Coming to PSN This Week: Record of Agarest War for PS3

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Greetings, fellow meat-creatures! I am the localization editor for Aksys Games’s release of Record of Agarest War, and I have come here today to talk to you about that very game, which is coming to the PlayStation Store this Thursday, April 29.

You may have had a chance to peruse some of our marketing materials regarding Agarest. You haven’t? Oh my. Well, in polite company, I would say that they play up the relationship aspect of the game. To elaborate somewhat, Agarest gives you, the PS3 player, the reasonably unique experience of playing through five generations of fathers and sons. Your in-game decisions – tactical, moral, and romantic – will determine the abilities and strengths of your offspring, which characters will join your party, and ultimately, the very fate of your world!

But perhaps a dating sim (and genetic simulator) doesn’t tickle your fancy. As a strategy role-playing game, Agarest is, in many ways, defined by its battle system. I could use all sorts of large, important words–words like “nuance”, or “multifaceted”, or “ham”–to explain its intricacies to you, but this is the Age of Information, and that means videos! Everyone likes videos. We have included one, in which an incredibly handsome and shockingly intelligent narrator explains some of Agarest’s basic battle concepts to you. Give it a watch!

Of course, even with a flawless strategy, you may find the game difficult–especially if you are insane enough to play on “Hard.” Fortunately, we have sought to alleviate such woes, and will be giving out a number of free DLC packages in the weeks following release. Free to everyone on the PlayStation Network, these tiny nuggets of digital joy will bring you everything from special weapons and armor, to items that improve your stats and abilities, to that most indispensible category of loot: restorative items. There will be DLC you can buy too, of course, but these ones are free!

So there you have it! Record of Agarest War has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a dating sim, a complex strategy-RPG, or hours upon hours of epic fantasy and political intrigue…or all of those things. Agarest will appear, in a burst of white light, on the PlayStation Network on April 29th. Be there, or be utterly unfulfilled for the rest of your life.

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  • Is this game really going to take up 18 Gigs lol? Just want the rumors cleared up.

    • The game itself is only about 9 gigs, but the file you download from PSN is a sort of install file, and it basically installs the game from itself to your hard drive. That means you need 18 gigs to install the game, but once it’s installed, that initial install file is deleted, which means the game will only take up around 9 gigs after it’s installed.

  • I heard this game will be $44, downloadable only, and 10GB for the PS3. The other system will get the game on a disc with a ton of extras that come with the game.

    I won’t even touch this game.

  • For how much that game going to be ?

  • wow the person doing the explaining in the video sounds so lifeless. felt like a robot was explaining the video to me

  • Price and how much memory will it take? Either way I’ll still buy.

    • It will be $44.99, and will take up 9 gigabytes of hard drive space after install, although you will need 18 gigs free in order to install it.

  • If the PS3 version had been getting the significantly more awesome and hilarious physical release like on the 360 I would have picked it up no problem but this just costs too much for a Digital only game.

    Why is it you could make a disc based ps3 version in the UK but not NA?

  • Looks good, how much though.

  • I would have picked this up if there was a physical copy, but I’ll pass on this for now.

  • I’ve read it’s $45 on another forum, can anyone confirm? That’s quite a lot imo

  • This sounds really interesting, I’ll definitely give it a look.

  • Should’ve been a disc version. Pissed the “other system” gets a nice box with stuff and we get a massive download and no stuff. Not sure why you chose to go that way. Disappointing. Oh yeah, and the video keeps stopping after a few seconds on my system…

  • No thanks. This game is 10GB (9228MB) to download and it look worst than a PS1 game. Have you guys ever heard of the term compression? Oh lets not forget that the “OTHER HD CONSOLE” has gotten a Limited Edition disk base version, while PS3 owners get a 10GB download only version.

  • piratedrunk, we might have a disc-based version in Europe, but it has none of the improvements, nor the trophies, that the US-version has, making the US version superior.

    About the game’s size, it’s supposedly a 18GB download, but should “only” take up 10GB when installed – as far as I know anyway.

  • I don’t dig JRPGs but this is exactly the kind of thing I want more of. Full downloadable games for the win.

  • if this game is a large file, i’ll definitely need to upgrade my HDD. i only have 17GB left.

  • Ew no thanks! $44.99 for a downloadable game that will take up nearly 20GBs of my harddrive? Are you serious Akysys? The 360 gets the physical copy plus all of these bonus items for barely any more. I don’t know why anyone would buy this on PS3.

  • When I first heard about this, I was ready to preorder it. Then you made it download only, where as the 360 version got all the bonus goodies and a disc version.

