Coming to PSN Store: echochrome Soundtrack with “Gallery Demo”

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. We have a great news about echochrome today! Since its release, we have received a lot of feedback from fans who loved the music in the game and desperately wanted us to release it as a soundtrack. Today, I’m very excited to announce that the soundtrack will actually be available for download on May 18th from the PlayStation Store!

echochrome for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

echochrome’s music soundtrack is a departure from traditional games, featuring string quartet compositions that combine classical music with modern musical sensibilities. The original score is composed by Hideki Sakamoto of noisycroak Inc.

You can get a sampling of the music from the game’s trailer below:

Actually, we’re releasing two soundtracks on May 18th. Here are the details.

echochrome Original Soundtrack
Contains 12 original tracks from the game, plus one all-new bonus track.

echochrome Remix Soundtrack
Features five tracks from the original soundtrack re-done with special piano arrangements that add a completely new flavor to the mix. The remix soundtrack also features a mysterious bonus track.

Each of these soundtracks will be available on the PSN Store for $2.99. Or, you can pick them both up for $4.99 and save a buck. If you’re a fan of the franchise and are going to pick up the soundtracks anyway, we have a special deal for you. For a limited time only, when you buy the soundtrack bundle the “echochrome Gallery Demo” will be added to your download queue automatically.

What’s this “gallery demo” I speak of? Basically, we have created a special demo using 1,000 hand-selected user-created levels. There is no main menu. Instead, you see all 1000 stages on the screen, playing and rotating around. Use the analog sticks to zoom in and out and pan around. Zoom in far enough on a stage and you can jump right into it and start playing. This demo was actually featured at the Portland Art Museum “M.C. Escher Exhibit,” as well as a well-known art and cultural center in Tokyo, Japan! It’s a unique and fun way to interact with echochrome that I’m sure the fans will really enjoy.

echochrome XMB

So watch for all of this exciting new content hitting the PSN Store tomorrow. And watch for some cool new echochrome Avatars for your PSN ID that will hit PSN in the coming weeks. And if you still haven’t tried out the game yet, there’s no excuse. There’s a PSN demo, and you can pick up the PS3 and PSP versions for $9.99 each. And if you like echochrome’s unique puzzle elements and have a PSP, be sure to check out echoshift as well.

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  • Thanks Kumi. Will be picking up both soundtracks. Also – I had no idea about the demo being featured at the Portland Art Museum! Wish I would have known because I would have gone and checked it out (since I’m kinda live in Portland and all).


    • It was being exhibited summer last year. We should have informed you in the blog. Sorry! : (

      Let us know what you think of the demo.

  • Is this gallery demo for both the PSP and PS3 or just PS3?

  • Just read it again you said “analog sticks” so you must mean PS3.

  • The gallery demo sounds interesting. Will it be available separately?

    • It’s only available if you get the soundtrack bundle. It’s a great deal for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

  • Mine mine mine! I’ll be getting anything echo-related. I’d really love the echoshift soundtrack too…

  • Wow this has been one of the best PS Blog days. Kevin Butler, Kingdom Hearts PSP, Socom 4, and now the echochrome soundtrack going to be on PSN.

  • could we hear a demo of the remixed songs?


  • That gallery sounds like that zoom/expand tech that Sony showed off a few months ago

    • It’s using a technology called “lib TGV”. It’s a technology using PS3’s feature, and echochrome is the first game title to use this technology.

  • is the gallery going to be part of the game (as a patch)? or separated?

  • I do not understand why my last comment is awaiting moderation. I simply stated what I have stated before: do not sell us poor quality MP3 soundtracks. The Shatter soundtrack did it better by giving maximum bitrate AAC files, and I hope this echochrome soundtrack continues that trend.

    I was extremely disappointed to pay $10 for the Heavy Rain soundtrack, a score I greatly enjoy, only to get a horrible sounding MP3 version. If you want to give us a format that can be transferred to portable media players, use 48khz AAC @ 320bkit/sec, but also give us an HD audio version that will sound decent on home theatre speakers.

    PS: I hope echoshift come to PS3 soon. I love Echochrome on PS3, spent months gettings 100% of the trophies in it! :)

  • This is awesome! :D

    I have echochrome PS3, PSP, and echoshift so you can bet I’ll be adding these soundtracks and gallery demo to my virtual collection!

