Coming to PSN Store: echochrome Soundtrack with “Gallery Demo”

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. We have a great news about echochrome today! Since its release, we have received a lot of feedback from fans who loved the music in the game and desperately wanted us to release it as a soundtrack. Today, I’m very excited to announce that the soundtrack will actually be available for download on May 18th from the PlayStation Store!

echochrome for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

echochrome’s music soundtrack is a departure from traditional games, featuring string quartet compositions that combine classical music with modern musical sensibilities. The original score is composed by Hideki Sakamoto of noisycroak Inc.

You can get a sampling of the music from the game’s trailer below:

Actually, we’re releasing two soundtracks on May 18th. Here are the details.

echochrome Original Soundtrack
Contains 12 original tracks from the game, plus one all-new bonus track.

echochrome Remix Soundtrack
Features five tracks from the original soundtrack re-done with special piano arrangements that add a completely new flavor to the mix. The remix soundtrack also features a mysterious bonus track.

Each of these soundtracks will be available on the PSN Store for $2.99. Or, you can pick them both up for $4.99 and save a buck. If you’re a fan of the franchise and are going to pick up the soundtracks anyway, we have a special deal for you. For a limited time only, when you buy the soundtrack bundle the “echochrome Gallery Demo” will be added to your download queue automatically.

What’s this “gallery demo” I speak of? Basically, we have created a special demo using 1,000 hand-selected user-created levels. There is no main menu. Instead, you see all 1000 stages on the screen, playing and rotating around. Use the analog sticks to zoom in and out and pan around. Zoom in far enough on a stage and you can jump right into it and start playing. This demo was actually featured at the Portland Art Museum “M.C. Escher Exhibit,” as well as a well-known art and cultural center in Tokyo, Japan! It’s a unique and fun way to interact with echochrome that I’m sure the fans will really enjoy.

echochrome XMB

So watch for all of this exciting new content hitting the PSN Store tomorrow. And watch for some cool new echochrome Avatars for your PSN ID that will hit PSN in the coming weeks. And if you still haven’t tried out the game yet, there’s no excuse. There’s a PSN demo, and you can pick up the PS3 and PSP versions for $9.99 each. And if you like echochrome’s unique puzzle elements and have a PSP, be sure to check out echoshift as well.

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