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Soooooo….. see you first thing tomorrow morning? :-)

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 3, 2010)

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  • LBP 2 FTW

  • LBP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I will NOT Sleep tonight :D

  •, Ape Escape ps3 coming Q2-Q4 2010. Ape Escape will help move alot of Playstation Move’s.

  • That’s retarded, whats the point in making a little big planet 2, is it for the MOVE or something ? I love my Little big planet 1, I thought it was a game where no sequel was needed , what the heck ?

    New god of war game for psp , YES!!!!, now I’ll have something to play when I get my PSP Go(if it’s downloadable), along with Little Big planet PSP.


    Mm, we ditch games.

  • @3

    If you’ve read the supposed details already, they’re giving it a grand overhaul in what you can do as far as creation goes.

  • @5 1000000 users’ parents aren’t going to buy a casual title that their kids say “I can make stuff bettur!!” when it’s the same game.

  • @5 still fail to see the point in another Little Big Planet game, when this one is doing so well. It’s on of those games that never gets old, sequel would just make it seem like there trying to milk the game and turn it into a series.

    Also if anyone wishes to play LBP just add me: Azure_FZ.

  • Looks like some people don’t understand how games work… At all.

    LBP2 will fully support all past DLC and levels, but the full potential for the foundation has long been tapped. All of the upgrades and revisions made here are impossible to patch in. Keep playing LBP1 if you want. LBP2 is a day one buy for me, and I’ll be able to play with all the new stuff and the stuff you guys continue to make.

  • @8 I do understand how games work thank you. Just don’t see the point in making another game. Never said I wasn’t going buy it, just not day one. (Money problems really). I could have sworn MM said they weren’t going to make LBP2 because even they fail to see the point in doing so.

  • “LBP2 will fully support all past DLC and levels”. Says who?

    I’m pretty sure that if you bought the GOTY edition, the content is BUILT INTO THE DISC. Good luck playing the MGS levels in LBP 2.

  • @9

    That was the case at one point. While there are A LOT of possibilities in LBP, they certainly aren’t endless, and you’re limited to side-scrolling platformers. That isn’t true in LBP2. You can make RTS, shooters, and even tweak enemy AI with emotions/fears. You can even remap the control scheme on vehicles you make.

    There is no doubt that LBP1 certainly still has life, but LBP2 sounds so much better.

  • Can’t wait to see what’s in store for LittleBigPlanet 2! This ought to be an interesting announcement!

  • mad cos theyre making another LBP? guess some ppl always will complain …

    me, i cant wait. and im still active on LBP(for the record)

  • @11 Well I guess you do have a interesting point.

    Though still kinda iffy on the whole new game thing.

  • Jeff what gives? You been posting less and less each week. You lack of involvement is making me feel like the blog is going to die soon :(

    oh and this week was meh until the reveal of LBP2. Man LBP2 sound just too awesome and I hope it is release this year with Resistance 3 and InFAMOUS 2 :)

  • lbp2 sounds like its going 2 be awsome & i can’t wait 2 see what u guys at Sony show at E3

  • Still no mention of Tecmo Bowl Throwback.

  • Funny how LBP users have labored to create dynamic controls, and then Mm just shows up and makes it sound so simple. You get “direct control seats”. FAIL.

  • http:**

    Oops got moderated

  • LBP 2!!!! From what I’ve seen they said you can create your own genres (rpg, fighting, racing, shooter) instead of just levels in LBP 2. Plus Red Dead Redemption in 9 days and then Mod Nation Racers!!!

    Also, CHELSEA CHAMPIONS OF 2009/2010!!!

    Can’t wait for FIFA 11 where the EPL badge will be gold instead of white. :) Great day for me.

  • “Soooooo….. see you first thing tomorrow morning? :-)” – Haha, we all know what he’s talking about. Sony knew what they were doing when this thing leaked, they were waiting for the LBP 2 time bomb to go off, and it definitely has by now…honestly, I think we all knew it was coming. There was so much suspicious behavior and other things going on that were pointing to it. What I love about all this is that Sony & Media Molecule never fail to surprise me! The new LBP 2 screenshots look STUNNING and there is going to be so much more to explore with this game once we get more details and then eventually get our hands on it. Nice move Sony…Nice Move! ;)

  • CitizenInsane27

    Very glad that rumor turned truth quickly, all the details that were spilled are VERY awesome. Can’t wait to see more.

