Coming to PSN: BioShock 2 Rapture Metro DLC

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Hello there! I’m Jordan Thomas, creative director of BioShock 2, returning with another PlayStation.Blog post to offer a few thoughts about the Rapture Metro downloadable content pack and the free Kill ‘em Kindly downloadable mode that we’re releasing simultaneously tomorrow, May 11th, 2010.

So, both of these DLC offerings are multiplayer-focused. The Rapture Metro Pack contains a rank increase to 50 and, when you reach it, you’ll win the opportunity to begin anew with Rebirth mode. This resets you to Rank 1 with a Golden Bunny Mask, and a prestigious indicator next to your name to taunt lesser organisms. But wait — there’s more!

If you make it all the way to 50 again, you secure the coveted Golden Bucket, which basically tells the world that you’re so damn good you don’t have to care.

More meatily, the Rapture Metro Pack contains six new playable locations from Rapture’s history, many of them offering a distinctly different tactical focus than the original set we shipped with in BioShock 2. Design lessons from the live release of the shipping maps have been taken heavily into account with these babies.

Fighting McDonagh's

Let me give you the nickel tour:

Pauper’s Drop: The Hooverville-like shanty which sprang up during the construction of the Atlantic Express. With long sightlines and open courtyards at the center, the Drop opens up opportunities for honest-to-gosh sniping in a way that our release maps weren’t as focused around.

Dionysus Park: The single best example of the gleaming, Utopia-in-peril setting of the BioShock Multiplayer experience, Dionysus Park is an art gallery owned by Sofia Lamb. It appeared in the BioShock 2 single player component as a filth-encrusted, recently flooded garden of goop. But here in 1959, all that pain and decay have been peeled away, and it can be enjoyed in its original, golden splendor. Territory and security control feature prominently in the park’s tactical terrain.

Fontaine Fisheries: A key location from the original BioShock, the Fisheries were home to Fontaine and his gangland allies. It’s symmetrical in nature, with the icy freezers as the center of conflict. You’ll battle through dock areas, salt ponds, and more as you make shady new friends and then gut them like fish.

Fighting McDonagh’s: This is a zoomed-in, intimate look at one of the Fisheries’ most famous locations. The Fighting McDonagh’s tavern was the favored watering hole of the city’s underclass, who took the frustration of their broken utopian dreams out on each other in sponsored boxing matches. It’s dense and highly interconnected, serving up plenty of chances for a close-range ambush.

Smuggler’s Hideout: This cavernous, once-secret location was where Fontaine’s smuggling operation docked a private submarine and moved contraband into Rapture, daring Andrew Ryan to stop the people getting what they wanted. The bulk of it favors long range skirmishing, but it has a number of back routes and semi-secret tunnels to help you sneak up on snipers and ventilate ‘em.

Siren Alley: Shaped like a big, sexy donut, Siren Alley was the red-light district in Rapture. The looping path means it’s easy to find the action, and the footbridges and overlooks allow you to snipe from higher ground. Shortcuts through the interior flophouses give you a chance to bushwhack someone whether they take the high road or the low.

The Rapture Metro Pack also challenges you to earn three new Trophies, because hey — you’re going to want something to show Rapture who’s top dog.


Finally, let’s talk about the free Kill ‘em Kindly mode. This melee-only game is all about stalking the dripping halls with a golf club and looking for prey — and then bludgeoning all & sundry to death. You might also offer a pithy quip of some kind, espousing your personal philosophy to the sub-human lump of gristle who had the temerity to face you on the field of battle. It’s entirely up to you.

It’s kind of a playable in-joke for BioShock fans. I probably don’t need to explain why.

Did I mention that it’s free? Have fun!

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  • BodymoreSlumdog

    This news made my arms start to seizure, holla.

  • How about some Single Player DLC?

    The Multiplayer is dead.

  • Is the multiplayer any good? I never did pick up BS2, but I adored the first one. What do you guys think of Bioshock 2?

  • I am glad it is free. You guys already publicly acknowledge that you charged for DLC already on the disk.

