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26 11

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  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    A lot of stuff going on this week

    I can’t wait for Move and ModNation Racers… not together though (unless you’re making a cool Move powered track editor)

  • Loving that Dead Space 2 trailer! Also I can’t wait to play as Sackboy in ModNation!

  • just one month away for E 3 and i hope that we get to see more stuff.specially, disc based rpgs and more apps/feautures/ services for the ps3 as well.

    anyways, the persona junpei hat is a pretty good extra by,they surely know how to spoil their fans :0)

    lastly,i must said it please fix your firmware update because since i updated more than 1 ago or so my controllers doesnt want to be paired up normaly.thanks

  • oops meant week* that what happens when you type while your talking LOL

  • Man I just can’t wait till people see all the MNR beta creations. People already start freaking out over nothing, they are going to be really impressed

  • Hi Sid, would you happen to know how much space fat princess PSP will require on my memory stick?

  • Wow, I haven’t seen this many posts on the blog for a while. Nice job.

    • Thanks! I’m normally Mr. Twitter & Facebook, but this week I took over some embloggening duties as well. Glad you liked it! If you have any ideas, I’m always happy to listen.

  • Can Canada get some movie and comic download love please

  • Sid, I have a hypothetical question. The Rock Band Network currently only runs on Xbox, requiring a gold account and a XNA creator club account. Since Harmonix makes no money off of either of these, and only off the song sales, would it be right to assume that the RBN would work on PS3 without a XNA equivalent? Correct me if I’m wrong, but all that would be needed would be a patch that allowed the game to upload the files, and a place in the game for community review. I understand that there may need to be some premium way of applying for the Network, or the masses would just let poor quality charts through the network and there would be a flood of sloppy charts. If Harmonix required you to buy a liscence to review and publish songs, could they? I just want to know if it is Sony or Harmonix preventing this. I personally think requiring a liscence would work just fine.

  • No idea — I have no knowledge of how it works, but maybe vote for it on Share or hit up Harmonix to see what they say? I’m pretty far removed from this granular a topic :-)

  • Wow, tons of content this week.

    My personal Favorite pics would have to be the OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME Dead Space 2 Reveal Trailer, and the stunning MNR Empire City Track. What was your Fav Sid?

    • Loved-loved-loved Dead Space, so that the DS2 trailer was a highlight for me. The MNR Sackboy/Mystery mods video was awesome too, and I’m curious to play the Dante’s Inferno DLC to create a new “trial.” I’m also been exploring some of the new Minis, some good gems to be found.

  • I think the Deap Space trailer was the highlight of the week then maybe the Modnation news. Anyway, I would like the see the Dead Space trailer in the PSN store. Can you make it happen Sid Vicious or it it up to EA?

    • It’s up to the companies, but a lot of trailers make it up to PSN, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it there eventually.

  • As weekends are always slow on the blog how about dedicating Saturday’s to the minis?

    I find it frustrating that there is so little info available for these games. (I was shocked to see two of them on the blog this week)

    How about a ‘New minis This Week’ round up that includes VIDEO of the games (since we don’t get demos)?

    As for MNR I actually heard an EB staff member pushing it…man how SONY’s market presence has changed over just the last year.

    • Good feedback on the Minis. I feel similarly, glad to hear others are interested in them too.

  • Yeah, I keep seeing stuff about Modnation Racers all over the place. Now if we only had that demo…

  • So I bought Kick-Ass the game, and I am loving it (very old-school arcade)!! But I think there is 2 trophies that are glitched (hidden trophies don’t seem to pop up). Who would I need to talk to about this?

  • Hey Sid, do you know if Square Enix is planning to put their old PSP games like Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Tactics,on the PSN because I have the PSP GO and im thinking of going back to the PSP Slim because of a couple games not being on the PSN, also what kind of PSP do you use?

    • I use the PSP-2000 series, as I have a decent-sized collection of UMD games built up over the years. Otherwise, I’d probably be all over the go.

  • I just reached level 60 in MAG!

  • @9 didn’t RBN go live for the ps3 version of RB2 recently? I thought I heard some news on that recently.

  • @17 Not exactly, the tools are not available for PS3, but ten songs are.

    Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies (Live)
    Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey
    The Shins – Australia
    The Slip – Even Rats
    Steve Vai – For the Love of God (Live)
    Attack! Attack! – Stick Stickly
    Bang Camaro – Push Push (Lady Lightning)
    Five Finger Death Punch – Burn It Down
    Flight of the Conchords – Business Time
    Senses Fail – Lady In a Blue Dress

    I got Drunken Lullabies and Push Push, but I’d really like to be able to author tracks.

  • well guys,

    I hate to tell you that the ps3 is getting worse with every firmware. I know most will call me a sony hater but the truth is the truth. now, we can’t save our facebook account or basic settings on the ps3. In short, we have to redo almost everything once we turn off the machine. I’ve tried telling sony though email & phone calls but all I get is the company line. please fix the problems that your company is creating before trying to bragg about it does everything!!!

  • Will there be any updates on ideas posted on the Share blog, as in any feedback on what Sony are looking into or progress on particular ideas? Or will it just be a place to safely offload people’s requests and complaints where they can be ignored? This blog was a nice idea but it still seems Sony wants to keep its customers in the dark.

  • hi i want to know when the next firmware update will be. the last update was sop mediocre and meaningless…. anyways, I still have my High Hopes On Sony and that they listen to their customers. im waiting for my in game Xchat update and BC games for all ps3s. an upgrade to the friend list for more friends and a sound for when a messages arrive would be nice too! Sony if u want to make believe, then make me a believer and do this update. its been years since im waiting for this. what are u waiting for Sony? Jesus its coming soon hurry up!!!

  • thanks Sid, my vote is in, fingers crossed
    have you heard anything at all Sid?
    Stop competing against yourselves in different countries
    all PS3’s worldwide should be equal feature wise
    would it be possible to get an explanation as to why we are still waiting on this 3 years later?
    i wish we would get updates on the blog about where certain features or upgrades are at in development instead of just what to buy and when to buy posts
    i really hope some good news comes out of E3 this year
    we have been more then patient.

  • pretty pumped about the fat princess maps

  • Dead Space 2 trailer was pretty sweet. I am loving Record of Agarest Wars!!! Can’t wait for Aksys to release some new DLC for this. I was also surprised to learn that the comics hasd Vampire Hunter D in it! Great stuff! Now, I’m just waiting to see this Tecmo Bowl remake…

  • Just for an heads up, Kelly from The Behemoth sayed they’ll have new info on Castle Crashers soon.

  • Gran turismo 5 when exactly? what decade will it release? launc title on PS4 5 or 6?

    On another note I see yoru still censoring comments exposing sonys shafting its clientele. I know some freinds who’ve posted here and had their comments “mysteriously vanish”. I suppose you’ll blame it on alien abductions.

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