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Greetings fellow Sackboys! With the announcement of LittleBigPlanet 2 last week, we know you have a ton of questions for us. Add to that, all the new PLAY elements, CREATE tools and SHARE evolutions we want to tell you about. So, we thought we’d answer a lot of the repeating questions we’ve seen on all the web comments out there. In weeks to come, expect more and more detailed tid-bits, new LBP2 news, special announcements and other good stuff from our team…


Backwards Compatibility

Are the LittleBigPlanet DLC costumes going to be compatible with LBP2?

Yes, any LBP1 costumes purchased on the PlayStation Store will be compatible with LittleBigPlanet 2 – We can’t wait to see you what you guys do with the various costumes combined with the new cinematic tools!

I hope this is on a FAQ – are the first LBP and GOTY edition levels going to be included with LBP2?

The wonderfully fun LBP1 story levels will remain unique to its Blu-ray disc, but you’ll see familiar elements/tools/items as part of the foundation for LittleBigPlanet 2. And while the community levels will be unique to the GOTY edition – hopefully if you guys vote for us again, you’ll see something similar in the future…

Will any of the new costume DLC that will be released after LBP2 is released be compatable with the first game?

LittleBigPlanet 2 has been redesigned with a completely new graphics engine, so costumes and upcoming DLC designed for LittleBigPlanet 2 will not be compatible for LBP1 players.

Will all the costumes/stickers/decoration/DLC we collected in LBP1 be usable in LBP2?

We’re working hard to ensure that everything you’ve collected from LittleBigPlanet can be used in the new game. Certainly anything you’ve picked up from the PSN Store will be fully present and correct in LittleBigPlanet 2, the only time something might not quite work perfectly is if it has been created by another player using a ‘glitched’ object of some kind. Even then we’re optimistic that all of the existing content you’ve collected will continue to work.


    Any idea when we’ll be getting that Sephiroth skin?

    Nothing confirmed yet, but don’t worry we still have this in our plans…

    Whatever happened to the Marvel Comics themed costume pack that was supposed to come out a year or so ago? I REALLY wanted a Wolverine Sackboy and it’s quite disheartening that something so cool was announced and shown and then never mentioned again.

    We announced the partnership at Comic-Con last year (but no release date). It takes a bit of production time to get everything lined up, but hopefully you’ll hear some announcements soon.

    Will LBP2 include from launch day all the DLC of LBP1? Including costumes level packs and all that good stuff?

    Because of the backwards compatibility for LBP1 DLC, all the costumes on the PlayStation Store will still be available for purchase. Expect to see a ton more content in the next few months, including the eventual LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC.

Future Tech

Will it be in 720p or 1080p?

LittleBigPlanet 2 is getting a completely new graphical overhaul, so stay tuned for a future LittleBigPlanet 2 post, where we’ll cover off on more specifics like this.

    PLAY elements

    Sackboy, no matter what costumes he wears still looks like Sackboy in LBP1, seeing the new costumes in LBP2 has this idea been lost?

    Some of the new costumes we’ve shown for LittleBigPlanet 2 are certainly unconventional, but then Sackboy has an eclectic wardrobe taste. At the end of the day however, he’s still Sackboy and we’ll be sticking close to making him look that way no matter what the costume.

    Will Stephen Fry be narrating it again?

    Yes, your (and our) favorite narrator will be back for LittleBigPlanet 2.

    Will this game have the 50 levels single player like the first game or is this just a big create kit?

    LittleBigPlanet 2 is a whole new game, so just like the original you get a full storyline for Sackboy to play thru. Add to that the endless possibilities of the evolved Create and Share modes, where you’ll see completely different gameplay experiences in the community levels.

CREATE tools

Can I electrify/set things on fire using switches and logic? What has happened to emitters in LBP2? Are they much easier to use? Has dissolve material changed? How many layers will there be and what different types?

Expect some lots more details about CREATE mode at this year’s E3.

I heard of custom Voice Acting. Confirm or Deny.



    Does Sackbot have to look like a robot or can I change his form to any creature?

    Nope, Sackbots are totally customizable, from their reactions to their clothing/skins.

    Just to double check, we’ll be able to have evil Sackboys as bad guys?

    There’s no such thing as an evil Sackboy – just some mischievious ones…Sackbots, on the other hand, can have a mind of their own.

    Can you program Sackbots to activate swithces? *Example* giving them jobs on a pirate ship.

    Stay tuned, we have a specific “Sackbots” feature planned in an upcoming LittleBigPlanet 2 post – we just hope you provide your Pirate Sackbots the proper minimum wages :)


I just saw the LBP2 box art pop up on Twitter…Why didn’t you guys post it here?

Glad you noticed, but don’t get too attached to that piece of art – It’s something we put together from the artwork created for an exclusive EDGE Magazine cover article. And while we love it, its definitely NOT final box art.

Are you guys going to be at E3? I hope so, every gamer in the world needs to see LBP2!

