SOCOM 4: Meet Your Squad

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Hey SOCOM fans. Back in March, we announced SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and shed some light on the single-player campaign, storyline and central characters. Today, we’d like to provide some intel on the key members of your squad…

SOCOM 4 squad

Cullen Gray (“OpsCom”)
Age: 36
Leading the charge is Operations Commander, Cullen Gray. Born the son of a naval analyst and a civilian geologist, Cullen Gray’s service record is the stuff of legends. While renowned for quickly and quietly resolving some of NATO’s most tenuous situations, psychologically his profile is still something of a mystery. Routine profiling shows that he is withdrawn and cynical, choosing to socialize little with colleagues and showing a distinct lack of empathy for those unwilling to comply with his directives.

Park Yoon-Hee (“Forty-Five”)
Force: South Korean 707th Special Missions Battalion
Age: 30
Park Yoon-Hee got her start in the Southern Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion. Within eighteen months she was attached to the 45th Special Forces Brigade after the Korean military relaxed restrictions for female officers, allowing them to serve on active duty abroad. In addition to her quick thinking under pressure, Park is an expert in covert operations, CQB and has considerable experience working in hostile environments.

Dion Wells
Force: U.S. Navy SEALs
Age: 34
Dion Wells is a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy SEALs, where he specializes in security operations, explosives and HALO. Despite his laid-back demeanor and patience noted in personnel reports, Wells has a solid combat history and is highly regarded for his ability to assist commanding officers with unit direction and tactics in the field. Self-considered as a “right hand man”, CPO Wells has established a strong affiliation with OpsCom over the course of several operations.

Eric Schweitzer
Force: U.S. Navy SEALs
Age: 30
Eric Schweitzer grew up in a reclusive Western Pennsylvanian community, and records indicate a long and troubled journey through several schools. Eric was accepted into the SEALs just three years after being recruited into the Navy as an EOD technician. Cynical and highly vocal, Schweitzer is nevertheless a competent operative, allowing teammates to overlook his attitude in most cases. Generally deployed as a Heavy Weapons Operator, Schweitzer is in his element when combat is at its most intense.

Chung Kwan
Force: South Korean 707th Special Missions Battalion
Age: 25
After a short career in the KNP’s S.W.A.T division as an electronics countermeasure specialist, Chung entered the Korean Armed Forces at the age of 23. Honed by his police experience, Chung brings considerable tactical and analytical skills to his work. Commended for his abilities as a forward observer, Chung was given an opportunity to join the 45th SF Bridgade in their task to provide reconnaissance and technical skills for allied operations.

SOCOM 4 squad

For more in-depth information on the squad and how they tie into the story be sure to check out the squad unveil on

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  • lookin good

  • I hope this game lives up to the SOCOM name

  • hmm…

  • Will the Final name be Socom 4: United Front? I can’t wait till November 17th.

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    This is cool stuff. Will you be announcing a Beta for SOCOM 4 in the near future?

  • I like this game already as much as BFBC2 on my PC! I hope it get great reviews! I loved the last PSP outing with the more action, and cinimatic style it had. Thats perfectly fine for the games Single player componant, gripping story, and cliff hangers are great for Single Player, but the MP better be blow your socks off cool….. IE If you have vehicles please keep them in their own gametype…….. That way people like me can have fun while the hardcore sniper, and trick shooters can still get their game on the old way.

  • Looks great!

    Now, where’s the MP info??

  • Schwwwwwweitzer. Schiggity, schiggity schweitz.

  • Looks promising.

  • too many old people..

  • Oh man, Zipper did a pretty good job with MAG (it’s stable, little to no lag, and for online only, it lived up to it’s name. Waiting in queues isn’t my thing though). Been playing socom since the very first socom came out (then again, who hasn’t). I can’t wait for Socom 4.

  • Where’s Specter? Jester? Wardog? or any of the U.S. NAVY SEALs from past Socom games? Instead we have a Nathan Drake and 50 Cent look alike?

    Character design in games today is complete rubbish. Everyone looks, acts and talks the same.

  • Game Looks Great .

    Need More Info about online play as well, Love the offline play but online play is just as good

  • game looks great but i need a demo

  • Where’s Specter and Jester? Will this SOCOM live up to the SOCOM? Or will you guys screw it up as bad as /6?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Online/offline co op?

  • Cool. How much are you paying attention to single player? Because that’s what interests me, not multiplayer.

  • the second pic looks like ravens aqui. map in mag.

  • Beta please.

  • this is one game that i cant wait to hear more about!!!! i love the socom series!!! and i love single player even more. the psp games were my fav.

    i cant wait for more info!

  • Is this game aiming realism or over the top MW2 arcade style? So far its looking very interesting.

  • Can’t wait to see more of this game at E3!
    Sounds good so far!

