ModNation Monday: 6 Reasons Why This Game Rocks!

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Greetings and happy “OMG we are launching tomorrow” ModNation Monday!

If you are like me, you’re still a bit dazed from last night’s LOST season finale (anyone else still confused?). But I’m still uber-stoked that everyone will finally get their hands on ModNation Racers TOMORROW on both PS3 and PSP!

Actually playing the final version of the game you’ve been working on for so many months is probably the best part of being in this incredible industry. That’s how I spent my weekend and that’s when I was reminded of why I love playing this game (and why the Photo Mode rocks!).

*Please excuse my “so-so” screen shots. I’m a racer, not a photographer!

#1 The Chuck Wagon

ModNation Racers for PS3

It’s not sexy, it’s not even that cool, but it’s MINE. There is no feeling like making and racing your own kart, and it’s 100% yours. Look out for this kart online, you’ll both know who to aim your weapon at. If it passes you up, you’ll know who just smoked you!

#2 Mini-Me

ModNation Racers for PS3ModNation Racers for PS3

Some racers will make their favorite characters, some will think of some completely original creations of their own. But if you’re like me, you will put yourself in the game so when you showboat, you can say, “THAT’S ME!”

#3 Bringing the Hurt (and avoiding it too!)

ModNation Racers for PS3

We’ve covered this subject in past blog posts, but the weapons are a BLAST (see what I did there?). While I love raining down the pain in a well-timed Bolt Storm or dropping a well-placed mine right in front of a tailgater, there is a great feeling hitting my shields just at the right moment to avoid an attack or dodging a nasty missile like this.

#4 Attitude Adjustment

ModNation Racers for PS3

What I love about ModNation Racers is that as soon as you get cocky, the game will remind you of your mistake. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better, or who has a weapon ready to trigger. As soon as I got online I learned the hard way. Ouch! No matter how much time I’ve spent with the game, there are some great racers out there.

#5 Trading Paint

ModNation Racers for PS3

While weapons are fun, the art of the sideswipe is a beautiful thing. Lining up next to a racer, tapping your right analog stick just at the right time, and smacking your competion into railing (…or off a very high cliff) is pure bliss.

#6 Fire From My Tires

ModNation Racers for PS3

Drifting is huge source of joy in this game, but when you drift long enough, your tires ignite and light up the road. Best Back to the Future tribute ever.

Those are just a few things I dig about ModNation Racers, and I’m pretty certain you will too TOMORROW! Notice I didn’t even touch track creation, which is probably the most revolutionary thing about the game, but we have to save some things for later. :)

Stay tuned for a Launch Day post tomorrow from Kyle Zundel, the game’s producer, to get some Race Day tips and to see our launch trailer. And we’ve got more good stuff to come in following ModNation Mondays, including new Artist Spotlights. Until then…

ModNation Racers for PS3

See you online!

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  • Cant wait to play this amazing game! Ps3 team strike again!!!!

  • Daniel_Castillo

    This is very cool I cant wait to get Modnation Racers ehit Kratos,Sackboy,Mystery mod and Air Raid! :D

  • Can’t wait to see what all the creative modnation fans come up with. Day 1!!!

  • Can’t WAIT!! Looking forward to racing with the retail copy tomorrow.

  • We wanted to buy this game so bad, but my wife couldn’t play with the way the buttons were set up, her hands are too small. Is it possible to remap the buttons in the final version of the game?

  • Can’t wait to get the game tonight at the midnight release! Does the game have any PS Home rewards/unllockables?

    • HOME might have some stuff up their sleeves. :) Look out for announcement from them right here on the blog.

  • I really like the demo and I’ll probably be getting the game soon but there are two things that are annoying:

    1) your car blinking while recovering is horrible, there has GOTTA be a better way to handle it that doesn’t look like a 25 year old NES game that can’t handle it’s own graphics. Get rid of your car blinking please.
    2) Work on improving load times.

    Other than that the demo feels very solid overall.

    • 1) The Blinking Car is the Classic Video Game visual for Invincibility buddy! You gotta better idea, feel free to share, UFG like constructive opinions.

      2) UFG is already working on a Patch.

