SKATE 3 Rolling Into Shops Now, You’re Invited to EA’s Launch Party

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PlayStation Skaters,

The Skate franchise is back and rolling into some sick new territory with the release of SKATE 3 for the PS3. There’s tons of new stuff for Skate fans to get stoked on – a whole new city to skate, innovative new team and co-op gameplay, new difficulty modes that enable you to skate exactly how you want, and for the first time in Skate, a Create A Park feature that will change the way the game is played. If you’re new to the world of Skate, don’t sweat it because we’ve added Skate.School, a fun place to session where you can learn the ins and outs of skating as taught by Coach Frank – this weirdly hilarious and oxymoronic “skateboarding coach” played by legendary pro skater and actor, Jason Lee.


Your mission in SKATE 3 is to start a skateboard company and sell boards. Sell enough boards and you’ll unlock four huge skateparks and plazas that are also “create a parks” with all sorts of varied and super fun terrain to play with. The dev team is especially proud of Skate 3’s commitment to blurring the lines between Online and “single player.” We’ve basically taken the approach that we want to reward all skaters, whatever their style of play or even creative bent.


Are you the competitive type? Take your game online and battle it out in ranked matches and races. You on a team that kills it? Show it by challenging other teams in contests or the new Domination, 1-Up, or Own The Lot modes. Like abusing your body for poops and giggles? Play the revamped Thrasher Hall of Meat Mode. Or, share your creative side by using the Graphics Creator or Skate.park features to upload your work. And, here’s the beauty of SKATE 3… you get credit for your play and “work” in the form of board sales that drive your progression. No more wasted effort for a pat on the back on the message boards or in a blog. In SKATE 3, if you kill it skating, or people are downloading and digging your “art”, you’ll get rewarded. And, that gets us hyped because we are proud of what our community creates, now we get to give them something back.

Check out this hot, new trailer for more SKATE 3 goodness:

Well, that’s it for now…the game is hitting shelves now and I’m hitting the road to Los Angeles to take part in what promises to be a pretty cool launch event at Venice Beach Skatepark. We’ve got a bunch of Skate’s pros, some kiosks to play the game, lots of product to heap on fans, and a bunch of meat to chew on. Things get started at 4 PM tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12, but I’d get there early to get some lines in before the heavies show up. See below for more details. See you there…

…and keep rolling.

Skate Flier

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