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Digital Comics 05_19_2010

Hi Everyone,

Here’s this week’s Digital Comics update. As you’ll notice, Icon delivered two solid comics to follow-up Kick Ass and Powers this week with the release of Criminal and Incognito.

Criminal explores a seedy dark world following an array of intriguing characters . It has it all: crooked cops, dames, pickpockets, con men, a smoke-filled bar and all the double-crossing you could want. Reminiscent of a Sin City backdrop, this crime-fiction is an incredible read.

Incognito reunites the acclaimed, Eisner-winning Criminal creative team of Brubaker and superstar artist Sean Phillips. In the comic, former villain Zack Overkill deals with being in the Witness Protection Program after giving testimony against The Black Death. It’s a great read, and as IGN put it “this twisted mash up of noir and super-heroics will leave your jaw on the floor!”

Check below for the full list of new arrivals for the week. We are still waiting for Locke & Key, but have heard this title will have something special, so it should be worth the wait. That’s all — for more info or to view our full catalog and pricing, head to

Here is the full list:

  • 2000AD Prog # 1680
  • Archie Marries Betty # 3
  • Atomic Robo Vol.3 # 2
  • Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth # 4
  • Criminal (2006) # 1
  • Criminal (2006) # 2
  • Criminal (2006) # 3
  • Criminal (2006) # 4
  • Criminal (2006) # 5
  • Criminal (2006) # 6
  • Donald Duckling and the Scoop of the Century #
  • Incognito (2008) # 1
  • Incognito (2008) # 2
  • Incognito (2008) # 3
  • Incognito (2008) # 4
  • Incognito (2008) # 5
  • Kong: King of Skull Island # 4
  • Ritual # 4
  • Serpent Wars # 3
  • Star Trek: Captain’s Log # 2
  • Star Trek: McCoy # 2
  • Superduck # 12
  • Toy Story 3 #
  • Transformers: Ironhide # 1
  • Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers # 3
  • We Will Bury You # 3
  • Weekly World News # 4
  • Witch & Wizard # 1
  • Wizards of Mickey # 7
  • Wolverine (2003) # 67
  • Wolverine (2003) # 68
  • Wolverine (2003) # 69
  • Wolverine (2003) # 70
  • Wolverine (2003) # 71
  • Wolverine (2003) # 72

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  • No Jonah Hex Motion 2nd part yet :(

  • opps.. motion comic*?

  • Please, more Vampire Hunter D and more manga like it.

    I would also like to see more 40+ pages comics or graphic novels and for the reader to become useable on PS3. Aside frome those two suggestions you REALLY, really need to update the reader with a “delete comic” tab.

    Other than these few request I would just like to say thank you for this seriously awsome App and to keep up the good work!

  • Seeing a post like this full of good comics just drives home the fact that this service is still not available to Canadians like me. The wait has been frustrating. We fellow North Americans are still barred from both PSN Comics and the PSN Video Store. For crying out loud, they’ve just launched the video store in Australia! We represent over 30 million potential users eager to spend money on these services. Please, don’t forget about us: Canadians want comics on their PSPs too.

  • Nice to have digital comics day be the same as paper comics day; nice touch :)

    • Cool, didn’t even notice. Kind of stoked to check out Ed Brubaker’s Incognito and Criminal, I loved Sleeper vol 1…

  • WaveLightning777

    …No Sonic this week? Why? :/

  • You need to get gantz ffs… Id spend money on that!!!!

  • Has this been asked before? Can we get Digital Comics for PS3 System?

  • Superstrokey1123

    Great, now if only this was in Canada…

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Motion Comics? DC? SCE IP Comics (Uncharted, infamous, ratchet, gow etc)?

  • artform-fazeone

    Senior Manager Grace Chen.. This is an excellent update.. Thank you, for the information… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • when will the ender’s game comics be available in the us?

  • i agree with 4; people from canuh-DUH want comics and a video store too!

  • Hi there,
    Where is the love for the Image Universe at with this Digital Comic Store?

  • He’s funny! He’s crazy! He’s got a movie coming up with Ryan Reynolds! Is there any way we may be able to get some books involving everyone’s favorite ‘Merc with a Mouth’? (Got enough Wolverine to choke a moose…)

    And why no love for Canada? Don’t they have the right to fill themselves with the meaningless drivel of our videos and comic books? Hell…might teach them that there is sometimes value in violence. Not that I’m advocating any sort of movement…nope…uh uh..

    Oh..and what that one guy said about that one thing…
    Graphic Novels available for purchase…
    That would be a pretty sweet move.

    Oh..and if you haven’t clicked on the link at #8 and voted (Preferably Yes) please do…it would be kinda awesome to be able to view these suckers on my big screen…wait…I have video cables for my PSP…but STILL it would be cool to have the App all the same.


    ***Rant Over***

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