ModNation Racers: PS3 Demo Hits PSN May 18th!

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Happy Friday! I’m happy to kick off the weekend with two bits of news from ModNation.


I’m happy to confirm that on Tuesday, May 18th, the ModNation Racers Demo goes live and you can finally sample the over-the-top kart racing action and deep creation tools the critics have been raving about. So the question is- “What will you be able to do?

Well let me break it down-

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Get your Feet Wet in Single Player – Race on one of the in-game tracks against AI in Single Player and test both your driving skills and your weapon management.

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Face Off in Multiplayer! – Challenge up to 3 of your friends and race against each other in Offline Split Screen Multiplayer.

PJ33_07 mar26_4e

Design your Mod and Kart – Hop into the Creation Station to make your own Mod and customize your own Kart. See what you can do with just a fraction of the accessories from the full game!

img0018 mar26_10a

Make a Full Track and Test Drive it! – Lay down some asphalt and drive your track to life! Sculpt mountains, create lakes, and place props wherever you want. Then take your Track for a spin!


Save your creations and Share them in the Full game! – Keep you creations on your hard drive and enjoy them with the full retail copy of ModNation Racers. Share your creations with friends as well!

We hope you are looking forward to your taste of our next Play, Create and Share experience.


There have been concerns online about long load times in the final game and while even though UFG improved load times since the beta, they are looking into further optimizing the game via a post-launch patch!

So there you go! See for yourself next week what ModNation is all about.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff on ModNation Monday!

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  • I need to hurry up and pre-order this at Amazon 8 )

  • Nice to see one coming out, though I think releasing it a week earlier would have been better. Not just so I could try it earlier, but also because you guys are dropping a demo on the day that two MAJOR games come out.

  • Looking more and more awesome! Cant wait to play the demo and remake my mods from the beta! I figured you guys would make a patch for the load times so I never got worried about them, but glad to hear about it before release! :)

  • I think that it could be a great game. It really reminds me of LBP. And I loved LBP. So this is another must have like LBP2!



    Already got it preordered, and loved the beta, but I’ve been getting impatient waiting for the 25th. Gotta love the chance to hit the road a week early!!

  • Sah-weeeeeet!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    I will be getting 4 extra mods by pre ording and getting the code from gamestop : )

  • I’m just curious and I hope you can answer this.

    What’s the file size?

  • Freakin sweeeeeet!

  • …man the psp demo could only make a track and had no online…o well gotta try this one out 2. Still torn-which one should i buy?

    • Why be torn. Get Both! LOL It all depends if you play a lot on the go if you dig the living room play more.

  • Any chance we can play Space Invaders during that 4 minute load?

    • Lol We’d have to ask Atari first. Where are you getting 4 Minutes from. That’s nuts. For the record I have never experienced a 4 Minute load ever.

  • Nice 1;) I played the beta but would like to play the Demo to. Cool;)

  • Is this hitting European Store aswell next week?

  • Looks like damage control has begun, and while I am glad to see that it is being worked on, how likely is it that load times will actually be significantly improved in the months ahead?

  • may 19 is my b-day woot ty ufg i reserved this game at gamestop cant wait for demo and full game

  • well, thats 2 things i was wanting to hear! awesome! looking forward to running wild creatively next week :-D

  • What about the broken AI critics have been complaining about?:p

    Anyway, look forward to trying it out. If the AI is a broken as the reviewers say, well that sucks.

    • I think that is very subjective. In playing the game, I know that the game is very fun, but once you get further in, the AI is no joke. It challenges you and you improve to compensate.

      That’s what happens when you approach the finish right? You have to up your game. Now I will say getting blasted by a ton of missiles and weapons right when I’m about to finish the race SUCKS.

      But thats when I learned how to use my Shield.

      (Or play on EASY Mode!)

  • This is the news I’ve been waiting to hear. This is beyond spectacular! I don’t know that words can express the ecstatic feeling in my heart when it just leapt after reading this.

  • Woot! now at least the wait will be less painfull.

  • What is this OFFLINE SPLIT SCREEN MULTIPLAYER!!? I mean they must think we have real friends or something.. Im scared to communicate with out a keyboard.

