Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – built specifically for PSP

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Hi, I’m Joel Vignola, Producer of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on the PSP here to answer any questions you may have on the PSP version coming out May 18th.

Let me start off by explaining a few points we at Ubisoft Quebec City are exceptionally proud of. To begin with, Forgotten Sands is not a game based on the upcoming Sands of Time movie; we created our own storyline for the game. Second of all, this IS a unique game built from the ground up specifically for the PSP, this is not a port from any other system. The adventure is all new, the location is new, and the Prince’s powers are all new as well. The only way to experience this adventure is on the PSP.

Some of the new powers include the ability to speed up and slow down objects within the game; being able to solidify sand lets the prince create new paths, while speeding up traps can be used against enemies. You can give yourself some breathing room by slowing down traps or enemies, or increase the challenge by playing everything at full speed.

We’re really interested to see what you guys have to say after playing the game and can’t wait to answer your questions, even if they’re not related directly to the game! We look forward to hearing what you’ve got on your mind, and hope you all enjoy the game as much as us.

Oh yeah, an added bonus for owners of the PSP and PS3: when you connect both together, you can unlock the original Sands of Time costume for the Prince to wear in the PSP version of Forgotten Sands.

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  • Sorry Sony, I’d love to believe you, but I need a Kevin Butler commercial or it didn’t happen.

  • Ha ha ha… those are great commercials!

  • Why did you guys have to use the PS3 commercial font? WHY I SAY WHY? It’s taunting me, but Kevin butler is a no show! Arh!

  • This game looks incredible!!! The PSP has been resuscitated with the upcoming games lineup. Will there be UPlay rewards for the Forgotten Sands?

  • Prince of Persia Trilogy in HD remaster for the PS3!
    I demand.

    Still in topic, I think :)

  • i like the ps3 version better… i might get it ^^

  • I will be looking forward to buying both the PS3 and PSP versions. Two questions though: When you connect the two versions, what will you unlock in the PS3 version? Also, are you planning ANY dlc?

    • We do have a PS3-PSP connect unlock, and you get some bonus experience points in the PS3 version!

  • I will get this for sure , nice to see support for the psp ! the game is on my anticipated list !

  • will this be available for PSPgo as well?

  • While I no longer have a PSP system, I’ll support this franchise on my PS3 for sure……. I look forward to record sales for Ubisoft on the PS3/PSP this year.

    Bring back the games that made you great Ubisoft! Make some exclusive on PS3!

  • Wow! Great Trailer! When I get myself a new PSP, I’ll definitely get this. Would be awesome, if you guys put this as a PSN Game. For all, who ain’t got a PSP at the moment.

  • Wow, a completely different adventure? That’s awesome. I’m going to try to check this out.

    • In addition to the separate story, you can also look forward to different bosses, powers, enemies and more!

  • meh… 2d

    • We like to call it a 3D sidescroller, because the world itself is 3D and we play with depth… the Prince’s not always locked onto an axis. Plus, enemies can come at you from any direction.

  • Thank you for answering my question! I know this sounds weird, but this is the first time i got a reply. Also, gamestop has a pre-order bonus for pop:The forgotten sands. something about a Forgotten Arena Game Mode. can you please clarify on that?

    • It’s my pleasure!

      Ahhh, the Arena Game Mode pre-order bonus at GameStop applies to the next-gen versions of the game. For the PSP version, you get a $10 off coupon to GameStop for a future purchase when pre-ordering.

  • oh my bad that was for the PS3 version ;)

  • If it is gonna be in the PSN store, how does that work? You download it, then copy it to the PSP Memory Card? If so, I don’t have a PSP, I’d like to play it as a PSN Game.

  • Well I guess I HAVE to get both! Pleasure to talk to you, Mr.Vignola!

  • I love Sony and Ubisoft Company.They are best on the world ;)

    I love Ubisoft Games :)

  • If this is a different story from the console versions, then why isn’t the name any different? Otherwise, I am glad that you decided to make a game more suitable for the psp as opposed to a “psp version” of the game.

    • Since The Forgotten Sands games all take place within that 7 year gap between Sands of Time and Warrior Within, we felt it would be best to include all versions under the same title… even though they aren’t dealing with exactly the same subject matter.

  • will the psp version have a different story than the ps3 version?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    This will probably suck as much as AC: Bloodlines. Also this should be for PSP2 with trophies, not PSP.

  • Great…..I’m enjoying Rival swords right now (thanks to the recent price cut). This one looks like it runs even smoother.

    • We took great care to polish all the graphics and ensure a high frame rate, while putting a lot of effort into making sure that the Prince was very reactive… with a game character that relies so heavily on agility, we had to be sure that the controls felt responsive to players.

  • i have a question how many hours will the story be? don’t worry i can’t cancel my pre-order , i live in lebanon we can’t cancel those:P and i already payed:P

    • A direct, “critical path” playthrough (where all you are trying to do is finish the game as quickly as possible) should take around 8 – 10 hours to complete.

