New to PSN Store: Reef Aquarium for PSP

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Hi! I’m Konstantin Popov, and I represent Biart Studio. My company develops a variety of original products devoted to an aquatic theme.

Biart Studio has already released several games/simulators, and we’ve been working on original underwater games for the PS3, PSP, and PC. If you’d like to know more, please visit our website.

Today, I’m happy to announce Biart’s newest project for PSP: Reef Aquarium!

Do you like sea life? Now you have your own sea world on PSP! Reef Aquarium contains not only high-quality 3D graphics, but also a “fish library” that will help you to find out more about these amazing creatures. When playing Reef Aquarium, you can feel the atmosphere of the aquatic world and watch its inhabitants swimming around you. You will see the most vivid ocean fish, but don’t forget to feed them and play with them: Fish are easily upset!

Reef Aquarium is now available for both the PSP and the PS3 PlayStation Store. Check it out!

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  • Cool! After seeing Oceans, my interest in aquatic life is back!

  • LOL.. that looks hilariously awful. The graphics remind me of SeaMan. I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from minis, but this is just terrible.

  • looks very easy on the eyes i might just have to get this for times when i need some extra peace8).

  • Haha. I love how the fish swims away without moving his fins. Must be riding a tide.

  • This is the game I’ve been waiting for. Thank you.

  • Looks very relaxing… Only issue is with Comic Sans…. Worst Font Ever.

  • Thank you guys for your feedback!
    We love sea very much and try to make a fun game.

  • This makes me wish they remade Seaman from Dreamcast onto the PSN. You could use pseye for the mike, and integrate move into it.

    ….it’d be a lot more interesting than this game.

  • do fish normally ‘swim’ without moving their tails or fins??

    • Sometimes in the game they are not move some parts of body. But it doesn’t mean that all fishes are static )

  • Guys, we plan also develop an action game about sea life for MINIS.
    It will be Spearfishing.

    You can look an Xbox version video on our site. I think it will be fun for PSP platform.

  • Alright! Cause if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s aquarium simulators with fish that don’t move their fins or tails.

    Seriously, do we not have enough “fish” games? Why don’t you just go buy a real aquarium if you’re so into the least exciting creatures on the planet.

  • @3

    did you ever think that maybe this game is geared more towards little kids? it is an “E” rated game. Little kids dont care about graphics. they care about a game that is gonna make them smile, laugh, and have fun.

    i think this would be perfect a little kid, if i had one.

  • a lot of you guys need to cut down on the sarcasm for real. not every game has to be made perfect with off the hook graphics and such. This game is rated “E” for everyone, which means little kids and up.

    Plenty of you complain about why PS3 doesnt get a lot of stuff the xbox gets but then when a dev comes and talks about their product all you guys can do is bash it to the ground the moment you see something that isnt up to your standards.

  • Wait…and PC?
    This game plays on PC?
    Or their is a PC version of this game?
    Were can I buy if so?

  • This game is also good for kids to explore the underwater world.
    Have a fish library..

  • Jetup, it is not available now for PC. But maybe we will release it for PC after some months. Now it’s only for PSP MINIS.

  • I never really wanted my own reef actually.

  • Cute. Is this going to be a PSP Mini or is it going to be UMD released? Also any idea how much it will cost?

  • does anyone else think this is the worst advertisement for a game ever. And fishes is not the right plural form. its just fish…?

  • Nevermind my other comment. Sometimes i cant read something entirely due to a short attention span. ;)

  • It’s only for MINIS.

  • My son will love this. I have to say, however, I looked at this on the PSN store and the “cover art” did NOT convey the premise or aesthetic of this game at all. It (the cover art) looked far too cartoony to really make me understand that this is an aquarium simulator, of sorts.

  • Dear SarshelYam. I will tell this to our artists. Thank you for your comments! We make a cartoon style in art to show that the game is really casual and for kids.

  • Just watched trailer, graphics are super good for minis. I’m going to check this out.

  • Thank you Jetup. It will support our team.

    We search the internet and see a lot of piracy copies =(

  • Guys, welcome also to our Spearfishing community on Facebook !
    We post some news about aqua games also there.

    You can find more information at

    Your Biart Team.

  • mixedkidbx-I’d rather let them know why I won’t be buying it. As a person in sales, I appreciate a customer that tells me why they don’t want a certain product. The game looks goofy and poorly executed. I don’t even think it would entertain my kid for more than a few moments.

  • lol here is an idea for you biart try something a little more meniachal make a game about prehistoric aquatic life ranging from the ancient aquatic dinosaurs to ancient sharks and scorpions and all the such. and if you do it on a grand enough scale you could put it to a disc…
    i am willing to bet you would have mega sales on something like that, just dont be cheesy like the jaws game was, go for the gusto and bring it all!

    • Prehistoric life – it’s a really interesting topic. Hope we can show something this year, if grow up our company to make a lot of at the same time :)

      Now working on prehistoric game…

  • “Feed Fishes”

    Enough said.

  • +megalodonshark – we already working on some prehistoric aqua project. Really. Maybe will push work more fast. It’s one of internal projects.

