GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! Top Gun is Coming to PSN

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I gotta do something here, I still can’t believe it. I gotta give you your dream shot! I’m gonna send you up against the best. You two characters are going to Top Gun.

That’s right… Maverick, Goose, Iceman and Viper will take to the sky again in Top Gun, exclusively for PlayStation Network this summer. doublesix is the developer, and Paramount Digital Entertainment will publish the game.


With the help of Jack Epps, Jr. the screenwriter from the “Top Gun” film, we built a game that allows players to relive and go beyond the original film. The film itself uses only a few environments and shows very little actual air combat. So, with Jack’s help, we created fresh action at flight school and added more combat against the Soviets over the Indian Ocean.

Top Gun is a free-flying air combat shooter where, as Maverick, players will blast enemies out of the sky in dogfight battles, obliterate ground- and air-based targets and show off their extreme flying prowess. Campaign mode features three parts: Prologue, where you will be introduced to your Soviet enemy, Flight School, where you will compete against Iceman, Merlin, etc. for Top Gun honors, and active combat over the Indian Ocean. There will also be a single-player Horde Mode and five online multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Top Gun (choose your wingman and compete against enemy pairs), Bombing Run (defend and attack mobile bases) and Capture the Flag.

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Yes, you can request a flyby.

Yes, the day you can grow a moustache like Goose is the day you are officially a man.

Yes, the development team may have reenacted the volleyball scene many times for creative inspiration. No, you cannot join us.

Any questions?


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  • Permission to buzz the tower, sir?

  • Wow. The graphics looks positively pre-PS2 era. But I like flying games, so who knows?

  • The crucial question: karaoke minigame to “We Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”?

  • I better not have to land any planes!

  • Sweet! Will it be as impossible to land in this version as in the NES classic? Please say yes!

  • arnoldmcguire335

    This is awesome, like it came out of a Macross game. (Minus the transformations, of course) and at par w/ Ace Combat.

  • looks cool…hopefully it offers more depth than ‘Afterburner Climax’…. “Slider…you stink.”


  • Congrats on the 640×480 resolution!

  • I’ve still got this on the ol Gamecube lol :3

  • Oh, I must certainly feel the need…

  • Will Goose get his goose cooked like in the film?

    Can I see Meg Ryan when she was actually attractive in the game as well?

    Can I proceed to go below the flight-deck in training, get chewed out by it, then have some fun with Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood ?

    Can I control Maverick as I chase Charlie on my motorcycle through town to arrive at her house?

    Beach volleyball minigame please?

    Six-axis implementation of trying to stay afloat as Mav holds Goose’s lifeless body in the ocean after I was too much of a wuss to reach back and activate the seat ejection during a flat spin?

    THANKS! Looking forward to this (even if all of that isn’t in the game).

  • I think its pretty cool to have multiplayer air combat.
    “…hopefully it offers more depth than ‘Afterburner Climax’…. ”

    Same here.

    lookin forward if the price is good, like $10.

  • You forgot to mention that this is a PSP game, right?

  • still loving the movie, hopefully this will be something useful…

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    I was going to write something amusing, but then I saw that Depward (@12) had written such a great reply that it wasn’t even worth trying.

    @Depward – You can be my wingman any time!

    @OMGmyFACE – The need FOR SPEED – ow!

  • ” I have the need: THE NEED for SPEED!”

    AWESOME!!! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Really excited for this game

    coupe of questions

    1. Any more detail on single-player and multiplayer?

    2.) is this a PSP mini, PS3 downloadable game, PSP game, are there seperate versions?

    3.)What is the estimated price or hard disk space?

    4.) Are there different aircraft?

    • 1) More details to come…
      2) PS3 downloadable only planned at this time
      3) Price TBD
      4) Yes, you will be able to choose from six different birds

  • Finally , now when can I buy it?

  • Are we getting the original soundtrack to this too?

  • Pretty sure this is a psp game by the looks of it

  • Do we also get to seduce Kelly McGillis? ;)

  • I wish someone would hurry up and make a HD version of Decent! The sense of speed while flying around those corridors was truely amazing in its day. Hence why these open air alternatives just don’t give me the same adrenaline spike.

  • How about a PSN version of Doom II (or just Doom parhaps…)

    As far as this game is concerned….what is you kidding me? Who’s gonna buy this?

  • LOL @ some of these responses. Truly hilarious.

  • That’s a negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full.

  • Meh, I loved the movie. Arcade games, not so much.

  • oh and two last questions

    Are you making it so we can listen to the original soundtrack as we play? that would be pretty bad**s!

    2.) If we’re landing planes in this one, uh…..we’ll be able to land right? lol.

    thank you. ill be looking forward to this game.

  • Does it have a cockpit view? Is it a flight sim? It does not seem to say ‘arcade’ anywhere, so I’m confused.

    • It’s actually a really cool combo of the two. It’s not “on rails”, either, but an open environment.

  • Does this use the Warhawk engine?

  • Soundtrack better include the Danger Zone. A fighter plane isn’t a plane without Kenny Loggins. Also, if these guys worked on the NES version, smack them for me. Years of my life were lost just trying to land on that god-forsaken aircraft carrier.

  • as long as they let us have the soundtrack!!! lol

  • Will this game have an in cockpit view?

  • Hi,

    No landing you will be glad to know.

    And music, get your Air Guitars ready! :-)


  • Well, will danger zone be the credits music? :P

  • Will there be a in cockpit view?

  • Loved the PS1 Top Gun game, will this version include those same campy live action cutscenes? Those were great.


  • oups i just failed… its highway to the danger zone HAHA

  • “You’ve lost, that loving feeling, you’ve lost that loving feeling, you’ve lost that loving feeling now it’s gone gone gone ouooooo” Ahem, count me in, SOLD!!! 8P 8)

  • Will there be an in-cockpit mode?

    Also, no landing on carriers? That was the best part of the game…

    Anyone every play Turn and Burn: No Fly Zone? The new “Top Gun” totally brings back memories of that game.

  • VincentVendetta

    doublesix… aren’t they the developers of Burn Zombie Burn! That’s just sad.

  • Call the ball! Is there a “keeping up foreign relations” mode? All Top Gun fans should also be participating in Top Gun Day (

  • I remember the last Top Gun game i played, it was the PS2 Version and it sucks balls. So this better be a good game.

  • Might just do this one. It looks like Afterburner climax a bit, though. Loved that game; for what it was anyways.

  • Oh, and I beat both Top Guns for the nes when growing up as a lad. Did I like either one? No. But the concept is what sold Nes movie tie in games them days. It was the thought you were playing a licensed game from the movie. Hell, most of the time the games had little to nothing at all to do with the movies aside from the names and the box art. Sad, really.

  • Please, for the love of god… include refueling and carrier landing sequence minigames.

  • sweet, I remember dropping a lot of quarters on this

  • is this the same game as the PS2 game? , this is probably looking like the first PS2 game to be released on PSN

  • How much will this game cost on PSN? And will it have a single player campaign?

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