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  • I would like to know what is taking SO long to release God of War III Chaos Trailer (Release Trailer) into the PSN Store?

    I mean, it should have been added since Release week!

  • i wonder what kind of services and/or improvements the next firmware update will bring. its going to be a quite interesting time period for us playstation users…so say the least :0

    on the other hand,may cant come soon enough for both atlus games! XD

  • has made this an awesome week for PS3, but I want to test it out before I buy a subscription. We need a free weekend or something.

  • For the record Sid, we did bring the blog to its knees. Around the early 1000’s the blog was down for like thirty minutes

  • I love the Playstation Blog!

  • Pretty nice. Sony is king!!! lol

  • Anyone want to help my push to 5000 posts on the MvsC3 thread?

  • The ‘PS3 3.30 System Software Update’ was nice but can we have more updates with cool stuff a bit more frequently? I get cold-turkey waiting for them ;D

    Say do(at least)1 thing from the blog.share bit for us every month would be a nice start? :)

    • Share is coming along REALLY well. We’re almost caught up on the submission backlog, and the site itself is now becoming a very complete list of ideas and requests that will be a great resource for us. I can’t promise that feature X or feature Y will be implemented tomorrow, but do know that Share is taken seriously internally.

  • Ok, I sent off my ps3 for repairs, after it got screwed by the April fools update. I’m wondering if these further updates are gonna have anything we ask for, like in game music & cross game chat…etc.etc…?

    • New updates bring new features, so you never know what will be next. Also, in-game music is a PS3 feature — it’s just left up to the game developers. One that pops to mind is Super Stardust HD (insanely good game), which has the MP3 playback/playlist feature. Other games have it too, it just depends.

  • Please pass on to the folks that I’m not buying a pass if I can’t at least test their system on my PS3.

  • the recap should include:

    bla bla crappy updates, with crashes

    angry ps3 users demand return of other OS

    but we are too lazy to do a propper patch

    listen to your users

    MKV, FLAC, return other OS, voice in game chat, SKYPE.

    it´s so dificult to listen to your users Sony?

    • LOL — that’s actually pretty funny. =) We listen for sure. Are you on Twitter? is an ideal place to be heard.

  • Sid PLEASE help me, I bought TWO $20 PlayStation Network cards today. I bought some DLC which was $20, and more DLC for $5. So I spent 25 bucks. After everything is finished downloading, I come back to buy something else, but when I check my wallet, IT HAS 0 DOLLARS IN IT! I had $12 left from the DLC I bought and now its GONE! Please help me.

  • Who agrees that system update 3.30 was kinda g@y? I mean half the trophy lists don’t use the features that are new anyway and it’s boring sorting through the SAME trophies in different ways.

    • Yeah, but it’s a step in the right direction. Future updates will bring other cool stuff — it’s amazing how far the PS3 has evolved since 2006.

  • PSN store is looking nice.

  • I am fast losing all interest in this company. Tech support is a joke, though I dare not say anything against the GREAT and POWERFUL SONY for fear of losing access to all the nonrefundable things I have purchased over the last few years. Suffice it to say, companies don’t care about their customers anymore!!

  • Sorry for the double post, but does anyone remember this? Hilarious…

    ht tp:// ww w.yout ch?v=8AyVh1_vWYQ&fea ture=play er_emb edd ed

    remove spaces


  • Mr Shuman, will you spam with us?

  • Why can we have the MLB thing in Canada but no video store? The CRTC can give me no reason as to why You guys are holding back on the video store for us. they say that everything can proceed. Maybe it’s time to give em a call yourselves.

    • I don’t make such calls, soopergooman :-), but I’ve definitely seen a lot of requests from Canadians on Twitter. We know you want the videos, but there’s nothing to report right now.

  • Trying again, my former comment was too long and by pressing back on the PS3 browser my entire post was gone :(

    By this I sincerly like to apologize to the entire PlayStation team for my unconvenient behavior under the update blog posts. It weren’t many posts but still enough to make myself a complete idiot. I haven’t been myself lately due to personal issues, but still that doesn’t give me the right to blow out to you guys and I bet everyone else will feel the very same way when they think through about what they’ve posted on the blog.

    I’m still not happy about updates, dlc’s, patches and most likely never will, but pointing that aside I realized how much fun PlayStation has given me for over the past 12-13 years and also on the PS3 that I would miss it too much. So to say I’m back supporting PlayStation and… Nintendo. Microsoft? They’ll always be dust to me as they always have. 360 has NO blu ray, NO standard WiFi, NO free gaming, unstable hardware… and lousy games.

