Qore Episode 24 – Featuring Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, LittleBigPlanet 2, PlayStation Home, and Jens Pulver

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The Prince of Persia is everywhere! Along with a major motion picture from the same team that brought us Pirates of the Caribbean, the character will be appearing in a graphic novel and a new videogame set in the time frame between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. Audrey Cleo spoke with the developers at Ubisoft to learn more about the new gameplay mechanics, while Veronica Belmont explores Wondercon 2010 to catch up with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. There’s also a preview of the graphic novel in the Qore digital gallery.

Qore also provides an early look at the just-announced LittleBigPlanet 2! The team visited Media Molecule in the UK to understand how the creativity of the community inspired them to push the boundaries in the sequel to transform the platform game into a platform for games.

There have been thousands of improvements and additions to PlayStation Home since Qore first visited back in 2008. Veronica sits down with PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser to discuss his favorites, including the upcoming midway space… and Producer Katherine de Leon reveals an upcoming new space with a steampunk aesthetic.

Fans of mixed martial arts will know the name Jens Pulver— the first UFC lightweight champion. He’s a serious gamer and his character is also exclusive in the PS3 version of UFC Undisputed 2010. So, Audrey Cleo met up with the legend at his new training facility in Boise, Idaho and actually jumps into the cage with “Lil Evil.”

Qore’s download center is full of goodies this month for both subscribers and single-episode purchasers. There’s an exclusive Qore trucker’s cap for PlayStation Home. It’s the perfect companion to last year’s Qore T-shirts (which, if you missed them, are also part of this episode by popular demand). Download them through Qore and then enter your Home wardrobe to check out your new threads.

Also, in celebration of the LittleBigPlanet 2 preview feature, there’s also a Qore exclusive cap for use in the original game. And finally, everybody can download the Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands theme.

Look for Episode 24 later today when PlayStation Store updates.

And this Thursday, May 13, meet Veronica Belmont and Audrey Cleo in PlayStation Home at 9 PM EDT in the Qore Theater. They’re bringing outtakes from this month’s episode and answers to your questions.

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  • So we’ve been complaining for months that we want more then just themes and you give us hats? HATS?

    For crying out loud. You owe all day one Qore subscribers an appology and a refund for this disgracefull second year.

  • Anyone paying $25 a month for basically a video that you can watch on youtube, shouldn’t be crying to Sony. Who forced you to buy this stuff? Pulse is just fine for me, you can keep your Qore values.

  • (oops, i meant “$25 a year”)

  • well i guess thats cool. free hats and shirts. hey can we ever expect free avatar downloads in the future? that would be nice!!

  • I didn’t pau $25 for videos. I paid $25 for free downloadable games, early demos, and access to Betas.

    I got those things in the first year and it was well worth the money.

    This year, the betas were fine but Sony made an active decision to NOT do the other things anymore without telling us first.

    They performed the classic bait and switch and got a second year out of me and all other Qore subscribers then starting providing nothing in the way of downloadable goodies.

  • PS HOME? that still exists? shut it down.

  • Wow..I’m really going to have think about renewing my subscription after my current one is done

  • Yeah, Home stinks. Put someone else in charge.

  • are you serious Qore,are you serious?!

  • Will the ps store update around 4-5 PM (atlantic time) like the last 2 weeks, cause that would be great.

  • Not looking good that we will see Tecmo Bowl Throwback today.

  • Have people complaining abotut Home even been on it recently? It is so much better now, Sony have done a brilliant job. I’m looking forward to seeing LBP2 as well, that’s looking amazing.

  • If I was on that Qore team, I would be embarrass because the Qore team is getting schooled on how to do a video magazine by the European PlayStation FirstPlay. How embarrassing it must be to get a year head start only to get schooled on FirstPlay very first episode.

    And as a Qore subscriber (not subscribing again unless major changes are made), I don’t want HOME hats or shirts for a halfazz software I don’t even used. Why not give us avatars or some dynamic theme? Like anyone is actually going to visit home just to showoff the stupid hat from this month qore episode. Oh and I bet that stupid Prince of Persia theme is not even dynamic.
    Man, I really hope that SONY premium service leak was real because there would be no need for this crap known as Qore. I don’t have to subscribe to a haffazz service with information’s already on the net weeks and months before Qore is release and hoping to get invited to a beta.

