SingStore Update: New Vampire Weekend, Hot Chip, Coldplay and more!

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Calling all SingStar fans! We’ve got some great new content available on the SingStore this week.

For those of you who may have missed Coachella last week, we’re happy to announce that a ‘What’s Hot’ list is now up in the SingStore featuring tracks by artists that played the festival. Check out the full list below.

‘What’s Hot’ Coachella Festival Tracklist:

  • Vampire Weekend, “A Punk”
  • The Specials, “Ghost Town”
  • Gossip, “Standing In The Way Of Control”
  • Hot Chip, “Over And Over”
  • Faith No More, “Easy”
  • MGMT, “Electric Feel”
  • Gary Numan, “Cars”
  • Coheed and Cambria, “A Favor House Atlantic”
  • Phoenix, “Everything Is Everything”
  • Gorillaz, “Feel Good, Inc.”

In addition to the ‘What’s Hot’ list, seven new songs will be added to the SingStore this Thursday. Here’s a highlight of songs that will go live in this week’s update:

  • Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”
  • Coldplay, “Viva La Vida”
  • Dido, “White Flag”
  • Peggy Lee, “Fever”

SingStar: Dido, White Flag

SingStar: Coldplay, Viva La Vida


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  • Gorillaz!!

  • Wow 2nd Post.

    thanks cant wait for Viva La Vida


  • Congratulations! Finally a Singstore update in the US Blog. Please SCEA try to do this every 2 weeks and we will be happy :D

  • I agree, we don’t ask for much! A Bi-Weekly Singstore update here would be GREAT!

    The wireless Mic release date or estimate would be nice!

    I just hope they will be made better the the two sets I ordered from the UK because both USB boxes have broke on me so now I have 4 useless wireless mics!

    But when they work, they work well! (especially if you have small kids) :)

  • When will there be more Elvis Presley songs?

  • Progress toward 802.1x support would be much more appreciated

  • Viva la Vida! I don’t have to import SingStar Vol. 3 anymore! Thank you!

  • This game needs WAY more support. I understand there are some legal issues that need to be taken care of to get songs on here but come on. Getting a few friends together to play this game is way more party fun than any of those games you need to swing some controller around. Hate having to wait 2 weeks just to find out I have no idea who these bands are that they are adding songs for.

  • This is incredible! Thank you so much! Viva La Vida + Feel Good Inc. = One amazing party!

  • Wow, much better than usual.

  • Really… a highlight? That’s new. Oh and by the way, the songs in the Coachella Festival Tracklist have already been available for months now. Instead, I will now tell you the other songs that will also be available here, in America.

    “Stone Me into the Groove” by Atomic Swing
    “Courtship Dating” by Crystal Castles
    “I Second That Emotion” by Japan

    So yeah… only seven new songs… Pray for Universal.

  • I love singstar!

    I just wish that they would offer a constant stream of new songs!

    And I think it would be cool if we had The Knife on there as well! I’d love to sing Heartbeats with my friends! OR KINO! That would be AWESOME!

  • How about working out licensing details to get the Lady GaGa songs, as well as several hundred more tracks exclusive to Europe, or just the tracks that Americans will buy, so we can download more songs for SingStar in NA and help you make more money.

  • More Brazilian Music… please :D This game is amazing… “Ana Julia” from “Los Hermanos” and “Uma partida de futebol” from “Skank” is amazing please give us more brazilian music…

    And what about SingStar Michael Jackson?

  • Nice! Viva la vida and Feel Good! Two great titles, for a change, lol. =D

    Still lacking most of the good music though. You should give us the new top songs from, for exemple, lady gaga, Mika, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo, Iyaz, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Knaan (Wavin’ flag), Owl City, Hedley, Adam Lambert, Marianas Trench, etc etc.

    5 of the songs I mentionned and more top of the line musics for 2-3 months and you have most of what we want! =D

  • @Rafael_Martines

    Ana Julia and Uma partida de futebol = garbage. Give us some classics or popular songs if they’re gonna put it there, Roberto Carlos, Legiao Urbana, Daniela Mercury, etc

    Actually they need to bring more latin songs as well, Shakira, Chayanne, Enrique Iglesias, etc

    Basically they need to step their game up. To be fair with them they probably get this all the time, Italians, French, Germans, etc etc are always asking for more songs, and let’s not mention some without any songs there like Japanese and Koreans.