  • I hope we hear more at E3, can’t wait to try the multiplayer.

  • Ooh i like games like these

  • I simply gave up on this series…There’s nothing left but a dead carcus of once was socom.

  • “Eric Schweitzer grew up in a reclusive Western Pennsylvanian community…” lol I know exactly how he feels then

  • We need Boomer back, given how horrible the AI was in SOCOM 3 and SOCOM Combined Assault you would figure Zipper would give Boomer a break.

  • I tried several times to play Socom and the games are awesome but I just can’t enjoy the online mode with a racist/antisemitic/homophobic comment every 5 seconds, I feel like I’m in a neonazi gamer convention or something. Yeah, I can mute everyone but you need to communicate with your team in this game. Either way good luck in this project guys.

  • offline co-op campaign?

  • Will there be an option to lock the reticule in the center of the screen when using Move (like how it is when using the DS3)?

  • Remember, the more guns the better! and give FN some love (P90/F2000/SCAR/FAL/M240/Five-Seven) ya know the works :-)

  • I can’t stress enough how un-exicted I am for this game. Wow, another lack luster game from Seth Luisi. This game looks like a gimmick to sell PS Move Controllers.

  • I’m really excited for this, I just hope that the PS move has some sensitivity controls on it, I have tremors and a really high sensitivity could make it unplayable for me.

  • @emiru69

    thats common on many games, at least the mics are even audible. Thats something that desparately needs to be cleaned up. Its made the news a few times where I live & it makes gamers look like a bunch of raving psychotics. Some of the garbage I’ve heard people say online I have no doubts some are just that.

  • Looks amazing so far I cant wait to get my hands on this game!!

  • Yay guy from PA!!!! :D I’d like to hear more about this “reclusive Western Pennsylvanian community” lol. Central PA accent? ;)

    Looking great Sony/Zipper :)

  • Looking good Zipper, keep up the news about SOCOM! :)

  • I can’t wait for E3 Sony is going to dominate! The only thing Xbox will have is Natal and Reach and that’s basically it.

  • Let’s get it on our PS3 before we start throwing all this praise around….other then the flash crack addition of Socom 1 and a slight tease and pull back with Socom 2, Zipper has failed to deliver. That ranges from patches to TIMELY map packs. After S2 the series became progressively worse moving into S3 and CA.

  • hey. Park yoon-hee is my name! but anyways i’m looking forward to this game. Look fun

  • Zipper please make SOCOM 4 like SOCOM 2. We know you know hear us because i can see it a bit in some of the talk in podcast. Make sure the maps are made well with just one design,not the big and small map type because that makes it messed up and unorganized as an official map. Also just 1 mode per map like in socom 1/2.

  • me want to see MP gameplay

  • Alright. This game is looking better and better every post.

  • This game is looking beast, I don’t like the aiming mechanics, and the muzzle flash graphics are so fake, but overall, this game will sell, and i will make sure this game is in my ps3.

  • @X_ScrioS_X what he said=Been playing socom since the very first socom came out (then again, who hasn’t).

    really i was in the beta for socom confrontation (i didn’t buy it for the glitch were every game i would spawn in- would be on top of a building outside the wall bounders) i recently brought it for a sony blutooth headset an was planing on selling it, tried it once an its fun but im starting to like co-op an story mode over online, thats the only socom i ever played, who hasn’t played all of them= ME

  • oh ya almost forgot im really looking forword to the single player campian

  • Yeah I was in the Beta for SOCOM Confrontation as well. Back before the headset thing was announced. It was just boring, the lag was insane, and the guns felt like a game from 99 instead of 2006. On top of that the sounds sucked, and the graphics was lower then even WarHawk at the time.

    In fact the developer for that admitted they ported the old PS2 games engine to work on the PS3 for SOCOM:C and it made the game worse instead of cheaper, and better. Turned out that Engine did not run well on the PS3s net code. Uncharted2’s engine however (The one that SOCOM 4 here is useing runs great online, and the graphics are still top notch even now.)

    SO I can’t wait to see all the crap about SOCOM sucks fall away this time because they built it on a game engine built for the PS3 from the ground up from Uncharted 2! Means it looks great, and will play just fine online, and offline. I just hope they fix those nades because that one Video with PS Move the frame rate fell apart every time a nuke, nade wen’t off. I mean come on now, nades don’t make arty size dust clouds, and rip walls in half…… Thats just nuts.

  • @Gunwing thanks you gave me a good reason to buy this, i didn’t play the beta to much only 2 or 3 games i tried but like i said i would spawn outside the map on top of one of the buildings made in the background, an the graphics aren’t that bad but then again i barley brought the game a month or 2 ago

  • i there is demo

  • i mean i hope there is a demo

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