Coming to PSN Store: Dante’s Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia DLC

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Hi, I’m Greg Rizzer, lead designer on the Trials of St. Lucia. I’m really excited to launch this expansion pack for fans of Dante’s Inferno.

The Trials of St. Lucia is a unique DLC package. First off, we are introducing an entirely new playable character: St. Lucia. She has her own set of moves and features much more aerial style combat that Dante. Our character team did an amazing job with her. She looks amazing and adds new depth — also, I think her wings look amazing!

Second, we have added online cooperative play. The ability to be able to go online and fight hordes of creatures with a friend is really fun. I think the co-op feature is something that fans of this game genre will appreciate.

Also, with this new DLC, we’re shipping an entire Trial creation editor! This is a cool and easy-to-use tool that will let you create your own Trials, play them, and even upload them to the community so other people can rate them and attempt to beat your master creation.

Dante's Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia for PS3

That’s a lot of content for $10! But that’s not all: In addition to those big features, we are also shipping 40 Trials that were created and tuned here at EA. If you beat them all, you will be rewarded with Trophies. Lastly, the co-op mode includes Leaderboards so you can check to see the points you’ve earned as a player, and as a Trials creator, and track them against other Trials of St. Lucia players.

There’s literally hundreds of hours of gameplay here. Make sure you pick it up and get online to play. I’ll see you on the Leaderboards!

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  • Sounds good. I’ve been wanting to try this game out. Now if they would do something like this with God Of War 3. Like adding Nariko from Heavenly Sword as the co-op character.

  • Can i go through story mode with the co-op feature or is it only for a combat arena type of mode?

    • Hi! Co-op is for the combat game – Trials of St. Lucia. Trust me, we would have LOVED to have tried co-op for story mode too. When we started making Trials of St. Lucia we didn’t know which exact character we would make. The single player game had pretty much been completed, and all of the puzzles, navigation, and combat were created for that solo journey… the descent into Hell in search of Beatrice. We think it’s a great story. Adding a second character, and one like St. Lucia that can fly, would have required a different set up entirely. So we (a separate offshoot team) put all of our focus on making a great co-op experience with this combat game, Trials of St. Lucia. We would love to explore more co-op experiences in the future if we get the chance!

  • All I can say is WOW! I don’t own a copy of this game, but this might just do it for me!

  • Hmm, I dont think co-op has been added to a game out of the blue. Kudos

  • i only have 1 thing to ask.
    why is it these games come out and we the consumers pay on average $60.00 for the games then a bunch of dlc comes out starting not long after the game’s initial release and there is always a $10.00 price on most of these? i mean are there gonna be more dlc added for this game, and am i going to wind up paying $100.00 for a game as i did with star wars force unleashed? stop nickel and diming us consumers.

  • Hey guys, Hows Dead Space 2 comming along? I REALLY can’t wait to see some more gamesplay! Can i expect to see more at E3?

  • @SCEA Where is my Record of Agarest War?

  • I would like to buy this exp-pack, but Sony blocked me out of PSN for no reason. Shame

  • @ 7
    Its coming tomorrow

  • Why would anyone waste their money on this game when they can buy GOWIII?

    Dead Space was great, Dante’s Inferno didn’t even look or play as good as the first two GOW games that were re-released in HD.

  • hmm reminds me of NG Sigma 2 co-op thing.. but I’m waiting to see what spartansstandtall is… Don’t like Dante’s Inferno but I’ll get Deadspace 2 tho :)

  • @1 why would they add her when it’s not even related to the GOW universe and I hope that whatever they are doing is much better than co-op

  • Hi! I want to know when the Map Pack for PS3, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 will be available. Also, will I download from ps3 system or do I need to pchse from my computer then log in on my PS3 & download?!?! What will the cost be???
    Thank you

    • The Modern Warfare 2 DLC pack will be available on May 4th in the US, Les, though pricing details aren’t yet confirmed.

  • On the bubble about buying this. I liked the game a lot and planned on buying this but I don’t know if I want to support EA who attempts to ripoff their players with ridiculous dlc. Being able to buy orbs, the relic packs, and costumes as dlc is a lame attempt to nickle and dime the users. Although this dlc looks like it’s worth the $10, i do not want to encourage EA in this practice.