Of course we’ll be at E3, the bigger question is…will you?

Will there be a Sackboy costume contest again?

I sure hope so, we had so many great entries last time. And now that we have more fans and more people familiar with what can be done, we can’t imagine how creative you guys can get. Stay tuned.

Will there be any pre-order goodies?

Yup. Expect announcements later down the line. We have to make sure all the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed.

What is the name of the song on the video. I can’t get it out of my mind!

The song “Sleepyhead” is from the group Passion Pit. And we’re glad you all like it!

Hopefully this will answer a lot of questions out there, if not, feel free to ask and we’ll start up another FAQ session…

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  • can’t wait for LBP2! awesome!

    • Hey guys.

      Sorry I wasn’t able to jump in and respond to any commants today. I was out traveling to our advertising agency to make sure we have some great TV spots for you to enjoy in the future.

      I’ll jump in today and over the weekend to respond to a few juicy questions. If not, I’ll be sure to log them for our next FAQ.



  • Fantastic news for those of us who own every single DLC item for LBP 1. Great job Mm….we love your games!

    In about 5 days I will be tearing up the course in ModNation, hopefully it can help keep me busy until November.

  • also .. disney costumes (eg princesses dresses) I believe they were promised to us as well. I got three girls here hoping that they will still come. so can you tell us about those?


  • Wow! A FAQ that actually answered some questions! Usually, those consist of bunch of marketing talk and nothing else, but that is a real honest-to-god FAQ! Thanks guys! LBP2 sounds like fun!

  • What ever happened to the Final Fantasy stuff for LBP?

  • “Any idea when we’ll be getting that Sephiroth skin?”

    Whoops I skimmed over that

    Carry on :)

  • Sounds great! I can’t wait to play more Media Molecule levels.

  • Thanks for answering some of the FAQs. I have been wondering about the Marvel costume set my self. I really want a official spider-man sackboy.

    Are you guys and gals at MM afraid that this sets the bar so high it will be hard to top when it comes time to think up ideas for LBP3

    • Funny I just said something similar a few days ago. “and I thought we raised the bar too high the first time around”

  • Hmm, nothing new here. Really, we have to wait for E3 to learn anything new, this FAQ is good for people who don’t go on LBP forums or dissected the trailer.

    • Yeah, most of you guys are already in the know, but we want to make sure the word gets out. And am sure your guys’ word of mouth was a big reason LBP has gotten to where it is today. Thanks for that.

  • Hey, I’d go to E3, if I could somehow get tickets.

    Anyways, nice job with the FAQ! It answered a lot of a questions I had.

  • Sorry for double post but..

    Is the date of release 23rd of November valid?

    • I’m sure we’ll have something more concrete over the next few months. For now were targeting Winter 2010. Expect more news like pre-order stuff and other details soon too.

  • Do want!

  • They actually answered the Sephiroth question; that’s amazing. Although we are still not close to getting it, it seems.

    Question: is it still 4 players max? and does it support splitscreen, or does all players have to be on the same screen like the first one (killing most racing games)?

  • LBP2 just wouldnt feel right without the voice of Stephen Fry!!!

    Well that certainly helped clear a few of the basic stuff people were asking. I cant wait to hear more about the Sackbots… the ways to use them seems almost endless!!!

    ALSO… I can be at E3 if you can help me get in, ill figure out how to get there if i have the E3 passes to get in to the entire event or just the Sony Press Conferance. :)

  • LBP2 has water ?
    or does it need the water DLC from LBP1 ?

  • God, I almost forgot about the Sephiroth costume. Anyways, I do hope you guys are giving a release date soon :)

  • so if i have the goty edition of lbp i cant use the mgs stuff in lbp 2? will i have to buy it from the ps store? i hope not

  • I presume LBP2 will come with water and the paintball gun?

  • can’t wait!

  • YES! I love Stephen Fry, I’m glad he’s back!

    A lot of great info here, thanks guys! I still can’t wait to hear more though.

  • Will the DLC included on LBP:GOTY such as the Metal Gear Solid Pack or the Monster Pack transfer over to LBP2?

  • well can’t wait till E3, I hope Sony pull out the big guns this year.

  • I have a question. Is there any incentive for me to keep LBP1 for when LBP2 comes around instead of selling it?

    • I’d say the story levels would be the main reason. Lots of great levels there that I keep coming back too (mainly the mini games/ challenges)

  • What about the Ice Hazard(Not glass) shown in one of the videos for the first LittleBigPlanet, will that ever see the daylight for the new game?

  • My biggest question is simple – who owns my levels?

    With the makers of LBP2 touting that the engine is so powerful that people will be creating brand new games and genres with it, what happens when someone (and believe me they will) creates a game or level so cool and popular that it actually drives sales of the game? What if people create something so great they want to sell it?

    At what point will they be forced to create a profit sharing model?

