PlayStation Comics Store Update

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Hello everyone. Here’s this week’s Digital Comic Store Update:

Digital Comics 4_22_10

It looks like a lot of you downloaded Icon’s Kick-Ass,which released last week on the Digital Comics Store, and is also a major motion picture in theatres now. For those who may have missed this last week, you can check it out now.

Other highlights this week include another classic from Icon – Brian Michael Bendis’ Eisner Award winning “Powers.” From IDW we see the start of a new series “Dead, She Said,” written by Steve Niles and drawn by industry legend Bernie Wrightson, plus a new Transformers series – Nefarious, a new issue of Locke & Key and finally, issue one of Kill Shakespeare.

Here’s the full list:

  • 2000AD Prog # 1676
  • Archie # 2
  • Sonic the Hedgehog # 1
  • The Beagle Boys and the Eco-Friendly Day
  • Donald Duck and Fethry Duck: “Operation Seaweed”
  • Donald Duck and the Ultralight Challenge
  • Magica De Spell and the Unscheduled Trip
  • The Mystery of the Black Pond
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Gastronomical Bills
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Mystery of the Sunken Ship
  • The Strange Case of Doctor Duckell and Mister Duckhyde
  • Superduck # 11
  • Ultraheroes # 4
  • Powers (2000) # 1
  • Powers (2000) # 2
  • Powers (2000) # 3
  • Powers (2000) # 4
  • Powers (2000) # 5
  • Powers (2000) # 6
  • Army of Two # 4
  • Bill Willingham’s Pantheon # 3
  • Dead, She Said # 1
  • G.I. Joe # 14
  • G.I. Joe Origins # 14
  • Kill Shakespeare # 1
  • Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows # 5
  • Runes of Ragnan # 4
  • Transformers: Movie Sequel: The Reign of Starscream # 5
  • Transformers: Nefarious # 1
  • Vampire Hunter D Volume 1 # 3
  • Kong: King of Skull Island # 2
  • Ritual # 2
  • Serpent Wars # 1
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 1
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 2
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 3
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 4
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 5
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 6
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 7
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 8
  • Marvels Vol.1 (1994) # 9
  • Abyss # 4
  • Atomic Robo Vol.2 # 3

As always, don’t forget to check pricing and the forum at

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  • The Criminal series was pretty good. I may have to check that out on the psp

  • 2nd!

    Anyway, please get manga!

  • Hope to see more manga in the future!

  • Id LOVE an EBook Reader App but these comics are dont get me wrong, iam a reader… i’ll check out the ”kick ass”. thanks GC

  • Criminal and Incognito have been delayed, they wont be on the store this week. Also Steve Niles wrote “Dead, She Said” above it reads as though he wrote Transformers.

  • i can’t stop buying these flippin comics, love em!!!! locke&key and 2000AD rock the most. i’ve got 147 on my pspgo ATM. used to read books, now i’m a comic book guy, lol

  • Any word yet on extending this to Canada?

  • Pardon my naiveté but if I purchased a comic for the PSP reader, would I be able to read it on an iPad as well? I know that the reader itself is different, but they are d/l from marvel.

  • Woot! Keep the Vampire Hunter D coming, please!

  • @ #8

    I’m pretty sure you can’t view it on the iPad. And it would be cool if you guys could make an e-reader.

  • wow, a pretty big comic book update dat iz =O

  • So…. Why isn’t this on the PS3?

  • so… When does Canada get some love? Comic Store? Video Store? Anything???

  • i think i saw in Qore that there was a God of War comic coming soon , are you guys putting it on PSN ? that would be my first paid comic game

  • YES! POWERS has arrived!!

    I don’t own a PSP and I couldn’t download these if I wanted to (I’m Canadian) but I’m just happy knowing that more people now have the opportunity to catch up with one of the best comic books of the last decade. I highly recommend everyone to check it out!

  • Is there any way to find out how many issues of a series are forthcoming? For example, I want to buy the Star Trek movie adaptation, but I don’t want to do it until all of the issues are available.

  • @drfish62 ask @psncomics on twitter, sometimes they can give you info

  • Sony does have an e-reader. Why not extend the service there? No color on my pocket version sadly. Or how about a PS3 reader at least?

  • Eh alright this week.

  • Patiently waiting for the Grendel comics.

  • Grace, Great update. Any chance of running special’s like buy 10 get 1 free? Or subscription based pricing? Or hero of the month discounts? Also an e-reader app for the psp would be great. Thanks for supporting our favorite portable system.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog?

    OMG YES. I used to read that series so much as a kid… hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the Blue Blur’s comic adventures!

  • I would be buying all the GI Joe comics among other things if they would put out this service in Canada. What’s the problem, you don’t have the CRTC ruining things here like they do for video content.

  • Sonic comics??! I love those classic issues. Way better than the canon in the terrible Sonic games released over the past 10 years… Antoine, Rotor, Sally… The REAL freedom fighters!

    And the Saturday AM cartoon that mirrored it was amazing. Too bad I can’t get any of them in Canada. :(

  • @tj5678: Great ideas. I was thinking along those ideas myself: Subscriptions and maybe some “deals”. I love the comics but I am Nickel and Diming myself to death buying these things.

  • Things that are needed badly:

    1)DC Comics
    2)Original SCE comics (infamous, uncharted, free realms, god of war, etc)
    3)More motion comics like Uncharted Eye of the Indra, Ironman, Spartacus
    4)Make it like Minis and available on both PSP and PS3 (at 1080p)

  • Sonic!? Sweet!

  • Canada want comic too, please!!!

  • Please add God of War comics…

  • Still waiting for manga. Come on I know you guys can get it if you try, why wouldn’t the publishers want more ways to sell their stuff?

  • Two requests though:
    1. Bring in manga please!
    2. Bring in more video game comics!

    Other than that, this update is ok. I’m only interested in the Atomic Robo series.

  • Will canada have the comic section soon !? and movies … damn lol

  • Oh, snap. Is that a Sonic comic? You have no idea how many of those I had at one point. I actually needed a dedicated shelf. I couldn’t actually tell you why I stopped reading them. It might have been the drastic change in art style a-ways down the line (I think around the time of the Dreamcast).

    Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles was freakin’ awesome though.

  • good thing

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