PlayStation Move Developer Diary: Move Party

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Hey everyone. I’m Tom O’Connor, and I’m working on Move Party (working title) for the upcoming PlayStation Move.

We debuted the game at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco back in March, and the response was awesome. Gamers are loving the augmented reality feature of the game. Seeing the PlayStation Move motion controller transform before your eyes into objects on-screen, actually in your hand, is a pretty magical experience. Not to mention, the game is a lot of fun and we’ve been working hard on getting all the extra content into an “Alpha” build — and we are there! We are playing the games again and again, and then some more … and then again, tweaking and balancing and making sure that we cram as much fun into each of the games as we can before launching in the fall.

We’ve been showing the game behind closed doors and conducting lots of user testing. We’ve been really impressed at how quickly people of all ages are captivated by the game as soon as they pick up the PlayStation Move motion controller. The experience is extremely intuitive. There are no special gestures to learn like in some motion control games, you simply interact with the objects as you would in real life. It’s super easy and fun to just pick up the controller and start playing. Move Party is really only possible due to the amazing accuracy, freedom and precision that the PlayStation Move delivers. Cut hair, bash moles, bounce a ball, paint a picture, fly a helicopter, zap some robots and much more.

That’s all from me for now, but watch this space for more updates and lookout for us at E3. In the meantime, check out our new behind-the-scenes video featuring Jonathan Amor, Steve Goss and Tom Heaton, the Move Party developers over at Supermassive Games for an insightful look into how the PlayStation Move allows us to bring games like Move Party into your home.

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