This Week in PlayStation Home: Red Dead Redemption Reward Unlocks, Mall Updates

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Attn: Gunslingers, desperados, mercenaries, buckaroos, and assorted other colorful characters that make up the landscape of Rockstar’s new tour de force Red Dead Redemption! As you make your way through the game’s dusty terrain, pumping lead into lawmen, lawless men, and even a few not-so-cuddly members of the wildlife community, while grabbing Trophies left and right, keep your eye out for a few mile marker accomplishments that will grant you the kind of highly sought-after PlayStation Home rewards that will make you the envy of your entire posse. To give you leg up this week, here are the instructions to unlock two of the many PlayStation Home rewards that can be found in the killing fields of Red Dead Redemption: Complete the Rockstar Games Social Club “Skin it to Win It Challenge”, and unlock the “Gentlemen’s Attire” and “Lady’s Finest” virtual items.

Red Dead Redemption for PS3

In other news, the PlayStation Home Mall will be updated this week with new items for your avatars and personal spaces, including additional Red Dead Redemption items (such as the John Marston outfit), new Irem cowboy and cowgirl items (are you sensing a loose theme to this week yet?), LucasArts items (including Mola Ram items from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom — how sweet is that?!), and even this Minotaur head, for all of you that are participating in the ongoing Top Avatar competition, which is focusing on the Fantasy genre this week (details can be found here).

Minotaur Head for PlayStation Home on PS3

See you in Home!

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  • When will we see the Bioshock apartment? :P

  • XxadrammelechXx

    so any word Locust on the playground space and is irem getting more than just the cowboy suits? and will sodium be getting an update aswell. good job home team. and one more theng ,about this global arena space any word on this thank you very much ~Buzz

    • Playground will be here before too long, but we do not announce dates for content until it has been through the QA process.

      As far as Irem content goes, the cowboy items are the only new Irem items publishing this week. However, some of the rewards in the Seaside of Memories that were previously not working for some users have been addressed, so be sure to visit that space tomorrow and earn those items!

  • Any word on the other Irem items like the Bunny & Enamel outfits?

  • Havent we had the cowboy/cowgirl outfits?? Really, we couldnt have gotten a John Marston outfit for PLATINUMING the game? Why you always gotta be so cheap. Maybe give us something for GTA4, paid, or trophy related would be even better. Yeah…this update is HORRIBLY lacking. Congrats.

    • The Irem items are all new to SCEA.

      There are many items that will unlock from RDR that we are not commenting on at this time because we don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone.

  • gee thanks sony, that’s pretty lame!

  • XxadrammelechXx

    nice titusF i was wondering that also

  • another weak content update for Home we need more, last week was good with the LBP spaces but as far as mall items go…nope. seems the same for this week, lack of mall items

  • Bioshock apartment?????? sweet and Red Dead Redemption is in home alot sooner than i thought >.>


  • LucasArts update does that include the starwars item’s and outfit’s the EU server had gotten and are getting?

  • Wow, Locust_Star, that was QUITE a long wait for… nothing but some ‘buy-me’ items??? REALLY?????? So wait, the Playground, the Midway, AND the Steampunk spaces weren’t added??? One would be hard-pressed, after watching Qore episode 24 and hearing Jack Buser flaunting his FAVORITE public space (the Midway) and speaking of it as though it was live for weeks, to believe that the blog update was so delayed by an ADVERTISEMENT for some silly crap being sold in the Mall… Frankly, and I believe many will agree, this is entirely disappointing…

    • The fantastic new game Red Dead Redemption has tons of Home unlockable rewards. Rewards = FREE!

      My first discovery was for shooting the hat off another character, then a hidden chest in the plains…

  • Locust_Star, any word on when we will be getting the Carnival space Jack Buser mentions in QOre Episode 24?

    • Please see my above comment. We do not announce dates until content has been through the QA process.

  • XxadrammelechXx

    very true stardeth but on a lighter note i hear talk of home V1.36 anythig on that also??? thankss ~Buzz

  • Wonder why Red Dead Redemption is in sub HD on the Ps3 but HD on the other system? Wasn’t the Ps3 supposed to be the “true” HD console? Strange. It’s also strange why it looks rubbish on my Bravia too. Crazy how Sony allows these companies to tae advantage of their user base.

