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Three weeks from today, we’ll be holding our 3rd E3 PlayStation 3 Meet-up. I’m hoping to be able to announce full details this week, but know that it’s going to be held in Downtown LA on June 13th starting at about 5pm, and will be better than last year’s (which was pretty good, if I recall correctly). Start planning now!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 17, 2010)

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  • Figures, I just got back from my vacation in LA.

    I can still hold out hope that you will come to Toronto sooner or later.

  • ModNation Racers in 2 days! Nuff said!!

  • Jeff, Is there any plans to have Playstation Move demo setups in Gamestop’s and other retailers?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I know of some plans, but not the full extent. More details will surely come to light as we approach launch.

  • I was hoping for a better list Mr. Rubenstein. =(
    I got you coverd. = )

    Killzone 3 Details Emerge, Features Jetpacks And “Game Changing” 3D?
    First 3D Game Patches Will Be Free
    Red Dead Redemption: PS3 vs 360 Im very sad for this one why has R* betraide the PS brand. =; (

  • Soooooo Jeff…we’re getting a Killzone 3 post this week right? Right?????

  • When does the E3 hype start?

  • thanks for the list, jeff.

    RDR is booooooring! – not as boring as gta4 but still overrated. The MP part is as lackluster as gta4.

    get Mod Nation Racer instead. the demo is so much fun, especially split-screen. i’m planning on re-creating GT’s original tracks starting with el capitan and deep forest.

    just 2 more days!

  • Wow, the guys on the Bonus Round don’t seem too expectant for Sony’s E3.

    Tell me they’re wrong! :P

  • Killzone 3
    I hope there is a trailer soon :)

  • Kung Fu Live!!!!….you have got to love that. Looks like crazy fun times. :D

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Seriously. That team will be on the blog this week. Start thinking of questions for the team!

  • I would hope we hear less about this move and 3D junk and more about actual content :/

  • Nothing on the the KZ3 announcement?

  • Where is Tecmo Bowl Throwback????????????????

  • Hurray for blog meetups!

  • Lets not forget KZ3 x) hope they stop by the blog soon.

  • Last year was great! Where do I RSVP? :)

  • “How the PlayStation 3 Reformed a Pirate – Bitmob”

    While this was an interesting enough article, it still doesn’t justify the removal of Other OS from the PS3. I still maintain that this is sony’s problem not mine since I have purchased every game I own at full price for 3 generations of PlayStation.

    I’m also sad to say that I was finally forced into a PS3 slim which I had hoped in 2005 would be happy moment as I would get a smaller more refined unit with all the features of the 60 gig PS3 that I had wanted so badly in 2006. That day unfortunately never came and I was left with a lesser PS3 slim that has no Other OS, a loss of PS2 Backward Compatibility, fewer USB ports (understandable though and I don’t hold this against sony), and a feeling that I have some how been taken for granted by Sony.

  • I would guess there is an embargo on KZ3 until the 1st of June. I don’t think they are going to talk about. As a certain mag had world exclusive rights.

    Anywho looking forward to ModNation Racers tuesday!!!!

  • Holy mother BP oil tar balls in a pita! That kung fu game is sooooo awesome. It’s a shame that announcement wasn’t saved until E3. That alone would have probably won E3 in Sony’s favor!

    I even love that game better then…”their” kung fu game. I am eager to hear else the PS3’s eye can be used…

  • modnation this tuesday! too many good games out that I just cant buy all of them, I will be getting modnation then the next game after that will be peace walker :) I wish I could go to LA and get it signed though :( that would be epic.

  • Media Molecule needs to make a Sea Otter costume, or they need to have another contest so I can design one my self.
    Poor little otters around the world cry that they aren’t given representation

  • I can wait for ModNation Racers :P

    & i miss ‘PS2 Backward Compatibility’ on my newer PS3 :( I would love SONY to say at E3[i doubt it tho]that there will be a PS3 that can play PS2 games. I would buy it day 1 :P

  • e3 passes please!!! the only reason why the crowd at the sony press conference last year was the most enthusiastic out of all three (sony, microsoft, nintendo) was b/c we were there!!

  • Would be awesome to get some info on agent again. That’s the only title out of the 4 that hasn’t had any new info all year.

