psp games lack that IMPORTANT online feature ( Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Fat Princess , ModNation Racers and more ) great games all of them but sony needs to find a way to integrate psn into the psp , ohh and trophies wouldnt hurt either anyways i love ModNation Racers psp , to me is one of the best games on the little system

  • Can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Modnation on both ps3 and psps online region free like lbp.

    In this day in age on an online network connecting us with gamers from around the world I find it sad that my group of online friends (all which have bought this game)are unable to play each other. We intended to make this one of our primary games for gathering together online but we were very sad to see we couldnt connect with each other.

  • We need the patch for Region Lock already. Make it so there is a filter where you can chose Regional Modspots or Worldwide cause I want to be able to race from friends from the UK.

  • I was really surprised when I went on the PSN store to buy it and it was $30 instead of $40, good move imo. Great game, I got both versions day 1 and I’m loving them.

  • I hope someone can explain the thinking behind the online entitlement costing $15 for people that buy the game used. You are using a tactic created by EA Sports, one of the worst developers when it comes finding new ways to screw their customers.

    Aside from the ethical implications of charging a 50% surcharge if used buyers want the full experience, you have also done it on a game supposedly designed around the community concept. The philosophy was Race – Create – Share. It seems more like your philosophy only carries over to the new games market, as you are holding it hostage for everyone else.

    Just like EA Sports titles, I am boycotting any game that uses this despicable tactic.

    You want to know what would work fine? Try special non-game or mode breaking content available via DLC code in new copies of the game. If you think you tried it and it failed via the pre-order bonuses, it is because you turn around and sell it.

  • @FoolKiller79

    You’re dumb.

    What they did completely and totally makes sense. With piracy on the PSP, removing the online is the only way. Socom also did this, and i fully agree with it. I sold my custom firmware PSP and bought a PSP Go!, and even from a post-pirate perspective, i can totally see why they would do it.
    DLC can just be thrown up on pspisos or torrents and downloaded illegally, whereas an account-registered online mode can’t. Think about that. They work so hard for so many long hours (watch that video), and then make zero dollars off millions of people who decide to pirate the game or buy it used from somebody who didn’t want it anymore.

    Boycotting that is dumb, since the developers deserve your 30 dollars for the amount of fun you have with their games.

  • MORE!

  • @ FoolKiller79:
    I understand that for some gamers that 15 bucks for the online mode it’s kind of “unfriendly”. In my opinion the best system to convinced gamers to buy brand new games is giving free DLC with brand new copies. But real DLC not like Assasin’s Creed II with that 2 mission cut from the disc.

  • if the men and women who made modnation racers see this i want to say congrats great game loving it on the psp and asap ill be gettin the ps3 version as well keep up the good work

  • @22, Wow can you please use your brain bro!!! Did you see what Devs have to go through to get a game complete? If not, look at the video above. When buying a used game at Gamestop, all the money goes to Gamestop, and none of it goes to the company and devs that made the game. When you buy a new game most of the money goes to the company and dev. I personaly love what they are doing, and I hope everyone follows. I think it is BS for stores to sell used games, and all the money goes to them. Gamestop is a billion dollor company thanks to used games. Hopefully everyone follows so campanies like Gamestop can fall a little cause even though I buy all my games from there, I don’t like how they buy a game from someone for $10, then turn around and sell it for $30. Plus the devs that make the game make no money………

  • Oh…! That $15 is only for used/pirated copies. I seriously misunderstood. I thought the charge was for anyone that wanted to go online. I’m glad the comments were able to clarify that, because it seems entirely reasonable now. After all, you guys never see a dime for second-hand sales, and you need that if you’re going to continue making more.

    Actually, I’d like to see other developers do this: I’ve always had a problem buying used since it wouldn’t be supporting the devs, but with this route, I could do both. (Of course, bearing in mind that the majority of the game should remain in-tact.)

  • @28 yeah, they don’t really clearly state what exactly the online entitlement thing IS; they should explicitly state hey, if you download our game illegally, expect to pay $15 OR if you buy our game uses, expect to pay $15 for online.

