Coming to PSN This Week: Kick-Ass for PS3

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Greetings and salutations, PlayStation readers! My name is Ben Geisler, and I’m the studio head of Frozen Codebase. We’re an independent developer and we primarily enjoy playing and creating action games. We’ve got a bunch of veterans here from places like Raven, Treyarch, and Naughty Dog.

We like our action games. We like fighters, action RPGs, and anything else that lets you vent. And I’ve gotta say, what better platform on which to focus than the PS3? Personally, I think the PlayStation controller has never been surpassed in form factor, especially for games requiring lots of punching, hitting and general havoc.

Today, I bring to you a new trailer for our Kick-Ass game. But first just let me say that if you enjoyed the movie, you’ll enjoy the game!

For those of you living under a rock, Kick-Ass is an amazing movie by director Mathew Vaughn. Most of us at Frozen Codebase have seen it at least three times and it’s only been out for three days; just a totally amazing film. It’s based on the superhero brainchild of writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr, and features a unique take on superheroes. You’ve gotta see it, and you’ve gotta play our game when it hits the PlayStation Store on April 29th!

Never ones to take the path of least resistance, Frozen Codebase opted to not simply replicate the movie into a video game format. Instead, we worked the middle ground between the comic and the film. The game is a fine blend of the most action-packed parts of both facets of this incredible story. You can play the role of Kick-Ass, a dorky high school kid who is sick of seeing people around him doing nothing to stop crimes. You can also play as Hit Girl, a 90-pound powderkeg of badness. Hit Girl has been trained by her father (Big Daddy — also playable) to be a ruthlessly effective mercenary and assassin.

Kick-Ass PS3

Kick-Ass PS3 Kick-Ass PS3

Let me back up for a second and tell a story. The day is September 29th, 2009. My art director (Andrew Gilmour, originally of Naughty Dog) and myself are in Santa Monica, about to attend a secret preview of this Kick-Ass movie. While the movie played, we sat there in the theatre laughing, on the edge of our seats. So while the credits rolled, I turned to Andrew Gilmour and asked him a simple question: “you think?” He had this big grin on his face, and simply said “hell yes.”

“Hell yes” is right. This movie is about the best setup you could ask for as a game developer. Action all over the place, but unique action. Hit Girl can run up walls while shooting down at drug dealers. Big Daddy can pump reload his shotgun while barreling down at foes. We came out of the theater that day and went to a private party meant to host Hollywood types. I remember sitting there with Randall Batinkhoff (an actor in the film and producer on the video game) and Andrew Gilmour. Andrew and I were looking pretty straggly from just finishing our work on Metalocalypse: Dethgame. I think I had a Guns ‘N’ Roses hat on, hadn’t shaved in days; Gilmour had his standard ridiculous beard. We must have looked massively out of place while these costumed Hit Girl waitresses gave us drinks overlooking some fancy venue, but the important part is that none of this mattered. Our eyes were glossed over with anticipation, talking to Randall about the possibilities of the video game.

From this moment, we knew we didn’t have much time. The game hadn’t yet begun to be created and we needed to get moving quickly. Suffice it to say that the short timeline was both a blessing and a curse, forcing us to become uber-focused. Time limits work on the same principle as what some developers have called “design constraints”– forcing creativity by requiring developers to choose only the most important features for inclusion.

Luckily, we had multiple ex-Raven personnel (myself included) who had worked on projects like X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It was clear that, given three superheroes, it would be cool to play as any of them at any given time. Furthermore, it would be cool to play together with your buddy. And last, but not least, it would be cool to get better and better as a superhero, because, after all, that’s what the story is about.

We spent time on gameplay, gameplay and more gameplay. The time we had didn’t allow us to focus on cinematics, so the answer had to be gameplay. The end product has a huge focus on the most important things of any action beat-em-up with light RPG elements: Balance. Our designers painstakingly went through balancing enemies, fire rates, upgrades. I’m proud of the end result and I still have problems putting down the controller when I’m demoing the game.

Kick-Ass PS3

The game tells a story which closely follows the movie and comic book, but we also go into considerably more depth on the drug trade. Kick-Ass begins to chase after thugs you only briefly see in the movie (such as Tre Fernandez and Cheadle). We also added an Arena mode because it felt fun to fight enemy after enemy in a seemingly never-ending manner. All of this will be available on the PSN store for $14.99 on April 29th.

But we’re not done! Stay tuned, — we’ll be adding multiplayer as a downloadable content update! Thanks to Wha Entertainment and Howard Horowitz for being a Kick-Ass publisher. Thanks to our fans and thanks to everyone on PlayStation.Blog for their support. It’s been quite a ride and I’m looking forward to hearing what people think of the action.

