MLB 10 The Show NL Central Predictions

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Baseball fans –

Before I get to today’s picks, just a quick reminder that yesterday we announced some exciting MLB news on the PlayStation Blog — a new MLB.TV application for the PS3 is available from PlayStation Network and allows MLB.TV subscribers to watch every regular season game live in HD—very cool stuff!


And without further ado, here are our MLB 10 The Show predictions for the National League Central. This division has some good teams and some questions marks which will make for an interesting year in 2010. The Cardinals have the best player in baseball, probably one of the best ever, in Albert Pujols, and with Matt Holliday protecting him in the lineup and Chris Carpenter on the mound, it’s tough not to slot them in as the favorite for first place, and a contender to win it all in October. The Cubs had a tough ’09 season, but hope that Derrek Lee and Carlos Zambrano can right the ship, along with help at the plate from Alfonso Soriano, who needs to bounce back from a sub-par season last year. The Brewers have a legitimate superstar in Prince Fielder, but need a lot of help on the mound. We’ll see if Yovani Gallardo and Randy Wolf can get the job done as the rocks of their rotation. And then there’s the Pirates who haven’t had a winning season in 17 years…yes 17 years! It seems unlikely that they’ll break .500 in 2010, but at least they have some young talent in guys like Andrew McCutchen, might be a sign of good things to come (ok, maybe not).  The Reds, on the other hand, might be turning a corner with big bats in Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto anchoring a strong lineup. We’ll see if they can put it all together and contend for the crown. Lastly, we have the Astros who can usually guarantee 15-20 wins from ace Roy Oswalt. If Lance Berkman and the rest of the team can pull their own weight, they just might have a shot.  
Here’s a look at our final National League Central predictions video showing you which teams will come out on top this October according to MLB 10 The Show.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • The is amazing. I love it.

  • Brewers are looking good but I’ll take Cardinals..

    Also is one of the best things you guys did. Now I don’t have to hold a laptop in my lap the entire game. Now please give MLB an update for live audio feed so I can play MLB The show and listen to my Phillies :)

  • Matt Holliday is number 7

  • Still wish I could get to watch the Reds…stupid blackout market. If I’m in a blackout area, they could at least show the games!

    Sorry rant over. Sony if you could find a way around the blackout for me…I’d pay extra to see my Reds.

  • on the ps3 is the best deal sony. Thank You!

  • 10x better than anything the crap-box has to offer. Good deal Sony, thank you from the bottom of my cubbie blue heart!

  • do anybody know if MLB 09 servers still up.

  • Cardinals I guess but I never really know who to root for, the Milwaukee Brewers or the Chicago Cubs. I remember The Milwaukee Braves so that’s part of my favoritism for them but on the other hand how can one not root for a player, Ernie Banks, who can’t help but root for a team who had a player who said, “Let’s play two”. Besides, it Wrigley Field.
    The Tigers and the Cubs in the World Series should happen again. It almost did in 1984.
    Cubs Brewers and Cards, the Cards who has Stan ‘The Man’ Musial.

  • Why not use Youtube for the videos here? Then they might actually work properly instead of it just flashing on and off.

    Anyway, if you can’t even get Matt Holliday’s number right…

  • how the hell did the Astros beat the Reds? LMAO

  • hey it’s possible! If the Astros have a winning record then they can probably beat the Reds. They need to get more runs in and have better starting pitching.

  • Go Cardinals!!!

  • @bigdaddy I have the same problem with my Phillies. Comcast refuses to release view rights to direct so I’m black out on tv,, etc. However goes but IP address so I added a IP blocker and I get to watch my Phillies.

  • return other OS

  • Sony takes away features we all paid for this trash that we must pay absurd amouts for? if sony things its getting the majority of customers money for this think again. Once again sony should’ve bought a clue instead.

  • Go Astros!! …..even if I don’t really watch baseball. Actually, I haven’t really played a baseball game since All-Star ’99 on N64.

  • WOW, my god!!! MLB.TV app is real nice!

    I’d LOVE to have that for NHL too!!! (NHL.TV app) My paid subsciption on TV doesn’t have hockey seasons. I’d be willing to pay a bit more to have the latest game (NHL 10 instead of my current ’09) if I can save the money of the tv channel subscribtion, lol!!! =D

    A really good idea MLB guys! =D

  • Go Cubbies!

  • wow I think that MLB10 the Show is alot of fun Go Cubbies!!!!

  • I love MLB 2010 The Show . Would love to see additions like olders teams , Montreal Expos ( Olympic Stadium and Jarry Park and their mascot Youppi ) either in the game itself ( in the Nationals menu ) or in a add-on pack that I would buy for sure … Another good idea of a pack would be to feature team lineups schedules and stadiums for a specific year , for example 1969 , so we can relive great memories !
    Many here in Montreal still love baseball and their Expos

  • @7

    The MLB09 servers got taken down on march 17 or somewhere around there.

  • t only happens at 3B, doesn’t happen at any other base. It’s not my controller either, cuz I’ve tried 3 different controlers & the same thing happens on all 3. And I know it has nothing to do with guess pitch being that I have guess pitch turned off, as I feel it’s more challenging to hit without using guess pitch, which is what I like, is to feel challenge. I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the disc or what, but I mean every single time I get a runner to 3rd, the opposing pitcher will step off the mound before throwing the first pitch & the runner is off & running trying to steal home. I mean I’ve lost a few games because of that stupid glitch, I mean there is no other explaination, where I don’t do anything except move the right analog stick to influence the direct of the ball when it hit it. Other than that, I do nothing to make the runner steal home. There’s no other explaination other than there being a glitch

  • so no more playing online on MLB The Show 09… Damn that sucks… guess i’m never gonna get does online tropies

  • Go Cards!!! I just have one thing I would like to say. Can you get a fix done for Pittsburgh’s Stadium. Left Center: if you hit the ball to the 410 mark and it sits there the left fielder stands there and the CF gets stuck against the wall running. When this happens the batter automatically gets a triple and will score. Thanks for the great game and once again GO CARDS!!!

  • One other thing. What is the cost of the MLB.TV? Monthly yearly? Thanks for letting me know.

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