  • Jeff, will we get any more Agent info? We haven’t even seen a trailer for it! And will it remain a PS3 exclusive?

  • joe danger?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      The Joe Danger devs owe me, and by that I mean “you,” a post. Hopefully it’ll be in this week.

  • This smacks of utter desparation on sonys part. treating us like criminals by removing featres we paid for and censoring us the paying customer while callinging us “conspiracy theorists”. all the while acting as if giving us this “sesame street fighter” is somehow gonna make it all worth it. What a joke. I cant wait for the real “next gen” and it wont include sony.

  • any plans on making an area , perhaps on the forums , to show photos of creations and screenshots made within modnation ?

  • ^^^^^^

    *hands PirateHarlock a tissue*

    Dry those tears it hurts me to see you cry. Haha

  • I think the PS3’s almost impervious nature to piracy is one thing that is often over looked. In a sense making it so complicated that its just not worth the time and effort to crack. Plus with all this great online content most games will not even be worth playing.

    Also I just played the MNR demo and wow, I am getting that game. Its so much fun with a group of people (people being college students). We were playing Mario Kart 64 and I suggested we try this new Kart Racing game and once we started we could not stop for like 3 hours. Just on the demo there were some crazy epic moments. LVL3 missiles is sick!

  • Wondering why there is absolutely no feedback on the ideas posted in the Share section? I’m starting to suspect this was just a way to get the complaints off the main blog because it was embarrassing Sony. How about a progress report on some of the ideas posted that are being looked at?

  • I cant wait to get my hands on Modnation. I have a big exam coming on June 2. If things go bad for me, I am blaming you guys!

  • @ Jeff “How about all of the above?”

    That works too :)

  • Jeff, can you please confirm me this?

    Sony’s E3 won’t be a mix of sequelitis and Move? Although I’m happy with the recent announcements of Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2, as well as the recent rumors thanks to a domain registration of inFAMOUS 2, I don’t want the whole show to be based around sequels and PlayStation Move. I’d like to see some new things – like RPGs or something.

  • Bad Company 2 Avatars? Please???

  • pleaseee get kevin butler to speak at sonys e3 conference!!!

  • If you guys already releasing info of killzone 3 and LPB2 .. I can’t wait to see what E3 has to offer! Super excited !

    Guys on the “bonus round” smoking crack.

  • Hey Jeff,
    just wondering if we’ll see Final Fantasy XIV (again) and possibly Final Fantasy Versus XIII in SCE’s conference this year. Would love to hear more from Square-Enix on the blog, too!

  • Hay Jeff
    Can we get a E3 countdown clock for SONY Press conference?

  • I’m still wondering why GT5 isn’t in here?

  • when will we learn which 3 people won the E3 video contest?

  • I’m wondering how you stumble a personal blog like for a MNR review.

  • Jeff what is the name of your track, and what is the PSN ID associated with it, I should know your ID, but I don’t sorry man! But I will try it for sure, if you post it!!

  • Hey Jeff.. Is Kevin Butler gonna be at the meetup helping us kill time while we get into this “secret” place… that’d be awesomee!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to the blog i got to see The Sony Press Conference and E3…. I WILL be there this year too :D

  • get kevin butler in the presentation! it would steal the show!!!

  • LOL what no talk about Killzone3. HAHA Lets just say this E3 should be a killzooo…. I mean a killer one. =D BIG SMILE

  • E3’s always an awsome time one of my favorite times of the year.
    I really hope we see a big update via the PSN! its long overdue with new features and a very slightly tweaked look!

    I pray that the new update we usually get around this time is somthing big and we dont have to wait till Sept again….


  • @kenshin71 I couldn’t agree more, all the ideas I came up with were deleted,even when I login they aren’t there for review or anything just GONE.A machine with the capability to cure diseases thru protien folding can’t print to my wireless printer???@Kaze Eternal it really sucks that just because FEATURES WE PAID FOR aren’t used by a majority of customers they remove them to save money;not piracy. My ps3 and xbox360 are all original too and I have bought all my games;but most are 360 now due to not able to play new titles with 3.15. Maybe a flock of Penguins will protest at E3 :).

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