  • It only does…Bug Fixes

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    Great video, guys.

    I’d love to watch more videos like this rather than “The Tester” ;)

    Quick question, is MNR PSP multiplayer region locked like PS3? I’m holding back from buying the PS3 game until they have a patch to play internationally. If PSP isn’t locked then I’ll buy the PSP game first


  • PS3 internet browser doesn’t support this video flash needs updating cant watch videos on the EU and US blogs web links from both EU and US blogs to other sites dont work they just crash my PS3.

  • Please developers, remove the region lock, my friend & I, he’s from Europe we were really excited about playing this game together. Finally a great kart racer for the PS3, please don’t hinder us from enjoying it.

  • Protip for viewing videos on PS Blog: embedded videos don’t play. Go to the Viddler link (it looks like a film camera) near the top-left of the page.

    Ontopic: Wow, that behind-the-scenes video was completely, completely compelling. I want to see the second part of it nao, Sony! Also, please do more of these!

  • err, I meant top-right.

  • apparently sales aren’t doing so good with the ps3 and psp version
    so i guess i’ll pass on the game
    thanks anyway

  • at 36 wow i still cant believe that a mature person would say something like that , so u play the sales and not the games? how old r u ? 7? 8? lol , anyways your comment was very constructive to this post lol

  • i mean 38

  • yeah it looks like a good game to me

  • I LOVE behind the scenes video, really makes me happy to see developpers so committed to their game

  • Great video, makes you appreciate it all the more, im loving the mod nation psp no issues on my end online was good too. no psp flyer? for psn version i got a code but for ps3,

  • love this game for both the PS3 & PSP, a well worthy purchase for sure.

  • @ 39
    yes i go by sales, if it’s not selling well then it usualy means it blows, but you go right ahead with daddy’s credit card and get it for yourself.

  • mnr is just FAB!

  • @Axecution

    I have never and will never buy into the argument that the best way to stop pirates is to punish honest customers. I do typically buy games new with the few exceptions being when I get a great deal from Gamefly. I even pre-ordered games I really want.

    Speaking of Gamefly, this Online Entitlement shtick breaks the game for the rental market as well.

    I don’t disrespect all the work that the game developers go through and I am strictly opposed to piracy, but I will not support a system that punishes legitimate customers in the name of attacking pirates, who will find away around the scheme anyway.

    Furthermore, a used game sale is not taking away from a new game sale. If someone can’t pay the new price they can’t pay the new price. Strong arming them won’t change that fact and make them suddenly buy a new copy.

    And boycotting is not dumb. Boycotting is using the free market to communicate, via dollars, to a company that you will not support their


    The best I have seen this done with was when Rock Band 2 came with 20 free DLC songs. That worked mainly because they never made those songs available to anyone else. So you got 25% more content for buying new.

  • @mywhitenoise i own the ps3 version an i played the ps3 demo, the load times are under 30 secs so stop being a baby, oh an they greatly improved the loading times, i love this game, i haven’t brought the psp game yet but im waiting for a price drop

  • @S-E-G the only reason its not selling good (at least its not in my town)is idiots that lie about the load times or are big cry babies an can’t wait 20 to 30 secs to play an online race, i don’t buy games based on what reviews say anymore or on how many people buy it because most of the time i see ps3 only games get based on just because they 360 lovers an don’t give the game a fair chance an they probably never even played it, like gamespot they rated it 8.0!!!! i would give this game a 10.0, an then i think oh ya gamespot is like gamestop there both love the 360 an have always tried to make it sound better than the 360

  • i’ve been in gamestop an heard an employee tell someone one who ask what system he should buy an the guy said 360 an then the guy ask if he know if MGS4 was ps3 only an he said no its coming out for 360 to, oh was i mad i told him NO ITS NOT COMING TO THE STUPID SYSTEM AN NEVER WILL, THE MAKER EVEN SAID SO, SO STOP LIEING, they once tried to get me to switch my FF13 preorder to the 360 an i was like no i don’t want to get a lame system that why i brought a ps3

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