UFC Undisputed 2010 Out Today With Bonus PS3 Content

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What’s up, everyone! I’m Wes Bunn, and I’m one of the game designers on UFC Undisputed 2010. Just wanted to take some time to give some perspective on what went into this year’s game. If you’re a fan of MMA, fighting games, or you just want to virtually choke out, punch, or kick one of your friends in the face, we think you’ll find something to be excited about.

First off, let me just say that everyone on our team truly loves MMA. We’re all fans of the sport, just like you. We get together and watch the fights all the time, and some of us actually train! The bottom line is that we’re gamers, we love MMA, and we truly want to make the absolute best MMA game possible.

With that said, I think you will be pleased with the amount of changes and additions we’ve made to this year’s game. The game plays so much faster than last year, is much more fluid and responsive, and the gameplay adjustments we’ve made (such as the Sway System and Cage Interaction) add a whole new level of strategy. The game is just fun to play! Even if you haven’t played last year’s game, it’s easy to pick up and start punching and kicking each other, but things can get really deep if you spend the time and invest in it. You should see the five-round wars we have in the office — it gets intense!

Here’s a sample of some of the new gameplay features we’ve added:

  • Southpaw and Stance Switching
  • Sway System
  • Cage Interaction
  • Submission Switching
  • Unified Grappling Controls
  • Ground Posture System
  • A-La-Carte Move Acquisition System
  • Doctor Stoppages

As far as modes, not only did we revamp all of the returning modes, but we’ve added a whole bunch of new ones, many of which our fans requested. Career Mode, I’d say, probably received the biggest overhaul. We’ve added the ability to change weight divisions, a stat decay and management system, pre- and post-fight interviews, more cutscenes like weigh-ins and press workouts, and the a-la-carte move acquisition system that allows players to make truly unique fighters one move at a time. In addition, we’ve also added a move proficiency system that allows for specialization in certain individual techniques (for example, you can be the dude with the super tight guillotine or be very good at a particular sweep or transition), introduced the World Fighting Alliance, a pre-UFC starting promotion where you’ll start your MMA career, as well as the new Game Is Watching You (GIWY) commentary and AI system, which monitors your performances and tailors the AI and commentary accordingly based on your progression through your career. There’s so much new stuff in Career Mode, but I’ll resist telling you everything because I don’t want to spoil some of the surprises you’ll encounter.

In addition to the returning Career, Create-a-Fighter and Online Modes, here’s a breakdown of some of the new modes in UFC Undisputed 2010:

  • Title Mode
  • Title Defense Mode
  • Tournament Mode
  • Event Mode
  • Ultimate Fights Mode

For PlayStation 3 owners, there’s a ton of exclusive content available just for you. In the Ultimate Fights Mode, we’ve added five additional fights, each with its own challenges and unlocks that you won’t be able to get anywhere else:

  • UFN 18 – Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann
  • UFC 60 – Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie
  • UFC 66 – Keith Jardine vs. Forrest Griffin
  • UFC 68 – Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFredries
  • UFC 102 – Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia

Also exclusive on PlayStation 3 are the following legendary UFC fighters:

  • Royce Gracie
  • Jens Pulver
  • Dan Severn

Finally, thanks to Blu-Ray, we were able to add some full-length fight videos for you hardcore fans out there:

  • The Ultimate Fighter Finale – Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin
  • UFC 94 – Georges St-Pierre vs. BJ Penn
  • UFC 98 – Lyoto Machida vs. Rashad Evans
  • UFC 79 – Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
  • UFC 100 – Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

We’re really excited about all the new stuff in this year’s game, and we want to hear your thoughts on it! Head over to UFCUndisputed.com and give us your feedback, as I assure you it will not go unnoticed! See you online in the virtual Octagon!

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10 Author Replies

  • Too many games…..too little money!

  • alright! lovin seeing undisputed gettin shown some love from the official sony site! great game, little laggy online as of now but its a great game!

  • Hey, Wes here. I’m around for a little while to answer your burning questions so ask away!

  • i bought this and red dead redemption at midnight and it hurt my wallet pretty bad! lol

  • why is the online so laggy?

  • and will it be taken care of soon?

  • I would probably be picking this up if I weren’t so broke from everything that came out last week. Had to make a decision in which game to pick up this week and stuck with Mod Nation Racers instead….when will this madness ever stop?!?!?!?!