  • Ugh… Bunny & Enamel outfits?

  • No God of War again? I guess I’ve spent the last of my time on Home. Horrible horrible updates.

  • Are those black dresses in Hong Kong and Japan ever coming to NA? This update is really lame.

  • I do not want to be negative and I am loving the GAMEPLAY of RDR, but why spend time putting in home integration rather than making the game look as good as it should be. I spent $60 of money on it (the same price as the other guys) and I get something inferior.

  • KarateChampChad

    Locust, this is a question to your reply about the RDR rewards, the ones you don’t want to comment on to to plot spoilers. Since telling us would spoil the story then I take it that the rewards can be earned by playing through the story mode?

  • That first pic looks awfully familiar…oh right, it’s in the PS3 theme I made:


  • King0fHearts2007

    These updates always seem like more of the same. By the same I’m talking about stuff Sony wants you to buy at the Home Mall (clothes or private spaces).

    When are we going to get something new? Where is The Hall of Fame, TV and MP3 player?

  • Also, ‘Skin it to Win It Challenge’ isn’t on the Social Challenge list:

  • artform-fazeone

    Thanks for the information… See you all in Home… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • KarateChampChad

    Awesome Locust, thank you :)

  • “Why you always gotta be so cheap. Maybe give us something for GTA4, paid, or trophy related would be even better. Yeah…this update is HORRIBLY lacking. Congrats.”

    Man. You internet dudes are real B–tholes sometimes. My goodness. Calm down. I wouldn’t even have dignified that post with a response.

  • I wonder how Sony feels about them posting a RDR pic from another console on their website? That pic is clearly from the superior PC or Xbox version. Clearly.

  • First off thank you everyone who works on Home.

    @ Locust_Star
    I have lots of games (and demos) saved on my harddrive and I like the idea of game launching from within Home. Currently though a person in my situation (lots of games on the harddrive) has to search through a long list of games to find the one that they want to launch. Is there anyway to have the games in the game launching list match the way that games are organized on the XMB. All my games are organized into folders and it would look much more effecient if the game launching list matched the way games are organized on the XMB.

    Thank you again Home team for all your hard work to bring something no other console does, Home.

    P.S. I tried using blog share to promote this idea but could not get it past the moderators so every week I will be on here asking this same question. So please pass it along, thanks Locust_Star.


  • locust, whatever became of the 3D Trophy collection?

  • @26 uhhh what makes you think its a screenshot ?

  • locust_Star, when will the ability to stream content in Home i.e.(movies, videos and music) be available to us?

  • Holy cow, I’m shocked that home has a QA process! You might want to get some better crew to test it since every single area, event, item, and anything else you produce immediately fails and breaks.

  • Hey locust_star what about Split/Second content, i know the game just cameout yesterday but anyword from disney or blackrock studio?

  • NO main female star wars outfits this week, i really like to see Princess Leia , Padmé outfits and a RED lightsiber soon.

    NO female twisted metal outfits this week, i like to see shadow aka raven and dollface outfits why NOT female TM but only for the males.

    NO Legend of Hero NARISOKONAI outfits from irem sad ;.;

    I do agree we should have God of Wars outfits and stuff, its a best of E3 top 5 why PS home we need top 5 games on PS home NOT top 10.

    Finally on Resident Evil 5 we should get ” wesker and Jill Valentine battle suit ” outfits for getting the platinum trophy it will so nice i’m praying it comes true.

  • A list of all rewards would be ideal, just add a spoilers note to it. Locust could you post something like that on the forums? “Red Dead Redemption Rewards SPOILERS” is a good title.

  • This update is not surprisingly lame as usual. Each week it gets worse and worse. We hardly ever get any free items and few rewards. You want people to spend spend spend.. money hungry %^$#^% lol then why not give the people what they want?????
    You guys have got everything ass backwards. We get no movie promotions over here.. why ??? i dont understand..
    ALL users should have access to all items.. And the exclusive
    store in the mall has got to be a joke… for weeks its been just a $15 suit which is RIDICULOUSLY PRICED and a half off picture frame.. LOL
    These hard economic times and you want people to spend $15 on a virtual item.. LOL WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE SMOKING.
    And adding the same items jus different color lol CHARGING US FOR DIFFERENT COLORS IS
    OUTRAGEOUS. We should be able to have that as a customization like most ‘games’ MONEY MONEY MONEY tho right???
    Greedy crachheads and this is why no one wants to get on your social network.

