LittleBigPlanet: Sack It To Me – The “Whole Lotta Links” Edition

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Hey guys,

Its been a while, but we’re back with our normal Sack It To Me programming with all your LittleBigPlanet news…

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What's New

WHEW…what a week! As many of you have already heard, we’ve officially announced LittleBigPlanet 2 with a Sack-tacular event in MediaMolecule’s neck of the woods and the media response has been tremendous. And by looking at all the comments and responses by the community, we can tell you guys are just as excited as we are.

Some of our favorite quotes from the press…

“And, when the game ships and we start to see what the game’s dedicated community comes up, we’re prepared to have our minds truly boggled.” – IGN

“Our goal is to melt all of your brains,’ said Evans at the start of his presentation, and given the wealth of new content and features Media Molecule showed off, he just about met that goal.” – GameSpot

“…it almost seems unfair to call it a sequel. It’s a full-scale evolution in the world of user-created content.” – Game Informer

And finally…“Here’s my advice: watch the following trailer then close your Web browser because the Internet won’t get any better today. It’s the debut trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PS3.” – CrunchGear

And some from our fans on the PlayStation Blog…

“Great, now I have to pick up all the little pieces that were my brain off the living room floor. This is going to take a while” – thepatriots

“Wowzers is the only word that is appropriate” – Imputed7-14

“For some reason I felt tears were about to be shed from my eyes.” – spazjin

And the LOL comment…”There in our base, killing our DUDES!!!!!!!!” – DZORMAGEN

New on the PlayStation Store


More Animals! Costume Kit for LBP PS3 ($2.99) – You loved the first round of our Animals costumes so much that you’ve demanded more, and we listened! Grab the costume kit to get all 4 costumes (Hippo, Turtle, Peacock, and Fly) and save. You can also grab each one individually for $0.99 each.

LBP More Animals pack

Wilderness Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) – Get a sneak peek of what’s in the Wilderness Theme Pack with this FREE costume!

Wilderness Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Download a new set of goodies to create your own Wilderness themed levels. The Wilderness Theme Pack includes 5 Costume items, 13 CREATE Materials, 15 Stickers, 1 Music kit, and 1 Background.

Jungle Sackfari Explorers Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) – Get a sneak peek of what’s in the Jungle Sackfari Explorers Theme Pack with this FREE costume!

Jungle Sackfari Explorers Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Download a new set of costumes and CREATE materials to create your own Jungle Sackfari levels! The Jungle Sackfari Explorers Pack includes 4 Costumes and 12 Stickers.

LBP Wilderness Costume AddOn LBP Wilderness Theme AddOn

LBP Sackfari Costume AddOn LBP Sackfari Theme AddOn


Turbo! Level Kit for LBP PSP ($5.99) – Put the pedal to the metal with this massive vehicle-based pack. Race, battle and bounce your way through six completely new levels. And the fun doesn’t stop there, with hundreds more bits and pieces to fill your Popit, you can create turbo-powered vehicular contraptions of your very own.

Download a new set of levels to PLAY, as well as all of the CREATE materials you’ll need to create your own Turbo! levels! The Turbo! Level Kit includes 6 Levels, 121 Collected Objects, 28 CREATE Materials, 112 Stickers, 20 Sounds, 6 Music files, and 1 Background.


User Spotlight

Digital Media and Learning Competition – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

A while back, the MacArthur Foundation announced their competition to reimagine learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to young people across the world. In recent days the winners have been announced so click on over to learn a little bit more about the winners. CONGRATS GUYS!!!

for the weekend

Calling all Kid Creators

Also recently announced – The Game Changers competition! If you know some brilliant young LBP’ers, please spread the word about the 2010 Digital Media and Learning Competition. Gamers up to 18 years old are invited to submit a new level and a chance to win a special prize. Click on over for more details

Sackboy on the 'net

Finally, wanted to send out a big THANK to everyone helping to spread the LittleBigExcitement. So here’s a quick THANKS list – w/ links so the rest of you can catch up on all the online reading…

“THANKS!” – New York Daily News, USA Today, TIME, MTV, 1UP, CNET, Wired, PC World, UGO, Destructoid, Game Informer, GamePro, IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, G4TV, GiantBomb, Paste Magazine, Joystiq, Kotaku, GameTrailers, GamaSutra, CrunchGear, Family Friendly Gaming, Monsters And Critics, Crave Online, Attack Of The Fanboy, Blast Magazine, GeekSugar, Gaming-Age, VG247, PlayStation Lifestyle, Total Video Games, Digital Chumps, Worth Playing, Kombo, PSX Extreme, Ars Technica, 411 Mania, Push Square, Gaming Target, Siliconera, Cinema Blend, Gaming Union, Examiner, VGRevolution, and the many others not on this list!

Also THANKS to our many fansites for help spreading the word like, LittleBigLand, LBPCentral, LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigPlanetGalaxy, LittleBigPodcast, and the rest of our community leaders.

Til’ next week…

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3 Author Replies

  • 1st

  • LBP 2 Beta?

  • Are the LittleBigPlanet DLC costumes going to be compatible with LBP2?

