New to PSN Store: Car Jack Streets for PSP & PS3

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The team at Tag Games is pleased that our first-ever PlayStation minis game Car Jack Streets is now available from the PlayStation Store!

Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

If you haven’t heard of the game before, it’s best described as an action, driving, and crime game. You play as Randal Meyers, a small-town crook that’s run up a million dollars in debt to the Mob…and they want it back! You need to do whatever you can to pay that debt back, or else you’re a dead man. Rob banks, steal cars, do jobs for the crime lords and even deliver pizza if you have to. Just make those payments on time, or else…

Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

Car Jack Streets started life a few years ago when a few Tag Games team members (who also worked on the first Grand Theft Auto games) suggested we try and make a GTA-style game for cell phones. Trying to cram all that content into a very small device was hard work, but we did it and Car Jack Streets was born! It was very important for us when designing the game that it took into account that most people would play for short periods of time and would probably be traveling or doing other things while playing. With this in mind we added an innovative real-time element: the time in the game is the same as the time in the real world. If it’s night time, then the game reflects this. If you need to get to the bank in five minutes to rob it, then that’s five real minutes! And if Frankie gives you a week to pay back $50,000 of your gambling debt, then that’s one real week. It’s a cool concept and one that works really well.

Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

Along with the real-time element, Car Jack Streets has a number of other cool features. The city is huge, and it will take you a long time to explore it! There are hidden items to collect and side tasks to accomplish. With a wide variety of great vehicles and weapons, you’re going to enjoy your visit to Jack City! There is a large list of achievements that you can attempt, ranging from the easy to the near-impossible, plus an almost limitless combination of missions to attempt. Oh and did we mention there is a ton of great music included? It’s a massive game squeezed into a Mini package and we just know you’ll love it!

Bringing Car Jack Streets to PlayStation minis has been a joy, and we believe that this is the definitive version of the game, utilizing the PSP hardware to run the game faster and more vividly than ever before. We hope you enjoy the game and that some of you even manage to eventually pay off that debt! You can get more details on the game by visiting the Car Jack Streets site.

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  • nice to see a few games being posted on the store on a friday. gives some ppl out there more options for the weekend of things to play

  • Im getting this game

  • I’m not buying this game if only because of the name. Seriously?

    Why not just call it “Ghettoville Gat-a-Klak-Klak Smackdown”, or “Thug Life Hustle Town Bling Bling”?

    What happened to creativity?

    • The name was VERY carefully chosen but as mentioned in the blog the game started out on cell phones. On most carriers WAP decks (Verizon, AT+T, T-Mobile) etc you only have 16 characters for the game name and whilst some dispay the name of the game next to an icon, really most people buy games based on their name alone.

      If you dont have a game based on a big brand that is recognisable then the game name really has to describe the game as clearly as possible. Car Jack Streets does this quite well we believe, also the tri-partate structure should also sub-conciously remind people of Grand Theft Auto. As there are some similarities between the game styles this is also helpful.

      There is a lot more in a name than just making it sound cool!

  • BRB, going to go pick up a copy of “Car Steal City”.

    I really wish I owned “Vehicle Rob Municipality”

  • looks alot like chinatown wars-still gud though

  • Looks like the classic GTA’s

  • since i have an old 60GB fat, i might just throw in the original GTA and pretty much play this game.

  • “Car Jack Streets started life a few years ago when a few Tag Games team members (who also worked on the first Grand Theft Auto games)”

    uh, no wonder why it looks a lot like the first GTA. Looks kinda cool. You sure this is not a remake of the first GTA. Well, looks decent enough for me.

    • Myself and the lead artist on the project both worked on the first GTA games. There is alot about Car Jack Streets that is new and builds upon those early games and then spins it around and reworks it specifically for mobile play.

      For example we designed the game to work best played for 15-20 minutes everyday and used a real time structure to draw people back to the game again and again. There are also over 6 million mission combinations possible in the game, by using a ‘mix and match’ mission structure no single game is ever likely to be exactly the same!

      Car Jack Streets is a great example of how far mobile and handheld gaming has come in the last 10 years. It was a struggle to get the original GTA onto the original Playstation due to its size and complexity. Car Jack Streets is a 70 mb download!

      Anyway if you liked the first couple of GTA games or top down racers like Micro Machines or Super Sprint you will love Car Jack Streets!

  • I think I’ve played this on the iPhone…oh well, I’ll get this game eventually….kudos you Tag Games.

  • Comparison’s aside…it looks fun! I’ll give it a look and consider a purchase for sure, as long as the price is right that is.

  • dagg i was about to say the PS1 classic GTA finally hit the PS3.

    • If you play Car Jack Streets on the PS3 its amazing how much like the first GTA game it looks! We were blown away at how well the PS3 emulator upscales the graphics, its smooth and colourful and makes our graphics look better than they actually are ;-)

      If Car Jack Streets comes anywhere close to being as good as those original games we will be very happy with our work!

  • This looks like a huge rip off of an older game called Payback! :)

    • Seriously? Have you played Payback?!!?