    Why didn’t you release a disc version of the game in North America for the PS3? Was it because of production costs? I would find that hard to believe if you can afford to include CDs, pillow cases and mouse pads for the 360 release. Why not just have a normal disc release for both versions?

    Either way, I went from “Must have/Preorder” to “not going to touch this one with a 10 foot pole”. If I’m paying money, I want an actual physical game in my hands to show for it. Not something that I’ll lose should my PS3 ever crash. That and I’m running low on hard drive space. Nor do I want to have to wait several hours for a download/installation.

  • So the Xbox360 gets a full retail release w/ extras and this is what the PS3 gets? Digital Download only with no extras at all? What the… thanks for nothing I guess.

  • I’m definitely buying the game tomorrow. Thanks a lot for bringing stateside.

  • Too expensive for a download game, too much space taken from the HDD for a download game.
    Give me no more than 1gigga sized games at less than $15 and we have a deal.

  • i was going to buy this title but i cant do that now.since,the game will be psn download only while the 360 gets a disc plus a few other goodies.also, this game is about 10 gb download and for the speed that i have (1.5 mbps) it would take days for me to fully download this…also, the price point doesnt help 45 bucks dor something that doesnt have any extras or goodies,no thanks!

    btw,if sony europe could land this game on a disc why sony of america couldnt do the same? this sounds like both companies are giving up the finger to their fanbases here.sorry if i came too strong with these words..but this is just a travesty!

    (lastly,whatever happened with the 2gb download limit that you guys said that most game would take to download at the beggining of this generation?like the kids say these days epic fail both to aksys and sony computer entertainment of america!)

  • I played the japanese demo of this game over 2 years ago (heck that demo is still on my PS3). What took so long in deciding to bring this to the west? Will you be releasing a localized version of the demo?

  • lol, gotta laugh at the cry babies! Anywho the game looks cool and thanks for still using old school 2-D hand drawn characters :)

  • I would recommend that people buy the EU version published by Ghostlight like I did. You get bonuses (although not the same as the US 360 version) and a physical game in a nice box. You can probably get that now for about the same as the cost of this download. Honestly I don’t understand how this is any higher than $19.99 when we get no disc, no bonuses, only a huge waste of HD space.

  • Digital only is not as bad as you all are making it out to be, saw a comment about losing a game if you PS# crashes… Dude are you serious? Its called the download list, learn about it. The only thing I agree with as far as the gripes on this thread go is the extra content and goodies the PSN Consumers are losing out on. That is bad business practice on the part of Aksys.

  • I agree the price is steep for a 1st generation PS3 title (originally releasing in September of 2007, not even a full year since the PS3 had been out). Though I’m sure the price will go down / be put on sale over time as many PSN games do.

    However I am in full support of releasing full retail games to the PSN store in downloadable format. Siren Blood Curse is also around the 10gb mark yet few people complained about that one. Importing is always an option for those of you who just need to have a disc as the PS3 is region free.

  • Yeah 10gb and $45…..uh gonna pass on this one, cant even say there is enough to hook me for $20

  • As much as I want to play this, I’ll pass. Giving us a downloadable title rather than a disc based game is a stupid move. 3 of my friends including me will not get this title anymore.

  • I love how they promoted for Xbox Live Arcade also. Now that I know it’s for that too, I’m going to get it for BBLA. Jk

    Just showing how someone can change their mind from PS3 to XB360 just by watching the promotion. Watch out Sony!

  • $9.99-$14.99 and I’ll bite.
    Because I JUST yesterday got “The Really Naughty Limited Edition” for my 360 for $39.99.
    I would have loved to have gotten it for my PS3 instead but unfortunately it was not made for PS3

    Mr. Bateman, consider for future titles, making a limited edition for PS3 aswell.

    Sweet game though, I’m enjoying it.

  • ATTN: Aksys Games

    I may consider buying this if you can explain why the Xbox 360 gets a full retail disc release, not only that but a crazy limited edition with lots of extras while PS3 owners are restricted to ‘download only’.

    Doesn’t make sense to me, especially for a game of this size (rumoured to be atleast 10 GB).

    I would of bought this game in a second if we got that version too, but now I don’t know if I want to take a huge chunk of my HDD for this.

    Dumb decision Aksys…atleast in my opinion.

  • Isn’t this by the same people who made Cross Edge?

    Yeah…I’ll pass.

