PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi Everyone – Time for this week’s video store update.

Looking for something to stimulate your senses this weekend? Dive deep into the last frontier on Earth and join Heroes star Masi-Oka as he explores the high octane action-packed world of the most famous Samurai of all time. Also, check out Deal of the Week for discounts on History Specials Underwater Universe, Samurai, Manson, The People Speak, and After Armageddon.

Finally, new releases to the video store include Daybreakers, Legion, Edge of Darkness, and the Pre-DVD release of the 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It. Check out the trailer for Legion below, and then head to the video store.

Have a great weekend!

Top Movies

  1. Avatar
  2. Legion
  3. Iron Man
  4. Tooth Fairy
  5. Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
  6. Daybreakers
  7. Enemy at the Gates
  8. We Were Soldiers
  9. Sherlock Holmes
  10. Edge of Darkness

Top TV Episodes

  1. Family Guy | Season 8 Brian & Stewie 17
  2. The Boondocks | Season 3 It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman 1
  3. Smallville | Season 9 Hostage 20
  4. Supernatural | Season 5 Two Minutes to Midnight 21
  5. Family Guy | Season 8 Quagmire’s Dad 18
  6. Lost | Season 6 The Candidate 14
  7. South Park | Season 14 Crippled Summer 8
  8. The Boondocks | Season 3 Bitches to Rags 2
  9. The Office | Season 6 The Cover-Up 24
  10. Lost | Season 6 Across The Sea 15

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  • HBO someday!!!!Please!!!

  • so, games store tuesdays, comic store wednesdays and video store fridays??, this is cool, so 3 days a week new content to check for us!

  • I’d use the PSN video store a whole lot more if you focussed on HD rentals instead of SD purchases. Why on earth would I want to buy a DRM locked SD movie that I can only play on my PS3 or PSP? A blu-ray with iTunes digital copy/DVD is a far more intelligent option.

    And why no 1080p? (heck, why no 5.1 on most downloads!)

    And how come I can’t watch as a movie downloads? (as I can on Xbox Live or Apple TV)

  • why is this posted on a friday? the video store updated earlier in the week. Also i’m glad i’m getting my emails from sony regarding products and promotions, but why am i getting the store update notification email on a friday? its not a big issue, but by then chances are i’ve already browsed through the store.

  • Any news on getting video content in Canada yet?

  • what about BET comic view??

  • Please let me watch purchased videos over Remote-Play.


  • @Crycek

    Apparently its very close and an announcement will happen very soon(assuming it doesn’t get pushed back again for like the 86th time).

  • i have to say i like the new store set up… like at times we just got sooooo much stuff at once but this is such a nice spread of everything… good call sony

  • hello grace, if ur able to answer this, when its may 25th, the day Modnation Racers PSP is released, can u update the store as soon as u can, I’m sure a lot of us would love to download Mod Racers PSP, I really like the demo and I don’t want to wait till at least 7:00 PM (Atlantic Time) to download that game, thank u for at least reading this.

  • arnoldmcguire335

    no new releases yet?

    I beg of you guys, bring Disney Channel and Disney XD shows and movies to the PS Store already, since anyway you guys have no new releases since when.

  • The new video store blog post format isn’t working for me. Why don’t you list the new releases anymore like you used to?

    I’ve been using the blog to know when to go grab something off of the video store. Without a useful blog entry anymore, I never end up thinking to look at the video store. So I don’t end up renting anything.

  • Only 3 more weeks until the Canadian Video Store announcement….huzzah.

  • We need video content for $$$$CANADA$$$$

  • @Kotatsu2000

    I agree with you on all your points. However, you can watch while you download. I did this with 500 days of summer just the other day!

    Seems after either x time, or x percent downloaded you will get the option to watch while downloading. Just make sure to not hit “download in background” too soon :P.

  • Video Store for Canada please.

  • Video Store for Canada please.

  • alguem do Brasil ai?

  • Yes, please, video for Canada. Then we won’t have to be inundated with all the same requests every week from these canadian crybabies. You know why they dont care about Canada??? Because it sux.

  • I hope they launch the video store at E3 for Canada. GO HABS GO!!!!

  • I agree with #12. Is Grace getting lazy or something? Why do these posts no longer show what was actually added to the store?

  • @ first comment HBO

    i would like HBO.. also would be cool to have.


  • Why is there no list of new movies and new TV shows anymore?

  • when will you guys get your act together and get this feature in other countries? bill gates got it done for xbox in the US and maybe a year later for Canada, what is going on exactly?

  • SolidGold_Snake

    Get the ps3 a better GPU and have HD purchases.

  • sony is ignoring a 90% of the market by refusing to alllow this service outside the USA hence my and many other peoples money is going to competitors instead of sony. Considering sony’s recent behaviour and lack of customer service thats not a bad thing at all. the psn video store has become as irrelavent to movie watchers as the 3D0’s VCD playback was when it was available.

    Sony would be wise to listen to its customers and examin the 3D0’s failure in the early 90’s as of now they are repeating history to all our detriment.

  • Wow – the new video content each week can now fit in a single paragraph? I remember when there used to be a lists worth of new content. Strange that Sony seems to be abandoning the video download market.

  • @19 Yes, our country might suck compaired to the all mighty USofA, however without us you wouldnt have…lets see, just a few…

    Dragon Age: Origins
    Army of Two
    Far Cry 2
    Fifa Soccer 09
    Need For Speed Undercover
    NHL 09
    Prince of Persia
    SOCOM: Confrontation
    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

    NHL 10
    Fight Night Round 4

    Not your type of games? So you dont care?

    How about

    Assassin’s Creed 1 & 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Both coming from Rockstar Vancouver…which is….you guessed it…in Canada.

    EA Montreal, Rockstar Vancouver, Ubisoft Montreal, EA Canada, EA Black Box, Slant Six Games, Bioware…you have heard of Bioware right?

    Still not your kinda games? you like racers I bet…gonna get Mod Nation Racers? United Front Games….in…CANADA.

    I could go on, but I think I made my point.
    Your ignorance makes you look beyond stupid.

  • @MattyPHATty. and it’s people like you making you country sux.

  • When will video content be available in Canada…? I have owned a PS3 since its launch and I am still waiting for Netflix and Sony to make the content available in America available to Canada. Will this ever happen or should I just get an Xbox 360 and forget waiting another year or so for this. Even Europe is ahead of Canada with the content available.

  • GRACE What happened to Assassins Creed II Dev Diary 6 and bonfire of the vanities promo? I can get them online but not on PSN which hosted dev diary 1-5 and battle of forli promo, would be nice on PSN!

    also any new AC 2.5 promos or prince of Persia Forgotten Sands video?


  • @30…you won’t get netflix from ANYONE in Canada…and that is not up to SONY…its up to Netflix.

  • Video Store to Norway plz…

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