Coming Tuesday to PSN: Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP

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Greetings PlayStation fans and pinball lovers of all ages! I am an assistant producer and designer for the (very) soon-to-be-released Pinball Heroes Bundle 2. This is a set of four all-new pinball tables available this Tuesday, May 25th exclusively from the PlayStation Store for your PSP.

Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP

So what are the new tables?

Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP: ModNation Racers table

ModNation Racers

This table features three ramps, each of which is reversible and represents different moves available in the brand new PS3 and PSP kart racing champion. Try to combo the moves/ramps into each other to build up a huge Boost Combo. Hit each ramp direction at least once to activate the four-ball multiball! Just be wary of your opponents and the rotating platform in the upper part of the playfield. You can also alter your table’s appearance as well as your Mod and Kart!

Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP: Fat Princess table

Fat Princess

You’ve got their princess, and they’ve got yours. Prove yourself to be a true and brave Pinball Hero by rescuing your Red Princess! You’ll have to chop wood and mine ore to collect the resources you need to build or upgrade your Hat Machines, a Bridge or even a Catapult. Bash down the enemy’s doors to enter their castle and save your fair lady! But be sure to be accurate; missed shots will advance the blue fiends towards your castle where they will steal your prisoner.

Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP: Wipeout table

WipEout HD Fury

In this exciting and fast-paced table, players will advance along one of six different tracks by shooting the flashing arrows. However, opposing racers are also involved and they need to be dealt with by acquiring various powerups. After 3 laps, hit the Checkered Flag ball lock to complete the race and receive bonus points for finishing in first, second, or third. Finish all six races and you’ll enter the Time Trial jackpot mode! Spell out F-U-R-Y and you can add a ball to your game, for up to four-ball multiball!

Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP: Motorstorm table


This table features the eight race courses in the original MotorStorm, represented as branching ramps. Shoot the ball into the appropriate ramp and use the flippers to operate the track switches. Make sure that the ball follows the correct path to complete a race. Once you complete all of the tracks, then the Apocalypse Race Ticket is activated! Hitting the drop targets on the right and left will increase your Vehicle multiplier to really “ramp up” your score (see what I did there?). Finally, there is the Boost orbit. Hitting this will increase your boost multiplier, but if it gets too high it will explode unless you can cool it down in time.

If you haven’t played Pinball Heroes before, then there are some things that you should know about it. We’ve focused on making a fun, portable game experience. Something that you can just pick up and play if you want, but that also has more depth for anyone interested in going deeper. We’ve made the table nudge/tilt feature very forgiving to give players more control over the ball and prevent some frustration. Additionally, every table can be played in either horizontal or vertical mode. Pinball Heroes also features its own in-game goals and awards, as well as online leaderboards so that you can compare your scores to the rest of the world! For more info, head here to find out more.

Way back in November of ‘09 my partner in crime, Jason Coker, detailed our initial four tables. You DO NOT have to own any of the previous Pinball Heroes tables to purchase and enjoy the new bundle. If you have any previous tables, the new bundle will fit right into your existing game. If you don’t have any of our earlier pinball tables (what are you waitin’ for?) then this bundle will still be playable. You can buy Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 and then add additional Pinball Heroes tables if you like. The order in which you choose to purchase the tables is all up to you! Feel that rush of consumer power!

Well folks, that’s a lot of reading. In closing, let me just say that you can get all four awesome, portable and fun tables for just $9.99!! Check the PlayStation Store on May 25th, and have fun!

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41 Author Replies

  • How about a Killzone table? :D

  • Just bought the new tables and I must say…I’m really enjoying them!! I’ve only played the MotorStorm and WipEout tables so far and I must say that the MotorStorm table is AWESOME! Easily my favorite table so far out of the 6 tables I’ve played. Took a few minutes to understand the WipEout table…and I’m actually still confused with it a little. But I’m sure I’ll catch on.

    You guys have done a remarkable job on these tables and I look forward to playing the Fat Princess and ModNation Racers tables too here in a minute! Can’t wait to see what other tables you guys can come up with.

    Keep up the good work! Tons of fun!

  • Ummm…there seems to be a problem with the trophy shelves on the 4 new tables. It shows the trophy names as “Trophy Text 0”, “Trophy Text 1”, etc. down the list and it also doesn’t let you scroll down. The pinball selector icon stays at the top. The completion percentages go “00%”, “01%”, etc. down the list and when you press X to show the details, it just says “Complete every single objective on the Pain pinball table including all of the bouncers, targets, dropdowns, and lights”.

    I did however get to play the Fat Princess and ModNation tables! The Fat Princess one is another instant favorite. Definitely a GREAT follow up bundle to the original 4 tables. I think my top 3 favorite tables are now…

    1) MotorStorm
    2) Fat Princess
    3) Uncharted

    Awesome work again you guys. Didn’t realize pinball was this fun until I decided to check out your game. Having them based of PS games just makes YOUR game that much better. Excellent job.

  • I would also like to know why there are no in game trophies for the new tables. They added an extra level of challenge I really enjoyed and it bothers me that it was seemingly forgotten about.

  • @ BlackCyan – I don’t think the trophies were forgotten. I think it’s just an error that’s happening for some reason, because it specifically says in the instructions for one of the new tables (I forget which table) to check out the trophy shelf to see other objectives to achieve.

    So they are definitely THERE…they just need to fix it so we can actually see and GET them.

  • Hello Everyone, this is Josh Hart again. For anyone still reading this blog, my team and I are aware that some of our fans are experiencing some issues with the Trophy Shelf in Bundle 2. Please know that we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We will post more information about this as it becomes available. We are truly sorry that this issue has come up but we are committed to finding and providing a resolution. Please stay posted to the PlayStation Blog. Thank you and once again, we are truly sorry for this inconvenience. I hope that you are enjoying your 4 new Pinball Heroes tables!

  • Josh, great to hear that you’re working on these issues. Aside from that, I have to say that the new tables are very nicely designed!

  • I picked up the bundle (there’s no way I wasn’t going to, since I love the first ones), and I’m loving them, but I’ve noticed a couple of things:
    1)The trophy lists for all the new tables just say “Trophy Text 0″,”Trophy Text 1”, etc.
    2)I don’t see any “world” scores listed for the new tables at all, no matter how many times I download the latest leaderboards

    Is anyone else having these same issues?

  • Hello again to anyone still reading this blog’s replies!

    I am very happy to announce that the Online Leaderoards should be working properly again. We have also released a patch to restore the Trophy Shelf to proper working order!

    To install the patch, please do the following:
    1 – Select Pinball Heroes in your PSP and press the Triangle button for “Options.”
    2 – Select “Update” from the “Options” Menu.

    Your PSP should connect to the network and find the patch. Then, simply download and install it.

    Finally, good luck and have fun getting all of the in-game awards to fill out your Trophy Shelf!

  • It’s much appreciated! :)

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