MLB 10 The Show AL East Predictions

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Baseball fans –

Last up on our divisional predictions series is the American League East. Here’s a stat for you, the AL East has sent a team to the World Series in nine out of the past 12 seasons, pretty ridiculous! It’s no surprise that the Yanks are the obvious favorite. With all of their A-listers back along with the additions of Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson, the defending champs will once again be the team to beat. The Red Sox have finished in second place 10 out of the last 12 seasons, but are hoping to change that in ’10. With newcomers like Adrian Beltre added to their core group of All-Stars, they’re looking for their third title in 7 years. The Rays unfortunately couldn’t duplicate their 2008 magic in ’09, failing to make the playoffs, but with great athletes like Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena, don’t sleep on Tampa, they’ll be hanging around come the fall. And then we have the Orioles, who have a solid Rookie of the Year candidate in catcher Matt Wieters and a talented young outfield, but are going to have a tough time competing with the Yanks, “Sawx,” and Rays. Same goes for the Blue Jays who have some bright spots in Adam Lind and Vernon Wells, but have a lot of work to do if they want to contend with the big boys.

Here’s a look at our final AL East predictions video showing you which teams will come out on top this October according to MLB 10 The Show.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Yeahhhh yankees

  • yankees fo sho

  • I would believe it alot more if the simulation didn’t have the orioles finishing with more wins than the Toronto Blue Jays. Lets go Bronx Bombers!

  • i go for the underdogs in sports so go rays its your year!!!!

  • You do not have to like the Yankees but you do have to respect them. As a Yankee fan I recognize there are a couple of premodonas but overall the club is a solid group of good spirited guys. Now if only the tickets were cheaper.


  • @ 3 Toronto does finish with more wins in the simulation and will in reality. btw that announcer butchered Lind’s last name.

  • LOL who is Adam Leend?

  • i just have never liked someone that has to “buy” a championship team. there is not a single person on earth that deserves to be making over one million dollars a year, let alone $25.6 million.

  • These predictions would have been much better if they happened a month ago…
    O’s are not gonna have that many wins… they are terrible.
    Besides that, this did come out pretty close to what could happen this year.
    I am a Yankee fan, but also a huge baseball fan all around. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa came out on top and the Yankees fought for the wild card.
    I’m not gonna include Boston in Wild Card talks until they start winning… Being swept by Baltimore, the worst team in baseball this year, for a team with such a good pitching rotation, it’s not looking good for them at all.

  • yo thepatriots – wouldn’t you be good spirited if you were paid all those millions?

  • Adam Leend? Jeez

  • @ 7 – the record where they have more wins is from last year. The simulation probably isn’t that far off between Yanks, Red Sox, and Rays. Think the Jays will be ahead of Orioles in the end, especially if the start to the year is any indication. And like the rest of you I can’t believe how badly the announcer said Lind’s name.

  • i wonder what roster they are using. the default or the injury riddled roster as of end of april?

  • Sorry to tell you, Sony, but your game’s simulator needs some work. Actually, A LOT of work. The Red Sox are taking that Trophy back to Boston this year!!! Spread the word, Sox fans!

  • when are they gonna get stephen strasburg or jason heyward in this game. is there anyway to email them. cause i really want them in this game.

  • the sox are takin the trophy away from anyone who messes with them they will beat the Yanks in 6 in the ALCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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