Final Fantasy IX Coming Soon to PlayStation Store

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Following up to the fan favorite release of FFVII and FFVIII, PS3 and PSP owners will have a new and exciting opportunity to immerse themselves, once again, into the world of Final Fantasy.

Considered by many gamers to be a must-play title for any RPG fan, FFIX will soon to be available for North American fans via the PlayStation Network. If you missed Final Fantasy IX during the early PlayStation era, or are dreaming of reliving the time-tested FFIX adventure, your chance is coming soon.

Sit tight and keep your eye on the PlayStation.Blog for important announcement information, including the release date, coming soon!

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  • awesome news :)

  • UnholierThanThou

    Awwwwww! The little Squeenix fanboys are gonna get what they’ve been crying for! Thank you, Squeenie, for shutting them up!

  • Awesome news, day one purchase, though I still own the black label as well.

  • Will purchase day one. It’s the only post VII Final Fantasy I’ve never played. Thanks for the update :D

  • Awesome! Any chance off Final Fantasy X hitting the Store, ever? :)

  • Looks like this is the final release hitting the store
    but nice :)

  • I hope the Euro blog updates with news this good soon

  • Make a FFX+FFXII bluray combo like GoW collection ;) I know you know what your fans want.

  • Another one that must come to PSN is Xenogears

  • Cool FFIX was a good game

  • Hell yeah! IX is the best of the PSX Final Fantasy games!

  • woohoo, can”t wait, finally a psOne classic that is worthy of it’s name.

  • excellent news!

  • We want FFX international !

  • Cheers!

  • This is my favorite PS Final Fantasy game. So excited. Remember folks, if you have your old PS1 saves, you can upload those to your PSP/PS3 and continue playing games that you started on your PS1.

  • A actual PS1 “Classic” being added to the P1 Classics area, its been aehile…good job Sony. Keep it up. (Last real classic I think that was added was Grandia)

    @8 I would soooo buy that.

  • Man, whoever made the post about Xenogears took me back. That game was a classic PSOne title.

  • Is Xenogears after FFIX? Please?

  • the most underrated in the series. glad to see it is finally out, but really, where are the rest of the square classics for ps1? legend of mana, vagrant story, saga frontier 1 & 2. i would buy them all, since i sold the originals many years ago :(

  • Please bring all your PS1 classics to the PS store, for Europe as well as the US! I’d purchase every single one the first day they release.

    Also I’d love for the PS2 Final Fantasy games to be released on PS3 remastered in HD like the God of War collection. I’d buy all of them as well. :)

  • God bless SquareEnix! Now try and send us Final Fantasy Origins and im Golden!

  • Sweet! My favorite FF game! Now, make Kingdom Hearts Collection on Blu-ray like you did with God of War. I know it’s not your game, but it used to be on PS! Prime us for Birth By Sleep! And make the cut-scenes HD!!!! DO IT SQUARE-Enix DO IT!!!!

  • StealthReborn--

    By far my favorite Final Fantasy game, I’m really looking forward to its release. Keep up the great work!

  • Oh and Final Fantasy Anthology too!

    Thank you and have a good day.

  • Parasite Eve Plox

  • Xenogears and Vagrant Story next? Pretty please?

  • I’d rather hafe FF6 instead of this piece of crap =(

  • Am I the only one waiting for Bushido Blade 1+2? Or even better, a remake?

  • Every Final Fantasy up to Final Fantasy X shows how good of a developers SquareSoft were. Ever since that merger with Enix, its been nothing but one disappointment after another.

  • Bushido Blade will come out later, remade for the Playstation Move, so you can swing that thing with the ball on top around and pretend your tom cruise in a samurai movie.

    But seriously I agree, the Bushido Blade games were great, I would buy them if ever released, and a remake (if done right) would get me to pre-order.

  • wow… funny how i looked at that from my Facebook… and thought… WOW FFXI…. but i was so wrong… lol it’s ‘IX’

  • This is the best FF. Awesome.

  • Enough with the “I want FFX” PLEASE. We’re not getting it.

    Anyways, it’ll be nice to see a return to the old days of FF gaming (prior to VIII, while retaining its graphics) and a return to taking up ~2 GB on my Memory Stick, bringing the total to ~5GB taken by all the PS1 FFs (minus Origins, Chronicles, and Anthology).

    Speaking of which, Chronicles would be nice so we can play CT on our PS3s and PSPs…despite the long load times.

