New to PSN Store: Car Jack Streets for PSP & PS3

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The team at Tag Games is pleased that our first-ever PlayStation minis game Car Jack Streets is now available from the PlayStation Store!

Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

If you haven’t heard of the game before, it’s best described as an action, driving, and crime game. You play as Randal Meyers, a small-town crook that’s run up a million dollars in debt to the Mob…and they want it back! You need to do whatever you can to pay that debt back, or else you’re a dead man. Rob banks, steal cars, do jobs for the crime lords and even deliver pizza if you have to. Just make those payments on time, or else…

Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

Car Jack Streets started life a few years ago when a few Tag Games team members (who also worked on the first Grand Theft Auto games) suggested we try and make a GTA-style game for cell phones. Trying to cram all that content into a very small device was hard work, but we did it and Car Jack Streets was born! It was very important for us when designing the game that it took into account that most people would play for short periods of time and would probably be traveling or doing other things while playing. With this in mind we added an innovative real-time element: the time in the game is the same as the time in the real world. If it’s night time, then the game reflects this. If you need to get to the bank in five minutes to rob it, then that’s five real minutes! And if Frankie gives you a week to pay back $50,000 of your gambling debt, then that’s one real week. It’s a cool concept and one that works really well.

Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)Car Jack Streets for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

Along with the real-time element, Car Jack Streets has a number of other cool features. The city is huge, and it will take you a long time to explore it! There are hidden items to collect and side tasks to accomplish. With a wide variety of great vehicles and weapons, you’re going to enjoy your visit to Jack City! There is a large list of achievements that you can attempt, ranging from the easy to the near-impossible, plus an almost limitless combination of missions to attempt. Oh and did we mention there is a ton of great music included? It’s a massive game squeezed into a Mini package and we just know you’ll love it!

Bringing Car Jack Streets to PlayStation minis has been a joy, and we believe that this is the definitive version of the game, utilizing the PSP hardware to run the game faster and more vividly than ever before. We hope you enjoy the game and that some of you even manage to eventually pay off that debt! You can get more details on the game by visiting the Car Jack Streets site.

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