Coming to PSN This Week: NormalTanks for PSP and PS3

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Hi there! This is my first post for the PlayStation.Blog, so I’ll give you a brief introduction. I started my video game career in 1998 as an audio designer, working on the Carnivores series, EA’s Black and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and many more. More recently, myself and key team members were responsible for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey for the PSP, MelodyBloxx, Rhythm of War PSP, and BreakQuest (see below).

So, NormalTanks! This game is an old school-looking, fast-paced, multi-directional, top-down arcade shooter set in a sci-fi universe.

There are eight challenging, dynamic, and hazardous environments to tackle: inside enemy bases, outdoor jungles, mountains and more. Every level has its own end-level boss to defeat. Generally, the game features more than 30 different enemy types including tanks, heavy machines, helicopters, robots and bio mechanical creatures, SSM missile sites, and heavy cannons.

NT_screen4 NT_screen1

To destroy enemies more effectively, there are special red-star bonuses that help upgrade your tank abilities: main cannon, machine gun, armor, and movement speed. The downside is that, when you get killed, you lose your bonuses. On some levels, your tank will transform into a tiny mine bot to stealthily pass by enemies and deactivate electric energy fields. In other levels, your tank turns into a giant walking robot, which demolishes everything on its way to the final level’s alien hive!

This year, NormalTanks received an “honorable mention” in the Independent Game Festival, Student Showcase.

We also didn’t get a chance to talk about our recently released BreakQuest PlayStation Mini, which was released on the US PlayStation Store on March 18th. Let’s fix that now!

The concept behind BreakQuest was created in conjunction with an advanced 2D physics engine, which gives a completely new game experience through a freely shaped world and reactive environment. There are 100 levels, especially adapted for the PSP‘s wide screen, and every level features its own colorful design, unique sound theme, and elements behavior. Another breakthrough in BreakQuest is its huge palette of power ups and power downs. This including nine different weapons: guns, rockets and mines, various balls and bumper shapes and sizes, multi- and fire- balls, block wall and magnet, and much more.

BreakQuest for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3) BreakQuest for PlayStation Minis (PSP & PS3)

Learn more about our PlayStation Mini games and new titles on the Beatshapers website, and you can follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. From time to time we do exclusive download codes giveaways, so don’t miss out!

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  • Mine too!

  • Looking good! Price?

  • looks better than heavy weapon since you can scroll vertically here. good idea

  • Looks pretty fun. Depending on the price I will pick these up. Thanks for bringing your games to the PSP/PS3.

  • What’s the price on NormalTanks? I didn’t see it mentioned.

  • Wow I never knew about this game until I read this blog post.
    It looks really fun.

  • Isn’t that the tune from the second level of Contra?

  • Also what’s Rhythm of War? That sounds crazy awesome already

  • Is normal tanks 1 player only ?

    • Unfortunately yes, PlayStation minis do not allowed to connect to net, i hope it will be changed soon!

  • Looks like its gonna be fun. Im getting NormalTanks for sure!

  • Thanks guys, The NormalTanks author, indeed inspired by Contra alot.

  • This game has a remixed music of Contra!?

    The alien hive monster mouths are just like the ones seen in Contra!

    I’m not complaining about this though! haha!

    • you’ll never know ;P but as i been said, alot of inspiration.
      The game made by one guy somewhere in West Syberia in Russia, so you can imagine he made alot of work alone. We like this game so much, so decided to bring it to PSN as mini.

  • Offline only, nothing spectacular in my opinion.

  • Looks fun….If the price is right….I’ll buy both.

  • What ever happened to the Tank game that used the eye toy that was like a tech demo or whatever? I would totally buy that!

  • BreakQuest quickly became one of my favorite brick-breaking games. There’s so much variety among the levels. The unique physics and power-ups add a lot of excitement to the gameplay. I just wish there was an HD version. Any chance of that happening?