  • Are we getting the wireless mic soon?

  • The Singstar US store is pitiful.

    Europe gets all the good content ( Lady gaga, Erasure , The Cure, U2 and many more), wireless mics and beta trials for the new online support.

    Thanks for the support.

  • Better than usual :)

    Wireless mics please?

  • I have honestly given up on SCEA bringing us the stuff the SCEE has had for months. Going out of my way to get a UK PNS to get the songs I want from the UK store was worth the added cost for me and wireless mics are next. When SCEA brings us a much needed selection of current artist, I will be amazed…

  • Nice. Just don’t delay this update please.

  • This game held so much promise. Truly one of my more disappointing purchases.

  • Thank goodness. I had given up on this game. Now I’ll definitely get Viva La Vida and White Flag.

    Please support this game more, I need a reason to choose it over the other music games like Rock Band, which don’t make excuses about getting licenses or scheduled updates, they just do it.

    It may sound rather harsh, but as fans, we don’t care about excuses, we just want results and content. (New trophies would be a plus too.)

    Thanks again though for updating the blog on this, please do so more often!!!

  • More Duran Duran and David Bowie would be nice. Also, Cobra Starship, Family Force 5, and Hot Hot Heat have yet to make an appearance!

  • Come on Sony! Get UMG to license the songs…The Lady Gaga song pack would’ve been amazing.

  • How about fixing media saving from the PS2 disc videos. Any time i disc swap to a PS2 Singstar i can save the performance but i can’t upload them to my Singstar online collection.
    Fix disc swap and give us a true song transfer. I own 7 PS2 and 4 PS3 Singstar discs, make it easier.

    Also get some licensing for good music to the US.
    I want Depeche Mode.


    I’ve even stopped buying and playing the PS2 SingStar games on my BC 60GB due to the lack of wireless mics. This problem needs to be worked out FIRST, even before you focus on what to do about the questionable song selection of the SingStore. Once more, I am BEGGING YOU:


  • I have no idea whether Singstar is gonna get move support, yu lots think its tru?

  • I refuse to continue to support this game until wireless microphones are made available in North America. Enough already! Make it happen sony.

  • i don’t know why sony doesn’t just make singstar and the store app free/standard on all ps3s, and then sell the songs and microphones separately like itunes.

    some way to import the songs i already own from previous games would be great, too. (perhaps a much discounted price if you already own the disc and don’t want to swap) and, and, and..i just realized that i’m speaking to a @%#* brick wall. why even bother, people?

  • Wireless Mics and Singstar Disney for the US please. Both are a no-brainer. On a related note I would love to see Singstar Motown(PS3) as well in the US, I can import this one no problem but still would be nice to actually get this one here.

  • What about Muse?
    They played at coachella too.

  • Forget about the wireless mics for the US. It was easy to import them. Online retailers in the UK don’t have any qualms about shipping them here. But some Lady Gaga or Sophie Ellis-Bextor would be really nice. I understand that you probably don’t want to pay however much the labels want to use those songs in the US market but if you don’t do it Singstar will just continue losing market share to Lips until it has none here at all. It’s just a smart business decision. Surely there’s someone smart making decisions somewhere?

  • I got tired of waiting for the mics a long time ago and imported. I am really happy that I did.

    Artist request for US:

    Lady Gaga
    Michael Jackson (standalone disc please)
    Depeche Mode
    The Cure
    and more Anberlin


  • Sweet, Gorillaz = Awesome!

  • Who cares? I’m officially apathetic! When Sony listens to the online protest then I’ll look at buying content again.

    Vote by PS3, not by PSN-ID!!

    Ohhh … and while I’m on it, why can we still not buy the Motown disk in Motown … or ANYWHERE in North America?


  • Lady GaGa [s’il vous plait] Please that’s all I ask [Merci] Thanks.

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