Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow Heading to PS2 on June 1st

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Hey everyone, I’m John Garvin, creative director at Bend Studio. I’m excited to announce that Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow will be available for purchase on the PlayStation 2 on June 1!

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PS2

Originally released on the PSP in 2007, we were very pleased that game critics and press recognized all the hard work the team put into the game, honoring it with some of the game industry’s most prestigious awards, including PSP Game of the Year from IGN: It was also #6 on IGN’s top 25 PSP games of all time.

Coming just a couple of years after our first PSP game, award winning Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, our goal was to create another great chapter in the saga of Gabe Logan, blowing out both the game play and production values to create a state-of-the-art Syphon Filter experience. We got Azam Ali to write an amazing soundtrack, Syphon’s first theme song with lyrics and vocals. Azam’s haunting score is a large part of why this game is one of my personal favorites.

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PS2 Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PS2

We got Greg Rucka to write the story: Greg’s written many novels and graphic novels, including two series of novels he wrote called Queen and Country and Atticus Kodiak. Greg liked the idea of playing with the notion of who Gabe’s “shadow” might be and he came up with the idea that Lian Xing, Gabe’s long-time partner, might have a past that’s catching up with her. Suddenly she disappears. Evidence piles up that she’s a double agent. I can’t say too much more without giving the plot away, but Greg brought a lot to the Syphon experience. You can read more about our collaboration here.

While the story, music and game play all translated perfectly to the PS2, we’ve made some important tweaks to the controller to please PS2 players. Taking advantage of the extra buttons on the DualShock 2, we’ve added a snap button to make getting in and out of cover easier; we’ve added “swing out and aim” to L1 to make fighting from combat more intuitive and of course, we’ve completely re-tuned the game for the extra analog stick. We’ve also up-rezed textures and effects to take advantage of the unique features of the PS2 hardware. So fans of the PSP game might want to re-experience Gabe’s adventure on the big screen with new controls, and those who have never played it have a treat in store for them.

Also, keep an eye out this summer for the first-ever Syphon Filter digital graphic novel.

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for PS2 (Comic)

Over 120 pages long, Syphon Filter: The Opposition Effect is a story that bridges Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow, explaining what happens between the two games: Gabe’s hatred of Ghassan al Bitar, his troubled background with Robert Cordell, and more of his history with the irrepressible Dane Bishop. You even find out what happened to Cobra, the neglected rookie agent who worked for Gabe in The Omega Strain. Be sure to look for it on the PlayStation Store this summer!

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  • I would get this if my PS3 had PS2 playback. Sold my PS2. Shame sounds cool this game;)

  • my ps3 has ps2 playback so if it really is that good maybe ill get it, plus ive got like 4 ps2 in my house some place

  • Cool stuff, will defo pick this up.

    OT a little bit, but maybe could do with a slight redesign :)

  • i’m not a fan of Syphon filter, but it’s great to keep seeing PS2 support, the ONLY past-gen console alive, it’s THE survivor, because, and not by days, months, but 4+ years of difference beating it’s competitors, and now it’s fighting with the wii…

  • still supporting the old ps2? cool.
    i whish bend studios would make a PS3 title, u guys make awesome games.

  • hmm PS2? maybe if it was a PSN downloadable game instead… ;)

  • got a demo disc for the psp a while back, enjoyed it. will definitely pick this up!

  • It’s 2010, why are they still making games for PS2?

  • would be nice to see some other prior psp only games make itonto ps2/3

  • As soon as my PS3 Slim can play PS2 games, I’ll be all over this.

  • Can’t believe people are still porting stuff to the PS2, I thought everyone’s stopped it, jeez, c’mon, you gotta give up, the PS2’s an old legend now! The PS3’s Time has come!

  • Why don’t you make this available for PS3 instead? Just do what GOW Collection did.

  • I have not played a Syphon Filter game since 3, any plans to make one for PS3?

  • MAKE A PS3 SYPHON FILTER!! Get on it ASAP! I want! lol

  • Will this be coming to europe? Got it on PSP btw :) Great game.

  • Like others have said, why no PS3 version? As a Mini or inexpensive PSN download? Cancel the PS2 already, the 10 year life-cycle is over. The only reason people buy them at this point is for the massive collection of USED games.