  • I like Bioshock 2 more than the first one. I have not yet explored the multiplayer

  • I agree. I want some single player DLC. How about cheats that become unlockable after you beat the game for starters? How about “New Game Plus”? Something, anything.

  • Mr Jordan Thomas here on the blog? Well sir, Bioshock 2 is easily my favorite game this year and one of my favorites of all time. Thank you for making it so good. :)

  • So I guess the new patch won’t land tomorrow then? Any ETA when the fixes are coming?

  • as others have pointed out, how bout some single player DLC (not useless costumes or a couple of new plasmids)

  • I really love Bioshock 2, but sadly I’ll never platinum the game, no one is ever on the multiplayer, which is why I hate multiplayer trophies.

  • I still won’t buy this game due to the BS you guys pulled with DLC before. Good luck losing all future sales from me. I’m sure others will boycott you too.

  • borderlands should get some free DLC’S…..

  • @3
    No, it’s like a 1999 First-Person Shooter for the PC.

  • Got rid of this long ago. Next time you make a “sequel,” please at least attempt to make it distinguishable from the previous game. I’m not a fan of cash-ins.

  • Why is the Flying Spaghetti Monster ignoring my pleas for a Modnation Racers PS3 demo?

  • Since Bioshock 2’s release, the online has been unstable and laggy. They released DLC already on the disc that exchanges dollars for skill before addressing the broken online.

    I stopped playing the game because they obviously care about making MORE money before fixing the game I originally paid for.

    The multiplayer was a lot of fun…when it occationally worked.

    Sorry 2K, you lost me as a customer. Will be purchasing your games 2nd hand in the future.

  • 2K10 Fans Every-Where

  • StealthReborn--

    This is great news! I will definitely be picking this up tomorrow along with the two characters. :) Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more DLC in the future. :)

  • the multiplayer in this game was so cut and paste, so generic, such a waste of time. I can’t believe I wasted 20 hours of my life on that crap just to get a platinum.

    This is why I mainly hate multi-player, those stupid trophies you have to grind for that show nothing about your skill, just how long you’re willing to play.

  • New Game Plus would be awesome for single player.

  • They need to stop wasting time on Disc Locked content and get real downloadable content. Also they need to fix the issues with online before doing anything related to online. Every other game I’m getting kicked out of and having to wait another 5 to 10 minutes to find a party. It’s pathetic.

  • I loved Bioshock 1 and 2, but I don’t plan on going on the multiplayer sorry guys =(. Bioshock is more of a singleplayer thing for me, too many games with multiplayer out there it’s hard to keep up with them all.

    I hope you bring some singleplayer DLC down the line. I’ll definitely buy that. Also hopefully you take out manditory multiplayer trophies from Bioshock 3. I platinumed the first game but I won’t bother with the 2nd because I don’t want to play the multiplayer just for trophies.

  • Awesome trailer. lol

  • Dear Mr. Thomas,

    You and your colleagues are doing it all wrong. The new maps should be free along with the new mode. By charging money for maps, you’re splitting the online player base between those who have paid and those who have not. Instead, simply charge money for huge numbers of masks, melee weapons, characters, clothing accessories, and hell … maybe even a few well balanced weapons or plasmids to seal the deal. People would still buy your DLC packs and the population of online players would be insured: That lasting number of online players would, in turn, be around to keep spending.


  • Awesome! Looks like i’m coming back to Bioshock 2! Continue with the free Bioshock 2 content please! :D

  • I downloaded the update and multiplayer is now more broken than it ever was. I guess I was luckly been playing it (multi) for the last week or so and have knoticed a little bit of lag and a game crash once in a great while. But NOW it has gotten so bad I can’t even finish a game without it crashing and sending me out to the main menu. What did you guys do???????

  • This is like music to my ears! Thanks for adding some new maps to this great game. I love the online so much bc its actually fun. More dlc please!

  • thanx for the free dlc:)

  • what about a x2 xp next time?

