PlayStation Move Developer Diary: TV Superstars

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Working on a game like TV Superstars has become a bigger, more interesting challenge than I first thought. I’ve worked on some oddball games before like MediEvil and Ghosthunter, and what was interesting about those games was the idea of creating little worlds that mixed humor with action. Likewise, the challenge with TV Superstars was to create an environment that finds humor in the world of fame and celebrity, one that players could experience and enjoy together (I like to think of the movie “Zoolander”). Now, add the fantastic new PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye into the mix, and we started to come up with some pretty creative ideas. A whole new generation of design challenges awaited us.

At the core of the game is the theme that you, the players, are taking an action-packed journey through the crazy world of TV shows with a virtual “you” that’s created using the PlayStation Eye. Seeing yourself appear within the game is guaranteed to make you smile. I know the development team certainly enjoyed playing and testing the game. It’s been a crazy game to work on and we’ve had a lot of laughs in the process.

We’ve received fantastic responses from our user testing groups, and what we’ve shown to the public has only scratched the surface. So far, you’ve seen a glimpse of the high-camp fashion TV show “Frock Star” and our Japanese-style game show “Let’s Get Physical”. The accuracy of the Move motion controller and the in-game effects are amazing!

I look forward to sharing more secrets from TV Superstars with you in the near future. But in the meantime, check out our new developer diary video (above) for a look at how TV Superstars came to life.

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  • AWESOME!!!!

  • Guys. Move looks awesome and everything, I love it.

    Are you guys going to focus mainly on Move at E3 or other things? I’d hate to see Move take too much of the spotlight. I’m still hoping Final Fantasy Versus XIII makes a showing.

  • So excited for everything related to PS Move!

  • Man, you saying that you worked on Medievil and Ghosthunter makes me want ps3 versions of both of those. I’d love to see ghosthunter with the move acting as your beam. those games were just so great. That, and i just want a new Medievil. Even if its a psn game for ps3, please, make it happen! :-D
    This game looks pretty good, though those real faces look kinda freaky. Looks like a swell little party game! :)

    • Yeah a PS3 version of both Medievil and Ghosthunter would be pretty cool!
      We once dabbled with some ideas for a Medievil on PS3 for the MOVE but we wanted to try out something new to see what we could do with the MOVE hence TVS and we’re very happy with what we have so far! So far we’ve only shown a tiny fraction of the TVS game (the fashion game is only a small part), we’re still in development so there should be some cool stuff to see very soon.

      The faces are suppossed to be funny and make players laugh – they’re not intended to look realistic, it’s a part of the fun of the game. We’ve had some pretty fun moments wearing masks and putting ‘other’ people in the game and seeing those characters in crazy game situations!

  • I can’t wait until E3 2010!!! I bet the Playstation Move will be the most talked about item for the PS3. :P

  • cool u guys came down to my home town to shoot the video i would have pop by if i knew lol cool video looks interesting i still can’t watch this on my ps3 internet browser dosent support this player sucks had to log the computer on to watch it

  • If this is Sonys E3 then i am done with PS3. Seriously this MOVE thing is getting on my nerves

  • Cant wait, notice how close to the TV the players were, which is good, with the Move it looks like you wont need a fracking parking-lot to play ;)

  • Would be nice to see some Eye Pet Move footage to justify the fact that we have had to wait nearly a year when it comes out.

  • Wow, what an great idea that looks like it would be really fun with friends. I may may to pick this one up.

  • ontopic : this looks very uncanny.

    very offtopic : i really really hated the movie Zoolander.

    • The game is very light hearted and funny. The faces are a part of the crazy nature of the game, it’s akin to one of those comedy shows where people wear paper masks of famous people and stare at the camera.
      You have to try putting yourself in game with your friends it’s actually lots of fun and then playing through the TV shows unlocking new content for your avatar and things getting more outrageous.
      Of course you don’t have to use your own face ;)

  • Amazing a new way to lose weight! Lol. Any games on losing weight?