    • Thank you so much for being such a loyal fan!! We hope you will enjoy the soundtrack and the gallery demo. : )

  • will you marry me Kumi? :)

  • I was thinking about importing the soundtrack a year or two ago, but now I guess I don’t have to :)

  • sweet, this was one of my Share ideas. i’m glad i can finally listen to the music whenever i please now.

  • Please, get Echochrome version 1.02 patch to be released in Europe! This update is about a year old and still hasn’t reached Europe. We’d like some webcam & youtube support as well please.

  • I wonder how come Sony or whoever else takes so long to release a game’s soundtrack on PSN, and that’s if they do at all. To be honest, I find that not doing so is a lost opportunity for many games. Please keep them coming!

  • PS: We’re all still waiting on a trophy patch for Siren: Blood Curse! A great sounding/looking game, just needs trophies — preferrably a Platinum for getting all the trophies in all the episodes. Thanks!

  • Contrary to what plaztiksyke says, AAC is a terrible audio format. It’s technically inferior, that isn’t opinion. Since the PS3 doesn’t support FLAC or OGG, MP3 is the next best format. Thanks for releasing it as such, and reminding me that this game needs playing.

  • I agree with plaztiksyke, Siren: BC needs a platinum patched into it!

    Also the gallery demo looks pretty cool, I don’t think I can resist the soundtracks now, I love the echo- series. Great job guys!

  • It would be nice if you put a video of the demo so we know what it is. Keep up the good work!

  • Is there ever a chance of releasing this game on disc? Possibly bundle several of the ‘Echos’ onto a disc for PS3? I thought the demo was amazing, but I really hesitate to buy anything download only. I like to have the game+case on my shelf and if my PS3 bites the dust in five years, I can pick up another and re-install. Thanks for the amazing games!

  • @DaivRules: If your PS3 bites the dust, when you get another one, you simply re-download anything you bought as it stays with your account for the rest of time.

  • Wow!
    I never knew these were functions of the game after buying it lool =P
    Im soooo silly :P

  • Wait, wait, so if we get the soundtrack bundle we also get an interactive 1,000 level demo of echochrome? 1,000 levels and 17 tracks for $4.99?

  • Out of curiosity, why the roundabout way to get the music? I had to download the program, which needed to install, then run the program to do another install to extract the mp3’s from the executable? Why not just let users download the mp3’s straight off the servers?

  • Thanks for the info Kumi, I’ll download the soundtrack bundle as soon as I’m home!

  • How limited time? I’m going away and I wouldn’t mind buying this next week. Hopefully this deal is around for more than just 1 week.

    • The promotion will last till June 1st Store update. Please don’t miss this great opportunity!!

  • I bought the bundle! The gallery is truly fantastic, worth the money alone. I only wish it had trophies!

    Got the soundtrack, and was disappointed to hear MP3s again :( PSP, iPod/iPhone, Zune, Creative ZEN, Squeezebox, and all other players can play AAC out-of-the-box. Releasing in MP3 is not useful, and only degrades the value of the purchase. Please release future soundtracks in a high quality format, at least full bitrate (320kbit/sec) AAC or HE-AAC. The Shatter soundtrack released just a few weeks ago did this, why are the other soundtrack releases not following that team’s great example?

  • I bought the bundle too! The gallery is so cool it gave me goosebumps.

    And thanks for making it MP3 at 256kbps! It’s better than Amazon and it saves me the trouble of converting.

    • Thank you so much for your purchase and the kind words! I will convey your message to the team in Japan. Enjoy the music and the demo. : )

  • I don’t see this anywhere in the Playstation Store using my PSP, are these tracks only available for PS3? Also, if someone were to buy these tracks on a PSP would the level gallery show up on their download queue for future use? Don’t own a PS3 at the moment just a PSP.

  • Yeah, it’s only available on the PS3 Store. It installs itself as a PS3 game, and when you play it’ll tell you to press X to install the MP3s under the Music section.

    And the demo IS a PS3 game, so I guess that’s that…

  • I’m very excited for the opportunity to have the Echochrome soundtrack.

    But how do I get it? The only way seems to be to download MediaGo and maybe then I’ll be able to find it? It would be much nicer if I could buy through the website…

    Regardless, it’s an amazing soundtrack and I can’t wait to be able to listen to it. :) Thanks for offering it! I hope many more soundtracks become available soon.

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