    • Initially we thought to make full scale PSN game but there are alot of competitors, atleast two. But we only breakout mini game at market right now, so there is no plans for HD version. But we working on two PSN games at the moment, so stay tuned ;)

  • Thanks for asking Jetup about Rhythm of War. I was thinking about that game. Did Beatshapers cancel the game or not? If not will Rhythm of War come out on PSN?

    NormalTanks looks great. I really enjoy the top-down look. More games need to use this gaming style.

    BreakQuest looks really cool. I saw that game on PSN. But did not know what it was like. There is no demo and I saw no video. So that looks pretty neat. A cool concept on an old classic game.

    Do you know the what the price will be for NormalTanks? Will it be around the same price as BreakQuest?

    • I was worked on another company while created Rhythm of War – so maybe they could finish it. The current status is freezed, but the whole team who created RoW working on MelodyBloxx now.
      The price will be $3.99

  • It looks very fun! I wish it was 2 players local coop tho for both games.

  • These look like games I will have to consider after getting Record of Agarest Wars this week.

  • Normal Tanks looks cool. Reminds me of Ikari Warriors. Bring that title to us and you can have my money.

    • Ikari Warriors was my favorite at ZX spectrum, i even played this one at emulator couple years ago. There is level with big walking robot, looks very similar, indeed.

  • Im curious, does it enough comments for some free codes giveaway – ill check this out tomorrow ;)

  • oh neat! A nice little revisiting to the Ikari Warriors/Iron Tank days :-)

  • Sounds like somebody was a big fan of Contra. :D

  • Normal Tanks does remind me of the old school games. I may have to check it out.

  • Looks pretty cool for a mini. For $3.99 I’ll probably check it out.


  • Yeah you got it the tanks on paper….among other things, didnt they scan a bunch of totally random items in also. Man that looked fun!

  • Definitely have to check these out. On a different note, all of the ModNation Racers info is getting tough. My copy’s already paid for and no racing game out there is giving me the fix I need until next month. Any chance of an MNR demo soon?

  • Shame on you all for purchasing ANYTHING after the way they’ve treated us all.
    Yes that’s right…ALL!

    Even if you weren’t directly affected by the theft, it means nothing…
    You’re not special in their eyes…you weren’t in the path of the issues destruction this time…what about next time though?
    There will be one you know.
    Eventually something else will get pulled and perhaps that time you WILL be affected.

    So like I said…shame on you all…shame on you for purchasing…but most of all shame on you for not understanding the truth of the matter. The fact that it’s the principal more than anything.

    Stop grabbing your ankles for them…
    they’re not the boss’, we are!
    They’ve just lost sight of this fact.

    Set it straight!

    Remember, hacking is legal but stealing is not…
    So, who’s the real criminals here…ahem…Sony?

  • game looks pretty fun & the music is catchy

  • Looks great, has a good old school lood to it. Reminds me of stuff like Ikari Warriors and Guerrilla Wars. How long is it though? I just got Monsters probably stole my princess and while its an awesome game it’s too damn short. I might get this, and that Breakquest looks good too.




  • Oh please Oh Please! when will we be getting a firmware update for psp?

  • Did I read a possible free code giveaway? Crazy! I have to say that the music in those two videos up there is very infectious.

    • Yep, few responders will receive the code within few days. Lets make an unofficial codes giveaway here )

  • I thought the Playstation Store was switching to Tuesdays? What happened?

    • “Thursday publishes continue for a few more weeks, then from the start of May we start publishing on a Wednesday”

  • Breakquest looks pretty neat, I might get that.

    I absolutely love music/rhythm games, so I’m definitely looking forward to MelodyBloxx and Rhythm Of War if that ever gets finished. Are you guys planning on making any other rhythm-based games?

  • give me i code plwzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • this game looks intriguing =P

  • Both games look interesting. I may have to check them out!

  • I like music rhythm games… guys should make a “programmable” music game with the ability to save some custom mixes. I think it could be fairly simple and only have a small number of sounds to work with…..heck you could even make it a mini so we could transport it

    Then make it so that we can upload and compare

    just an idea

  • I would love a code please.

  • Haha, the snail and cow made my day.
    May pick this up, my PSP’s a bit anemic for games right now.

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