ModNation Racers: Your Racing Career Begins Now

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Hi, it’s William Ho from United Front Games! Today, I’m going to reveal some details about the single-player Career Mode in ModNation Racers.

You are Tag, a young graffiti artist turned kart racer who enters the Mod Racing Championship (MRC for short). Tag starts off as a rookie in the Home Tour. As he wins races, he unlocks more rewards and qualifies for higher-level tours that take him to exotic races all over ModNation. Along the way, you’re pitted against the MRC’s Elite Racers. Each Elite has his or her unique visual style and driving style suited to their respective home tracks.


Jez will school you on drifting and wall riding on stunt track Drift Paradise.


Aloha knows all of the hidden shortcuts in the jungles of Lost Temple.


And Diablo is almost unbeatable on the scorched hills and valleys of Launchers Rush.

The Career Mode is both simple and deep. It’s simple in that you can blaze your way to the top of the MRC rankings by placing third or better in most races. We also have “Big Show” races — the finales for each Tour — that require you to finish in first place to qualify for the next Tour. Racking up top finishes also gets you lots of unlocks. You’ll win plenty of parts, stickers, bodies, buildings, props and more to use in your custom creations.

But for more dedicated racers, we’ve also added depth to the Career Mode. Every one of the 28 races has Payoff and Bonus Tasks that you can complete to unlock even more loot. And these tasks demand a lot of different skills. Some require maxing out your Drift and Air Points, so you’ll have to show style as well as speed. Others make you unleash the fury on your opponents, scoring a certain number of takedowns.


Some of them ask you to embarrass an Elite Racer, such as taking down Hale in front of his adoring fans on the Flaming Jumps Big Show track. Besting the Elite Racers will unlock rare unlocks, plus your embarrassed rival will challenge you to a Grudge Match. These bonus events offer a change of pace from the officially sanctioned MRC races. They can be Score Attacks, in which you out-stunt your rival. Some are One-on-One Races, in which weapons are turned off and you need pure racing skill. And then there are Thug Races, in which you have to beat your rival and his henchmen drivers. Of course, these Grudge Matches unlock even more rare rewards. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have Tokens for you to find by exploring the 28 MRC tracks. Some tokens are easy to find, while others require exploration and careful timing with super hops to get. Once collected, Tokens can be redeemed in the Shop Station for what we call Blind Box Rewards. Inspired by these are randomly selected unlocks that are sure to surprise!

In all, there are several hundred rewards to collect. Only the most dedicated will unlock them all. One more cool thing about the Career: You can — and should — be whoever you want to be. You start off Career Mode as ModNation Racers’ main man, Tag. And you’ll see Tag in lots of funny story cinematics that reveal the history and culture of the MRC. But we want Tag to be whoever you want to be, and you’ll see your custom Mod interacting with all of the other characters in ModNation.

ModNation Racers Crew Chief

Here’s my Mod getting some sage advice from my Crew Chief

Well, that’s all from me for now. In addition to all of the great customization tools and addictive gameplay we’ve talked about in previous PlayStation.Blog posts, I’m happy to say that we’ve got a really fun single-player campaign. It’s simple for players who want to unlock a lot of stuff quickly. It’s deep for those who love replaying campaigns. And the Mods, Karts, and Tracks of the MRC show off a lot of the creative possibilities in ModNation Racers. We can’t wait to put it in your hands on May 25!

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  • I hate you guys, I’m debating between buying red dead and this….. I’m leaning back on this

  • @wontbesilenced shut up about the other OS, if what you said is ture, they an’t gonna win, ill be hella pissed if they do, i hope all you die that are crying about that OS

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak its not a major issue for me, but im not a cry baby ethier an im used to load times, the PSPGO has good load times for me (for the modnation racer demo), i bet the ps3 will be faster, even if 1min to 3 to load a race i still will buy, why like i said im not a cry baby

  • RELEASE it already im preordering this and Skate 3

  • can’t wait, but hopefully the load times do not ruin the experience

  • This is a day one purchase for me! I’ve been looking forward to it since the E3 reveal!!! Can’t wait!

  • greatest game made since LBP! great work with this game and keep it up! definite day one buy and definite everyday play. this only does.. everything

  • Yes, the load times are maybe thirty seconds each.First of all, this is probably something a patch could fix. Second of all: They’re not as dreadful as everyone is making them sound like. You’ll get used to them. It’s also probably different on different PS3s.

    One more thing: This person said they took the video directly after uploading it to their HD. In the beta, the first time I played the game, the load time was really something to complain about. (1-2 minutes) Then, I tried restarting my system, and the load time took maybe forty seconds for me. I think it gets better after the first time you play it.

  • I think it’s a fair trade-off and not unexpected with the amount of customization they allow. Of course I would love super-short load times but I’m still really excited about the game.

  • This is pretty legit!!!

  • Can you please address the long load times? I pre-ordered the game, but I’m worried about the really long load times now.