  • How many more tools/items/stickers are there in comparison to the demo?

    • There are less than 10% of the items in the full game, but you can basically access all the creative tools in the demo. It’s amazing how much you can make in the demo.


  • Can’t wait, getting this when stores open tomorrow!

  • This is gonna be a truly amazing game! I have been waiting since at that fateful day at E3 when the Sony team were being major teases. I got my dirty paws on the beta for MNR. It was flabbergasting me at the incredible load times, but that didn’t stop me! Then came the fateful day the demo came out, just another tease. I am truly excited for this game, I really don’t know how to express myself through words. I’m sorry, I need a moment… *cries*

    • I know the feeling Breztor, the game can cause an overwhelming flood of creative emotion. ONE DAY MORE!

  • Will we be able to get the preorder DLC later on? If yes, will it cost money? I hate preorder DLC that cost money. It’s not like preorders cost more money.

    • Not sure yet when and if the DLC items will be available. Get in there now if you can if you plan on getting the game anyway. They are a nice bonus!

  • Preordered today… just in time. Can’t wait to play this game!

  • Preordered it. Going to fall asleep early today. Can’t wait to tomorrow!


  • Getting this at midnight from gamestop! I so cant wait!

  • I think I read somewhere that you guys had added the feature to have more than just that one camera angle, that the beta did not have. I didn’t see it in the demo either (I tried pressing every button). Is this feature in the final version of the game?

  • Picking mine up at midnight! Can’t wait!!!

  • Need more weapons!!!! Not that the weapons that you guys already made weren’t awesome or anything, its just that you can never have too many weapons :)

    • True that. More Boom is always nice. The challenge is bringing in weapons so the game is still balanced.

  • I pre-ordered this gem 2 weeks ago and im gonna be picking it up tomorrow after school, thank god I get out of class at 11am tomorrow, ill have the whole day to play and since I dont have class again till thursday which I get out again at 11, ill have practically 3 full days to play this awesome game! cant wait till after school tomorrow!

    • My Saturday melted away when I played this weekend. So much FUN! What will you create first?

  • Please update the PSN store as quickly as possible tomorrow, I don’t want to wait till like 5-8PM tomorrow to download the game, 4PM the earliest is fine by me.(Atlantic time in NA)

    • I’ll be sure to ask PSN for ya. :)

      Just to clarify, only the PSP version is available on the PSN.

      The PS3 version is BD only.

  • I’m going to the Midnight Launch TONIGHT at GameStop to pickup my pre-ordered copy of ModNation Racers! =D

  • hey chuck! check out the mod i made IN THE DEMO. I honestly can’t wait to see what i can do with the full version =D

  • I’m getting this tomorrow on the PS Store for my PSP. Arrg, if the update would be early, it would be nice.

  • sorry I couldn’t put this on the last sack it to me post yesterday, but I think the reason for people already owning the game is Target LOL nobody listened to me last time but my Target already had MNR up for sale last Tuesday not sure why but maybe all the Target’s did that accidentally when they put out Red Dead Redemption because of a typo I pre ordered mine from Gamestop though

  • Dear PlayStation,

    Please implement the character-creation scheme from ModNation Racers as your system-wide avatar system. Nintendo’s Miis were cool (if crude), Xbox simply ripped off Nintendo’s Miis, you could do better with MNR (or LBP) characters. A good avatar system would help with the family games, particularly with Move coming up.

  • @ angelspawn LUCKY

  • im debatin on gettin the psp version first any diff from the home system apart that u can go anywhere with it? and if this game is on the psn store tomorrow i may get this game then too debatin on when but i do want this game both for ps3 and psp

    • If you plan on getting both anyway, I’d pre-order now (if you can) and pick up the bonuses since you won’t lose out on waiting a bit for PSP.

  • Game needs vibration function! so we can feel our car when its on the road

  • no direspect but to eveyone complaining about load times, not enough weapons, and anything else; you may wanna think before you comment. they will fix load times with a firmware update if they havent already and they will add weapons and other things through DLC am i the only person who knows the benifets of next gen consoles, which are not really next gen anymore. lol

  • i wish gamestop didn’t make you wait 2 hours to get your game. you should be able to go at midnight or earlier, make the line, and get your game when they start giving it out.

    if it wasn’t for the 2 hour [DELETED], i would totally get it tonite. but looks like ill be waiting till tomorrow

  • I just got my “Your order has shipped” email from Amazon. Got release-date shipping, so I can’t wait to play with Ratchet & Clank tomorrow!