    • You don’t have to loose weight by playing TV Superstars. In fact we have different body sizes in the game so you can be a Superstar and be what ever weight you want (as long as you play well).

      WII Fit we are not ;)

  • I don’t see what the difference here between games like TV Superstars and some of the Wii sports games or game bundles they offer. They essentially all do the same thing. But with the PS3, you would have to buy the: PS Move, the game itself, and the PS eye, given you haven’t already bought the eye (and lets be honest while working retail for 2 years I never saw one leave the shelf)

    Show the buyer what the console and motion control and produce. And so far, I’m not impressed with this. If they incorporated a video game, an ACTUAL video game, with motion control EVERYONE would be hooked. But this, common!?

    Hopefully Sony focuses on their amazing upcoming video game selection during E3, and less on what the Wii has been doing for years.

    And video games were not meant for people to ‘lose weight’ with, that is what sports, other activities, or working out is for. We’ve already got the Wii fit craze, there need not be another.

    • So far we’ve only been able to show a tiny part of TVS and the demo in the video is quite old now.
      In each of the five different shows within TVS we have a different use of the MOVE controller that the WII certainly cannot achieve.
      We are going to show our hip hop cooking show ‘Big Beat Kitchen’ at E3 and this is a brilliant showcase for the MOVE. It has absolute virtual one to one control over the tools in the kitchen so you can pour liquids out of containers, pick up a knife and chop stuff, stir things, burn things, mess things up. At various points you have to actually sing along whilst cooking whilst things are exploding in the kitchen around you. It sounds bizzare but it’s brilliant to play in a party environment!
      You really have to play this particular game in TV Superstars to appreciate the MOVE and the variety of content we havea, we will be showing it at E3.

      We don’t focus on people loosing weight by playing TVS, we certainly didn’t whilst developing it ;)



  • My House-Hold has all 3 Consoles, and the problem is there is NO WAY I am going to buy stuff like this. I suppose your are catering to those who only have the PS3? I will Support the MOVE but only with UNIQUE software that I can’t get cheaper on the Wii!

    There is NO WAY I will pay $60.00 US for games like this even though they are in HD! I can already get games like this for the Wii for around $30.00.

    You Guys are introducing things that have been out on the market for years now! I have had games like this, played them and traded them in. I am not buying another game like this, I’ve been there done this on the Wii a year ago, I want something New and Unique. If you are going to cater only to the single console owners, your going to have alot of games that collect dust on the shelves that won’t make enough money to keep these studios doors open!

  • Can’t wait for the Move!

  • Can’t wait for the PS move to come out this fall and hit my living room but yea keep these games coming the more the better !!! -take the pain or feel the pain-

  • It is worthy to have a try.

    • When you see all the shows put together in TVS you really have to play it to find how much fun it is and how much variety and content there is hiding away in the game.

      We are going to show more of the game over the coming months.

  • this game looks ok, I hope here is better games then this for the MOVE…

    TV Superstars should have its very own PlayStation Home Space, with PlayStation Move Support for THAT SPACE AS WELL! XD
    That’ll be FABULOUS! =P

  • This controller has so much potential.

    You guys better have some serious adult orientated games to show for it at E3, because this is a piece of carp.

  • Seriously…. make a game, not this silly stuff.
    Noone wants to buy a controller if there are no good games.
    The only good game for the move ive seen so long is socom 4.
    More plz.

  • SOCOM 4, and Motion Fighter, The Shoot…………. These all speak to hardcore gamers. This while not hardcore, speaks to causal Wii gamers who hate that it’s not in HD. On top of that Sony has Sports Champions and that looks sweet as well.

    I just hope we can get some more M-T rated games from Sony for the PS Move. Also I’m sure Sony has no showed all the cards they have for PS Move. (Note: For all the haters, if you hate PS Move don’t post in their sections of the blog, or comment on it, just don’t buy it!)

