New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack

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KINGDOM HEARTS fans take note! Today, our friends at Square Enix announced that KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep will be available in North American on September 7. A prequel to the mega-hit series, this pivotal installment takes you back to the beginning of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga, where you will explore iconic Disney worlds through the perspectives of three different main characters: Terra, Ventus and Aqua.

In celebration of the game’s launch, we’re introducing a new limited edition KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack, which brings together the stunning visuals of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep and the robust portable gaming experience only possible on the PSP system. You’ll be able to pick up the new limited edition KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack at GameStop locations on September 7, for $199.99 (MSRP).

The limited edition Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSP Entertainment Pack will include:

  • “Mystic-Silver” PSP-3000 system
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep on UMD (Universal Media Disc)*
  • Movie (to be announced)
  • 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

You can expect this along with many more premiere PSP titles from both first and third-party publishers coming later this year. If you’re looking for the best in portable gaming, PSP is the place to be.

*Movie content will not be related to KINGDOM HEARTS series

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  • Wait, Mystic-Silver, as in, the silver I’ve seen 100 times? So no Kingdom Hearts graphic like a keyblade or anything?

  • Hate the voice actors and the really late release date. I mean I was interested in this game back in January, but now my interest isn’t as high.

    Willa Holland? Her voice is too light for Aqua’s and sounds like a pesky teenager, and if that voice in the trailer was supposed to be Xehonort than we have real problems. Square, please include Japanese dubbing in the English release.

  • Im guessing there is nothing special like a graphic on the psp like the japanese version?

    Well i guess ill buy this bundle since we all know this wont be on the PSN since square put in that dmr block to NOT play on a memorystick. hopefully i can sell my go in the process since it was a waste of time and money.

  • Sold! I’m in need of a new PSP, anyways. My PSP 2000 refuses to play discs anymore, for some reason.

    I just hope the lip synch for this game is good. I dunno about you guys, but I was a little miffed at the lip-synch job done in Kingdom Hearts: 385/2 days.

  • Please tell me this game will be available on the PSN.

  • On my B-Day! AWESOME!~!

  • Finally!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this!!

  • Kristin, thank you for the announcement, I was hoping it could be released earlier, but it’s nice to have the date now..

    Can you please confirm it would be released on PSN, because I have a PSP Go, and I’m really a fan of the series, I heard than in Japan it was not released on PSN, and I’m scared that it would be the same here.

    I love my PSP Go, but if this game its not released on PSN, I will sell it and buy a PSP 3000.

    Thank you and I hope you can tell us something about it.

  • will there be a downloadable version of birth by sleep

  • Man i cant wait to play this o wait i have the pspgo damn…… thanks for the support sony

  • MGS Peace Walker bundle or this or GOW: GOS? can’t decide

  • Is this comming to PSP GO???

  • This game is the reason I paid for the MGS Big Boss bundle. Nice to see it get a bundle also. Would be cool if it was a custom skinned PSP instead of a basic silver, but either way awesome.

  • I have a Go and I really like it, its a shame it got a bad image and now isn’t getting the support it needs. I really wish you guys did a deal where you can get psn versions of your UMDs, that would have saved it.

    Its just sad to see another psp game bundled with a 3000, not that the 3000 isn’t great, just that the Go has become the definition of lost potential.

  • Can we see a picture of the new KH psp? I want to buy a new psp to upgrade from the old original and ill most likely buy either this one or the big boss one next month. I need to see a picture to decide which one is better.

  • I am hoping that I am wrong, however, this game came out in January in Japan and there is still no digital version on the Jp PSN store.

    Personally I beleive that Square-Enix is not happy with the current state of digital distribution and how much they have to pay to have digital versions of their games. I am not defending them, I say suck it up and let your fans give you money.

    Long and short is there will probably be no digital version on release day. We can hope that we get a digital version a few months later like for Dissidia.

    Man, I should have Grace Chen’s job. I would fire the guy that proposed every PSone classic since the release of Final Fantasy VII, save Grandia, and give you guys the real answer to wny Square-Enix is punishing PspGo owners.

  • CerealxKiller13

    amazin’ announcement!! you all should release kingdom hearts 1 & 2 on ps3!

  • @67

    Nope Square said in an interview that they respect and support Sony’s DD, yet they put a DMR to keep it from playing on a memorystick.

    Now there is 2 reasons as to why Japan PSN will never have it on their Psn.
    1.Disney Of Japan is full AGAINST Digital Media, nothing and i mean nothing that has the Disney name will ever get on a digital unless they change that. Good thing about that is We (USA) Disney Is NOT against Digital (as you can tell by digital media of almost every single Disney movie/game) so there is light that we might get it on Psn here in the USA.

    BUT Square (while like i said about support) put a block on playing it via Memorystick so hackers cant get to it. Which ill admit i support since these dev need their money, and its wrong that these people are doing that, but Square knew that Sony made a DD only device, and yet they chose to keep it like that.

    But one thing that is on my mind is the Release date Sept. 7 is kinda far away and i know that voice acting/translation is done. So hopefully since its that far away maybe square is trying to not only make a way to keep hackers off the game, buut also make it avaiable via Psn.

  • no answer’s for t6he PSP Go Owners huh? humm, if it was available for PSN do you think they wouldve said anything then?

  • Yess! totally getting the psp pack! oh, I love KH! can’t wait XD

  • Sony, SE, Disney, I need to know, don’t lie to me.

