PlayStation Move Developer Diary: Move Party

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Hey everyone. I’m Tom O’Connor, and I’m working on Move Party (working title) for the upcoming PlayStation Move.

We debuted the game at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco back in March, and the response was awesome. Gamers are loving the augmented reality feature of the game. Seeing the PlayStation Move motion controller transform before your eyes into objects on-screen, actually in your hand, is a pretty magical experience. Not to mention, the game is a lot of fun and we’ve been working hard on getting all the extra content into an “Alpha” build — and we are there! We are playing the games again and again, and then some more … and then again, tweaking and balancing and making sure that we cram as much fun into each of the games as we can before launching in the fall.

We’ve been showing the game behind closed doors and conducting lots of user testing. We’ve been really impressed at how quickly people of all ages are captivated by the game as soon as they pick up the PlayStation Move motion controller. The experience is extremely intuitive. There are no special gestures to learn like in some motion control games, you simply interact with the objects as you would in real life. It’s super easy and fun to just pick up the controller and start playing. Move Party is really only possible due to the amazing accuracy, freedom and precision that the PlayStation Move delivers. Cut hair, bash moles, bounce a ball, paint a picture, fly a helicopter, zap some robots and much more.

That’s all from me for now, but watch this space for more updates and lookout for us at E3. In the meantime, check out our new behind-the-scenes video featuring Jonathan Amor, Steve Goss and Tom Heaton, the Move Party developers over at Supermassive Games for an insightful look into how the PlayStation Move allows us to bring games like Move Party into your home.

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  • I would get this. ( if i had a ps3 lol)

  • Of all the future titles for the move this is probably the one i care the least about. How bout details on socom 4 or that brawling game that you guys showed off at e3

  • Please show me a video were i am using “Move” to navigate threw my PS3. Like the Minority Report video that was on Engadget. I no the games for “Move” are going to be there. But “Move” should be an experience that starts the moment you turn on your PS3. A video Navigating threw my browser and photos would be nice too!

  • I’m hoping for more games will be added for Move Party ;D

  • Awesome. I can’t wait for PlayStation Move!!

  • interesting!

  • I am interested in the Playstation Move, but I am going to have to see more titles I am interested in in order to buy it. I would like to see more games that are trying to cater to the “hardcore gamer” crowd. Socom 4 does look interesting, but I would like to see more. If all there is going to be is casual games, I think I will skip this. I do not want to be suckered into buying another Wii if that is what this is really going to turn out being :P

    A game like God of War, but using the move to attack your foes instead of pushing buttons would be an interesting idea.
    Hopefully E3 will announce some games for it that will interest me.

  • I can’t get enough of Playstation Move. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • @jackthemayor – Yea…E3 hasn’t happened yet…you must be confusing that with GDC.

  • the quality of the software will determine the success of move


    The dual shock version of the wiimote + nunchuck combo! Lets get one version of navigation controller without the ball+Three-axis gyroscope+Three-axis accelerometer+Terrestrial megnetic field sensor and another with everything added. We would have all the options we could possibly think of while still keeping the ‘main’ move controller simple! One would be simple and cheap the other more expensive but still money saving! Not to mention the navigation controller would have enough buttons to act as a second move.

  • Cannot wait. June can’t get here fast enough (my team got OK’d to go to E3).

  • Can’t do it without the ball, the ball is how it determines the Z axis.

  • @13 I was talking about the navigation controller. It doesn’t have the ball.

  • This will be a good choice for the video game parties..

  • I had a chance to play this at a recent event and was thoroughly impressed. Can’t wait for Fall to hit!

  • you guys should have made this a long time ago with the Playstation eye, like the Eyetoy games.

  • I’m ready for this to be released. It is looking really fantastic

  • who r u picking? mayweather mosley

  • I had zero interest in this game until this video. It’s kind of insane how well it was tracking with the foam hand.

  • I would really like for PS Move to succeed. Given how the launch and subsequent abandonment of PS Eye went I just cant imagine that move will be any different.

  • Looks amazing. I hope it is available as a PSN title. I’d like to have lots of Move games on my hard drive so I don’t have to put discs in….. But either way this game looks interesting. I can’t wait for Move to come out. Keep up the good work.

  • cant wait for all GUNS accessories compatible for PS3 MOVE
    and play my fav. FPS games Online!!!
    Very nice inovative feature!

  • This game will be really fun. The augmented reality feature looks really cool.

  • Like most motion control games, it seems novel at first. The real trick will be to keep it interesting for longer than a day or two.