    • It’s interesting the debate of split between hardcore gamers and casual gamers.
      I’ve worked on horror action games and love them (as I do watching those types of things) but I also have lots of casual gamer friends who have families and enjoy watching them play or joining them to paly more lighthearted casual games. As far as development goes this game was in some ways more of a challenge than a traditional game to make.

      I think there is enough space in the market for Kill Zone 2, Heavy Rain as there are for Little Big Planet or TV Superstars.

      Don’t worry I’ve seen some more M-T rated games coming up for the MOVE, there are some cool games for the MOVE.

  • Awesome game.

  • ps3 fever,”ps3 fan” hence my id name. ok i had the WII and yes it was fun but after 7months the graphics just did it for me. took it to gamestop and traded it for some ps3 games :) but i’m not here to talk about other consoles. i’m here to say i think the move is going to be great, just bring on the titles. the move will only be good if they have plenty of games to support it. i hope to see plenty of titles for a least x-mas. thanks guys/gals and keep up the great work.

  • I understand the whole move thing, but please don’t spend half of the entire conference on it. Show some real dualshock-only games.

    As long as you show The Last Guardian with a release date, i’ll be pleased, but if not you have to show lots of other stuff to make up for it.

  • I could feel my testicles shrinking just watching this. Please tell me the PS3 is not going to be a dumping ground for a bunch of sissy, lame mini game collections. I have high hopes for MOVE but this is an example of what will cause its failure. Please take note Sony…

  • It seems kinda gimmicky for this game. Just seems like another “Wii” motion control game. I definitely wouldn’t buy this game just for Move. I would rent it though.

  • Why Sony why!!??

  • I dont see how I should be excited about this. Sony has been boasting about how they are able to do much more than the Wii can, and from what I see here thats not the case. Swirling your controller around in figure 8 patterns is pretty Wii-like.

  • ^ Maybe if you didn’t decide to focus solely on that one demonstration. Come on, there’s hours of footage out there demonstrating how Move’s capabilities differ.

    What happened to Chapter 7?

    • I would love to focus on the other aspects of the game that we are developing here at the Cambridge Studio as it is looking pretty damn cool and a lot of fun to play.
      We’re polishing up the visuals from what have been proto-type graphics which is why we have only demonstrated that one game in the video – rest assured there is a lot more that will demonstrate why the MOVE controller is a cool bit of kit.

  • ehhh, that looked lame. :/

    *wanders out of thread*

  • Medievil was an awesome world.(Hmmm what tense do you use to describe an old time period that can be present) Zoo is my nickname at work. Guess this will be my cup of tea.

    • I love creating little game worlds and we’ve certainly enjoyed creating the little world for TV Superstars.
      All the shows in TVS (the games) are linked by a city and as players get more famous and unlock more content such as making their own TV commercials and battling to control the fame world they see the impact their fame has on the world.
      There are some neat humorous visuals that help make the game quirky and really cool. Random mini games this is not.

      I hope you like it.

  • Wii+360=ps3(: :) (: :) beastlyness now the wiis motion tech gets passed by ps3 just like the 360s gaming experience got passed by ps3

  • I literally hold the world record on my controller collection

    How was I not in one of these focus groups?

  • Will you guys be revealing a new eye cam like a HD one with better quality lense? I would pay the money for a higher end any day. The current one is so laggy, bad quality and next to unusable after the sun goes down. I don’t really see myself enjoying any of the games that captures us if the quality sucks. I’m sure under your test enviroments the lighting is much better than the average household. I live in a apartment and have year leases which my lighting changes yearly and in one of the apts I had the eye cam was horrible to use with Singstar PS3 and considering it’s the same cam, I doubt quality will get better. So again, any word on a higher end cam to use with Move?

  • Yeah I agree with the others that this game looks like a movie with no plot. Give us some sports/water/fitness games. Grown people growing a virtual pet and trying to collect points for their own tv show is wierd and is not something I would hint to my buddies that I own lol

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