  • I just want to let you guys at Visceral know that the DLC you’ve put out for this game up to this point has been a complete joke. Everything except the Forest DLC should have been included with the game, and the Forest DLC can be completed in 10 minutes.

    Its stuff like this that makes me worry about the future of DLC, and even though the Trials of St. Lucia DLC looks really good and worth the money, I’m not going to buy it simply because of the poor business model you have shown regarding DLC up to this point.

    Ripping people off is not a good way to get consumers to like you.

    Also, @ anyone who’s going to tell me to shut up and/or quit whining, I have just as much of a right to voice my displeasure as you have to voice your satisfaction.

  • this looks to be worth the $$ to get it, wish i could bring st.lucia into the sp mode tho, but i can manage with dante. are ther any plans to bring her into the sp?

    • Thanks! Definitely let us know what you think of St. Lucia and her moves! We designed St. Lucia long after the main game was well into production. We’re very excited about her flight ability and she looks great gliding through the air. The main game was not designed with her in mind… but if we get the chance (tell us you like her), hopefully we can look to future opportunities to use St. Lucia again.

  • Is this one of those 100kb downloads? :P

    I think I’ll buy the game now, I was holding off but this is some pretty cool stuff.

    • Thanks. Join us online tomorrow! This is a really big update to Dante’s Inferno. There is a new playable character, new moves, new monsters, new environments… it adds up to a pretty sizable update.

  • @8

    Yeah, no reason. Keep telling yourself that.

    On topic: I will definitely be getting this piece of content.

  • Is this going to be available for Dantes Inferno on the PSP also?

  • Sorry, this update is for PS3 only.

  • The free download and everything is still legit with the purchase of the game right? And will there be any themes or more DLC for Ratchet & Clank (planets, bolts, weapons, spacecraft) and Infamous (more cities, missions, abilities)?

  • This sounds really cool, I haven’t picked up Dante’s Inferno yet, but I will eventually, and I will definitely be getting this as well. Thanks for the info.

  • @ greg rizzer on #18

    you said update is PS3 only, does that mean its a full exclusive meaning xbox360 wont get it?

    that would be sweet to have a full exclusive DLC for PS3 and xbox360 are left in the dark ha ha ha!

    • Hi. Yes, we did some exclusive stuff for the PS3 Divine Edition. As for Trials of St. Lucia, it is for both PS3 and X360.

  • Sorry to be posting this here but I bought both the PS3 and the PSP version and the download PSP version has skipping and audio hiccups for the cutscenes. Is there anyway for you to send a message to someone over there to upload a more optimized file?

    Love the game by the way, Thanks


  • @poweredbyzen

  • whoever bought this game should punch themself in the face

  • hey man!
    it’s 29 here in UK already!

    why do we always have to wait for the late comers US and then the updates will be rolled up?


  • Hey Greg, did you know I beat Dante’s Inferno © in 4 hours? Pretty crazy, right? =(

  • @18

    please tell me what I did to deserve to be blocked out.

  • I have a question, if you do the Trials, does it HAVE TO BE multi-player? or is their a single player version where u can choose to play as either Dante or Lucia?

  • EDIT: never mind, I just watched the video :P

  • Will the trials be cross-platform? Meaning can my friends on Xbox 360 see/play my trials with me on my PS3?

  • @33

    No cross platform

  • Why cant i see the download to buy on the PS store or in the ingame Store in Dantes Inferno? I tried to get in this morning at 7 am but nothing. I got the North American version and PSN account

  • Yeah, I was up early too looking for it! It’s there now though! Available for download via the in-game menus or directly from the PlayStation Store. Woot!

  • I would Just like to say about all the people Complaining and talking about rip offs and nickle diming drama.. If you dont want to buy it dont. Simple as that this generation of DLC is still new and regardless of how stupid most of you think it is its an option older systems didnt have you got the game and that was it nothing else to it. I like that if im done with a game somthing might come out to give some replay value and if its usless i dont buy it but going online to tell every one how much you care about a 3 dollar rip off just looks childish

  • is there any talk of dlc to put lucia in story mode?

  • Playing both God Of War 3 and Dante’s inferno I’ve come to the conclusion that God of War 3 is better, the only thing tht keeps dante’s inferno good is the enviornments, all the stages of hell were designed great!

    PCM 305 :)

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