    I hope you except my apoligies and to make it even more up to you… I’ve just ordered a slim PS3 ^v^. *cries*

    • No worries, we all get frustrated sometimes when things in life aren’t perfect. Thanks for your support and understanding — in the end, it’s all about the games! =)

  • Eh I meant “NO free “ONLINE” gaming.

  • Ow and that 3D Dot game heroes seriously brings tears to my eyes… Zelda goodness on the PS3 = WINNER!

  • when is the next psp update coming out? its been several months since the last update.

  • Random question I really would like an answer to if possible please.

    I was sent a ModNation Racers PSP demo code but it wont let me use it “already used or incorrect”.

    Are teh codes for American systems only? Cause im English and gutted if I cant use it.

  • @sid

    It is an issue with me “game sharing” or rather just having five systems, and tech support not deactivating the broken one I no longer own(I replaced the broken one, so I am on my sixth). I was even willing to just have them deactivate them all and they still refused. They started quoting policy and flatly told me they could not help me and that I would just have to deactivate and reactivate systems as I needed them. That is unacceptable, and makes me very reluctant to ever purchase anything online again!

  • And to be honest, the people I “GAME SHARED” with would probably like their account deactivated off the system I don’t have anymore as well. It would be great if you could just kill that one PS3 in your system, but I seem to understand that your policy is to infuriate paying customers to the point of not wanting anything to do with your entire company ever again.

  • I have been buying PSN games for a long time and always read the fine print, but Herberts comments are somewhat scary. I thought we had the ability to deactivate a console on your side if it broke. The PS Blog is the wrong place to post this anyways.

    I’m more interested in retail stuff now like 3D Dot Game Heroes!

  • I continued to post because Sid asked me to elaborate. The original post was venting anger at their refusal to help, but I see what you mean.

  • the network is down not a happy customer

  • hey guys at sony i was thinking any chance u guys gunna make like a messnger for the psn like lets say u cant get onto ur ps3 cus of something but u still want to talk to ur friends or something any chance we can get a messnger for that or something like that?

  • @26 HerbertFortoon . you broke the rules and gameshared , and so did your friends . thems the breaks . do you you think these developers sold their soul , just so you and your friends distribute freely what they worked on ? What every other person has to PAY for ? You moan about the content YOU paid for and its value , yet you sure as hell wasnt worried about its value when you declared yourself the ” johnny Appleseed ” of gaming and started handing out freebies to people like your some sort of welfare system for gamers . Then you have the MOXY to come to the very blog of the company , and freely admit that you have been enabling and people have been enabling you , to get for free what others PAY for , AND PORTRAY YOURSELF A VICTIM . You dont support NOTHING . Perhaps it would be best for you to go to the other console and steal their living out from underneath them

  • Is it true there is going to be a map pack for call of duty moderen warfare 2 on may 1

  • Thanks Sid that’s sweet, I really appreciate it ^v^.

  • when oh when are we going to start getting legitimate psone classics? this is starting to get real annoying. here i sit patrolling the web to see what is suppose to come out and when it should arrive, then instead of getting star wars dark forces and or tactics ogre during the past month the way we were suppose to we got xs sports titles instead. before i read another post about some game needing all of this extra licensing and such just know that for the above mentioned two games all the red tape has been cut through and the games should be there. is it really so much to ask that you guys at sony try to put a single legitimate classic on the network once a month the way nintendo does atleast one true and decent classic on their virtual console once a month?

  • @ fuzzyclutter

    I have many good arguments for you, but I have seen your posts and you are not worth the time it would take to say anything other than you aren’t worth my time. Have a most wonderful day of blindly following anything pushed in front of your narrow minded sight.

  • @ HerbertFortoon I will thank you ….as my narrow mindedness has left me with 4 alloted activations , one of which , i’am using . LOL have a good evening as well .

  • Sid you forgot the most imporant and notorious story of the month, probably of the year. That is SONY illegally hacks millions of PS3 systems being guilt not only of willfull destruction of data, computer intrusion but also of blatatnly illegal bait & switch tactics. Leaving its corporate face covered in egg creating huge amounts of negative publicity & loss of millions of dollars in future sales. In other news competing consoles have an unexpected and “mysterious” increase in sales.

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