    Remember the Doom WADs? How many games are available for sale using the Unreal engine? If this new toolkit is so impressive, might we see games for sale using the LBP engine?

  • Sweeeet you answered my question about sackbots :) I love how they will be fully customizable. That means if I make a level I can choose what the character for that level will look like, awesome :)

    Also you answered my questions about create mode :) “Expect some lots more details about CREATE mode at this year’s E3.” DOhhhhhhhhhh :( :( :( But I think this is hinting that there are big changes afoot with the things I mentioned… :D :D

  • I’m glad they still remember the sephiroth costume :), I wonder if top down gameplay is limited only to vehicles and rats :p

  • Is there going to be a GOTY eddition. becouse if there is I’ll wait;)

  • Question: Will hooking up switches across long distances take forever still? I know that while you grab a switch and try to ‘pair’ it up to another, the speed of the cursor doesn’t go faster.

    • Lol…you better put a pillow under your chin, because your jaw is gonna drop to the floor when E3 comes around. Mine did.

  • This will be awesome… Another GOTY

  • Hey, could you think of having some Star Wars costumes to download in LBP 2? would really love having some! Maybe think of making a Star Wars level kit? can’t wait 4 it, looks awesome :P

  • I really hope your appearance at E3 includes making the summary of Sony’s results for last year in level form again – that was a genius idea when you announced the first game at E3 and really showed off how versatile the game was, so it would be good to see how creative you can be doing it in LBP2 – especially since it supports cut-scenes and fancier effects etc now…

  • Thank you for answering me question! I feel famous – even if it’s just in a small way!

  • Will LBP2 support voice chat while playing online?

  • It would be a huge disappointment if all the costumes, stickers and decorations we’ve collected in LBP1 are not usable in LBP2. Please do your best to ensure that this happen Mm. Thanks

    PS. I was really disappointed with LBP PSP; I thought you guys said that there would be a bonus for us PS3 LBP owners and I got nothing when I connected the game to the PS3. =T

    Hope LBP2 will turn out better :)

  • I can’t wait this is gonna be great!

  • can’t wait

  • SP storyline better not be shorter than the first… If anything better be longer…

  • Does a Sackbot have the same weight as a Sackboy? I ask because many of us built Thrill Rides in LBP and it would make it LOADS easier if we could have some sackbots test ride our creations so we know how they’ll behave under the weight and stress of 2, 3 and 4 riders ;-)


    i’d really like to see independent screens for online multiplay. it just got really annoying when playing with someone you dont know and they run off while your either waiting for a friend to load or if you were changing costumes. and maybe a splitscreen for if you have friends over and play on the same screen.

    anything on this would be great. thanks :)

    oh, and will we need to have a move controller for this?
    i know theres plans to involve it but if you put a move piece in your level
    do you HAVE to use the move to activate it or will i still be able to continue through the level with my normal ps3 controller?

  • is paintinator and water going to be on the LBP2 disc from the start? I understand not having the MGS or PotC levels, but the features themselves should be there from day 1. I dont think people will like the fact that they have to buy 2 years old content for those features.(also having those in disk will help the creative community anyways)

    also, I understand why MM cant change sackboy jump physics since it would make a lot of the old levels unplayable, but please have them fixed for at least the single player, theres a lot of family members that couldnt get into LBP because of sackboys weird jumping(nothing but frustration). I know about the feature to change them yourself but I doutb a 6 year old will understand that, so have a menu option to make sackboy’s jump un-floaty, infact make it the default or at least have the option as a question on the tutorial level.

  • To people asking about it, it sounds like they are saying that everything you already own SHOULD work if you get LBP2. It won’t come with the stuff, but if you have it from the original, GOTY, store, whatever, it should work.

    I’m hoping for some Toy Story costumes for my little Toy Story fanatic. :) He’d loooooooooooove to be able to dress as Zurg.

  • You said repeatedly that the DLC costumes would be compatible, but said nothing about the DLC levels.
    Will my MGS and POTC levels be compatible?

    And will I have to download them again or will the new game recognize it on my HD?

  • Sleepy Head!
    Sleeeek =P
    Btw, i can’t go to E3 X(
    But nvm, i’ll watch it live on GameSpot =P
    Sony’s, Nintendo’s, Microsoft’s E3, and hopefully all the dev’s conferences too =D

  • Sounds great!

  • What about the dlc from the GOTY edition like MGS, Monster, History etc. will we be able to move all of the dlc from that to LBP2 or will we have to by them all over again?

  • Can I take my own music into the Game?

  • Square Enix has decided that since LBP no longer stands a chance at going multiplatform, they will no longer be supporting it with their IP licenses.

    Stay tuned for Sephiroth making an appearance in Guitar Hero 6 though.

  • So glad Mm are going to make this as backwards compatible as possible. I’ve never been more confident that a game is going to be amazing, than with this. This is probably my most anticipated EVENT of the year, let along game.

  • Thanks MM. you’re awesome

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