ModNation Racers: Win the Keys to a Real ModNation-Inspired Kart!

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What’s up ModNation fans!

This year at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, we teamed up with talented artist Jeremiah Garcia, the super-cool band Passion Pit, and an amazing non-profit group called Global Inheritance to create a one-of-a-kind custom ModNation Racer golf kart!

ModNation Racers: Win Passion Pit's Solar Powered ModNation Ride!

Check out the video below to see how this kart went from the ModNation Racers championship circuit to Coachella!

This custom, real-life vehicle features:

  • Solar panels to fuel both your kart and PS3
  • 32″ Sony Bravia TV and PS3 to get your game on
  • Custom paint job that melds the art style of Passion Pit with the signature feel of ModNation Racers
  • Sweet headlights
  • Grass carpets (it’s a golf kart!)
  • Crosshairs (stay on target!)
  • ModNation custom license plate graphic
  • and more!

So what could be cooler than watching this kart in action? Owning it!

That’s right, ModNation fans, you could grab the keys to this ModNation Racers kart by entering the sweepstakes.

Good luck and check back on the page for more Passion Pit ModNation Racers kart action.

**P.S. Don’t forget: the ModNation PSP demo hits the PSN Store today!

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  • who would play a ps3 in a kart lol-2 each his own

  • ProjectInfiniti


  • This is tight, I’m gonna enter and win!! JK. But, hey, the codes that gave us don’t work. Wassup wit that?

  • US only, too bad :(

  • @3: They will work when the game is released.

  • @dono_1994 the town I grew up in was connected by golf cart paths. When we were kids we could go across town to a friend’s house, skatepark, amphitheater, the store, a restaurant, or wherever we wanted in town on golf carts. I would have loved to have something like that.

    Still would.

  • i cant wait for this game

  • I hope whoever gets it can still drive with the tv in front of him/her!

  • Hopefully I’ll win :)… I’ve been looking forward to this game forever and my girlfriend could finally get a HDTV like me! Anyone know if it’s a 120Hz tv?

  • Passion Pit seems to be getting a lot of love from the Play. Create. Share teams. I like!

  • Oh Man I Can’t Wait For This Game! Had it pre ordered for months! and I got my cousin to pre order it too! Any word if any premium avatars for PSN are coming? I would buy and love ModNation avatars!

  • Soo many contests not open to Canadians :(

  • is there going to be a ps3 demo?

  • Chuck plz give us the ps3 demo by next tuesday!!!!!

  • this wait for the ps3 demo is CRAZY!!!!!!! God i hope it comes out next tuesday.

  • Hmm… Solar powered? I would only want to play at night, I just hate glare too much. I would definately taking this golfing though unless there’s no room for my clubs.
    It looks really cool.

  • Red Dead Redemption comes out on Tuesday. Can’t say I’ll care much for the PS3 demo if they finally release it next week. I guess I’ll play it sometime after the game is released. The insane amount of advertising without a demo release has actually killed some of my excitement for this game.

  • My girlfriend and I can’t wait for this game! We’re already taking notes on ideas for karts, mods, and tracks. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

    The contest seems really cute and that seems like the least practical cart ever made. Its like the Fig Newton decal in Taladega Nights, haha. Hope I win!

  • I wish we woulda get a ps3 demo today… woulda been nice

  • this is the same sweepstakes thats been displayed in the “whats new ” section of the xmb , that when you click on it . it takes you to a submission form that doesnt work in the ps3 browser … and still doesnt . (mildly frustrated ) …. but keeping quiet anyway.

  • Hmm, I’m used to contest’s not being available to my fellow Canucks and I, but why is it also not eligible in Florida and New York?

  • “Warm up with the PSP Demo today!”

    I don’t have a PSP. I’ve got big hands so I’ve never really cared for handheld systems =/

  • EmperorLawlight

    Will we get a patch for the loading times?

  • Why are you sending emails telling people that the Modnation Racers demo is up on the store today to the same people you emailed early access download codes for?

  • Can’t wait for the PS3 Demo but better yet, can’t wait till the full game comes out.

  • That’s a golfcar, not a kart. And he should’ve cut the roof off. The TV is just ridiculous, not in a good way.

  • Good to know that a PS3 demo is on the way. I missed out on the beta, but really want to try ModNation Racers out before buying it.

    I also hope that you guys are going to patch the load times, as they are the only big con the game is getting.

  • This game just keeps getting better! now i real life kart inspired by the game!! cant wait to see whats next and hopefully ill win. itll be a nice change to how i roll around and even golf lol

  • yh, that go-kart looks AMAZING! XD
    Even if its not proper =P

  • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • So, how do you drive that silly thing with a TV screen in the way?

    Or is it intended to stay parked and broken in the garage, like other solar-powered vehicles?

    Ever try watching TV outdoors in the sunlight, by the way?

  • omg thanks for the reply chuck your the Best (i mean it)

  • I saw this in the sony tent at coachella looks pretty awesome in person . Also I enjoyed the demo that was up in the tent. Looking forward to this game!

  • haha i have a golf cart and its camoflouge and i have another one too XD

  • if i enter and win i will take the HDTV and Ps3 out :( un less its waterproof me and my cuz roll these over too much and even had a demolition derby before lol

  • How well does a PS3 hard drive hold up when driven over bumps and potholes? How about the LCD screen – crackproof?

    I predict this is just a future laundry-drying rack in the garage of the “lucky” winner.

  • Now why would they release the demo the week before the release when Red Dead comes out? I want to get this game when it comes out but I’ll be too addicted to Red Dead to leave and I can’t even try the game before it releases. Grr, why couldn’t it be released this week?

  • So we get the Demo on Tuesday ;D, Oh Btw how come in UK we don’t get an store update till Wednesday?

  • Releasing a demo would be dumb at this point. Sony failed to capture the Red Dead audience. They had the opportunity to release a PS3 demo and compete against Red Dead. Most people aren’t going to drop $120 in 2 weeks on a game.. some will. Why they released the PSP twice…is beyond me. The PSN update was pointless because it was already put into Qore and then emailed out to everyone anyway. Just my .02 cents.

  • This is a game I’m really anxious to get it seems like a good racing game. Can’t wait until it releases.

  • I downloaded the demo version, but how do I get the full version?? and where do I go to go get it??

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