  • I’m looking forward to the new maps and melée mode. But I can’t believe that the preorder bonus of the two characters Ziggo and Blanche are now available to buy??? Why did I preorder??? Also why is it I can only see how much my character has spliced when they have been slaughtered and lying on the ground? Maybe an update so at the character select screen you can choose to see model spliced depending on your level gained.

  • No! Single player DLC. Take Bioshock back to it’s roots and drop the MP portion. Now 2K is doing the MP for B3 and it will take critical creative minds away from what’s really important. My interest in 2K/Bioshock is fading away fast.

  • Like some of the people here said, single-player DLC please. Maybe something to explain what happened to Tenenbaum after she ran away with the Little Sisters. And multiplayer is kinda unstable. My games keep ending with a message saying I couldn’t connect to the host. And it takes such a long time to find a game. I haven’t even tried Turf War or Adam Grab and Team Adam Grab because I couldn’t find a game, even after heading upstairs to grab a snack and some drinks. And like wOnKi said, show us the character after he get’s spliced. It would be easier to make them look cool if we could see how hideous they became after splicing their genes. Still, might get this instead of the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack. If this was $5 though, I’d definitely buy both since I only have $10 to spend.

  • @32 this pack is FREE. save your money.
    I got this game last week for a cool $22 and all I got to say Single player is good and haven’t made it to multi player yet. Why do people complaine about nobody is in multi player? Get some new friends and U won’t have that problem.Go to the fourms and ask pleople to play. Can’t wait to see what the multi player is about. :)

  • @33 Even if you added new friends it wouldn’t boost the community. I actually happen to have liked the multi-player in terms of how it played, but it was laggy and the community was pretty dead. Just adding a couple of friends isn’t going to change it. It’ll just mean you and a couple of friends, instead of yourself, will be sitting around waiting for people to join. Not that I’m criticizing the Bioshock2 people for that, outside of the MW, BC, Socoms the online community for PSN shooters is usually abysmal.

    @Jordan Thomas/Mr. Thomas: I hope the next Bioshock/System Shock is a spiritual successor since Rapture is getting old. That aside, great game, personal GOTY at the moment.

  • @34 OK don’t try it?

  • hey guys, add mi to my psn. psn: dokma

  • I gave up on the multi-player a while ago. I tried playing last night since I heard there was a patch. Tried to get into a lobby for 10 min and was unsuccessful. Guess I wont be buying. Too bad because the multi-player is really fun when you can get into a match.

  • silverthehedgeh

    can we get a fix for the MP as waiting to finding then waiting 60 seconds isnt fun as well as after the match you must wait 60 seconds more with make people leave and then wait to find more if it drops under 6, as well as fix the lag in games as theres to much of it i have great connection so thats not why and speaking of that if the “host” disconnects you get kick to the lobby which the 60 second shows up only good thing is you keep your xp if you go up a level when it happens you reunlock some of the stuff as well so if theres a patch to fix it then thanks if not then i cant bother leveling up as it was a pain do to the above

  • PinkSerendipity

    I can’t seem to find this DLC. Where do I go exactly to download it? From the PlayStation Store or the game itself?

  • It’s nice to see free DLC for this game. I avoided it because of the DLC announced at launch that was obviously included on the disk. Price on this game has dropped a lot lately, maybe I should pick it up.

  • I have been playing the multiplayer game the past two nights. Having fun. It’s comedic and scary. Comedic because all of the characters are insane, though we’d like to think that we aren’t. Scary because… all of the characters are insane.

    The game is fastpaced. Hardly a moment to appreciate where you are before you have to kill again or be killed (again). I am looking forward to terrorizing Siren Alley. Thank you very much.

  • This DLC isn’t showing up in the PS Store for me, shouldn’t it be in the “Add-Ons” section? Little help please.

  • Looks like there is a boo-boo. It will be there eventually. Hopefully before too long.

  • The updates are now available.

  • @33 Only the new game mode is free sadly. The map pack is $10. I checked the store awhile ago to download the new game mode.
    Also, looks like my problem of finding a game has been solved. Ever since the patch, I’ve been able to get a game as soon as I search for one. Well, except for the new game mode.

  • You mean Acvtivision would not approve. xD

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