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  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    Great week guys – I can’t wait for ModNation Racers, it looks amazing. Any chance of a PS3 or PSP demo for PSN Asia?

  • Hey Sid,
    I tried to direct message you on twitter like you said last week, but you have to follow me first for me to be to message you! Can you follow me? Youtwittface14

  • Yes yes turly a great week for PlayStation 3, and PSP……. SO many new games announced:


    SOCOM 4: With PS Move/DS3 support
    ToyStory 2 The Game: With PS3 exclusive Zurg, and PS Move/DS3 support
    Little Big Planet 2 with PS Move, and DS3 support
    Lost Planet 2 PS3 only DLC Helghast skins FTW!
    Mod Nation Racers Release
    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands
    Medal of Honor reboot
    Transformers War for Cybertron: A game I will be buying because all the games with the MB movie sucked hard!

    PSP/Go systems:

    God of War Ghost of Sparta
    Mod Nation Racers Portable
    Super Star Tennis with Helghast/Kratos……….
    Prince of Persia The Forgotten sands: PSP exclusive gameplay, controlls, and graphics……

    All of this and it’s not even E3 yet! I know I skipped some things but man this year is looking great with third party developers like Sega, EA, Ubisoft, and CapCom all stepping up to support the PS3, even the likes of Disney games are going to hit the PS3 with exclusive gameplay, and content. Way to go Sony for getting the third party developers on board! I look forward to some Killer E3 announcements!

  • BTW sorry for the double post:

    But can we get some new PSN avatars for PS3? IE Killzone 2, Mod Nation Racers, SOCOM 4 etc………

    Last but not least this year at E3 please make a PSN section dedicated to Playstation news, and media regarding PS meet ups, PS3/PSP game showing and demos from E3, PAX, and Comic Con and the likes.

    XBL dose this in spades with full coverage and no need to use any web browser…… It would be nice for Sony to bring this stuff closer to the PS3/PSP fans with these types of news sections…….

  • Yes, some more Avatars please, but some non video game related ones, such as Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, South Park etc etc.

  • Gran Turismo 5 = Duke Nukem Forever.

    HINT to sony & polyphony digital: We wont wait forever, the worls has moved on without you.

  • I’m readying Squid Adler’s stage from MMX5 for the LBP2 release.

  • I love the LBP 2 trailer my PS3 says I have watched it 20 times.

    So E3 is nearly here and I can’t wait for it. Will the E3 conference be 2 hours like last year?

  • E3. I just hope we get some new IPs announce, I hope The Agency get a release date. I hope we don’t see a bunch of casual crap for Move. I hope we don’t hear how well the PS2 sold again over its ten year life span again.

    Tell you the truth, I’m ready for Sony to start throwing there weight around in the gaming industry. Start treating the PS3 like the PS2 did last generation, when it put that sneaker box with a X on it in its place. Its time for PlayStation 3 to rise and become greater then its younger brothers.

  • Hi Sid,

    Will there be any announcements regarding how the blog will be covering E3?

    • We’re still in planning mode, but you’ll see plenty of news and games, a meetup — basically, what you’d expect to see out of E3 any year. We’ll be announcing more plans as they solidify closer to E3, but if you have any suggestions or requests, I’d be happy to hear ’em!

  • So glad to see some GT5 news. Its been a long time coming but this year I feel, more than any other year, will be the year us die hard GT fans finally get our deliverance.

  • I’m so addicted to 3D Dot Game Heroes, it’s one of the best games I’ve played this gen, and Demon’s Souls referances are amazing!

    But it also makes me realize, CALM DOWN SONY. There’s only so many games I can buy and all these exclusives are becoming a hassle, E3 is going to make me broke!

  • The mobile site of The PlayStation Blog is still down.

    What gives?

    • The developers are aware of it, it’s related to some maintenance stuff from a few weeks back. They’re working on getting a fix, so hang tight (my iPhone doesn’t get the mobile site, either).

  • Some suggestions for E3:
    -Good links for streaming

    -I would love to hear more about Socom 4. It has been such a long time since I have played the series but very little is known about it.

    -An interview with Jack Trenton. He such a cool guy.

    -I would like to see some more hard core applications of move besides Socom 4.

    -And obviously I can’t post without mentioning GT5. So an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi.

    Thats all I can think of for now.

  • Little BiG Planet 2 Special edition bettet come packed with a “High Quality” Sackboy or else…………i will turn to the Dark side! just sayin’

  • hey i read with the psp bundle for peace walker it comes with ingame code for it any chance we will be able to get that else where? or something? also months is half over when we gunna see sum peace walker videos and what not cus everyone knows apart from god of war , peace walker is gunna be the big hitter for the psp

  • Do the guys back home get anything from E3? Like those UC2 shirts last year?

  • And i demand Kevin Butler to give the PLAYSTATION NATION speech at the Next E3………..yeah! Or else there will be hell to pay if i were to turn to the Dark side and take over the world….. Again, just sayin’

  • Hey Sid,

    Can we pleeeeeeease get someone from Ready at Dawn in here to talk about God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.

