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So… what *is* this exactly? Find out tomorrow morning :)

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 10, 2010)

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    • hey jeff im curious about e3, sony has announced some great things lately(like lbp2) and im sure were expecting a few games there that havent been “officially” announced, but we all know that it is most likely certain that they will be at e3. Not asking for any spoilers as to what will be there, just curious if sony has some good surprises in store for us? I have a feeling they do.

    • one more thing, I have a feeling that the drawing either means that kevin butler is in modnation racers or that he will be making an appearance at e3. Then again i could be wrong.

    • Its bend a good week for Sony, I can’t wait until e3. Playb3yond

    • is that the butler mobile?

    • is the PS Blog podcast still in the back burner Jeff?

    • Seeing_Red_Again

      I know E3 is a month away, but could we please get some SOCOM 4 news in these weeks leading up to Sony’s conference? Maybe some info on the SOCOM 4 Beta? Just can’t wait for S4!

    • Where Is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

    • Real Game Not Demo

    • hopefully at E3 Sony announces more psn features and make the video/comic store available in Canada

    • Lots of good articles this week. Here are a few more.

      “Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Maps Detailed” (1UP):

      “Sony Shipping New PlayStation 3 Hardware” (IGN):

      “Bad Company 2 Gets Multiplayer Co-op Mode” (IGN):

    • Obviously the picture is alluding to a new Kevin Butler/Playstation commercial for Modnation Racers.

    • Hey Jeff,

      Reserved a car and will be driving down for E3 …Had to get a hotel on the beach…so sad…can’t wait for the E3 meetup!

    • Hey?

      ModNation Racers launches next week. Midnight launch or Street date?

    • Jeff, do you know when we’ll get are Tetris fix for the ps3? I know EA has been working on an version. I still love Tetris too this day and I always will.

    • Ack, at a quick glance my mind pieced together “Joyswag-Lost Planet Salamander plushies” from a few of the diffenent posts.
      That is a lie :(
      Curse you my brain!

    • lol, well i wasnt asking for a spoiler as in one of the actual surprises(either way i know you wont tell us anything like that). Its just that there are great games that i know will be shown or further shown and im having a hard time believing that there is more since what we already know/suspect will most likely be there is awesome. Was just wondering if sony has some great surprises up their sleeve.

      • Jeff Rubenstein

        Have you ever watched a movie *knowing* that there’s a twist in it? Kinda takes out the fun :)

    • hey jeff will there be a meet up this year for e3?

      • Jeff Rubenstein

        YES! And it will be our best one yet. Details will be announced when all the contracts are signed, etc.

    • lol, kevin butler looks ripped in that pic. Oh and while I know you guys are gonna push move and 3d at E3, please don’t waste all of the presser on gimmicks. Last year’s E3 was awesome because of the games like Uncharted 2 and God of War III.

    • Anything for the people who can’t attend E3? Like the Uncharted 2 T-Shirt contest last year?

    • With Sony facing a $441 million loss company wide, the SCEE devision almost certainly being hit in the european economic crisis (greece) it doesn’t make sens to alienate customers from the only profitable devision by taking away what people paid for especially in such an arrogant & deceptive manner.

    • funny , i thought that the pic was jack tretton lmao!
      joking aside,the other day i saw the scea E3 webpage and i was really pleased at the tech that they were displaying there.wish the ps3 browser had the same tech :0

    • Forgive me if this isn’t the right place to voice this comment. Why will the NBC Nightly News not update on the Playstation Browser? It stopped updating at the end of April. The website is: Thank you for your responce in advance.

    • Sony always dominates the E3 conferences, it’s becoming a tradition of the PlayStation brand. With showing off Move the other month and making big announcements like LBP2, SOCOM 4 and the new God of War PSP prior to the event they must have something biblical saved for the show. I can not wait. Hoping to travel across the pond & join the meet up

    • I just want to say thanks to whoever brought back the viewing of hidden trophies in the PSN account settings in the US Playstation site.

    • *

      Sony partners with Canada’s largest Drugstore chain to carry PSP/PS3 starting this fall.

    • i hope Syphon Filter finally or 8 Days come to PS3.

    • Jeff, Can you please get an interview with those people at SOE who are developing DC Universe Online?

    • My kingdom for Twisted Metal…

    • Good week in news, especially LITTLEBIGPLANET 2!! Can’t wait for E3!!! This is going to be the best E3 for Playstation yet! I can feel it.

    • Thank you sir. Go GATORS!!

    • jeff do you know exactly when demon soul’s price will drop in canada? it didn’t say on the link.

    • @29

      49.99 CDN is 48.13 USD. Generally game prices move in lock step as there is little difference between the two currencies (SONY was the first to implement this par behaviour back when the CDN first started coming near parity with the US).

      That said…here is a Canadian source that is selling at 39.99 CDN

      * Free shipping until May 31.

    • Is that a Kevin Butler mobile? Must be for Mod Nation racers

    • Hey I really need to get a hold of someone in the Infamous franchise….. I know where the story is going because I understand what he’s evalveing into….

      they can reach me at [DELETED] ph num [DELETED]

    • I say the pic is for a reveal of a new commercial for Mod Nation Racers with kevin butler.

    • Demon’s Souls Dynamic theme please–??

    • Jeff, thank you very much for letting us know that you will bring us an interview with the developers of DC Universe Online at E3. During that interview, you might also want to ask Jens Andersen why he likes Aquaman so much. I’m a big fan of the original Aquaman too, BTW.

    • Any New News About Behemoths Castle Crashers coming to the Ps3’s Psn?? i really really really really wanna play that game, i got 50$ on my psn account waiting to get it

    • @ jeff rubenstein

      can you offer any info on CRITERIONS NFS??? im sure a lot of NFS fans dieing to hear something?? SHIFT was lame.

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