ModNation Artist Spotlight: Toy Designer Huck Gee brings his “Art” to Life

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The guys in United Front Games weren’t just inspired by the art and toys of the Urban Vinyl scene, they loved how the movement gave talented people a new way to express themselves. It gave artists a new way to be seen and to get recognized for their talents.

ModNation Racers: Huck Gee's "Skullhead"ModNation Racers: Huck Gee

We hope ModNation Racers will be a way people can share their imagination with the world, just like these artists got to do with vinyl toys.

ModNation Racers: Huck Gee

This week, the Artist Spotlight stays in the world of Urban Vinyl to meet another one of its superstars, Huck Gee.

In this Spotlight, Huck shows us some of his favorite toys, boots up ModNation to bring his “Skullhead” character to life, and STILL has time to have a RACE with fellow vinyl artist, Jesse Hernandez!

ModNation Racers: Huck Gee's "Ninja' ModNation Racers: Huck Gee's "Ninjas'

Huck not only has made a sweet career designing toys for companies like Kidrobot, but is one of the few vinyl artists featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was great to see how he was able to realize his vision with the game’s tools and ultimately race it.

We can’t wait for you to do the same.

15 days and counting!

Any ideas on what you’re going to make?

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  • Those Ninjas Rock!

  • I’d rather play Mario Kart. $60 for a cart racing game, oh please.

    • Hey, each to his or her own. But to quote IGN, ModNation is-

      “much more than just a kart racing game”


  • I’ve been waiting all day for this. You guys should keep doing spotlights even after the game is for sale.

  • I’d like to make a PS3 demo appear

  • Can’t wait for this game! But Will there be a ps3 demo?

  • ayo chuck.
    well I have lots of ideas right now but im gonna make some aztec or ancient civilization mods and tracks and for the karts im going to continue making karts based on countries.
    like these.

  • Fun that you brought back Jesse Hernandez to play against Huck Gee. A vinyl art fight, on the track of course.

    BTW, what is the song that was playing in the background?

    As for what I’m going to make. I have a few ideas. Gonna make a track based on the town I grew up in and also a track based on my favorite number 8.

    • Looking forward to that! The song is from the in-game soundtrack which I must say is pretty darn good.

  • @2 i agree. this game is so stupid. no wonders its only for the evil ps3.

  • Chuck, I don’t know what else to ask, Modnation Racers looks to good to question.

  • Man his skullhead mod is sweet, only 2 more weeks of waiting!

  • The only track I have planned right now is a sort roller coaster mine-cart track. Thus, it will be interesting to find out how exactly tunnels will work and if I can do the you’re-in-a-cave feeling diligence.

    • I will confirm that you can totally have an “in-cave” track. One of my favorite in-game tracks is called “Miner’s Rift”.

      Keep on concepting, you’ll be building it soon enough!

  • Why isn’t the load time fix for the final game? I remember UF saying that they fix the long load time, but early video says otherwise

    @2 Chuckbait
    Isn’t Mario Card also a stupid cart racing game that is $60?

    @7 Standard_Gamer
    Why are you on the PS blog if the PS3 is evil?

  • Can’t wait till game comes, i already preordered on gamestop. Also do you when the ps3 demo comes out?

  • Napoleon dynamite
    simpsons. (same look as the characters from simpsons road rage)
    some other famous characters

  • Not Mario Kart 64 :)

    I actually think the game looks decent…just not my type of game. So I was just playing devil’s advocate.

    (Mario Kart, not card.) My point is this game should be downloadable and not $60. But if it sells well, more power to ya.

    • All opinions are welcome. Karting isn’t for everyone. But MNR isn’t just racing, it about building your tracks, characters and karts. That kind of experience is a bit bigger than a downloadable game for PS3. Hope you give it a spin when the demo comes out. :)

  • Hey Chuck don’t listen to haters!
    Anyways today I won the DLC you talked about last week, but the code is invalid. I know I don’t have the game, bit i thought once we get the code we can nter it the PSN network to have it saved in our Download box. When will the code go live?

  • I’m still waiting for a video with naughty dog ;), mario kart is fun, but being able to make your own tracks and characters, nothing beats that

  • *sigh* I’ve given up on a PS3 demo anytime soon. At least I got a code for the Air Raid DLC from Gamespot today. Thanks for the heads-up on that, Chuck.

  • That’s good to hear. Really good, actually. Day one buy for me. I should probably get another controller now too.


    15 days left huh?

    Still thinking about that time machine

    Anyway demo releases tomorrow i so want to get that
    i have media go for playstation store access
    how much will it cost for psp?
    hope you’ll know it by now!!!!

  • I am hoping to make a track thats under water. Glass tunnel hopefully?

    Also there is no way I can decide on what my racer will look like yet. Maybe a T.V. guy racing on a PS3 kart?

  • How many more of these Artist Spotlights can we expect? I want to see more game developers.^_^

  • I like this guys style much better than the other guy. I’d like to see him make characters out of Modnation. *hint hint* He did a great job on his Mod too.
    I hope there’s a patch coming for the load times, I’m already getting this game but it was a deal breaker for an online buddy.

  • sorry to post this on the wrong board, but there’s some a-hole that is bad-mouthing u guys in the comment section of one of my ideas(Modnations Racers PSP DLC), so if u, Sony, could do something, please do. Thank u

  • LBP2 will feature cart racing!? *GASP*
    Watch out MNR you better be thinking of the future. that might be the app killer you have been fearing (just kidding)

    Cant wait!