  • yea im a day one Subscriber and im really leaning towards not renewing aswell… the first year rocked, now its like the sophmore jinx… like someone else said Pulse is good enough and that was weekly now bi weekly. the betas were ok but first year was the best so far…

  • Looking forward to the LBP2 stuff, shame i’m in the UK and can’t see it.

  • A Qore episode is between 1-2GB which takes about 1 hour to download on a good connnction. Then there’s like 1 hour of content to watch and it’s all over like 3 games. I get a lot more for a lot less out of paper distributions.

    What Qore offers for content is great, but there just isn’t enough there. The arcade is ok, but it got super boring, super fast. The downloads provided are rarely worth the time it takes to download.

    Something needs to change with Qore. I’ll probably renew for 1 more year to give Qore time to grow, but that’s all the more I can give before becoming too frustrated to pay the cost.

  • @MalcolmHB

    Yep, I have been on Home lately… and I used to be on Home a lot. It’s better yes, but what’s so frustrating is that even after so long, it hasn’t improved much in the sections where it NEEDS to. As a result, I really haven’t logged on Home in a few months now and this is coming from someone who practically used it almost daily.

    As for Qore, the free DLC is nice and I’m looking forward to the LBP2 info. Hopefully they can share with us new things that haven’t been announced yet and of course, see it in glorious HD :)

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I still can’t believe Lil Evil beat BJ at one point in his life, goes to show you that anything can happen.

  • Continued…
    Do you guys also pick the game people are less interested in. Princes of Persia? UFC?

    I think the majority of people here would want to see RDR, Alpha Protocol, and MGS Peace Walker rather than Prince of Persia and UFC. As a paid service, you guys fail to have any kind of connection with your subscriber and it shows in the quality of the title you choose to have in each month Episode or the lack of titles. Hell even have title we are interested in is feature a month after it is release (God of War 3). We can understand the lack of betas because none is currently going on publicly on the PS3. However, the lack of early quality demos, avatars, and dynamic themes just hows Qore lack of connection with its user-base.

  • So thats why it is late, Little big planet 2 was in there. Thats a good reason.

  • Well, if I may be a lighthouse in this storm of negativity……

    I’ve been looking forward to this episode ever since the AvP event. I love all of this month’s features, especially Home! I can’t wait!

    And I know a lot of people looking forward to this episode, as well.

  • Oh that’s cool on the Qore exclusives for Home. Is the PoP theme dynamic or static?

  • This episode almost looks like a re-hash of the last episode of Game Trailers TV, well except for LBP2. I really hope there is a ton of info on the game. And not just a little 2 minute excerpt…

  • If they don’t specificly say Dynamic, it’s not.

  • @24 actually the Heavy Rain blog didn’t initially mention dynamic, then it was lated edited to reflect that it was. So it’s a fair question.

  • wow, people crying about qore. noooo way.

    sorry kids the beta you bought it for wasn’t worth a year of crying. this is just a gaming mag gone digital.

  • I am a day one subscriber to qore and I didn’t realize how upset people are with it, the first year was great it seemed like I was getting an e-mail with a major download almost every month. I didn’t really expect it to continue that strong (they were supporting a new service after all), but I am really hoping that they pick up the pace a little more after this relatively dry year.

  • they didn’t say if there will be any downloads for subscribers witch means they ript us off or there giding somthing

  • hiding somthing

  • @spydudefx

    “And finally, many of you have been asking for dynamic themes, and this month, all Qore subscribers can access a new Heavy Rain dynamic theme. For those of you familiar with the game, this dynamic theme takes place at the crime scene, complete with patrolling officers, police cars, and plenty of rain, of course. Even if you haven’t gotten into Heavy Rain yet, this dynamic theme is still pretty cool on its own.”

    Doesn’t look like they edited a thing.

  • You guys can forget about me renewing for the 3rd time. Piece of crap service had us all fooled for the first year.

  • BTW, PS Home is for pedos.

  • I’m still thinking renewal here. They better have beta invent to DC Online what happen to that game? lol. And please get rid of free Bowling game.

  • Yeah, I am also one of the people who will not be resubbing to Qore. Sorry, but the content itself was very lackluster and didn’t offer anything we couldn’t get from the Web in general and oftentimes before the Qore episode, lacked any demos that weren’t available elsewhere, and have provided no extras for the cost. Heck, my GameInformer subscription was more useful and gave me the same information as Qore sometimes 2 months in advance of the Qore episodes.