    I pre-ordered my copy today but have yet to see anything on this sure to be awesome game.


  • I’m so happy!! I just pre-ordered Modnation at Amazon!

  • can we consider you a portal through which we can talk to Sony. if so can you answer two question?

    1. will Sonys E3 press conference be streamed through Home ?
    2. this is a firmware thing but i would love for videos not to stop when i press the PS button.

  • can we please get an app store. and while i’m at it, movie and comic store for Canada
    i would like to do more then just games on the system
    i’d like a guitar amp app for the ps3
    with video and audio editing and youtube upload

  • Sony expanding PS3 and PSP availability to 700 more stores in Canada


  • Hi Sid,

    Thanks for answering my question. I currently don’t have any great suggestions but what about E3 from a fans point of view?

  • just a so so week for us psn store buyers – and still no posts announcing what’s coming next tuesday to the playstation store

    the weekly store update e-mail comes 2-3 days after the update and is useless because we know by then what’s new – but a sunday or monday post here saying what to expect ( even if the odd item gets delayed ) would be really appreciated
    we’ve only been begging for it for 3 years – maybe some time before the ps4 arrives please ?

  • I just posted my idea on blog share for a weekly playstation store preview blog post .
    hopefully they pick it and everyone votes for it

    a monday post titled ‘ Here’s your weekly playstation store preview ‘ with highlights about confirmed content coming that week in games and dlc .

  • Cool. I can finally comment on the PS3 blog. roxxorz!! Next up. Fix Wikipedia for PS3. bummerz.

  • why do I keep getting logged out from the PS Blog after a while? before my PSN account would stay logged in

  • any update on the PS Podcast?

  • @25

    I’m wondering WHY you need a preview of the week’s content on a Monday when you’ll KNOW on Tuesday what it is…are you going to spend your gaming money somewhere else on Monday if you don’t know?


    Sid, why did you skip past me? you answered alot of other questions but left mine out. I hardly ever get a reply but I comment most days. I think I had a valid link up there and it’s something that should be addressed.
    Thanks either way

  • Hey Sid! Peace Walker is coming out soon, any chance we could get MGS stuff for Home? (clothing, home space,) For such a historic franchise, this game hasn’t been promoted enough. Also, every time someone suggests something, you mention blog share, but how do we know or will we know if a suggestion is being considered? Last time I checked, the top 3 suggestions haven’t changed since the blog share became available and we haven’t heard anything from the most wanted requests.. Do they have to reach a certain number of votes, comments, etc., in other words what are the criteria for a suggestion to be “considered”?

    • Hello robot! :) No idea on MGS stuff for Home, that’s Konami’s call (though would be cool). As for Share, remember that it’s a database for user ideas where the most popular ideas will (hopefully) get the most votes. It doesn’t mean that X idea will get implemented in X weeks, or ever, but it does get seen internally and provides very valuable data. Think of it as a suggestion box.

  • hey, I was wondering if you guys will put LEGEND OF DRAGOON on PSN because that was hand down best game that ever made. I know couple people said that when LEGEND OF DRAGOON comes in psn they will instantly buy it. So i was wondering why it not on there now because sony published that game. or am i wrong?

  • why does my ps3 freeze up? and how do i fix it

  • Still no word on Tecmo Bowl Throwback for the PSN. I have contacted everyone involved in this game and no one has any information.

  • I heard on wikipedia that Final Fantasy 9 will be released on PSN in NA on June 15th, and I can’t wait for Mod Racers PSP.

  • @36…

    Wiki is wrong (and I just fixed it)…it references the May 7th post on this blog as proof of release date. No release date has been given on this blog.

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    No worries Sid, I didn’t really expect you to know details of the Asian release anyway, they probably don’t even know in the Hong Kong office :) The reasons that I’m asking here and not on the Asian blog are:
    1: The USA blog works really well, and we get real feedback from you guys
    2: PS Asia doesn’t even have a blog, or a forum for that matter.
    In other words, I had the choice of US or EU blogs, and I chose you, Sid!

    I’ll get the game anyway even if they don’t have a demo here. But I just hope that the full game is available for PSN download on PSP.

    • Thanks for understanding — the different geographical regions sometimes have different timeframes or approaches, so it’s hard for me to know some specific details. The US and North American news keeps us hopping as it is! :)

  • Yes please PS Asia needs an update, as well as the US site could use a PS3 games forum! As well as a PS3 tech support forum! The generals are full of people who do nothing but whine about problems and it makes us look like babies………

    Honestly if we have a problem with a PS3/PSP there should be a tech forum to post and discuss it instead of searching for threads that tend to be full of people who blow things way out of scale. (IE like the almost no info needed Yellow light of Death thread that I know for a fact has about 400 posts that have people with more then one PSN account in 3 regions posting while they are still all the same person.)

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