    No seriously, about dam time we get some split screen racing games. I mean Nascar 07 on ps2 could run split screen with 17 AI cars and Nascar 08 PS3 didnt feature any offline mulitplayer, LAN or split screen. Yeah Gran Turismo Prologue had it, but there was no AI. It is such a pain in the ass to lug your ps3 around to a friends house and find an extra tv so we can play Dirt 2 or Formula 1: CE. A head set online will never replace with playing games with live people.

    I hope other developers can give us some offline multilayer racers in the future.

  • its good to see that you listen to the critics and try to improve the game.

  • Awesome news about the Loading and the demo of course…So yeah, overall: AWESOME!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to download it! At least we don’t have to wait till next Thursday now. ;)

    Thanks again for the official heads up on the loading times. That worried me in the reviews I’ve read but if it will get fixed in a patch I’m putting in my pre-order right this minute!

  • I pre-ordered from Amazon and was in the Beta in Dec and have the PSP Demo from Qore. Can’t wait to get back to track creation on PS3. Would be nice if these tracks would stay until the following week since it is a Demo and not a Beta…

    • You can save your tracks on your hard drive and upload them once you get the final copy of the game. You work won’t be lost!

  • sweet, I wonder if this is the same demo I saw at the Game Design Expo

  • georgecat315fat

    Awesome news! I Already pre ordered it and excited for the demo! Can’t Wait

  • Gosh, I so want to preorder this game but all of that talk about the crippling load times… ugh.

    • I understand the concern. I never thought they killed the experience, but it’s really a subjective thing. Some critics think it was a big thing, others didn’t mind so much. Good to know UFG is looking into making it better in any case.

  • @29 Load times are exaggerated. I saw a video of the full game pre-release and it took no longer than GTA to start up actually it was a little faster than GTA but for all that you can do it’s worth it.

  • Bout dang time they think about the PS3. That PSP version is a joke compared to this. I was in Beta and in Beta the load times were acceptable for what you could do. I cannot wait for this Tuesday and ultimately the full game because I am nuts about this game. I pre-ordered it over a month ago!

  • I will download this not to see if I get it, already preordered, but to get to know the game and the creator tools so I will loose no time with my retail copy!
    Cant wait!

  • Yo, Chuck!
    Just wondering, will the mods from the beta be on the demo? =/

  • Awesome! Thanks for fixing the loading. (I already have 3 copies on pre-order)

    Chuck: could you please tell us what the ranked races are good for besides earning xp?? Is just for braging rights? Or does the xp serve a different purpose??

    • Goodness. Thanks X 3!

      Bragging rights definitely. Let me check on other purposes. \

      (So many features, I forget sometimes!)


  • Great news.

  • There won’t be any online multiplayer content in the demo? I was looking forward to trying out the features in online multiplayer, since they weren’t working so well in the beta before.

    • Sorry, only offline. You will have to sample the Online multiplayer madness in the final version.

  • Check out It’s a forum for Modnation Racers. I can’t wait til this game is out

  • one question how big the download is going to be?otherwise, i’m pretty excited to try out this demo :0

  • Nice. Way to address the online load time explosion, great to see that feedback is something you guys take seriously. Can’t wait until this games finally comes out!

  • Thank You Chuck for Finally announcing the demo! Oh, and I’m glad you guys are fixing the load times, that’s still what’s pushing me away from the game.

  • Endlessillusion

    Hey one question the Mods i made in Beta are they going to be in the demo/full game as long as i have my Save data? Check out best site to post your mods and get them reviewed and just have a good time.

    • I don’t think so. :( The Beta was a different code and I’m not sure it’s compatible. With that said, I’ve never tested that so you might be surprised.

      Thanks for the love online!

  • Glad you included split screen in the demo. That’s a big selling point for me.

  • cool so 4 days till demo 11 days till release cannot wait

  • Awesome! Hopefully it’s better than the PSP demo ;)

    • So what are you say’n? The PSP Demo was dope! :)

      I’m certain you will be pleased come Tuesday.

  • Yea finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go mnr!!!

  • Thanks for the Demo, but I don’t need it. I have played the Beta, and I was sold on day 1! :) Nice to see there will be improvments on loadtimes!

  • Quick somebody… I got one of those codes for the Air Raid DLC. Question is, do I have to wait till the game is released to activate the code to download the goods or can I do it now?

  • YAY! shorter load times, glad I pre-ordered this

  • Chuck you are, as usual, a beautiful man. We’d be lost without you XD

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