Inside Pixar: Behind the Scenes of Toy Story 3, the Game and the Film

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It’s not every day you get invited to Pixar. Everyone knows the name and anyone who’s ever been a child (or a child at heart) loves their movies. Sid Shuman and I (Jem Alexander) headed over to the Pixar offices to check out the upcoming Toy Story 3 game for PS, take some photos and conduct a few interviews with the people behind both the game and the film.


As you can see from the photos on this page, Pixar isn’t exactly your ordinary office. The central lobby design was actually overseen by then-CEO, Steve Jobs, which makes perfect sense as the whole building has a very Apple feel. The whole place is littered with artwork, statues and prints displaying characters and scenes from their movies. As a result it’s impossible not to feel an uplift in mood as you walk through the doors.


Pixar Pixar

The event began with a presentation, showing off a few short scenes from Toy Story 3 which, as someone who studied computer animation at university, was pretty exciting as we were the first people outside of Pixar to see the final scenes. The film’s quality was as you’d expect from Pixar — this is definitely not a sequel for sequel’s sake. I now can’t wait to see the full thing when it releases in June.

The game was also presented to us and it’s clear just how closely Pixar and Avalanche Studios have been working to make this more than just another movie tie-in game. From what I’ve now seen and played, it worked pretty well.

After the presentations, we had a chance to sit down with the team from Avalanche Studios and Pixar (including the film’s director and producer), ask questions, and finally get plenty of hands-on time with the PS3 game. You can expect to see some hands-on impressions of Emperor Zurg, who’s exclusively playable in the PS3 version of the game, as well as our interview round ups coming in the next week or so. In the meantime, check out the rest of our photos from the Pixar trip below.

Pixar Pixar

Pixar Pixar


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  • Looks good for adults and kids…!

  • looks like you guys had an awesome time. curious about since you got to try the game if a demo might be in short order? would give both my kids something to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

    • We did try the game, and we’ll have some hands-on impressions up here soon. I can say that the 2.5 years of development time (they started when the film’s pre-production started) gives the game a very polished, Pixar-y look. If your kids liked the Lego games, this will be right up their alley!

  • can’t wait!!

  • Looks like a great game but… is there multiplayer or just single player?

  • The pictures are awesome

    • Thanks! It’s hard to get a bad angle in that place. Point the camera in a random direction and shoot and you’re bound to have something interesting in shot.

  • so i see Woody and Buzz customs in LittleBigPlanet soon.(i think that’s the astronaut name haven’t seen Toy Story in years)

    but off topic what happen to Monsters Inc my little niece use to have me watch that movie like 4 times a week. I thought there would have been a Monsters Inc 2 by now.

    • As megalodonshark and ravens202752 said, Monsters Inc. 2 is in production! (The original is my favourite Pixar movie).

  • @6
    monsters inc. 2 is suppose to be going to theaters either next year or in 2012 i saw that on a disney website, believe it was but i might be mistaken, it has been around 3 months since i saw the quick posting.

  • @6 and @7

    IMDb is the site if you have questions bout movies you are wondering about. Unfortunately, not much on the movie since it’s not projected to be out until 2012.

  • I’m 15. I play games like god of war, resistance, and gta 4. And I can’t wait for this movie!

  • I’m getting this 1st day!!!!

  • I really really want one of those decorations, and the last picture wall frame!!! amazing!

  • You are a lucky man Mr.Shuman

  • Any news if Toy Story 3 or any Pixar items are coming to PlayStation Home in the near future?

  • There’s a snake in my boot! Somebody’s poisoned the watering hole!

  • Can’t wait for the movie, the game is looking promising too, so hope it doesn’t suck like most other games based on movies. ;)

  • cool, did you get to try the parts that use the PS Move?

    • Nope, sadly this wasn’t playable at the event. I’m assured it’s pretty cool, though.

  • What are the chances we see Mm and Pixar get together for more DLC packs? I would love to see a Top Story pack in LBP!

  • i’m proud to call myself a kid.PIXAR FTW

  • I live just over the hill from Pixar and every time I drive into Emeryville I have to drive by…it’s so magical…thos security gates to the campus with the PIXAR signage…it gives me the same giddy feeling Disneyland does.

  • yay!! lol

  • please stop giving coverage for this game, I’m sure the movie wouldn’t be like the first neither as the game, come on think a bit about the next great ip for Sony

  • I love Pixar! This may be the first movie tie-in game I’ve ever considered buying.

    Thanks for a great post!

  • Woo woo woo woo world of outlaws is coming this week WOO!!!!!!!

  • I’m really hoping for a Buzz Lightyear costume in US Home. Do you know if there are any plans for that?

  • Michael Keaton

  • RedXIII avatar!? HELL YEAH!
    Okay done.

  • Hey this game actually looks and sounds like fun! and Can’t wait for the movie. So apparently there’s going to be a Monsters Inc. 2? I think they should make Incredibles 2 instead lol. Incredible is my favorite animated movie!! And they left it open at the end!!


    Epic pictures!

  • Brings back the child in me…

  • Want to see the movie. Don’t feel like spending 60+ on toy story though


  • Holy crap. It’s Jem. The store updates haven’t been the same without you :)

    It’s weird for me though. I’m a core gamer by nature. I enjoy the more violent games because I just love those things, but Toy Story 3 is really seeming awesome. Some people just never grow up. :D

    Nice article and it looked fun.

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    it got my eyes, but i think it’s time you speak about something not Move but dualshock

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    okay okay

    are you gonna disappoint us?
    or reveal exclusive titles and dlc?

  • The game trailer actually looks good, hopefully the game will be too.

  • wow 2.5 years in production that sounds like the game will be good and by the screen shots earlier it looks promising and I love Monster’s Inc. too and am very happy to here there is a 2nd in the works!!!

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