  • Lookout for my ModNation Racers PS3 Theme!


    I just finished up the icons, all 74 of them.

  • Does anyone know if or when Naruto Shippuden will be added to the PSN for the psp?

  • can’t wait for tomorrow, although it is going to be hard to stop playing Red Dead as I’m having too much fun trying to kill every animal & shooting up saloons

  • Sweet. I’m waiting in line with all the stupid :) UFC guys tonight so I can get this game. I’m going to play it until I fall asleep. Then I’ll wake up and play it all tomorrow long.

    Not to go off-topic, but I agree with your comment on LOST too. :(

    • I was tripping all last night on that finale. Been reading some of the blogs and it makes a bit more sense to me now. Oh well.

      Better things to do now! Gotta create my Track Masterpiece!

  • I enjoyed the demo. But I can wait until it is $30 or less.

  • LOL,hey I like the chuck wagon:) I like how its wide like a Cadillac Escalade. If i get this game I hope to see you online!

  • ayo Chuck what man? i see you made a kart and well it’s ok looking but mine will be ten times cooler, lol jk man, but i forward to wining all my races against you. PSN: blackmoney18

    • I’m certain you can come up with something cooler than the Chuck Wagon.

      Not certain if you can come up with something FASTER! ha!

  • anyone knows how to boost at the start of the race i figur ed out how to drop weapns behind but cant figure out how to boost at the start of the race

    • Boost button when the light turns GREEN.

      (WARNING: If you hit it too early you will get STUCK!)

  • @34:This is about ModNation Racers.NOT NARUTO!!!!!

  • im going to rip up the track. Hope microphone all of a sudden stop working lol like in split/second

  • @22, thank u Chuck, I actually was gonna get the PSP version anyway, I don’t own a ps3 but when the time comes that I get one, I’ll be sure to pick up the ps3 version as well, I’m sure it will be on greatest hits by the time I get a ps3 in the future.

  • well chuck i only have the cash on the psn store wondering how big is the psp version gunna be the size of the file and what r the diffrentces between the ps3 and psp versions?

    • The PSP version has basically all the same functionality as the PS3 version. You can make Mods, Karts, and Design tracks. It has an exclusive Last Kart Standing Mode that is pretty fun to play and also has some different weapons and attacks to use. It’s a great title! Not sure about the size tho. I’ll ask.

  • @44 i would like to know the file size as well, im guessing over 1 GB

  • trying to find a place that will be releasing at midnight, otherwise I’ll have to wait untill 7 pm tomorrow to pick it up (DOH !) . The track editor is amazing , i was having issues joining my start /end points (end point was not only coming from a higher elevation , but also had to intersect across a portion of track right before meeting with the start and i kept on getting the reverse symbol no matter what i tried , I was just about to forget about it and start over , when i decided to back up just a few and see if auto complete could do it , and IT DID ! This is going to be a very enjoyable game for me .

  • greatness thanks chuck all i need to know is how big it is and is it comin to the psn tomorrow so that way i can free up space on my psp tonight

  • Hey Chuck :D, I gotta quick question. I really want the Ratchet & Clank skins cuz I’m such an Insomniac nerd :P, but unfortunately I won’t be able to pre-order the game due to a lac of money until the end of the week! So I just wanna ask, will I be able to get the Ratchet & Clank skins, and maybe the other too, a couple of weeks/months after the game releases as DLC?

    Oh, and BTW the demo is great! I’ve been playing it for the past week, and my mod is so cool! I also made this insane track, can’t wait to share it!

    • Glad to hear! I wish I could say when the Pre-order DLC will be available but we don’t know yet. I’m sure we will let you all know as soon as we know for sure. Till then have fun with all your personal creations!

  • I so can’t wait. I’ll be hitting the demo some more tonight. Btw, thar last picture there Chuck… Beautiful!!!

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