  • just wanted to let somebody know that the modnation sweepstakes form does not work on the ps3 browser . i noticed it about a week ago in the whats new section of the xmb … I tried customer service …. no response . they did email me a survey asking me how i liked the customer service though . but anyway … just thought i would say something here , since apparently i need to hold a seance to be able to communicate through regular service … sorry for cynism . just growing increasingly frustrated with what use to be less frustrating .

  • I still want to get it but you must address the load times. We were told during the beta that this would be fixed.

  • I’ll be picking this and LBP2 up as greatest hits (which I assume they’ll become). They both look like they’re gonna be awesome :)

  • I saw the load times for this and I was suprised. I thought it was going to be tremendously long like everyone made it sound, but it didn’t seem to bad. But that’s probably because Ive played games with wayyy lingerload times. Try to start playing a game of MAG in under 5 minutes. It doesn’t happen. But be optimistic, they still have a few weeks to fix that. I thought of an awsome idea for a mod. Ready for this? Drummroll please, ………………………………..…………the simpsons characters!!! I would mostly bake them look like the Simpsons road rage game though. Another awsome mod, Napoleon dynamite!!! Oh yea gonna decorate his cart with a bunch of tots. Go modnation racers!!!


  • Oh yea I forgot something. I would think there would be long load times with a game such as detailed as this. It is not something to whine about. Can’t wait till 25th

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  • Awesome game might get it for the PSP since I don’t have a PS3 ye hopfully getting one soon but anyway Looks good apart from the slow loading times from reveiws that I’ve been hearing about it looks like a Awesome game already have lots of ideas for creating a track, kart and my own mod.

  • Hey, you were the guy from the opening presentation in the Game Design Expo weren’t you?? with the joke about Bobby Lee? lol! I loved your presentation! good luck with your game I have already pre-ordered it :)

  • Would UFG be up for races once the game releases?

  • Fix the loading times first. I wont buy otherwise.

  • Captain Quark in the voice over?

  • This game looks like it needs a lot of patches just like LBP might wait for game of the year edition. maybe it will be fixed by then.;)

  • This game will be very fun to play, I can’t wait!!

  • Yea this game is WICKED!!!!!!!!! cant wait to have it

  • Really hope you guys patch the load times. I’m not usually one to complain about loading, but it seems to be too mcuh. Especially in an action packed game like this.

    Otherwise, sounds great.

  • You guys care to comment on these god-awful load times? Can you please tell me it’s being addressed so I can consider purchasing? If you going to use the blog to promote the game to the PSN community at least have the decency to address some of the concerns being posted here and on other media outlets, or my hard earned money will simply go elsewhere. Thanks.

  • Pre-ordered Red Dead, it releases the day before my birthday, and pre-ordered ModNation when I paid Red Dead off today. Load times are not a bother unless it’s a sandbox game. I hated the San Andreas problem. If I have to wait to play a game, yet it’s crammed to the max, patience my friends.

  • Pre-orered this for PSP. Can’t wait!
    release dates
    UK: May 21st
    USA: May 25th
    the rest of the world:?

  • Please release a modnation racers demo for PS3. I have to play it before May 25th!

  • pre ordered it. cant wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I heard this game is really good but has horribly long load times. I really hope that can be tweaked if this game is to make it longterm.

  • Wow,Im buying this game no matter what,even though i get an F on my report card :D

  • Graffiti “artist” = petty criminal lowlife.

    Nice role model to select for the game. Way to go.

  • I couldn’t read too much of this – felt like spoilers!

    I’ll have to wait for the game.. add me on launch! PSN = snooker8th

  • 15 days to go, had mine pre-ordered for ages, its getting close now though!

  • Wooohooo!

    Can’t wait for this baby!
    The single player campaign sounds fun as hell

    Should be fun experiencing everything Modnation Racers offers!

  • omg yes!! its like crash team racing all over again!! omg i just had a great idea united front should get permission from naughty dog to remake some of the top ctr race tracks, if not i know i defently will remake crash, tiny, cortex and all the other characters and the tracks.

  • BodymoreSlumdog

    The fact that the only worthy complaint about the game thus far is load time speaks highly on the quality of the game. I’ve watched the ars video and while the loads (non retail version he stated) are long anyone who considers this a deal breaker is not only depriving themselves a seemingly amazing game but great pre order dlc as well. I do agree with the ars comment about how this is the type of game you wanna throw in for a few races (before work, sleep, etc.) and the loads will prolly make u reconsider that. Either way I’m sure UFG is aware of the only complaint about their unreleased game and are working to better/resolve this “issue” before or shortly after release.

    ps. I aint been this hyped for a game since who knows when, [DELETED] is gonna be wildstyle.

  • i have a question about the pre-order items will they be available later as dlc or how are we supose to get the stuff from the places that we didn’t pre-order from

  • i like how the power ups arent turtle shells there rockets and cooler than the power ups in mario kart series

  • i want to get the game but i cant ?

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