LA, you’re invited! Super Street Fighter IV Event this Friday

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Hi guys, I’m Seth Killian, O.G. Street Fighter, Capcom community guy, and the shadowy “special advisor” to Super Street Fighter IV. I wanted to give the PlayStation.Blog a heads-up on a little party we’re teaming up with Sony to throw in honor of the arrival of our new game.

For those who don’t know, we call these things “Fight Clubs” and the concept is pretty simple. We find an underground location (sometimes literally underground, sometimes just an abandoned warehouse, sometimes a sneaker shop, but you get the idea), and drop a bunch of Street Fighter games in there, then let people throw down in arcade-style, face-to-face combat. We spice it up with some totally exclusive shirt giveaways, exclusive artwork and giftbags, and maybe… just maybe, some extra epic events.

Street Fighter Club LA

The party is going down this Friday, April 23rd, from 8pm to midnight, in Los Angeles, CA (in the Silver Lake neighborhood). We’ll post the exact address on Thursday, so stay tuned, but here’s a little taste of what’s in store, and why people are already making plans to fly into town just for this party:

  • Hands on with Super Street Fighter IV, including chances to win an early copy of the final game on PlayStation 3.
  • Great Street Fighter art on the exclusive shirts + posters, live art on the walls, and even… on you?
  • Gift bags for the first few hundred fans through the door
  • Live DJ, light food and drinks
  • Big-screen game exhibitions, plus appearances from some very special guests all the way from Japan
  • One final note—we have an, um… special opportunity for some brave fans to win some great prizes, but to participate, you’ll want to bring a change of clothes—clothes you don’t mind having potentially destroyed :-)

This event is open to the public, and based on some of our past parties, there’s a very good chance this is going to be totally nuts. Translation: if you want to go, try and arrive early! We’ll be posting the exact address and one more surprise on Wednesday, so stay tuned. But make your plans now, and set expectations to “awesome.”

For anyone that isn’t in LA, or just can’t make it, you can watch the action on the Capcom ustream page. Event starts at 8, but we may begin streaming anytime that day!

Super Street Fighter IV arrives on April 27th, and it’s only $39.99. For fighting fans, this is a no-brainer, but for anybody that missed out on the original Street Fighter IV, or just wants to see what it is about these games that drives their fans so crazy, do yourself a favor pick this up (and come down to the party!)

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  • This should have been DLC. Not dropping any more money on Capcom! Bah!

  • Sounds Awesome! Hope everyone has fun :D

  • Should also be on the PSP. The iPhone gets it, but not the PSP…

  • Well…seeing as to how I never got around to the version released last year this SUPER version does look pretty damn nice. Plus at $40, I might have to check it out.

  • I wonder how many people can actually get in to this place? If its going to be pack like last time, I think i will pass.

  • I might go this. Depends where it is! But I am so down to get some free stuff!!

  • Don’t suppose we could move up the release date eh? Tired of CoD and I have nothing else I wanna play at the moment. just hoping the changes that were made were good and that they boosted the combat speed significantly.

  • Seth — any chance you’re the real-life inspiration for the boss character of the same name? (Or maybe it was the Blue Man Group. It’s so hard to tell these days.)

  • I hope they made changes to this version like quiting in the middle of a match results as a disqualification and loss of battle points and repetitive game play shouldn’t earn any experiance points. That was a key reason why I stopped playing online. Hopefully Super SF IV made those adjustments if not, I’ll buy a game worth my money. BTW I hope the L. A. Super SF IV convention kicks @$$!

  • “To participate, you’ll want to bring a change of clothes—clothes you don’t mind having potentially destroyed.” Sounds awesome.

  • You have to be out of your mind not to go to this. I went to the last one and that had to be hands down one of the best things Ive ever attended. From music, perfomances, star appearances, sighning, and just gaming the entire night. If your really are a gamer and have a slight interest in street fighter you will appreciate what they put into these events. Capcom puts on a damn good time.

  • Best intro sentence in PS-Blog history!!

    Already Pre-ordered.

  • All the coolest gaming events happen in Los Angeles. Thank God I live in L.A. *Randy Newman song playing in my head.

    Sounds awesome! I’m down.

  • after the mess that was sf4 i’m not looking forward to this. i had such high hopes for sf4 too this killed the series for me the character designs were bad ( rufus,el furte,seth,haken,juri really?) swollen character models made even the old standby’s ugly so until sf goes back to 2d or you build off sf3 or sfa3 mechanics for the next one count me out.

    if you guys are planning an alpha 4 make it sprite based 3d models have no place in a 2d fighter

    • I know where you’re coming from, but logistically the trouble with RSVPs for large events like this is that you get thousands of false RSVPs from people that aren’t actually coming, which can prevent legit fans from getting in (the list fills up with fakes, and you have to turn good people away at the door to avoid going over the limit filled by people who aren’t gonna show), as well as massively slowing down the process of getting everybody in the door.

      If you do get there early, you should be good, but I do expect it to fill up pretty quick, so if you just wanted to stop by around 10pm or something, my strong suspicion is that you wouldn’t be able to get in.

  • Why such negative comments? WOW, my gawd! Anyways, it’s really cool to see you on PS Blog and reach out to other communities who’ve yet to embrace that of the fighting. I thought this would be the last place you’d be at but still it’s great. Regrettably I wont be able to make it down to L.A but I’m sure it’s gonna be hype like all things Street Fighter. Show us the much anticipated MvC3 already lol I’m dieing just thinking about it. It’s been a long wait ;).

