Toy Story 3 PS3: Hands-on with Zurg, PlayStation Move update

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If you stopped by the PlayStation.Blog recently, you got an exclusive preview of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, releasing on June 15th for PS3 and PSP. More specifically, you got to see Zurg, the playable villain found only in the PS3 version.

SCEE blogger Jem Alexander and I recently stopped by the charming Pixar offices and got a few minutes to play around with the PS3 version of Toy Story 3: The Video Game. More importantly, we got a chance to play as Zurg in the game’s open-world, highly customizable Toy Box mode.

But let’s back up a bit. Distinct from the Story Mode, Toy Story 3’s Toy Box mode is a standalone sandbox that enables you to build a town and populate it with whatever landmarks, characters, and missions you’d like. When playing as Buzz, Woody, or Jessie, there’s plenty to do: mine for gold, take on side quests, race in various vehicles, beat down baddies, and compete in challenges. The reward is more gold and, by extension, more unlockable toys and buildings for your custom town. Get a peek at Toy Box mode in the video below.

Enter Zurg. Formally introduced in Toy Story 2 as a villain and arch-nemesis to Buzz Lightyear, Zurg is a Vader-esque bad toy who possesses enormous offensive power compared to the milder, meeker Woody and team. Once you buy a special toy in the Toy Box mode, you can use it to transform your character into Zurg and begin a reign of destruction. Zurg is tough, and packs a rapid-fire blaster with plenty of ammo, a far cry from Woody’s single-shot ball throw projectile attack. You can also cruise around in the Zurg-mobile, outfitted with its own cannons, to terrorize the town, compete in races, or just bust sick jumps and flip tricks. On-foot, Zurg’s power comes at a tradeoff: he can’t pop double-jumps or grab onto ledges like Woody and the gang, meaning he’ll miss out on some secrets tucked in the game’s many nooks and crannies.

But he is really, really powerful. Given his destructive tendencies, many of the Zerg-only missions involve acts of cruelty: blasting townspeople, smashing objects and structures, and generally wreaking havoc. Zurg will also tie into the game’s PlayStation Move support, which will be available as a downloadable mini-games later in this fall after the game’s release in June. In one mini-game, Zurg will be able to shoot at targets from a first-person perspective using PlayStation Move to aim and fire. Details are still early, but the team at Avalanche Software sounded excited to be working on an early PlayStation Move-compatible game.

Thus wraps our hands-on experiences with Toy Story 3: The Video Game and Zurg, but stay tuned on the PlayStation.Blog — we’ll have some in-depth interviews from the team at Pixar (including the film’s director!) and Avalanche Software, discussing what it was like to collaborate on the game’s two-year-plus development cycle. It’ll be a good read! In the meantime, watch the video below for a sneak peek at Zurg’s gameplay, in case you missed it the first time.

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  • Man Sid, you’ve been busy today, huh?

  • June can’t get here soon enough. Can’t even wait to sit down and have a go at this with my son!

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    looks absolutely awesome! :D

  • Can’t believe I’m saying it but……..This movie game looks really good. Nice job.

    • I felt the same way. They had 2.5 years to develop it, which is much, much longer than a typical movie-based-game development cycle.

  • First thing that popped up for me was wondering if they actually licensed the Wizard of Speed and Time music used in that top-most video from Mike Jittlov and John Massari…it’s extremely distinctive and unmistakable and I didn’t think Mike or John were doing any licensing of any sort now-days.

  • what’s this? a licensed game that might not actually suck? OMG ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!!

  • It looks certainly better than previous licensed games… but ill just have to hold my judgment until some people get some hands on time with the game. Its hard to stay hopefull for this.

    Given the pile of junk it has to push its way threw to be seen as not a POS, quick buck, who cares about quality i want my money. Ill hope for the best but also prepare for the worst.

  • Will it be multiplayer?

  • At what age do you expect kids to be able to start playing this? Will it work for my 5 year old or will most of it be too difficult? Is there a lot of reading necessary to play?

  • It looks actually really good. :D I might have to pick it up…

  • This game and the Transformer game both look insane………. If they both live up to expectations I may buy both of them! It would be nice to have some toy (Transformers), and Movie (ToyStory3 the Game) titles that don’t suck for once. IE Avatar if the game was held back for at least a 1 more year for the DVD release it may have been a better title.

    IMHO The more non sucky games that replace the shovelware the better. The PS3 is the best way to do it IMHO with PS Move and the DS3 you as a developer can go all out with your content, length, and graphics while at the same time hitting all those hardcore, and causal gamers all at once. I hope this is what PS Move, and the PS3 do just like with the PS2!