    Instant purchase.

  • also i know its been said but will you guys really be giving us lots of updates and patches to fix glitches and exploits? will there be dlc in the near future? god i have so many questions i cant get them straight enough to ask! lol

  • If anyone’s having trouble getting online then drop by community.ufcundisputed.com and hit up our official forums. We’ve got a How-To in regards to the keycode that comes with new copies of the game.

    Stay tuned to the forums for news on patches too. Something is coming.

    Fighter Updates are a new feature this year as well. We’re working with the UFC to update fighters in a regular basis and keep them a solid representation of their real life counterparts.

  • IF I get this game..does the online code that comes with it cover only 1 account or the entire console? will my brother be able to play ONLINE on his own PSN account while I play on my own PSN account as well or will I need to buy another code?

  • good! now about the lag online! is are you guys aware of how slow the game is online? when my opponent and i both have full bars its still really laggy! im hoping something is being done to address this situation! the online was the biggest selling point of this game to me and many many others i just think its not all it could be with this lag!

  • Does this game support in-game music via XMB?

  • The code covers one account. The good news is that the code covers that account on any console so if you’ve got to replace the console or transfer the account you can still get on UFC Undisputed 2010.

    As for online we’re listening to everything people have got to say and all I can say for now is that something’s on its way.

  • oh these are pre written answers? your just throwing at whichever question you see fit! ok! good to see the support staff always on par as usual!!!!!!!!!! (sarcasm)

  • The game doesn’t do anything special to support in-game soundtracks. I’m pretty sure the XMB features are Sony standard.

  • ??????????????????

  • @12 inkme1, These are obvious questions, So I’m sure they was planned for. But it doesn’t look pre-written, He just doesn’t know how to respond to individual posts. & Since you can’t read, hes one of the game designer, not support staff.

    • Yeah, this posting thing took a minute to work out. We’ve fielded a lot of questions between this blog and a couple live Q&A’s yesterday.

      I’m still around for more questions and I promise I’ll answer them in your posts!

  • @14 by support staff i really meant anyone that has knowledge of the game from the development side rather than us from the consumer side of it! im just trying to get some questions answered!

    • Then ask away, there’s a lot of people who put a lot of work into making this game. Sometimes I’ve got to find answers for you and some I’ve got myself.

      A little bit of my background for some more focused discussion, I worked on design for the game at large and worked closely on modes like Career, Event, and Ultimate Fights.

  • and it looked like pre written answers because of where he was posting the answers but now that its been addressed it wont look like that any longer!

  • Ugh, don’t remind me… Gamestop still hasn’t shipped my copy & I leave first thing Thursday morning to go to Vegas for UFC 114…

    Might have to call their customer service tonight to see if I can cancel my online pre-order so I can pick up a copy in store instead, though it’ll mean missing out on the four extra fighters :(

    Really looking forward to playing once I do manage to obtain my copy.

  • @17 congrats on going i hope watching rampage cave rashads head in is 1000 x’s more exciting live than it will be on ppv!

  • ROTFL!!! That answer ur question inkme1?

    I think somebody hitting the reply button one post too soon. And along with that the answers are repitive.

  • im really just curious if the lag is a known problem for all and if it is being addressed! i see alot of complaint on different boards on different forums!

    • We’ve got our eyes on the forums, ours at community.ufcundisputed.com and others. The best I can say is that something’s coming.

  • *repetitive

    Srry about that. It was a all-night gaming session… My spelling has appeared to be diminishing…

  • @20:

    Not sure I waited till today to play UFC last night was ModNation Racers time.

  • i just dont see how lag can be like a day 1 problem on a p2p network!

  • so your saying theres a patch coming or ???? gimme a clue as to what something is!

  • Thanks for supporting the PS3, guys.

    Looking forward to your game. :)

  • What is the deal with online, so hard to find a match on ps3. Always get the message the session is no longer available. Than when you actually do get a match, usually it says the other person quit and the match will be invalid when they did not quit.

    • We’re aware that some people are having difficulties and we’re watching it closely. Please keep watch on community.ufcundisputed.com for updates.