    I’d have to disagree with you there, as they have made some pretty awesome games, though not really anything to do with Final Fantasy…except its gameplay in games like Chaos Rings for iPhone.

  • Sweet! I missed this one back in the day and have heard nothing but good things about it.

  • These releases are in sore need of Trophy support, but then when SONY mandates half-assery nothing much can be done.

    Still, would be nice to give Vagrant Story a spin on PSN, that game is still head a shoulder above any RPG that cam out since,


    Awesome news about FF IX, thank you for bringing Final Fantasy to the PlayStation Store. I hope to see FF Anthology, FF Origins, FF Chronicles, FF1 and FF2 PSP UMD, Vagrant Story, Einhander, Tobal No. 1, Xenogears, and Parasite even on the PlayStation store in the future.

    All these titles are beloved games that we’ve been asking for regularly.


    We hope to hear from you guys more often; especially with news on FFaXIII, FFvXIII, FF14, and other square releases.

    PS Can we have a Chrono Cross/Trigger sequel? Can we also have new and original RPG titles? Will SE plan on more PSP/PS3 support in the future? Also Psikorps (#31) had an awesome idea, GO FOR IT! I <3 Busido Blade.

  • How about releasing Vagrant Story in the U.S.
    It has been up in the Euro Playstation Store since December, 5 months and counting is a bit of a wait, isn’t it?

  • Awesome news?? Now my pS3 is blocked and i can’t play these games on it which I already own………………………………………………………………………………

  • good, I like to see these throwbacks even if I don’t play them

  • Yaay Ami! <3
    What's next? I would love to see all the FF titles on the store. Get square enix to push Sony for software-emulated backwards compatibility would ya? :D

    See you on facebook! ^_^

  • YES!!! I just need to know WHEN? I can’t wait.
    Thank you, you made my day.

  • Oh Ya forgot, Nier Replicant DLC please!

  • I would love to see Xenogears on the store, as well as more of your PSP releases such as Final Fantasy 1 / 2.

  • next Xenogear ok pretty it that IX is coming but VIII is really my fav and i own it on disc

  • Good news but looking for updates to original titles an update a two player or multiplayer mode in a few of the non rpgers games. Already have all the originals if not doubles of them and some even still in plastic so on a fateful day one of my originals go bad i am ready. Would love an online fft of coop and vs and story acourse.

    Traum did you play Vagrant Story? Story was decent but clipping issues and terrible grammar was almost as bad as “all our base are belong to us” well not that bad but it is up there in terms of grammar errors out of translations.

    Wouldn’t mind an update to rad racer for 4.99 / 5.99 I’d buy it not sure enough would but one can dream

  • Welcome to the Blog Ami! Glad you guys are finally releasing this PSone Classic. As you can see from the requests on this post(and the tons of request in the forums) we would like more from you guys. Here is a short list:

    FF Anthology – PSone Classic
    FF Chronicles – PSone Classic
    FF Origins – PSone Classic
    Xenogears – PSone Classic
    Dragon Quest VII – PSone Classic
    FFX, X-2 & XII – enhanced PS3 ports
    Kingdom Hearts I & II – enhanced PS3 ports
    Star Ocean III – enhanced PS3 port
    The Last Remnant – promised PS3 version

    All easy money considering that the games are already finished aside from re-coding and red tape. Please pass our requests on to those who could make these happen. Oh, and don’t forget the money printing machine that a remake of FFVII would create. Just use the enhanced PC version, add trophies and 16:9 support, and release it as a PSN downloadable game. Please?!……..

  • The Last Remnant for PS3 would shut up a lot of the people screaming that games like ME1/2, and others are not true RPGs because they have guns.

    News Flash: The board game Dungeons and Dragons has player classes with guns, missiles, and yes even jet packs. Time portals are a wonderful thing you know.

    But purists will insist on these games from Square until they get them. Plus the PS3 might do a better job on the Last Remnant, as well as The Lost Oddisy. It was proven that the PS3 can do more with the exelent port, and redo of several Xbox games. IE StarOcean 4 The Last HOPE fixed all of it’s problems other then poor VOs on the PS3, so it can’t be that hard.

    IMHO I would buy the Lost Oddisy, and Last Remnant if they had a vary easy setting, and new weapons/gear for PS3 only. As well as enhanced performance and graphics.

  • I want to know who voted less then 5? That’s just wrong in son many ways. First day purchase for me.
    I actually just bought FF Anthology off Amazon the other day, I can’t wait to play my favorite FFVI!!!

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