  • i already have it on PSP its brilliant, i really want you guys to jump on PS3. Syphon Filter is my all time favorite TPS.

  • Will it still have online multiplayer ? I love it on psp

  • i loved Dark Mirror but if I’ll play the game, I’ll play it on my PSP as I can’t stand to have PS2 graphics on my HDTV anymore, it looks so terrible. For some reason the small PSP screen does not look as bad.

    Anyway, come out with a PS3 title already. Syphon Filter would probably do well. When I played Splinter Cell Conviction, all I could think of was how great Syphon Filter would be.

  • Yeah, odd announcement. Really these sort of games should be getting a simultaneous PS2/PSN release. Is it difficult to make two versions? Here’s hoping the digital novel is a pre-cursor to the PS3 Syphon Filter.

  • In other news….nobody cares.=)But I have a feeling this is will lead to a Syphon Filter PS3 game to be announced at E3.

  • Looking more forward to a brand new PS3 version.

  • When I am done with Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love i will probably get it but still we need SF on PS3.

  • I can’t comment on the game itself but the boxart render is UBISOFT-level ugly.

  • Announcing a ps3 syphon filter at e3 would be incredible! Here’s hoping to that…

  • Get this game!
    This was very good on PSP.

  • Why can’t you sony guys do any thing smart/reasonable. Consumer sez: “Hey i want to play Ps2 games on my ps3”, Sony sez: “Naw just play it on your ps2, it’s 99 dollars and i’m sure you have enough money to do that after paying 300-600 bucks on your new Ps3.”

  • I haven’t really played any of the Syphon Filter games since 1 or 2 (both of which were awesome). Would have loved to check this out if it were a fair priced PSN port I could play on my PS3…can’t see me dusting off my PS2 for it though.

  • PS2?? come on guys if it was a PS2/PSN title as playable on PS3 im pretty sure lots of people would buy it

  • tbh when I first received this in thunderbird I thought that somehow it had got confused and downloaded an old article (particularly with the 2007 reference on the image).

    Still, good luck with the game, hopefully Sony will wake up and enable PS2 playback (I don’t believe software emulation of the PS2 can’t be done on the PS3) so those of us in the current generation can enjoy this and other PS2 games.

    Gotta say, would agree with the earlier poster who recommended a website overhaul. I thought you guys did more than Syphon filter, wasn’t Resistance Retribution (which was amazing) one of yours too, can’t spot a reference on there…

  • @Destiny89

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I would’t care if backwards compatibility never comes back, if we had PS2 titles on PSN

  • To bad the PSP was designed properly in the first place with its control layout *cough*second analog stick + level 2 shoulder buttons*cough* that this game would have been a completely unnecessary buy for PS2.

    I’m also inclined to agree with most people here, I really don’t want to waste anymore time on new PS2 titles. This should have been a PS3 release. As much as I love my PS2 and my PS2 games and as often as I use PS2 BC on my PS3; the only reason I use that BC is because these games will never be released on my PS3 or the PS3 doesn’t upscale it’s rendering process for PS2 titles like a PC does with it’s older games (something to look into for PS4).

    Makes matters worse is this game is 3 years old… any other late ports to pull out of your ass? If you’re going to do this do it day to date.

  • BC would fix everything.

  • Widescreen?? 720p??? Will there be ANY reason to purchase this for my BC original 60GB PS3 or no…?

  • I hope the game sales from Logan’s Shadow on PS2 allow for a new Syphon Filter on PSP. I want to know what happens next. The ending of Logan’s Shadow has a big cliffhanger. So please make a new one for the PSP. The team at Bend really made great Syphon Filter games for the PSP. So please finish the trilogy on the PSP. Then bring the series to the PS3.

  • I played Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow back to back last month after downloading them off the PSN – They are amazing games that really show off what the PSP is capable of. You guys seriously need to hurry up and make the third one – I’m dying to find out what happens next, ESPECIALLY after the cliff hanger you pulled with Logan’s Shadow!!!

    Like others said, instead of porting them to the PS2, you should put them (Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow) on PS3 with retooled Next-Gen graphics!!!