    I have a PSPgo, and need to know I’m going to see this game online.

    I don’t remember where I read it, but I read it somewhere that Disney was not going to allow digital distribution of this game.

    Will I need UMD to play this game?

    I’m not going to pin this on Sony cause I love the idea and convenience of digital distribution, but I need to know if I need to get rid of my go, and pick up the MGS 3000… to play this game.

  • That little star should be next to the movie line not next to UMD line.

  • ProjectInfiniti

    @69 Link to source of alleged “memory stick” protection….

    There is no “protection” with the game besides needing firmware 6.20 to play it.

    Oh and if you haven’t been keeping up with them, they won over this so-called “protection”, and the proof is with files they needed to add to play it with any firmware now.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 will be in the works after Final Fantasy Versus 13 and two (i think) Kingdom Hearts Spin-offs.

    CANT WAIT FOR BBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i have been waiting for this for quite a while and japan has had this game for quite a while!i want to buy it but i still have my psp 1000 with a big crack down the side.should i buy this?

  • if you look watch the trailer till the end of the vid the realese date shows. you’ll see a psn icon and psp icon on the bottom of the screen. And in every video game commercial they show the gaming system logos on the bottom of the video game realese date to show the viewers that the game will be realesed to that system. so this game will be realesed to the US psn

    sorry if you dont understand. requesting friend requests

  • @77

    You must also understand that this game uses Multilplayer via PSN, so that could be the reason as to why it has the Psn logo.

    All im saying is its very unlikely this game will be on the Psn, unless they are reprogramming the game for the US.

  • Why am I such a KH fanboy? I only beat the first 2 games on PS2. I don’t even like RPG’s that much. Maybe I was brainwashed by Disney as a child, and now I attach to anything made by them.

    Didn’t the guy who played Mickey pass away? Doesn’t that mean he won’t speak in this game?

  • @79

    sadly yes the voice actor of mickey did pass away someone by the name of Bret Iwan.

  • Yes I went to the official website and there’s the PSN logo, if you see the trailer of the Japanese game, there’s no PSN logo, so I hope it means it will be released on PSN.

    Well i feel a lot better now.

  • This is BS. Where is KH3 for PS3???????????

  • Only four months to go ! =D

  • i might get it (only if i can download it to my pspgo) im not happy that there making these for psp, i think the ps3 needs a kingdom hearts more than the psp, i losing faith in square enix an starting to think there company are full of retards

  • @phinnv8 i know, i rather see a ps3 release an not a hand held 1

  • @77, Square Enix already stated that the game will be on the UMD only. However, I hope that it does hit the PSN for everyone with a PSP GO. Also, it may be a while before we see anything on KH3 since Tetsuya Nomura (the creator of the KH series) is currently working on many projects. The main projects he is working on right now are Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday. Not to mention he announced two other KH games that he wants to get out before KH3. Hopefully we will hear something at E3, but it is not likely that we will hear anything. Why you ask? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with Nomura’s interviews you’ll know that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is his pet project right now. We are more likely to hear info on that game instead. Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to get that info out there. Later!

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Glad this has a release date. Looking forward to it!

  • Pretty disappointing that this is looks like it isn’t the bundle released in Japan. I would be all over this if it was.

  • Any news at all on a PSP Go version,good to see a limited 3000 pack but I already have 2 3000, 2 2000 and 1 1000 aswell as 2 PSP Go consoles and I will proberly buy a Peace Walker pack
    so please release Birth by Sleep on PSN.

  • I have Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 plus the Final Mix editions. I hope Square Enix can release a Kingdom Hearts Collection with the Final Mix content for both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I own Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ it came with Re: Chain Of Memories on the first disc and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ on Disc 2.

  • will this hit psn store at the same time as umd? and when?

  • I might order this, but if this is another gamestop exclusive, then i might pass on it.

  • PSP 3000? $199? Seriously? Please let this change at e3, with a new announcement, like a 4000 and/or a price drop to compete against the DS lite >_>

  • Only interested if it has a Kingdom Hearts Decal on it, Anything will do… you guys should just sell Silver PSP like the Black ver… and let ppl have a choice… Its been released like 10 times

  • Thank you for finally upgrading to a 4GB flash card. I got the AC:Bloodlines pack with the 2GB flash card and the movie Angels & Demons to download which ended up being too large to actually download to the dang flash card.

  • Cool, the price suddenly appeared in the post.

    Cant wait for the price cut announcement:p

  • I really REALLY REALLY hope that this is downloadable for the PSP Go!

    I currenly only have a PSP Go, (I sold my older models) and I’m a huge KH fan! If this isn’t digital, I’m sure Square Enix will not only lose a TON of sales, but also a ton of fans!

    So, for the sake of the game, the gamers, AND the developer studio… Don’t make a silly mistake.

  • This is how Sony can make a lot of money:

    1. At E3 2010 Start the show with everything off (all of the lights). Then in the background we hear the intro music from when Aerith is walking down the alley. And then, show a trailer for final fantasy VII. (As much as I think that VII is overrated, this would sell FAST).

    2. At the end of the show, have Hideo Kojima come on stage and tap Kevin Butler (because he should be on stage instead of Tretton) and say “one more thing!” And then with all epicness, show a Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer, produced by Kojima.

    But in all seriousness, a KH3 trailer should happen.

  • @98 I praise Kojima as a God, I Hate Nomura with a passion… please.. please don’t say things that like…

    Kojima need to be working on ZoE 3, and that is that.

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    can’t wait

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