  • hey if this is part of the playstion home page how come theres stuff on here not supported on this blog kinda seems retarded

  • Oh and how come we cant write anyone on facebook

  • oh, i can’t wait :)

  • ya cuz thats what hardcore gamers want…a hair cutting game and a paintbrush! wow what a joke, when the move fails (and it will) please sony scrap it and give us a better PSN!!!!! this looks like wario ware port to me

  • @ The_Claw

    You have to remember hardcore gamers aren’t the only people using the PS3. We all want to the PS3 sell well and go somewhere, but that’s not going to happen unless Sony attracts the casual crowd also. Just because the games aren’t exactly your style, doesn’t mean Playstation Move is going to fail.

    If the Playstation Move fails, it’s because people like you stick their nose up at it before attempting to try it out. The worst that could happen is you dislike it. It’s an addition, not the removal of the Dual Shock controller we know so well, so stop complaining and being Mr. Negative.

    I don’t understand why people are so set out for it to fail. A little support will take the PS3 further, not the complaints that are posted in this blog.

  • What I want to know is how Sony plans on delivering these games to the consumer: Will all of these Move games (Move Party, Brunswick bowling, The Fight) be available on a single blu-ray disc that comes with the Move controller bundle at launch, or if they’ll all be separate games to buy on PSN, or if they’ll be (god forbid) separate games on bluray discs.

    I really hope that the people responsible for Move’s product planning will have these all released together on a single bluray, and allow an option to buy them at bite-sized prices on PSN for people who’d rather just buy the controller standalones instead of the hypothetical bundle BD collection. Releasing something like The Fight as a standalone BD game would be stupid as hell. If EA wants to do that with their boxing series, whatever, but if Sony wants parity with competing motion control platforms, what’s been shown so far (sans SOCOM) needs to be in a single BD suite.

  • those controllers suck like the Wii does so dont try & sell me that junk vibrator for women

  • It would be nice to be able to watch the blog videos on the PS3 browser, but Sony refuses to make any improvements. Thanks for the support!!

  • @ 1 – I would get this too…um if I had a PS3 that worked.
    Sony thievery and neglect has prevented loyal customers from the use of their games & PSN access.
    Shame on you Sony…evidently you have very little honour.
    Eventually Karma will ensue…and I’ll be right there to laugh in your faces for how you’ve treated my loyalty…all $100,000 of it…
    I look at that number now and get sooo bloody angry. Some days I just want to sell it all…but then I remember the eventual Karma.

  • Best idea ever, This is future making and i think this product will make millions and have many many exclusive games to ps3 never before seen! This is no Wii people this is the power of the PS3.


  • sowoodrockafella

    excited, proper excited

  • I want to see these controllers integrated into a M4 rifle with force feed back to simulate recoil. I see these type of party games quite boring and gimmicky ,and most will be bored with them after half hour of play. Until there are real hard core games like COD MW2 with these controllers integrated into them, iam not interested in the slightest.

    I still have my zx spectrum and would rather play that again than play these boring party games. oh the lovely sound of screeeeech bleep screeeeeeech bleep.

  • Hey, do you know the date of the Playstaition move release? September, October or November?

  • Love Dev Diaries! Keep em coming!

  • Regardless of what some of the supportive people and their comments, I believe that the PS move will be great for both hardcore and casual gamers alike. I know that move party will also be one of the best titles for it, judging from the range of fun minigames that are shown. Even if most of the people here seem to be hardcore gamers, it doesn’t mean that because this one single game does not satisfy them the ps move will be a fail, nor does it mean that there aren’t gamers out there like myself who enjoy bc2 or mw2 just as much as they would enjoy this.

  • Will the PS3 EYE camera ENHANCE the PS MOVE???
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me what games are for the MOVE. I know LBP is going to work with it but I heard a rumor about Resident Evil 5 working with the PS MOVE.
    Anyways I’m buying the PS MOVE Oh YEAH!!!!!!

  • I MIGHT be willing to buy Move Party (particularly if it comes w/ an extra controller or something)… but what I’m interested in are the hardcore games! I understand the strategy of penetrating the casual market with this device… But hopefully Sony doesn’t forget that it is the hardcore market that actually buys games. FPS/RTS/RPG’s Sony!!! That’s where Move could really set itself apart.

  • I think the biggest challenge Move will have… b/c it’s an ‘add-on’, most developers will not be making titles that REQUIRE it. Probably would have been awesome had they started the gen with it… the PS3 may have put both of it’s competitors to sleep. Lol, the system probably would have been WAY too expensive then though, as it was already pushing the limit.

  • Well it doesn’t look like this is going to be much different than the Wiimote. I have a PS3 and a Wii and the only games I play on the Wii are the ones that use a controller. I doubt I will buy this, None of the Wii games that use motion are fun and this looks like it will be the same.

  • Oh it looks great….but gosh when Sony puts out a firmware update like 3.30 and it freezes games etc…then the faith drops to 0 for any Sony related product concerning the PS3.
    I have all these PS3 games and a PS3 that now freezes after the update.

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