    That way the next syphon filter can be put on PS3 and no one will need a re-cap! lol

  • wtf! PS2. What a slap in the face. Sony says that they are no longer arrogant well well well. I hope we do not hear about PS2 at E3. It is time to move on. The PS2 might be making the Company a lot of money but the PS3 has enough great things going for it. Time to move forward and make believe. PS3 rocks!

  • This is good news as I love my 989 Studios AKA Sony Bend make as many games as you want please put extra love and care into Syphon Filter 7 for PS3. Long live Gabriel Logan and Nathan Drake.I expect nothing but Naughty Dog production values from you Sony Bend lets get a bigger studio and some industry leading talent and lets compete with the big dogs. Please,please,please,
    give your game writer on SF7 a big office and plenty of favors. Greg they need you VIP. The original people who worked at 989 need more publicity we should respect them like Evan Wells and Amy Hennig.

    I would like to send a shot out to Amy Hennig much talent. Evan Wells and Amy Hennig 2012.

    I think a very small amount of credit should also go to 989 studios for making that great train scene in SF2 lol. Industry amnesia.

    In a perfect world Gabriel Logan would be as famous as Solid Snake.

    If I had one wish it would be SF7 at E32010 with graphics to rival Heavy Rain and animation to rival KZ2. That would be Sony’s show stopper. Sorry 360 we can offically share Solid Snake. I hate sloppy seconds.Shot out to Chloe. I’m in like
    Flynn, and I’m out.


  • Nice job John.

    If I’m honest though, you should really have ported it to the PS3 as maybe a HD (God of war style) remake. At the very least, you could have made it a PSN download.
    Seems like a waste and maybe you can still consider doing a port to the PS3. I can assure you, that it will do well.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    And then they wonder why the PSP struggles, everyone knows the best PSP games will eventually come out on the PS2, MGS PW will probably make its way over next year. Anyways, Sony Bend, give me my Syphon Filter on PS3 with online/offline co op and multiplayer as well as a good storyline.

  • nooooooooooo , where is Syphon Filter ps3? come on guys , the franchise must come to the ps3 , already played Logans Shadow on my psp , excellent game , one of the best on the little system

  • Sony’s support for the ps2 has been astounding. Kudos for bringing this over!

  • this was a great game. I still have mine. Would have been great if it was a PSN downloadable or HD like god of war 1 and 2

  • I would get this in a heartbeat if my PS3 had PS2 BC.
    But its great the PS2 is still being supported so well even after all this time.

  • @27
    consumers want backwards compatible ps3s ?
    not true . if it were then they would have bought them when they were available .
    what they want is a cheap ps3 and to get them backwards compatibility had to be sacrificed . if Sony lost $200 or more on every console with b/c at a $500 price point and sales were too slow do you really think they’d continue making them forever ?
    get over it .

    anyway , this is the first ps2 game released in a while , it should do well especially with people who have tried it on psp and want to play on a larger screen

  • I commend Sony for continuing to support the PS2, but overall I think they’ve really been sloppy with handling its image in its later years. This game will have minimal impact because retail shelves have, for the past couple years, been largely populated with shovelware; customers have been trained not to even bother looking. On a recent trip to Best Buy, the selection was anemic and the ONLY Greatest Hit on the shelf was God of War 2; the rest of the selection was no-name crap. There were SO MANY great games on the PS2, but that’s hardly reflected at all at major retailers anymore. The PS2 could still have a very good presence in stores if Sony would take steps to maintain a quality selection on its shelves, which should be no problem given what they have to work with.

    At the end of its cycle, MS published a handful of the original Xbox’s top titles as “Best of Platinum Hits”, for the rock-bottom price of $10 each. I really feel like Sony should consider a similar campaign to revitalize PS2’s flagging presence at retail… The threadbare selection of leftovers on shelves now is downright embarrassing for a system with such an amazing library to draw from.

  • A_s_s_a_s_s_i_n

    Sorry, but I don’t have backward compatibility and buying a ps2 isn’t an option.

  • I enjoyed playing Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow on my PSP. It’s too bad that Sony is releasing it for the PS2 and not the PS3 because then I would have purchased the PS3 version.

  • Cool. I’m looking forward to this. I recently downloaded Dark Mirror to my PSP and am still working on finishing it. I have a hard time with the limited PSP controls, so playing the sequel on the PS2 will be a blessing. I echo the opinions of others here: we need a PS3 Syphon Filter game!

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