    Why you are like prehistoric aquatic life?
    You prefer arcade or sim game?

  • Not exactly my type of game. It’s pretty cool, though.

    • Thank you, BiscoMix!

      Hope kids like this. My kid like to feed fishes :) We try add some relaxing in this game.

  • i believe u guys limited this game by making it a mini. dlc would had worked well 4 this game . wat the price tag?

    • We don’t limit the game. We design it for Minis and kids.

      But if it will have some success, we can make a full game in this genre. All is depends on current flow of project in studio.

      We like aquatic theme :)

  • also as a developer will u guys keep up support 4 the psp

    • PSP platform is not so easy to work with, but as a developer we are ready to work with it. All is depends on customers. If customers will like PSP games, we are ready make them :)

      Bad things of PSP is piracy. Piracy take our money.

  • This seems like a fun little game. Mind telling me how many fish are in the game?

  • either way would be good for me arcade or sim would not matter.
    just to have something for an historical point would be really nice with a decent amount of accuracy to it. reason i am so interested in an aquatic game like this is because i love world history, especially from the standpoint of just imagining what these creatures were really like thousands and millions of years ago. just make sure you guys do your homework on the types of creatures you use, because i wouldn’t want to see something out of star wars or something like that.
    btw ty for both responses

    • Do you play the Sea Monsters game for PS2? I don’t play this game, but hear that it connected with National Geographic TV show… Maybe it can be also interesting to you.

      As for me I am really fun on underwater theme and prehistoric life is interesting for me from my childhood. Ocean was really amazing at this time…

  • I don’t want to seem like I’m bashing this, but it’s just more of the aquarium for download on the Wii. I honestly see this going the way of the old virtual pets with users getting bored and forgetting it.

  • Hello, Biart! This is Jay Kar from the U-Wars Facebook page.
    It’s nice to see that you’ve developed a game for the PSP. Congratulations!

    Will you come back to the Playstation Blog in May to formally announce more details for the PS3 version of U-Wars?

    • Konstantin Popov

      Hello, Jay! Nice to see you there.

      I don’t know about possibility to announce something in May, because it’s depends on our publisher and their marketing team. As I know they plan to make some announces at May and E3.

      From our side we are always ready to communicate with our community. But waiting for our publisher approve to begin direct U-WARS communication. BTW game will be available begin of next year and we have some time to talk and show interesting details about our project.

  • A bit offtopic, perhaps, but I wish some company with an interest in aqua themes (hint, hint) would license “Aquanaut’s Holiday” (available in Japan, China, and Korea for about a year now) for the PS3 and bring it to North America and Europe. I think lots of families would buy it. I certainly would. It’s probably available for sublicensing at a reasonable price by now. Given that the title was already available with an ENglish translation, the work involved in releasing it would be minimal, I’d expect. Just a thought. Glad to see you on the Sony platform! We love aqua titles here on the west coast of Canada!

    • Konstantin Popov

      We are not publisher and cann’t licensee games. But we can develop good games in aquatic genre on our engine.

      You can look at our U-WARS demo

      Now we are close to make a PS3 deal (already have an Xbox 360 publisher) and plan some unique features for PS3 version. We don’t have a PSP publisher for this title, so now game come only to next-gen consoles and PC.

  • I was hoping this would be like Aquanaut’s holiday. Instead it’s really more like a under the sea ride at Epcot Center. It’s on rails, you can only swim along a track, not freely. And only about 6 types of fish.

  • One of my “complaints” (requests for improvement?) is the robotic-looking camera movement. Can something be done to smooth it out? Maybe “average” the movement for the previous 10 frames and smooth it out? The fish looks pretty smooth by itself. Overall, an excellent effort!

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    The plural of “fish” is “fish”, not “fishes”.

    Your blog post and replies to comments make it obvious that you are not fluent in English, but some mistakes should seem obvious.

    “I tell this to my programmers” and such are the basis for my assumptions on your language skills and origin.

  • Under water games of fish games are hot topic you know, if you do this for the psp
    i love to imagen what you cud do for the ps3, keep the good work up :)

    chek out what happend to Afrika and aquanuts gamers by loads of those games

  • wow i cant believe how many community members there are that are just being so rude.

  • The game looks nice for a mini, it is good to see someone making nice and different sorts of games. Keep up the good work.

  • eyesofreality03

    indeed there are a lot of rude users on here lately, anyho this reminds me of an older gme i recently unearthed, where you grow a fish from minnow to land lubbers, mostly a evolution game you can meke your creature unique for each level and change it on the fly.

  • Not bad, I still have my fingers crossed for a Insaniquarium port to PS3 though.

    And U-WARS looks pretty damn good. :)

  • hello mr. Konstantin Popov  

    do you know how many % of a fish movements the human eye can not see
    it is sick much, i think more than 50 % is too fast for the human eye

    go look at your aqvarium and watch the fish and you see, my mallawie fish
    are damm fast, but those mallawie fish are like hells angels, the dont understand
    a clean and clear aqvarium its only humans and they bid me when im feed them

    Have a nice day mr popov

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