  • All i need to know:

    is Daigo coming???

  • Oh man, that Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer was great!!! However I think I’ll just wait a year till Super MvC3 is released…

  • Do we know what the mystery bonus is for owning both SFIV and SSFIV that was mentioned when SSFIV was first announced? Can’t wait for next week to upgrade anyway!

    Roll on SSFIVT with the rest of the Final Fight crew maybe? If not, how about a remake of FFRevenge?

  • sooooo……is MvC3 really coming:

    XD XD XD

    Confirm or deny?

  • $39.99 is a steal. I am potentially getting this puppy.

  • I thought Capcom would have learned their lesson do RSVPs. The SF IV launch event in Little Tokyo was handled very poorly. There were so many people left outside, including me, that just wanted to get our hands on the game. Luckily, we got in an hour after the even was over.

    If this handled like the first Fight Club in LA, then count me in, otherwise I’ll just wait until the 27th.

  • Is this strictly 18 and over?

    • It is 18 and over–yes. No alcohol or naked people, but has to be 18+ for legal liability :( Should have mentioned this in the post, so thanks for bringing it up.

      Wow I am using a lot of emoticons :|

  • Damnit, I was super hyped to drive there with a few friends and attend. To make things worse, my 18th’s only two months away. :(

  • Seth and co. SF4 has revitalized the Fighting genre cograts to you and Capcom on IMO the most enjoyable fighting game out there, Though Tatsunoko vs Capcom is pretty damn fun too. Cheers from Toronto, looking forward to SSF4 and a fight club being held here one day. Who do I have to fight to make that happen BTW?

  • Aww, LA always has all the fun.

    Ah, well. Still can’t wait for this game…and Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

  • Seems like a fun time but I got to hop the Pacific Ocean if I want to attend. Not to mention that the only fighting game I consider myself to be a high level player in is Blazblue. I get my ass handed to me whenever I play Street Fighter.

  • I know this about SSFIV and all but THANK YOU for MvC3!

  • Why does it say LA is invited? Events are never really held anywhere else…

  • To me, there are two kinds of console gamers: PC crossovers, and Arcade crossovers. I feel like, while everyone else is making PC style cookie cutter Doom clones, Capcom has been the leader when it comes to keeping the arcade spirit alive, and knowing that there are still gamers out there who DON’T care about the next big FPS.

    I love the match request feature in Street Fighter 4. It seemed like such an obvious move, but I’m surprised it took so long for someone to do it. Little things like that, and Endless Battle are what bring back the old arcade feeling that fighting games have been missing ever since consoles took over.

    Now, if Capcom REALLY wants to make me happy, let’s see a good action/adventure title with local multiplayer.

  • Thank You for creating the SFIV edition arcade stick, i’ve played SFIV and MvC2 without it forever, and i see what i was missing! wow. it still takes time to get used to, but i will! GETTING SSFIV ON TUESDAY!!!! CANT WAIT…


  • This event would be great to go to if I wasn’t so far away. On another note, this new addition will be what the first game should have been if not more. And for $40, it is practically a steal. I am quite anxious to get my hands on the new game and show even the mightiest of challengers my prowess on the streets. There is no stopping what is potentially inevitable…’ve been pwned by one of the best!!!!

  • Hopefully street fiter gets move support =P

  • Hopefully Street Fighter WILL NOT GET move support ;p

  • Ah…the best thing about living in LA :)

  • You know I’ll be there!

  • Man I was in LA all week last week now I’m back home in Frisco. Would’ve loved to had the chance to attend this.

    Oh well. Hope all who go have a blast.

  • Forwarded this information to my sibling in L.A. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it out there if he gets done with his shoot.

  • Hey Seth,

    Whats going on with the people that originally bought Street Fighter 4? I pre-ordered and bought Street Fighter 4 and you guys said there would be something very special for us. What is it?! Also, will there be an option to change the visuals like there was on the PC?


  • hell yea! love living in LA!

  • Thinking about coming up from San Diego for this.

  • Looks cool…wish I lived in LA so I could go…missed the NYC meetup for Move, less than 45 minutes from my house. Stupid College Edumajacation, making me miss some Playstation events in my own backyard.

  • Of course I’ll be there! It’s like a 5 minute drive!

  • I gotta give props to Capcom and Sony for throwing events for the community like this, as not to many devs go this far for their fans.

    I hope I can make it out there, I <3 me some Super Street Fighter even though I'm not that great at it :P

  • I just read the post that says everyone’s gotta be 18. I’m 22, can I bring someone that’s 17 whose birthday is just a few months away, like be their guardian?


  • I really want SSFIV! Oh and Im in St. Louis so I cant go but to every1 who does, enjoy!

  • ssf4 is as bad as kofxii

  • I’ve played every iteration of street fighter since its debut (I’m talking ryu in red slippers)from alpha to ex and none of them have disappointed me as much as sf4 did.I think all the praise came because people were so starved for a 2d fighting game or never played one and this was all there was. capcom should do everyone a favor and release online enabled arcade perfect ports of street fighter3 and alpha3 on psn so the world can know what good fighting games are.because snk sure as hell isn’t picking up any of the slack. (kofxii samsho sen really?)

  • Sounds great, I don’t have a car so I will go if there is some kind of easy transportation close by. Either way, It sounds really fun!

  • Look at that, on a Friday. Capcom knows how to throw an event, unlike Playstation. This is something I could go to and its a convenient time for many. Yah should come up to Seattle and throw an event Seth.

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