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I’ve been out on vacation this past week, but it looks like Sid presided over a busy enough week that it probably went unnoticed…

Below are the interesting news stories that I dug up this week, feel free to add more.

Also… PlayStation Store updates on Tuesdays! Yes!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 26, 2010)

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    • woot #1

    • cant wait for E3 this year is going to b amazing i can feel it XD

    • i cant wait to hear some news on Resistance 3 & Killzone 3, well hopefully at E3.

    • ..still no news about GT5 from sony..

      could you at least translate this?


    • PlayStation 3 Sells More Than Last Year (In Just Six Months!) –

      Nice 1 SONY;) Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for E3! ! ! :P

    • So I’ve been having a few problems with the web browser, mainly the fact that it won’t save most of my cookies anymore.

      Have you guys heard anything about this, or is there someone addressing the problem?

    • I just bought my copy of ModNation Racer now I’m ready to…

      “Let The Rage Of Sparta Guide Kart”

    • God of War 3 was an epic, epic game but, in my personal opinion, the ending was poor. Sure it was kind of how I expected it to end but not quite. For a game that was promised and promoted as the last chapter it left more new unaswered questions than GoW2. I was dishartened to read about another Titan battle getting cut (Atlas?) from 3 as well as a bout with Zeus on Gaia getting the chop but the ‘could of been’ endings makes it worse :(

    • “..still no news about GT5 from sony..”

      Why are we surprised? It’s an interesting contrast between MS and Sony on how they handle their biggest franchises; MS are already starting the Halo hype machine and opening betas, yet Sony…well who knows what they’re doing with GT5.

      Maybe Sony are going to surprise us at E3, right…right…?

    • SOOOOOOOOOO Spartans Stand Tall

      God of War _________ Atlantis ___________

      FOR PSP & PSP GO

      Call Possidens need to avenge Atlantis in God of War 3 the basis for my belief.

    • Here are a few more articles.

      “MLB.TV on PS3 Impressions” (1UP):

      “Producer says Move ‘Doesn’t Ruin’ Hardcore SOCOM 4 Experience” (1UP):

      “Infinity Ward Defections Continue: Four More Designers Jump to Respawn” (1UP):

      “Uncover the Secrets of Call of Duty: Black Ops” (IGN):

    • Hey Jeff Rubenstein,

      I post a few things on, but I have only one posted still, why is that?

      I also bought Kiss-Ass on Thursday, but there seems to be a little glitch in unlocking the hidden trophies. I know what they are, but when I go for the trophy and complete it, the trophy does not pop up.

      Thanks for your great blogs, and can not wait for E3, hope I can finally meet you!

    • Oops, messed up one of the links. Here is the corrected one.

      “Producer says Move ‘Doesn’t Ruin’ Hardcore SOCOM 4 Experience” (1UP):

    • Jeff, do I have any hopes of ever having RBN tools on the PS3?

    • the store updating earlier WOOT!
      @tubadude49 whats RBN TOOLS?
      i hope that this starting week will be the best week ever for me! XD

    • @9

      Two things…

      1. GT5P (a ‘beta’ of sorts) has sold 4.5 million.

      2. Great games don’t need hype.

    • Jeff…you missed this for your avatar this week.


    • I like Sid. Glad you hired him.

    • @13 Rock Band Network, which is currently not allowing tracks to be authored on PS3, merely downloaded from the XBox XNA uploads.

    • The PS blog keeps freezing my PS3 when I on one of the articles in “PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read.” It’s been doing this for a while now, what gives?

    • artform-fazeone

      Thanks for update.. Jeff.

    • @17 thanks for answering.well, i hope that your wish come true soon!

    • I do know this is off topic, but if I were to… say, make a complaint. What would I do or how would I do that?

    • @21 As Jeff would say, Have you tried share?*
      Remove asterisks.

    • oh Jeff about the Japanese indie game coming to the US PSN. You should have look at ANN(Anime news Network):

      They seem to got it first before that gamesutra got it, I think.

    • Another great week of content and news for the PS3.

      Hey Jeff, when is the Sony Gamers’ Day conference?

    • inFamous 2

      and 1 PS3 exclusive reveal next month in PSM3

    • Athough motion based gaming is intriguing , I’m afraid this gamer just isnt into it . I like to sit and relax while gaming . rather than trying to do a cardiovascular workout while doing so .

    • My E3 Predictions ATM:
      – Persona 5 revealed for Ps3
      – David Jaffe Surprisingly appears at Sony Press Conference and reveals new game
      -Bungie Reveals New IP at Sony conference thats multi-plat
      – Resistance 3 is Revealed
      – GT5 gets a FIRM shipping date

      Awesome Week BTW.

    • nice sale, hope there is a lot of new game and feature to be announced on E3 2010, i have heard enough about Move

    • didn’t you say a couple weeks back that John D was gonna be around?


    • Excited for doujin! Awesome news…

    • LuisOcasioSr007

      dear playstation, I did the recent upgrade to my ps3 and now I can’t sign in. What can u do to fix this error of yours. I say this because before the down load I was able to sign in automaticly, now nothing…..

    • Didn’t know MAG was having a double XP weekend until just now at 12:30 Monday morning. Why no announcement here on the blog? Oh well, maybe next time….

    • What about the formal announcement and teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops? Speaking of which, would it be possible to do an interview with Treyarch sometime? :D

    • ..anther great news.. come on guys really.. Sony and PD are loosing credibility

      I think it’s time to say something official.. you can’t just so loudly ignore GT community

      We’re in the 5th year of developement.. and we don’t have a single word after the delay IN JANUARY..

      try to understand

    • @28, Didn’t you hear the MvsC3 announcment?

    • @26 U for got some thing called KILLZONE 3!!
      Yea I know Call of Duty is getting all the press but Killzone 3 all ready has my Pre Order:)

    • W00T bungie making games for ps3? A-W-E-S-O-M-E

    • @Jeff Rubenstein:
      I’m not even sure if this will show up… I usually don’t post comments on the blog since you can’t follow comment history like on the forums, but in the few times I have, I always seem to run into problems. What I mean by this is that I’ve posted/tried less than 10 times on the blog, but I remember that at least twice my comments never showed. (hence my first statement) Once was when Chris was taking requests for who we wanted on the first podcast and another was when John announced Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Both times I tried posting with my ps3 AND computer with no results. I don’t know if it’s a blog problem or I’m just unlucky, please help. Thank you.
      P.S. This is my psn id, please reply.

    • It would be great if you were able to put ur trophies in your playstation home… It would drive trophy collecters on to home to show off their trophies, I know I would, lol.

    • vacation. that explains why no wild accusations against us as being “conspiracy theorists”

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