      Of course, we have included a variety of features designed to increase challenge and replayability for those players that may be more skilled than others.

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak: I don’t think this will “suck” like AC:Bloodlines did. That was an attempt at full 3D with PSP controls. That doesn’t work well without a second thumb-stick.

    @Joel Vignola: Forgive my ignorance, but searching around, there has been no news of a possible demo release of this game. Can you tell us if there will be a demo release for this game either before release or in parallel with the release? Some people, like myself (and ThreeLeggedFreak it seems), may not be fully sold on the game, and a demo just might put us over the edge to buy it.

    • I strongly feel that gamers will love it because it offers pure fun and compels players into fun and engaging challenges.

  • Good job Ubisoft. You apparently forgot the “ethnicity” this time. I see no Prince of “Persia” here. I only see middle-eastern stereotypes that all middle-easterns are Arabs and the middle-east is a sand infested desert and that everyone has to wear head turbans. Thanks Ubisoft. You crushed my culture. PoP 2008 was great and I thought you finally had something Persian going on but you ruined it.

  • That was not an answer to the question about a demo. Were you a politician in a previous life? If you can’t answer the question, then a simple “I don’t have that information” would have sufficed. In an economy as bad as ours, more and more people are more cautious on what they spend their money on. A demo would help make or break that decision. Thank you for avoiding the question.

    • My apologies, I am sorry if my answer seemed evasive.

      Our team was totally focused on producing the best game we could, and honestly, we wanted to put all of our effort into developing the final product. In order to build a demo that captured all of the features, yet would still be accessible to a first-time player could have sapped resources that we felt were better put towards making The Forgotten Sands a full and complete game.

      So, in answer to your question: no, there will not be a demo.

  • Are you guys going to make a Sands of Time for the PSP?

  • Can’t wait to play this!

    I’d love to play the PoP trilogy from the PS2 remastered for the PS3 like God of War Collection. Pleeeeease make it happen!!

  • this looks like total [DELETED]!

  • Now this is what I like- PSP games with PS3 connectivity. Ill be sure to grab this one too.

    I took a look at the console version at PAXEAST 2010 in Boston. That looked great so i pre-ordered it at the ubisoft/frag doll desk. At first, i was interested in the PSP version but now, thanks to this trailer, im convinced for a buy. I appreciate the efforts of crafting a unique and well-made version of the Prince on the PSP without it just being some port or lazy version.

    Will the game run smoothly on PSP? it looked a tad bit sluggish but it could be the trailer.

    Oh and thank you guys for your efforts and creativity poured into making awesome games. can’t wait for my copy of the Forgotten Sands (PS3) on tues.!

    • Oh yes, one of our primary goals was to ensure that the framerate ran smoothly! And, of course, a part of that was making sure that all of the Prince’s agility was accounted for in the gameplay and that the controls felt responsive… we wanted to make sure that you got plenty of opportunities to see that smooth framerate in action!

  • I think I’ll need a demo before deciding on this purchase. The last two PoP PSP games have been lackluster to say in the least (and completely awful if we’re being honest)

  • Looks amazing, one question, how many missions do we have in this game?

  • I would never buy any previous POP game on PSP since they were just poor versions of PS2 games. You guys totally bought me with the fact this this POP is 2D… I love 2D games. Good thing that it will be different than PS3 version. I’m gonna buy both version :)

  • I like the POP games, but are we going to see a real sequel to the 2008 title?

    Where the original Sands of Time was good, Warrior Within was waaay better, mostly due to the setting, story, and the types of environments and feeling that it gives the player.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the Persian setting, but I find the more ancient mythology of the 2008 title to be a lot more interesting. The Persian/Arabian Nights setting just seems tired by comparison. It’s been done to death IMO.

    The 2008 title also includes a lot of that same feeling of isolation in relatively big open environments, and the art style: AMAZING!

    So is The Forgotten Sands just filler to tie in with the movie until we see a continuation of the latest new game?

    • Well, firstly, I am glad you enjoyed the Prince of Persia released in 2008!

      The Forgotten Sands can hardly be called “filler” though… Ubisoft has always had a fondness for the Sands of Time universe, and The Forgotten Sands germinated from a desire that many of us developers had to return to that universe. Of course, we’ve had a lot of fans ask for us to return to the Sands of Time universe as well, so that didn’t hurt, ha ha!

      Will we see a continuation of the Prince of Persia 2008 storyline? I can’t really say one way or the other… all I know is that I have only been working on The Forgotten Sands.

  • I have a question here,
    I have somewhat been following this game in and out, and due to the game being leaked already for the psp, i went into a blackout in a sense.

    My question is, since this is a different game then the PS3/xbox360 version, How is the story different? Right now I only have funds for the PSP version, but when I am able to, I will purchase the PS3 version. Is it possible to explain the story of both games or the differences in the stories between the PS3 version and the PSP version without spoiling it?

  • I don’t weant this I want Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3!

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