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  • Looks like that game Loaded, Im not sure about beat em up games after the Watchmen games left a bad taste. Then again this does have co-op!

  • Embarrassing.

  • the game’s graphics looks like it’s from a psp or ps2 game. LOL. not trying to diss it or anything, I’m just sayin…

  • I didn’t think much of the game at first, thinking it was a game based on a movie and all that, but after reading through this story, I’m kind of liking the sound of it. I think it definitely helps market a game when you have a tale of how things came about. Good read, at the very least.

  • whats the trophy list looking like $14.99 are we looking platinum?

  • the co-op does add a good value to the game. i suppose no demo though eh?

  • Very cool, hope you guys are thinking about more dlc after the multiplayer update. (maybe small side stories kinda like Heavy Rain.)

    Looking forward to it.

  • Lol, couldn’t come up with a more suitable genre for a crappy movie tie-in game? Kick-ass actually doing real damage to his opponents? Maybe an rpg where he is the tank, but a beat-em-up, really?

  • Are you kidding me? Just… Damn.

    $15. For co-op Kick-Ass. And it comes out this week? I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but thank you. Just… thank you.

  • WOW For Real
    this is priced at $14.99 are you guys serious this looks like a $7.99 game at the most. Doesn’t even look like it is from this gen of consoles.

    I will just assume this will find a quick price drop in a couple weeks.

  • I LOVED KICK-ASS!! This game should not be more than $9.99 though, plus if you add multi-player, will we get to see Red Mist?

  • I agree with 4. I think I will bet on this game as well, seeing the type of effort put into it. Gotta support fellow WI developers too.

  • This unlocks Home items?

  • Ugh… feels like you developed it in just one month… that’s not a good thing.

  • This looks awful. First, its called Kick-Ass THE GAME. Seriously, can you be any more creative? It looks very choppy, and your whole Blog post sounds like it was written by a 4th grader for a project.
    I mean, cmon: “If you liked the movie, you’ll like the game!” “Personally, I think the PlayStation controller” Yea, I think you actually did hire someone in 3rd grade.
    this whole game fails, enjoy not selling anything.

  • If there’s a demo I’ll try it.

  • Just made it to make some dollar signs off a franchise.
    It looks like a PS2 title. You know, if Rockstar would have made it kinda like the Warriors but more open world with coop and upgraded fighting mechanics with super slick graphics, I might have been interested.

  • $14.99 is probably cause its a license game similar to the Watchmen games being $19.99 and $14.99. I’ll wait for a demo to appear on PSN before buying it or a price drop.

  • Nothing but junk PC coders dumping their garbage game on PSN hoping to make a quick buck.

    Go back to cutting and pasting directx code.

    No one wants your gimped to run on the wimpy Xbox 360 graphics turd of a game.

    This game is almost certainly 100 percent PPU based with the SPUs sitting idle and wasted because these dimwitted PC coders can’t handle anything that isn’t like the horrible old desktop x86 PC architecture.

  • First of all, I’m going to apologise on behalf of all the people who left comments blatantly without reading a word you actually posted.
    Secondly, this is looking pretty good for a PSN game, especially with local Co-op — my friends & I still play loads of PixelJunk: Monsters, so another local co-op game, especially with some kind of RPG elements? Most certainly welcome :) $14.99 feels a bit steep though, when I think about the things from the movie (which I loved, of course!) that will be in the game — that makes for a pretty short game! Hopefully there’s plenty to play (or come back for), and my worries are unfounded!
    Looking forward to this, I love new PSN games :D
    – Matthew

  • looks very mediocre at $15.

    I’ll pass on this movie tie-in money grab.

  • Add Red Mist as a character
    Make it cheaper or make the multiplayer update free

    I’ll buy it because I’m a Kick-Ass Fan, most other people won’t

  • No. Way.

    Absolutely not. Over-priced and under-developed. Anyone remember Watchmen: The End is Nigh?

  • Looks like its going to be as good as The Watchmen games. Which as we all know, are pretty bad.

  • JohhnySasaki, why would you apologize for us? Don’t. We said what we said for a reason.

    I can guarantee this game will be bad. They only started work on this September of 2009. And even later than that probably.

    That’s like under 9 months to create a game. A premium priced 15 dollar game. I suggest none of you buy this and save up 5 extra dollars to get one of the GTA episodes or something better.

    You’ll get a few sales because of the name and I did like the movie, but this is just laziness and greediness.

