Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo Is Here!

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Hello PlayStation Blog! Beginning with today’s PlayStation Store Update, the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo will be available on PSN. Get together with up to 16 players, grab some weapons, jump in a vital suit and compete in Elimination, Team Elimination, or Data post Grab modes. This is just a sample of the various modes and ten maps you’ll be able to play when the full game ships on May 11.

But wait, there is more! Downloading the demo does more than just let you get a first taste at Lost Planet 2. Capcom has started an exciting charity campaign called, “Kill Big for Charity”. We are partnering with Music for Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster relief and disaster risk mitigation, to contribute $20,000 to charity if one million demos are downloaded across both PSN and XBL before May 5, 2010. An additional $5,000 will be added to the pot if an extra 500,000 demo downloads can be achieved.

To celebrate the launch of Lost Planet 2, we will be throwing a tournament on May 6 in Los Angeles. Select members of our community, Capcom Unity, will compete in the tournament with celebrities and press members. For information and how to enter, visit the details page on Capcom Unity.

The winning team in the tournament will choose which Music for Relief program will receive the donation. Help us achieve our goal by downloading the demo and spreading the word to your friends today!

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  • Awsome! I will download this. Great charity work Capcom!!

  • Sneaky little hobbits trying to make us download the demo. But will do-awesome that you guys are giving toward charity! Good combo you got going there :)

  • hated the first, but will download for charity and delete

  • Haven’t read any info about this game but I heared it might be good so I’ll sure check the demo out… when its up… -_-

  • I didn’t like the first Lost Planet. But I’ll give this demo a shot for charity at the least. Who knows I might like it enough to buy it. Anyway, much love Capcom your stuff is always great. Can’t wait for SSFIV!

  • I’m pumped about “kill big for charity”!! Great idea!

  • I will download the demo but i can’t wait for the full game .

  • Can’t wait for this game. Any pre-order bonuses?

  • I never played the original LP as I heard the PS3 version was a poor port. Might consider it if it was a decent priced PSN download. What say you Capcom?

  • Guess I will download this halfass game demo and delete since its going to a good cause.

  • I rather get 3D Dot Games Heroes Than This The First Demo you guys release had a lot of problems
    From Audio Skip to other things Hope you guys Improved with this Demo but I’ll probably do what BloodyCow is Doing

  • I was very impressed by the graphics of the first demo, and apparently it was a long way from release- I can only imagine how much better it’s gotten by now. Guess I’ll get a glimpse shortly now.

  • This game is already on my to buy list. The SP Demo was OK, but not great. This game looks great, and runs super smooth on the PS3.

  • loll you didnt put the Xbox video like you did on the Playstation european blog? nice one btw

    I have 1 question tho before pre order it.. is it a port and you 2 teams work on their console respectively?

  • Lost Grenades: Call of Spam 2: SPAM GRENADES HARDER.

    Thanks, but no thanks. The co-op side seems nice, but the versus is still as terrible as it was in the first LP. :|

  • i checked, but its not yet available. i’m in asia region (R3).

  • I want to help, but I can’t fine the demo?? It should be out now, right??

  • Interesting promotion. I was probably going to download it anyway, it just moves it up from probably to definitely.

  • Nice! I already have mine downloaded and ready to go, thanks to my preorder of the full game. I’m just glad to have more players online because it’s been hard to find a game with enough people. This update should change that.


    It should be up later today when the PSN Store is updated, I believe. Just keep checking back later in the afternoon.

  • After the deceitful release of “Final Fight” i am going to find it hard to actually purchase anything else from capcom. Capcom did not notify consumers that the title ONLY works WHILE connected to the internet. I would have never even considered the purchase if i had known of the ridiculous limitation which in many cases will render the purchased game worthless. This is a sneaky practice and ruins the entire purpose of having easily accessible games on the hard drive. Capcom needs to right this arrogant and deceitful move.

  • Pretty cool.

  • Count me in for downloading this awesome demo and helping with this amazing charity campaign. Well done, CAPCOM!! =)

  • Dude, What The ****!!! I think something is wrong w/ my playstation store b/c i already updated my system when i 1st attempted to log in. It is already 1:30 where i’m at and i can’t locate the demo in the store; whats up with that???

    When i search it, i can only get the previous demo that came out! Anyone that can help me get the new one???

  • I cant find the LP2M demo anywhere. I think were going to have to wait for it to come after schools end. It should be out in the afternoon or midnight, sometime between that. Yesterday Xbox360 multiplayer demo didnt come out until around 4:30 PM EST so maybe afternoon(we need alot of players to come from school, its boring with nobody right?) So be patient =)
    Btw:I already have the demo XD, I used a beta key code on April 1 and have been playing it since. THIS DEMO IS AMAZING XD. Thanks PSN for making so many multiplayer demos and always being a free service(UNLIKE XBOX LIVE AND THERE GOLD MEMBERSHIP STUFF >=()

  • Best reason EVER to download a demo and play it with some PSN friends. A great idea for a charity! May everyone help in attaining this one million downloads! Thank you CAPCOM and Sony et.al. Awesome.

  • US PSN updates around 6pm (or later, very rarely earlier) pacific. Did they add the ability to set shooting to the shoulder buttons? Couldn’t find it in A1-B5 of the configurations. I hate it when developers assign important functions to the triggers as if it were the 360 version.

    dualshock – crappy triggers
    360 controller – crappy shoulder buttons

  • @Dojijyo thanks for the info, but no they havent added shoulder buttons, just press the upper arrow key to aim

  • Kay it’s 2:45 Pacific. Store hasn’t been updated right?

  • so, if you’re in GA, what time should i expect to see the new ‘ish out by????

  • still nuthin on my end. the wait is simply boring. well, off to playing BC2

  • I downloaded the demo! It’s so fun! I love the multiplayer! :D

  • does this demo expire?

  • This game is so lame.

    It was sweet at first being able to jump in the armor and reattach weapons, but like any other game of this genre its all about the mini map showing enemies.

    Also, that grappling hook thing is terrible. You can’t use it in mid-air and you only get one shot-you can’t grapple to a wall and grapple from that position while stuck to the wall.

    Won’t be making this purchase.

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