  • is it necessary to bother saying that there is exclusive content?
    it’s just making people laugh, and i am one of them, taugh it doesn’t look bad but i would certainly not buy it in store….

  • I was reading about this in GameInformer. Apparently Pixar was really interested in making sure that a game about their movie didn’t suck. I really do hope it’s fun… would be a great game to play with my son.

  • i remember the Sega toy story and PSone toy story 2 games were good games…and this one looks great, hope this game don’t fall in the fate of the good movies horrible games

  • really hope it doesn’t suck, as it looks pretty good

  • #9
    yes i saw a video saying this game will have multiplayer/co-op.


    Will Move work with the PSP Go? Also, can someone tell me when I will get my free game code for logging at the right time. thanks been waiting months. would like it at some point. This game will be bought.

  • To quote Woody from the first Toy Story…

    “Thank you Sid!”

  • “Hello, square person.” I’m determined to find a real life situation to use that phrase. Looks great, guys.

  • Already paid for this title and waiting for delivery. “Hello square person.” Priceless. I don’t want to repeat but this looks like the best movie-game ever. Pixar…leave to them guys to do everything first class. Can’t wait!!!

    @ hife #20……….me too….hilarious!

  • Yo, Sid

    The only concern I have about this game is length. I don’t expect a 20 hour epic. But is this pretty in depth? Can we count on hours and days o’ fun? Can we customize characters in story mode?

    Thank you.

    • Story Mode visits some of the high points of the film, but the Toy Box mode looks to be the real meat-and-potatoes. I think Toy Box will keep you coming back to collect everything and experiment with town loadouts. No idea on overall length, but Toy Box is beefy.

  • This is a bit off topic, but I was reading a article from MTV,MTV has partnered with Microsoft for their “Project Natal” (which I hate even saying) also microsoft claims “Project Natal” will be the history changing premiere at E3, So here is my question, can you guys do your best at E3 to beat Microsoft at E3? I would love to hear that the Playstation Move is the history changing premiere at E3.

  • nice bro

  • It is nice to finally see a movie-based game that does not look like worse-than-ps2-visuals cr@p.

  • I am really surprised how this is turning out (compared to how some Disney and or movie games have turned out)……I read that it is similar to or plays like a type of Grand Theft Auto sandbox, but kiddie style without the blood, foul language, murder, etc. My son has already started on me to buy this for him and with what I am seeing, I may just do exactly that because I am liking what I am seeing…… get to play as Zurg….now that is just plain Awesomeness!!!

    • GTA meets Lego game meets Toy Story is a pretty solid way to describe the game’s basic premise. There’s a LOT to do…

  • lol, da reply to the first comment made me giggle. :P

  • I have a few questions:
    1. I read somewhere that you can play the game that Rex plays in the beginning of Toy Story 2 in this game. Is that true?
    2. Is the Move playability as enjoyable as the regular controller playability.
    Thank you in advance!

  • Ehh, Why did Jesse,(Woodys girl friend)Have the exact same Spin animation as Sly Cooper when she jumped on to the dart on that dart board. When I say its exact, I mean it really is the exact same way Sly does it…

  • Is Rex playable?

  • nintendonitis87

    Sony needs to have more irst Party AAA Exclusive original games for the younger players.

    If Sony does this then all of these marketing stuff will follow.

    They need to have characters that are compelling and can’t be found on any other system like Mario & Pokemon. PlayStation 1 & 2 used to have these games. Crash Bandicoot, Digimon, Monster Hunter, Klonoa, Jumping Jack Flash etc. Sony used to have an answer for all the ‘Nintendo gaming needs’ any PlayStation owner could want.

    Sony made it clear that gaming consoles are not just toys for kids. Okay Sony have succeeded with that with flying colors, but it does not mean it must take this market for granted. What am I going to let my kids play, Heavy Rain and God of War III? Its not about the money its about the games. We need balanced content on our PS3. And looking over the shoulder PS3 gamers can only wish they also have Nintendo games on the PS3. That is a fact!

    LBP, Ratchet and Clank or Jak & Daxter are great games but they are not in the league of Sonic, Mario, Pokemon and Link. PS3 gamers NEED this kinds of games in High Definition! As much as Sony develop AAA games for the grown ups they should also give us AAA games for the younger gamers.

  • Back int the day we used to say, Don’t buy a Playstation for your child… Buy them a Nintendo as it’s geared for children. I still hold that same belief. PS3 is a higher end piece of equipment and what you are basically saying is that it’s ok for children to have and play with 32gb iPhones GS3s vs a Nokia 5300 is more suitable and practical. just my two cents.

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