    • Congrats to Media Molecule for their recent announcement! It’s going to a LBP Holiday. (After a MNR Summer that is!)


  • Having vinyl artists featured in artist spotlights was a stroke of genius. Really cool stuff and this one really highlights how easy the tools are. Only 2 weeks left! I’m hoping the demo comes out tomorrow. I’ve been itching to race since the beta ended.

  • When making a track, can you make the road split into different ways you want it to go? Such as shortcuts, junctions, etc?

  • That guy was alot better than the Jesse guy. But my bets for the next 2 mondays are naughty dog and of course, Media Molecule.

    Anyway, snatched up my DLC off gamespot, and was wondering if you could answer when we redeem them? I’m assuming the 25th but just curious. And can i haz demoz plz? =)

  • i got the gamespot codes, and i’m sure there’s still more available. I don’t doubt modnation will be a good game, but it is very slightly depressing how the play create share genre features a forced story mode in order to unlock stuff. i’d prefer if it was all available from the getgo, and then i could do the story at my leisure >.>”

    • Believe me, there is a ton of stuff available to use without playing the story mode. But with that said, the story mode is tons of fun and isn’t a chore at all. (unless you just don’t like racing.)

  • Are all the mods, and karts featured in the weekly ModNation Artist Spotlight going to be in the game, or FREE DLCs?

  • @28: All to their own of course, but I’m the opposite. From what I’ve seen, the campaign will be awesome with 3 tasks for each race that will be increasingly difficult. It should be given that you get awarded for completing them. And it will feel much better when you know you worked hard for it.

  • I SOOOOO want those “Hello my name is” figures may i please have one!

  • I’ll probably pick it up once the long loading times are patched. That was the main problem from the beta and it still seems like a problem.

  • Game looks great but think Sony should have gone for a slightly cheaper price point. There is a lot of chatter about the long loading times too so I hope UFG are working hard to reduce them before release.

  • I’m really excited for this game, but my one concern is the load times. Hopefully, we get a demo tmr so I can see for myself just how long they are (hopefully not very)

  • I played the BETA and this game is VERY IMPRESSIVE! Mario Kart was FUN…but this game is just BETTER! IMO. From the CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS to the weapons,which might seem simple but they are very effective,this game is a MUST HAVE KART RACER.I honestly cant wait for the demo…which i hope is out b4 the ease my anxiousness :p Thanks SONY for support such GREAT GAME DEVs.- IT ONLY DOES XCLUSIVES!!! lol

  • Modnation Racers looks great and there have been some rave reviews but I’m really concerned with this “very long load times” business I keep hearing. Especially considering this game has an install I’m thinking it wasn’t designed very well. I’m hoping this is the number one thing your looking into tweaking after release (especially considering how much UC2 was sped up for loading online games).

    All that been said I still look forward to a demo and plan on buying it when it arrives.

  • I heard it will be $30 for PSP but is that the same price for PSP go owners or is it a different price? Just want to make sure and please read what I posted on #23, thank u

  • Also I heard the drifting was criticized in a review I read of the PSP version. Any thoughts on that if any?

  • I really can’t wait. I want to create some WWE Superstars and Hayley Williams of Paramore lol

  • This game looks truly incredible. The game that I spent the most time on when I had my PS1 was Crash Team Racing, so I was really excited to see Sony doing another great Kart Racer!!

    I’m so glad that I pre-ordered it!

  • Dude I now want this game. IGN just convinced me. By the way is the trophy Knocking Boost a reference to Gamescoop?

  • cool stuff… can’t wait to pick it up at Gamestop

  • what the heck? mario kart? why are you talking about such a poor developed game with SOOO many restrictions and no freedom to do anything but race. weak. MRN is going to revolutionize gaming in ways that mario will piss his pants. you cant tell me that after watching this video that you didnt want this game. you just saw that anything is possible and lets be honest, how many mario games let you create your own stuff? lbp and mrn are the only games that give you so much freedom as a gamer that it inspires you to want to do more. i want to be a game developer and i want to use this creation idea on other games. man i cant wait for this game. i love the freedom the options and how cool this game looks. i LOVE my ps3 and no one can beat what they have created here. mario your old and repetative, you need to get a new gig. i think i saw daisy with sac boy. thank you so much UFG for this game. i have already pre-ordered and any dlc you release will be mine.

  • Two things. Are the load time going to be fixed via a patch or before the release? Also, have you been in Talks about doing any more PS3 exclusives with Sony? If the game sells well, maybe a sequel? I saw you guys are working on True Crime, but what else? Thanks. I know its a loaded paragraph, but hey, im curious.

  • ^^^It would be nice to know about load times, it’s a huge thing with anyone who is on the fence about this game. I’m getting the game regardless because it looks like a ton of fun. But please, try to find out for us. Thanks.

  • @spunnups
    The load time can’t be ‘fixed’ because it isn’t broken. However, I do agree that it would be nice if it was reduced.

    What I’m curious is how it would work. I’m hoping it’s something that can be amended with a patch. If it turns into something where they ship a new disc entirely in a couple of months, I might be forced to get a little mad. I have more faith than that, though, and assume this is something UFG can work through!

  • @Jak I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the LBP load times were reduced by a small amount after release. I’m a patient person, but most aren’t which is why i impose the question. I doubt I will get an answer for this question.

  • Sounds good. I don’t mind the wait. I like to think I’m patient too!

  • heartgamingmufin

    its really hard to decide when there r games like greenday rock band comin out.getting green day will leave a pretty bad sense in my outh,but theyre too awesome.


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