  • Oh I guess I’m no one lol I don’t mind buying things. That $15 suit does confuse me and I wouldnt buy it even if it was .99 just because I think its ugly. If you don’t like Home then just don’t go there or something. Go find a social gaming network where all the content is free and then tell me how awesome it is. You wont find one. People pay for a an experience like this on that 2nd life program too but its no where close to looking as sharp or vivid. Anyway.. I’m glad they fixed those Irem rewards YAY

  • I have lots of online games stored on my harddrive and I like the idea of game launching from within tshirt Home. Currently though a person in my situation has to search through a long list of games to find the one that they want to launch. Is there anyway to have the games in the game launching list match the way that games are organized on the credit basis. All my games are organized into folders and it would look much more effecient if the game launching list matched the way games are organized on times.

  • Well,its the 20th of May and it is my Bday!Really weird gang..I was telling my friend last night..”Now,if I could just get some RDR clothes in Home,My Bday would be perfect”…
    On my Bday?Wow.

    Right on L_S and all of you at PS Home..
    Thanks for making my Bday(A milestone in itself if you
    A grand day I will say in this month of May!! .
    Especially now thanks to you and the Posse that make up PS Home NA!

  • I have given up on ‘Rockstar’ :-/ They seem to treat PlayStation fans bad this gen[RDR not being as good as the Xbox 360 version, i have read on the internet] I won’t buy games off them no more.

  • i’ll be picking up RDR game today, looks fun, thanks Rockstar.

  • AWESOMEgamer875

    I might actually buy the stimulus package.

  • WHERE is the full Minotaur outfit? I can only find the head in threads II but not the body. Is this a joke?

  • To bad my boycott for R*/T2 started after the DLC issue with BS2. No more R* or T2 games for me.

    And then to give us a game that looks worse than the 360 version is complete BS. You know damn well our console can do better than the other, yet you make ours look worse. At least make games look the same on both.

  • is the rewards? for RDR? meaning u get outfits or stuff from RDR or does the rewards are for HOME? meaning the rewards gives u t-shirts etc..

  • I buying this game for xbox 360. Ps3-version only display loosy 640p while the xbox-version shows 720p. Ps3-version is probably infected with 3.30fw anyway.

  • so what day home update every thursday right ? and playstation store every tuesday right or whats going with home?

    um, any appllication for our persona space like music or something i want it know please owner reply me.

    personal space its boring without music, i want it upload my own music to my personal space any idea when is coming out the applliance for home?

  • club house:

    please guys if you read this is very important my voice count to, for those owner of club house in playstation home, please tell then to please turn the tv on so we can watch the last news @ home you know whats going whats happening in the world.

  • locust_Star, i got a couple ideas for home. they are as follows,
    1) Working tvs in ur apartment where you can watch movies from your hard drive, or use the tvs we already bought so they dont appear useless in our homes. i got a free hd tv from assisans creed lab game for vendetta, it would be nice to see something other then the animated triangle.
    2) Your own music playing in ur apartment from your hard drive.
    3) Home Jobs. You have sodium’s job at scoripans, but how about jobs at the mall or the bowling ally or the theater. and you pay like maybe 1.99 or so for the job and work there and what not and earn “home bucks” and certain clothing/furnature will be real money purchases and others can only be bought with the home bucks you make while working. Seeing how alot of ppl are upset at the increase in prices. it would be pretty cool if this was possible to do.

    I’ve asked my friends who also use home and they all say the same thing, “that would be awesome if home did that” And im sure more of your psn users would use home more. those are my thoughts i wanted to run by you. :) thank you.

  • Home ever going to get out of open beta? It’s annoying still seeing “open beta”

  • Disappointed again, I wanna see more features, that were promised for years. Until those are put out none of this matters. Return voice chat with option for friends only or to turn it off completely, home without being able to chat with a group in public places is beyond lame.

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