      The games have the same context (ie its a criminal action game set in a city) but pretty much everything else is different.

      Plus we weren’t aware of Payback until it launched on the iPhone, many months after Car Jack Streets was available on cell phones.

      They might seem similar but they really aren’t!

  • so when is this dropping in europe?

    as i used to dig GTA and GTA 2 this is definately on my “wants-list”

    • We are just waiting on securing an age rating (we had issues with the DSi Ware version in Germany and ended up not being able to release the game there) and completing SCEE QA.

      Our hope is to have the game live in Europe at some point in June.

  • The real-time element sounds the most interesting to me. Other then that it seems like an old school GTA that I had hours of fun playing.

    If I can get some spare money I just might buy this.

  • Decent game for the iphone, a necessary need for a d-pad.. so might get it eventually. Gets boring after some time.

    • Loads of Car Jack Streets players on the other platforms have finished the game which takes 26 weeks!!! I think most games will get a little boring after half a year, but shows how addictive it is and for only $5, what a steal!!!

  • HAha nice

  • does this game have online?…..can you play this game with your friends over the internet?

  • I think this game started a few years ago when some Tag Games team member discovered code from the original GTA still sitting on his USB stick.

    • Lol! It wouldn’t have done us any good I’m afraid! We had to write Car Jack Streets to work in only 64k for cell phones. I dont think even the best programmers in the world could have converted the original GTA to 6.5mb let alone 64k ;-)

      I’m proud to say Car Jack Streets is all our own work.

  • How lame.

  • $5? I’m there.

  • Saw the picture first and thought to myself “this looks a lot like GTA.” Should of read the article first lol. Looks pretty sweet. The first GTA was addictive and it is nice to see Tag Games going back to the old school. If it is cheap and has the classic humor I grew to love in their previous projects, then count me in (when I get some cash first ^_^”).

  • @17

    Its a MINI…that answers your question.

    I’m glad the blog is giving ‘some’ of the minis some exposure…without demos its hard to decide to ever buy one.

  • @19

    So…how is the game coming along that you are developing?

  • I bought this game yesterday and I’ve played a little bit of it and I like it but the driving definitely needs work.

    • Would love to hear more about what you did and didn’t like so we can address those issues for CJS 1.5, 2 and 3!

  • nice, i used to play GTA 2 all the time, im probably getting this

  • cool mini GTA, anybody know how much it costs, never bought a Mini so I don’t know if they all cost the same or there are different prices

  • @26


  • Cool, too bad its prolly 5 bucks……minis should be 2.99 or lower.

  • The real time thing sounds interesting. I’ll wait for a couple reviews, but I’m intrigued.

    • There are loads of amazing reviews (almost all of which are positive) for the game on other platforms. I suggest you do a google search for the DSi and iPhone versions as they are closest to the PSP game in terms of content and performance.

    • Did you just spot Megan Fox coming out of the shower or something dude? ;-)

      Glad you like the game!

  • um it looks like the the first gta…………..

  • i pain the killer

  • eyesofreality03

    looks alot like the gta of old, looks interesting.

  • The 1st GTA was the only good one and it looks very similar so ill probably get it

  • The 1st GTA was the only good one?


    Vice City was total pwnage. GTA IV was awesome.

    I’ll probably wait for it to go 3D, though, in Car Jack Streets III or Car Jack Streets, Depraved Town. :P

  • Of course it looks like GTA 1 but this game looks better more colorful and i like that i might get this today ! if i can say 1 thing to the the creators , it would be : hey can you make more of this kind of old school games but in a bigger way i mean , bigger version on PS3 on the store , not a minis ! just to have a little more power under the hood then a mobile structure like minis ! anyway nice work tough :)

  • We’d love to do a full retro style PSN game of Car Jack Streets for PS3 with HD visuals. Cost to make it wouldn’t be too crazy but certainly outside our current self-publishing budget, so if this is something you’d like to see I’d suggest you email Sony and a few publishers to see if they’d like to fund it!

  • @#30+paul farley if he saw megan fox coming out of the shower or something wow wouldnt be exactly the right words lmao

    anywho game looks good ill be gettin that game sooner or later as the minis r a great idea and this game would be fun to play even in short bursts

  • Just want to thank Paul for coming in and honestly (and with some humor) answering our questions. Personally it is this kind of interaction with the developer that leads me to buy a game I might not otherwise buy.

    You’ve got a purchase and good luck to you. BTW…PS fans like exclusives :)

  • Can you guys please put some MW2 avatars?

  • ok i got the game now, ive played a little , and the game is good , but theres something that need improvement, first cars controls , controls are too drastic not smooth enough , i dont want to compare but gta 1 had smoother car control with greater handling, so this need a fix , and the second thing is, shooting controls , yet again the controls have to be fixed , its hard to shoot in the right direction with precision. the game is good but need some fix , if you fix it. ill be happy ;) have a nice day Paul . and hey tag games team keep up the good games !

  • Cool I like the name too and I loved the original GTA games.

    Any game that pays homage to them I definitely have time for!

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