    • Stay tuned next week, we’re working on a massive FAQ segment, so keep the questions coming and we’ll answer what we can.

  • Lol nice comments specially the last one, lbp2 epic win! I cant wait to see the new tools u have for me MM i have playing lbp for 1year and with the next one i will play all my life!

  • @3 ynp7

    I was told by someone that they said it will be. I was going to ask the same question here too again. I hope so.

    The first one was so great of a game it was unbelievable. I never thought a game that looked like it was for kids only could be so much fun. I plan to get this on. The only reason I never got the PSP version was because I sold my PSP. Great job MM. Keep up the great work.

  • The possibilities for this game are through the roof, into the stratosphere¸and beyond.

  • I just saw the LBP2 box art pop up on Twitter.. Why didn’t you guys post it here?

  • You know I’m really not sure I want another LBP seeing how you guys handled the first. In many ways I felt like you never really supported the first. It was nothing but costumes/stickers and partial fixes to the bugs in the game, especially the server issues…

  • @Blkant

    Really? You don’t remember the additions of water or the paintinator? Or the POTC levels or the MGS levels?

    BTW, here’s the box art:

  • Have one question
    Will LBP2 feature youtube support? If we ask for this now, maybe they will implement it for us before the game is release. It would be great to build a level and then make a video of you and your friends playing it and directly upload it to youtube via the PS3 instead of buying a video capture card

  • I am filled with glee.

    Its time to get back into LBP1 and practice world forging~!

  • @Blkant, what game where u playing?

  • Now you guys need to give us the Week 1 shirt that everyone on earth except North America got. You know… this one…

    It certainly would go nice with the hat that was just given to all us Qore subscribers.

    *Will we be able to import our saved data from LBP1 to LBP2? What specifically is transferrable from LBP1 to LBP2?

    *Will LBP2 include all the “classic” story levels from LBP1?

    *Will unlockable costume pieces from LBP1 remain exclusive to LBP1 or will they also be available to unlock in LBP2?

    *In Episode 24 of Qore there is a skin that looks strikingly similar to Canti (of FLCL). Will this be available, or just another tease like the Sephiroth skin that’s been touted about for the last 3 years?

    *Any idea when we’ll be getting that Sephiroth skin?

  • First. STFU Shadow-Hydra you have no life!!

  • I heard that your costumes and stuff carry over from the first game to LBP2. Is this true?

    If so, does it depend on your save file, because I lost my 100% file when my PS3 crashed, and I’d hate to have to do it again.

  • I hope that LBP costumes will carry over.

    Also LBP crashes everytime I try to play (I’m playing on a launch day 60GB PS3), are there any plans for an update? The game is pretty unplayable for me and I haven’t been able to play for months, I really miss it :(

  • I hope this is on a FAQ – are the first LBP and GOTY edition levels going to be included with LBP2?

    BTW: I’m going to buy not matter what the answer, but it would be nice to use one disk. Also, with Blu-ray, I’d imagine everything will still fit on one disk!

  • Are you taking any suggestions on how certain things operate (tools) within the game? I had a few if you were interested.

    For things such as proximity switches, magnetic keys, and such……. is there any way you guys could make the “zone” different shapes? I was building a level last night and really needed a magnetic key switch with a rectangular zone (rather than a circular one). Instead, I had to spend an extra 30 minutes trying to build a work-around lol.

    Ummm…. I had one more but I forgot it lol. I know you guys are on top of everything and trying to make LBP2 the best it can be, but I just wanted to throw that in there if you guys haven’t thought of it. You can count on me buying LBP2 on day 1 :)

  • Game is going to be GOTY

  • I have some questions about LBP2 :)

    What has happened to emitters in LBP2? Are they much easier to use?
    Do I HAVE to use one of those “direct control seats” to change the floaty controls? What does this mean for sackboy customization? What does this mean if I want to be able to use (e.g.) the grappling hook but without floaty controls?
    Has dissolve material changed?
    Can I electrify/set things on fire using switches and logic?
    Does sackbot have to look like a robot or can I change his form to any creature?

    Thanks if you can answer these. :)

  • im with #13 where is the ff7 skins granted i love my dragon knight skin from wkc i also want sephiroth even a cute lil red xiii skin would be cool but what happened to the ff7 skins that were shown

  • Will buy!!!

  • @Mark Valledor —the Digital Media Learning Comp info is slightly incorrect…

    The Game Changers category winners have **NOT** been announced yet–they’ll be revealed on the 25th at the Games 4 Change Festival in New York–the only winners announced so far have nothing to do with LBP or Spore—they are charged with designing new learning and lab experiences mostly (if not entirely) apart from games and had their event in Washington DC this past week.

    The new kids comp is Game Changers Kids.

  • Now I can die a happy Sackboy.

  • what ever happened with those FF7 skins??, I had my money ready for that :(, and so far LBP2 looks awesome, huge improvement over the 1st game

  • Hey Mark Valledor, I am glad you liked my quote, but I also have to credit the awesome people at Titan Studios, for they brought an awesome game called Fat Princess (that is where I got the quote from). Anyways I will for sure buy Little Big Planet 2 on day 1!