  • I hope modnation’s loading problem doesn’t ruin the game, it’s the only thing holding me back from pre-ordering

  • haha nice first words Jeff, cant wait for the reveal.


    So many people in Europe tried to download the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2, that the Europe PlayStation Store broke down. :o

  • Nice to see that Bioware is fixing Dragon Age. I haven’t had any issues with it since the patch, but a number of my friends have and it’s turning them off of the game.

  • I thought this blog was gonna get a redesign? Is that still happening? I mean, besides just changing it white?

  • Hmmm. as i was shopping this morning i passed the magazine rack and caught a glimpse of an article that says “The SIMS 3 ” is coming to console . Not certain if that meant the PS3 or not , but it certainly peaked my interest .I found the PC version hilarious to play .

  • Modnation looks epic! cant wait! just a few days left! IDC about the loads something like that cant ruin a piece of art like this!

  • @29

    It is coming to X/PS3/Wii/DS this fall


  • I know the 1st blog post tomorrow will be about LBP2!!! :)

  • Hey jeff i would like to know if u scea will do a big sale on the playstation store regarding the psp games cause either march or april cause scee did a big sale on on huge psp games in one week games like little big planet, god of war:coo, tekken 6, wwe svr10 and lots of other psp games soul calibur as well y havent sony in america done this yet soo many games like resistance retribution needs a price cut but yet still nothing y?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      That was a mouthful!

      We’ve been doing sales every week, really, and I know that’ll continue throughout the Spring Fever campaign. We do different promotions than Europe at different times, usually. I read their blog, and the Europeans ask when they don’t get our sales!

      I can’t say for certain when/if what titles will go on sale when, but stay tuned to our Store posts- we put them up the second any sales go into effect.

  • A_s_s_a_s_s_i_n

    Any idea when we will get more info about The Agency?

  • i’ll see you at E3 jeff! :D

  • PSP games don’t need sales, they need a permanent significant reduction in price.

    I hope the E3 announcements include “we know how stupid we’ve been and are finally going to correct PSP downloadable game prices”.

    Oh and Hot Shots Golf 6.


    I just watched this video… I’m so disappointed I can’t get Modnation Racers if its like this. I’ve never seen a game LOAD for 30 seconds just to load the intro videos that companies put in front of their game. Its pathetic they are allowed to sell this game in this condition.


  • Hmmm…I wonder why all these new games (LBP 2, GOW:GOS) are getting announced before E3?

  • Jeff Rubenstein

    This is not an uncommon practice. There’s a *lot* of news that comes out of E3, and this way every announcement gets its day in the sun.

  • @38

    Jeff’s right. Imagine if all the hottest games for the year came out on the same day? You’d either go bankrupt or end up passing on quite a few awesome titles. Similarly, if all the hot new games get announced AT E3 then chances are some good chunks of news will slip by. This way you get a nice even spread and nothing (hopefully) goes under your radar.

  • I am willing to wait a few extra months just so GoW:GOS will be released in March. KEEP with the tradition please. I have OCD and this is bugging me lol. March is God of War month damn it lol.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I don’t think everyone would want to wait extra time for your OCD. Maybe you can just wait until March to buy it :-)


  • @ Jeff #36

    Does one have to be 18? If so, then i won’t be able to make it :(

  • I don’t know, it seems really really really soon for a LBP2. I thought with a community game that it would have a longer life span than other games, guess not.

    That Castle Crashers news came out of nowhere for me and made me a little happy though

  • I have no idea what we are talking about but SOOO getting mod nation racers and the fifa world cup south africa games both for PSP.

  • when will the release date for the new gow game gunna be and how much will it be can that be released to the public yet?

  • Ape Escape as well??? :P

  • Please announce these titles not for PS move, and for both controllers:

    Resistance 3: DS3 only
    Infamous 2: DS3 only
    StarHawk: For both PS move, and DS3
    Jack n Daxtar PS3: For both PS Move and DS3

    New MediEvil for PS3: DS3, and PS Move
    Twisted Metal as a PSN game like WarHawk: DS3 only
    Gex returns as PSN title with new Engine and gamepaly
    Jumping flash rebuilt for PS3 with new gameplay, and graphics engine…….. PS move only

    Six Days in Falucia (how do you spell that name?) Announced as a PS3 exclusive with the developer working under the PS3 banner…… For both PS move, and DS3

    NUFF SAID! EVEN if only half of this stuff is confirmed it will go a long way to show us that you support hardcore, and casual gamers alike, PS move supporters, and DS3 lovers.

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