  • Is there any chance of a really cool PS3 Limited edition version like the 360? Cause I’d definitely buy the game if we got one:)

  • A physical release on every format in every region accept for the PS3 in North America is unacceptable. This game would have been a day one purchase for me if I could buy it on disc, but will be skipped entirely instead. Tell whatever corporate numbskull that made that decision that they may have saved cost by not including the physical media, but they have lost in sales.

    FYI – No, I’m not going to import when a company makes a lame-brained decision. I insist on a local release.

  • Can you guys PLEASE release the Really Naughty Limited Edition for Ps3? 10g is a little steep for a downloadable title.

  • Jeanne d’Arc clone, or is it just me?

  • Coming to PSN This Week: Record of Agarest War for PS3


    No thanks Aksys lames.

  • i really want this but if what i read is correct & it takes up 10GB of space i can’t get it cause i don’t even have 7GB of space lol

  • God, would you people just chill the f*** out. If you can’t afford $45 for a full game that is nothing but the enhanced 360 port released in Japan, just stop whining and don’t buy it. Eventually digital distribution is gonna be a major format over consoles and its already began over Steam, D2D, and a few others.

    Would you all rather deal with what Capcom just did with Final Fight and require you to STAY CONNECTED online to even play their game?

  • @LokeSTL
    You can blame SCEA for that. No dub = not allowed to retail. That’s why we’re getting it on PSN-only. Yakuza 3 was an exception to that rule and we all saw how well (not) that went.

  • This looks interesting. I might buy it.

  • @ 36

    I for one hate what Capcom did with Final Fight, and just because they apologized doesn’t mean they’re going to fix it. DD will only to be a major player, if the gamers allow it. I for one get little 5-10 buck downloadable games here and there, but full blown 50-60 buck games, I’ll pass. Thats just my opinion though.

    Now we have to deal with exclusivity within DD. (Thanks Tecmobowl Throwback) 360 already has it and it’s TBD for when it’ll hit PSN. Hopefuly we’ll get an update on when soon, but the more this becomes common, the more people will complain.

  • I’ve been hearing about this on Kotaku a lot (hey, Ashcroft is the men when it coms to Japan). Anyways, thanks for bringing this game to USA. This game is very risky because of the innuendo and hot anime chicks is treated. May I ask why you didn’t release this game on Blu-Ray disc instead of downloadable (10 GB is like one epic download) from PSN. Not that I hate downloadable game, but a downloadable game that is more then 2 GB is a bit of an issue for me? But were there any issue for releasing this game on the disc for PS3.

  • @38 That went bad solely cause they screwed that game over.

  • How can SCEA treat their customers like this? And why does Aksys not have a problem with Sega getting special treatment? If they do have a problem with it, why are they even releasing the game on PS3? Thanks for bringing it over but… there’s apparently a “better” system deserving of it.
    Playing favorites is a very foolish thing to do for a platform holder. It’s funny because Sega is releasing more and more exclusive DL games on Xbox 360 which could easily be multiplatform if they wanted to.
    The people upset by this should take their business elsewhere, it’s the only way to get a point across. Sometimes even that doesn’t work so we will have to see about this situation, although I don’t have high hopes.

    And yeah, it does require over 18 gigabytes of free space as the PS3 has to extract the whole downloaded file onto the hard drive to install.

  • @36: It’s not about being able to afford it, it’s about value for the dollar. A 3 year old game at nearly full price? Not even games like MGS4 are $45, new to US or not shouldn’t matter.

  • @ OnesOwnGrief

    Yeah, what happens if my online goes out, then I can’t play my game. Matter of fact, what happens if I get tired of playing my game downstairs on my PS3 and decide to play it upstairs on my other PS3? I have to wait 24 hours to play it on there.

    I understand they want to cut down on sharing, but I’m talking about in my household. Not sharing with someone in another state or anything like that. So they’re going to tell me when AND where I can play my game that I bought, because they failed to let the consumer know. Well because of that, I’ve cancelled my Lost Planet 2 preorder and decided not to get monster hunter tri.

    They don’t care about how they treat me, when spending my money, they don’t need my money then. I’m sure they’ll be fine without me.

  • Blu Ray please.
    There’s no way in hell I’m downloading 18gb. Seriously Sony? You guys are out of your collective minds if you think this is a reasonable idea at this point.

    That would take me 2 and a half weeks of non stop downloading.

  • Aksys, take your game elsewhere, it’s not wanted here.

    Seriously, a less than mediocre RPG game that’s download only, takes up 10GB’s of space, and costs $45? What are you on?

    My money is going to Tecmo Bowl tomorrow, a GOOD game.

  • >.> Reduce that to half. its a ~10GB Download in which you need 18GB free for install.

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