  • FredPunella, you’re trolling the PSN fanbase more than you are the developers. Though you probably already knew that, didn’t you?

  • Wow, I am nearly at a complete loss for words! The quality of this vile garbage would not even be sufficient for an old outdated 360 console, much less a PlayStation 3. I am shocked to the very core that developers even think they can make something completely low level quality, and expect anything more than low level income from it.

    This game screams $2.99 quality. And even at that price, I would rather buy something that at least looks/sounds great, like Linger in Shadows.

    Sorry guys, I DO support indie devs normally, but this is just utter nonsense.

    Look at the quality of a game like Soldner X, and then look at this Kick-Ass thing. It is difficult to believe any devs from Naughty Dog had anything to do with this game, unless they were one of the originals that helped make Way of the Warrior.

    What a horrible job you guys did. This needs to just go straight to the Wii.

  • Surprised there’s no PSP version… since it’s an iPhone port after all…

    Meh… whatever.

  • It looks like a bad PS2 game. And if the iPhone version is any indication then this will be the worst game ever.

  • Wow the hate is thick on this board. Fifteen does feel a little steep, but I like beat em ups, I like local co-op and I loved the Watchmen game (me, and my wife), so I’ll probably pick this up. While I would’ve preferred ten dollars, I can understand fifteen. Even if the game was made quick, the devs have to make money too.

    I think I’ll get it, if not at launch then somewhere down the road.

  • The movie was awesome! I hope the game is good

  • finally god, first it was suppose to be out on last weeks store update i think but it didnt happen

  • You guys probably shouldn’t have mentioned the fact that you didn’t start working on this game until after you had already seen the movie.

  • Please, for the love of God and all of humanity, please kill this game before it kills itself. Everyone knows movie tie-ins are garbage.

    Would you watch a fatally-injured animal suffer or put it down immediately? It’s the same thing for this game.

  • looks interesting. usually games based on movies or tv shows end up sucking really bad, so hopefully this game doesn’t end up as bad as the Watchmen games

  • Looks really, ehm.. lame.

  • ppl you really need to stop judging a game that not even out yet,if don’t like the game then don’t buy it.

  • I like the fact that you admitted it was a bit of rush job. but movie tie in games never end well it’s a fact most gamers are well aware of so i think the best path to follow on this is to release a demo and let the people try before they buy especially if you’re asking for $15. It’s not like its a modern warfare2 map pack. lol

  • Kick-Ass the Movie = Awesome
    Kick-Ass the Comic = Unbelievably awesome
    Kick-Ass The Movie The Game = meh.

    looks interesting that it has the first book in it though. in that regard i would say its worth 15 dollars.

  • Awesome blog post, it was a great read. I might have to pick this up when it comes out. Saw the movie twice and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it again soon. lol

  • Looks pretty bad imo. I doubt I’d even download a demo of it after watching this video.

  • movie was great! dont know about game.

    co-op should be online…..

  • Wow, you guys never cease to remind me how ungrateful the PS community is lol…

  • @x9248
    That’s what I was thinking. If you think the game is bad then don’t buy it but at least check out a review first before you start spouting insults. Also, graphics are not everything. You could be playing the best looking game out there and if the gameplay sucked, it wouldn’t be a good game. It goes the opposite way as well. I’m gonna give it a chance.

  • i am truly sorry but as a general rule of thumb i do my best to stay away from movie titled games because they all lack so much of everything, that said i can only think of 3-4 movie title games i have ever bought, and i have been gaming for almost 30 years. the movie games i bought were all star wars related, with the offhand game on the Nintendo called willow, but again another George Lucas game so enough said there. i need awesome story and game play for my games nowadays, especially since the games just are not cheap any longer, even if it is a download title. and i never really did get into mindless button mashing fighters.

  • When you say multiplayer dlc, do you mean online or just 4 player beatem up local? Don’t want this game unless its online. I hope the rpg elements isn’t too light. Xmen was good, but need more.

  • Developer name dropping does not a purchase make. This doesn’t look particularly appealing

  • “ppl you really need to stop judging a game that not even out yet,if don’t like the game then don’t buy it.”

    Oh, yeah? Of course we won’t buy this, and we WILL keep complaining. How’s that, man? If you don’t like negative judgements, don’t visit an internet forum.

  • That looks like the crappiest piece of $#!* I’ve ever seen(And I saw the movie).

  • @SkyNet003, everyone has their own opinions. I will play the wait and see game for this one! In all honestly, it does not look that good, and people have every right to critic it!

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