  • Agree to #32. 12 year old girl try ask me out. I told her no. It was so weird I think she want a friend but, I’m to old be that friend. That’s why I hardly go to home. Where the parents in this? And I thought home was 13+ it really should be 16+. Beside I’m kinda shy when it comes to talking to home. That one girl she message me via message on the console that creep me out lol.

  • My main complaint every month with Qore is not the lack of free bonuses (as they are just that, bonuses), It is that they cover games as if they are doing an infomercial. There is NEVER an objective view of the game in question. They go to the dev and do a fluff piece for 3 minutes, then say ‘WOW that looks great, pick it up soon’. This is my major complaint. Give us some more meat, and at least attempt to take an objective look at these games. I’ve been subscribing since the first episode, gave them a second chance when the renewal came up but they’ve lost me on this, I WILL NOT be renewing again.

  • Do you really expect hard hitting questions?

    Do you really think Veronica is going to ask stuff like “Why does the framrate suck?” or “What’s up with the Jaggies?” or something?

    If you’re expecting anything less then softball questions pre-approved by the games PR people, you’re looking in the wrong place for your video game coverage.

    The Downloadable goodies are what made Qore worthwhile. Year two has had no downloadable goodies thus isn’t worthwhile.

  • @krae_man lol that wasn’t the original edit but good points about the questions. I agree with you on the downloadables, wish they did more exclusive content. This month is good with both Home and LBP content but we need more subscriber exclusives.

  • Lack of free downloads again!

  • For once I wish Kevin would respond to the complaints of subscribers instead of just post and Run.

  • I wonder what’s going to happen with Qore when (and if?) PSN Premium launches. Hoping Sony announces that at E3 next month.

  • I am going to ask Veronica Belmont if she will Marry me! :D
    Worth a go;)

  • Count me out as a third time subscriber, Qore sucks and is obviously not getting any better. Ive got one more month on my second subscription, I gave you guys three moths to come up with ANY quality DL goodies, and the best you come up with is a F%^*ing Qore hat for home? Really? Count me out, I hope qore fades away into oblivion, Uber Failure.

  • Yes Kevin I wish you can reply back why Crappy free bowling game? We need something new next month? Any word on DC Online Beta?

  • If Premium PSN happens Qore should be free part of it. Which means it wont, it will continue on in its current form as a complete waste of money.

  • PoP is just GREAT! XD

  • Home is awesome! what are you guys talking about?! I’ll take the Hat and T-shirt I missed, thank you very much guys! can’t wait to see u all in Home! laterrr

  • I LOVE Home. Use it daily. To hell with the Home bashers, they’re just tools imo. Typical inter-tard gamers who go around the internet bashing anything they aren’t a fan of. These people aren’t gamers, they’re idiots.

    @16. If it takes you an hour to download an episode of Qore, I assure you, you do NOT have fast internet. I’m on Verizon FIOS, using wireless on a router that is FAR away from my PS3 and only get around 75% signal strength and it takes me about 10-12 minutes per Gigabyte.

    I’m happy enough with Qore. Obviously this year wasn’t as good as last year. But it’s right on track with the betas, it’s just there hasn’t been a new free game this year. I think Zen Pinball or PAIN would be nice.

    About UFC 2012 and Jens Pulver being an exclusive character. He’s not the only PS3 exclusive character. No websites that have done a preview have even mentioned the exclusive PS3 content. It’s so lame they try and hide that fact. The exclusive characters are LEGENDS too, it’s not like they are nobodies. Jens Pulver, Dan Severn and ROYCE Friggin’ GRACIE!!!! Not to mention 5 exclusive Ultimate Fight events. THQ needs to come to the blag and let people know, because other sites just aren’t.

  • I miss the ps3 demos/beta invites. But, sony, you can make up for this if on a future episode of qore by Veronica interviewing Kevin Butler. I think its a win-win situation. Or a Kevin Butler theme.

  • yeah that was prity good. i payed 25 for a year and got full games and also betas, add-ons and themes. for the last while all i have been getting was themes. please upload some free full version games again. i loved it when they did that. but now they are getting cheap. i mean yeah we still get more then what we payed for but i still like games and when i do themes i make them my own

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