  • Hi Wes,

    Congrats on the effort in overhauling last year’s game. A lot of improvements have been made. I’d like some clarification on a couple of issues if possible though:

    -How does the clicking the right stick mechanic for cranking submissions work?
    -Is there going to be a fix to prevent maxed out career fighters?

    • Alright, one more reply and then I’m off!

      Clicking the right stick starts your Submission. From there you’ve got to spin the right stick swiftly and smoothly to lock the Sub in. It depends on a number of things like your Sub Offense, the opponent’s Sub Defense and the energy both fighters have. It’s best to watch an opponent, observe when they’re struggling on the ground, and then slap on the Armbar, Achilles, choke, etc.

      We’re aware of the maxed fighters and once again, stay tuned to community.ufcundisputed.com for more updates.

  • Hey everyone, that’s my time for the day. Please keep watching community.ufcundisputed.com for news about the game. Thanks for your questions and we hope you enjoy the game!


  • Damn :(

  • Thanks Wes :)

  • If the online has any lag at all, forget it. You may as well have not included it in the game. I don’t play Madden 10 online anymore just because of the lag. It’s worse in a game like UFC because you have to be quick and a split second delay can really be frustrating.

  • can i pls be un-banned from the psn?? im realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!!! :( its been like an year….

  • UFC looks great. I love the demo but i am going to wait until certain problems get taken care of before i purchase it.

  • I liked the demo but what I hate about fighting games and such and so forth is the disjointed nature of going through grapples and exchanges. It all feels so unnatural.

  • Why dose my game not go online crap

  • nice! always good to see people taking advantage of the bluray disk size good work guys. Good luck with the release hope you get lots of sales!

  • Too bad the guy took off. The PS3 excusive content is AWESOME. When I get the game the first fight I set up will be Royce Gracie vs GSP. Having Dan The Beast Severn and Jens in there too is also great. The PS3 exclusive content is the reason I will be getting this game. Also, thanks for keeping Andrei Arlovski in the game. Even though he’s on a losing streak, he’s still one of my favorite fighters of all time.

    But if you still end up reading this Wes, on PS3 in-game music support is not a PS3 standard due to a M$ patent issue. Developers have to specifically program it into their games. It’s a very small piece of code that can be added through a patch. When you release the first patch for the game, can you PLEASE add in custom sountrack support if it’s not already supported? I don’t really like to buy games that don’t support the feature.

  • I like the idea of adding in the extra video content!

    It’s a very cool way to fill up un-used space on the Blu-Ray version! =)

  • Why can’t I use the online code for UFC? Anybody else having a problem using the one which came with the game.

  • wtf is up with the online gaming feature its so much slower. and i cant ever find a game i played it for 5 hours and only found 4 matches kinda upset?

  • itll be fixed b4 long im sure!

  • CHICKASAWman2427

    Hopefully they will hurry up. I realize games have there problems, but if the game isnt ready then dont release. I wouldnt be half as mad if i didnt have the game then have the game and not play online.

  • I am waiting a reply on a refund from THQ. This game looks like they released the wrong build. Still unable to play ranked matches online. The 3 player matches I have had had laggy response time on sways and other moves.

    Career mode is the same as 09 except longer & involves more tedious micro management, that isn’t for the better, to deal with the amazingly fast decay rate.

    Stay away imho.

  • I’m not liking this trend of publisher using gimmicks to prevent the sale of their games as used games ! UFC requires a one time use code to play online so I assume if you buy it used, there’s going to be a fee attached if the use code has been used !

  • Alright So I have been playing this game quite a bit, I like it for the most part, but I do have a few issues. I have not once got a match going online. It is EXTREMELY frustrating to waste serious time looking for matches only to find that they are always no longer available. Fix the online, I will not buy another UFC game that is this poor in this respect.

    also what the hell is up with submissions…I just rotate the analog as quick as I can if I’m trying to tap someone out or if I’m being tapped out? If so its brutal I get submitted all the time even when my bar is very high…I get out sometimes but I think PJ penn submitted me 6 straight times when I was GSP. Its brutally hard to escape.

  • I entered the code to play online with friends. I joined our camp. I cannot fight on line with any of my friends. Continually get game session no longer available. This was the big seller for myself and friends please help! WHY WHY WHY! I opened a port on router as well still nothing cannot hook up for the life of me. No problems on other games ie Need for speed or modern warfare. Please help!

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