  • yea 1st to buy this game

  • I noticed the Turbo! Level Kit trailer for LBP PSP on PSN, but where is the actual download to purchase said content? Or, will this be readily available on the next PSN update????

  • I have a new question; this is a feature that is really needed in order to make LBP a fun multiplayer game.

    In LBP1 you were restricted so that the camera couldn’t zoom out too far, meaning that for races if you were a little slow you dropped out. It severely limited possibilites for multiplayer games. Will there be something to compensate for this in LBP2? Something like split-screen, the ability to be far away from people online, or a really far-out camera zoom.

  • Hey, I posted this when this was announced in the blog post on Monday but I have a concern which I hope won’t be in the 2nd game. Please adress this cause it was my only problem with the first game. LBP ended up not working for me since.

    “…I hope the loading times won’t take as long as it does with the current LBP. Took me about 4 minutes to get past the first loading screen before ultimately quitting it. Game still hasn’t worked for me since.

    Also, please fix the lag online, I once thought I was in first in the race level then I crossed the line and ended up in last. The only 2 problems I have with LBP are those. EVERYTHING else is perfect.”

  • Wow, new levels… I’ll be all over that.

  • I just want to say Thank you to Media Molecule.

    In all my 30+ years of gaming I never imagined enjoying a game with my entire family for as long as we have enjoyed Littlebig planet.

    2 years+ and we still gather together with friends and family to play some LBP. I can’t say how excited we are for LBP2 We tried to think about what you could do for 2 but not this!

    Thanks for the amazing family time!

  • This has quickly become my most anticipated game of the year. I loved the first but can hardly imagine what is going to become of this. Great job.

  • release some of those LBP psp costumes on the ps3 LBP i kinda want the one where he is dressed like a tank

    also will it be possible to have it in LPB 2 to have it if your playing online with friends that are on different ps3 have the screen split to where its focused on the the player and not trying to include everyone on the screen? it works good with 4 people on 1 ps3 but not as much as 4 people on 4 different ps3s.

  • We better be able to transfer DLC cuz i have like $60 worth of the stuff… LBP2 looks epic, hopefully it wont be ruined by all of the stupid [DELETED] LBP has been flooded with… Bomb Survivals, Jumping Challenges, and Idiocy…

  • “Here’s my advice: watch the following trailer then close your Web browser because the Internet won’t get any better today. It’s the debut trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PS3.”

    This made me smile :)

  • Here’s a question you can add to your FAQ:

    “Will we be able to manipulate the physics of the game? Example, from floaty to precise and everywhere in between.”

  • Mark, also agree with Winded on Rare t-shirt. It’s never been released here, although it was promised to be. Just release it here for one week. If not, release a blue version of the same shirt to match the new Qore hat.

  • Hey, Mark.

    I’d really appreciate an answer to this question whether it’s here or in next week’s FAQ since I (along with others) have asked it on numerous occasions;

    Whatever happened to the Marvel Comics themed costume pack that was supposed to come out a year or so ago? I REALLY wanted a Wolverine Sackboy and it’s quite disheartening that something so cool was announced and shown and then never mentioned again.


  • Please revise the trophies for LBP2. no more of those trophies where people just spam to get hearts.

    Make it more challenging! Keep the Ace all levels trophy. that was great.

  • Can I please have a Sea Otter costume, the coolest animal ever.

  • are you guys going to be at e3? i hope so every gamer in the world needs to see LBP2!

  • Will it be possible to play music DURING a level instead of just in the pod.
    Incase it will mess with the certain level design you can add an option for creators to turn off custom music use during their specific level.

  • will LBP2 include from launch day all the DLC of LBP1? including costumes level packs and all that good stuff?

  • I want to be able to recreate the iRobot scene where the one robot is hiding within the massive amount of robots that weren’t activated.

    Can I do that in LBP2?

  • I have massive amounts of questions that I’d like to ask.

    Where can I post them?

  • Here’s a couple of questions:

    Will we still be able to win the Prize Crown in LBP 2?

    If so, will it be compatable with the first game?

    Will any of the new costume DLC that will be released after LBP 2 is released be compatable with the first game?

  • Are you guys gonna ever actually START the Play Create and Share meters?

  • cybershinigami87

    One thing I would love to do in the next game is to adjust the physics. If I could make my own plat former with ultra precise physics that would make this game so awesome.

  • How many layers will there be and what different types?

    Can object move from a background layer to a foreground layer?

    Can you program Sackbots to activate swithces? *example* giving them jobs on a pirate ship.

    Sackboy, no matter what costumes he wears still looks like Sackboy in LBP1, seeing the new costumes in LBP2 has this idea been lost?

    Will MMM creators be doing voice work for the story of the game or just higher voice actors? I figure they added the new voice recorder they’d use it themselves.

    Will we be able to use pics from our HDD?

    Can we get a quore shirt to match our quore hat?

    Can you tell us about tube travel in the game? Is it the answer to a teleporter, or did you make a teleporter too?

    Will anything from the PSP version makes its way onto LBP2?

    Will there be a sackboy costume contest again?

    Thanks MM, I can’t wait to play LBP2!

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