Hustle Kings: Patch and Snooker Pack Coming Soon to PS3

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Hi Everyone! For all you Hustle Kings out there, we have two great bits of news for you.

Firstly, on May 19th a new patch will be made available which contains the following features and changes:

  • Improved Breaking! Instead of the rack being perfectly spaced every time, a very slight variance has been introduced between the balls which causes almost every break to be different.
  • You can now replay the shots that are played in attract mode.
  • You’ll see more stats during loading screens.
  • Game options can be modified in online rooms.
  • You can watch other people’s matches in the all new Spectator Mode!
  • Plus a new loading icon, viewing player’s profiles during an online match, and more.

But that’s not all, there is a brand new chalk coming to the in-game store: The Second Sight chalk allows you to see the path of an additional ball… really helpful on those tough trickshots and plants.

Hustle Kings Snooker Pack for PS3

Finally (and the best bit in my opinion) is that the Hustle Kings Snooker Pack will be launched for PS3 on June 8th. Included in this great pack is a brand new environment, new ball set, with the full Snooker rules and scoring. As well as traditional Snooker, if you get this pack you will also get an offline tournament mode, more music, and a brand new game mode called “Snooker6” where there are only 6 red balls allowing for a much quicker game.

Hustle Kings Snooker Pack for PS3

The Snooker Pack will be available for $2.99 and the full game of Hustle Kings is required prior to installing the Snooker Pack. Once you get the Snooker Pack there will also be a batch of new trophies for you to try and unlock. To help with this we have included a free pack of Eagle Eye chalk if you purchase the Snooker pack! Overall I have really enjoyed the time I have spent playing snooker and can’t wait to get online to pit my skills against the rest of the community!

Since the Snooker game type of billiards isn’t quite as popular here in the US, I wanted to give a very brief overview into the game. May I present, The Brief Intro into the World of Snooker!

Snooker is a completely different style of game from how a game of pool is traditionally thought of in the US. It has different balls placed in a new layout, is played on a different table, and the games last much longer. Snooker tables are much bigger (approximately 6ft by 12ft) and they have rounded pocket corners.

Each colored ball has a specific point value. Red (1 point), Yellow (2 points), Green (3 points), Brown (4 points), Blue (5 points), Pink (6 points), Black (7 points).

The ball placement is as shown in the following image:

Hustle Kings Snooker Pack for PS3

How to score points in Snooker:
The player must first pocket a red ball for one point and the ball is then left off the table. Then you must pocket a ball colored other then red. The point value of that colored ball is awarded to you and then that ball is placed back on the table at its original placement point. Then you pocket a red ball and alternate pocketing between the two groups of colors (Reds and all the others) until all the red balls are pocketed. Now you must pocket the remaining balls in their point order so, Yellow followed by Green, Brown, Blue, Pink and finally Black. When you have more points than there are left on the table you can then call that frame.

In an ideal world with a perfectly skilled player (aka. someone besides myself) you would pocket a red followed by the black ball and continue that until all the red balls are off the table. That would give you 8 points each cycle (1 point for the red plus 7 for the Black).

The minimum penalty is always four points. So should you scratch the cue ball, then you concede 4 points to the other player. If you pocket a ball of the wrong color you concede at minimum four points to the other player. If you incorrectly pocket a ball with a point value greater than four then you concede the point value of that ball to the other player instead of the minimum four points. If you strike a ball of the wrong color first and pocket a different colored ball, you then concede the minimum penalty or the value of that ball.

That in a nutshell is the game of Snooker. It’s an extremely challenging type of game style in billiards. Although it is really rewarding to play due to the increased amount of strategy needed to play the game. A “give-away” hint for you… don’t hit a non-red ball if you are breaking. I learned that one the hard way and gave away 6 points to my opponent for striking the pink ball my first time playing. Oops.

We hope you enjoy the new features as much as we do and we’ll see you online!

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